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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Since last weekend there is also a printed version
the new show of Einat Schacham and Ilan Miller.

This morning I went to a place at Shenkin Street, Tel Aviv
that I get some fresh juice. I haven't been there since last week,
now when I got back I received an approval to leave there
some flyers over the counter for people could take. 

In case you were wondering why do I accept
to publish this show at the blog and give people the printed version
of the flyers - there is a simple answer for it.
I believe those people. I think that each one of the artists
that takes a part in this show have a great talent for it.
I'm proud to say that I know all personally, and
at least most of them in some kind of friendship. Not all close, 
But Ilan is one of my best friends without a doubt. 
And like it isn't enough - all of them are people who I'm sure
can appreciate any help. Some (like Ilan and Einat) - I already
had the chance to see they do appreciate it

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