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Thursday, May 21, 2015

At the last moment

This evening starts the workshops of Hugo David Alvarez at Tel Aviv. It made for this evening and tomorrow from the morning till noon. Two different levels, from medium level to up. I asked for a place at medium level. As far as I was learning from him before for a month and as far as I watch from the side some workshops of others = I wasn't sure if it's a good idea to go on and be afraid of the advanced. Mostly when I get it as a payment for taking a part in a former show (I had the option to get money for it, but I was choosing the workshop). Recently I also found out which palos will be at the workshops. Both are beautiful as I see it. Taranto for advanced and siguiryia at the other workshop. 

This morning I received a call from Keren who works with Compas Company as their markets and the manager of the technical stuff. I had a bad feeling it will come. I know I wasn't the only one who worked on publishing it, and I know about another show at Saturday night that includes other talented people and still didn't sold out. Keren told me that the level that I was about to take has cancelled. Not enough people asked to come. I asked if there is still a place at the advanced. Keren didn't like much my question. She said that there is, but it isn't the problem. She made a try to tell me that I wont be able to handle the level. Let me try, please..... She's already planing on my failure. She said that she will write that I'm taking the advanced, but I can say at the end that it doesn't fit. I don't have to come tomorrow. In case that I give up - we'll talk about rest of payment on the show that I took a part at. 

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