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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Official Maria

I was talking yesterday on the phone with the secretary of Silvia Duran about the payment for the course of Maria Juncal. On sunday I said it will be in cash in the next few days or next week. She said fine, but I recived a phone call from her on my way to work. She asked if I can come today to pay. I said I will. She still asked me to call before I'll come for being sure that she's there. I didn't work this mornning (afternoon ship), so I got back to sleep a bit after taking my dog out. I didn't hear the clock ring and almost missed the hour I told the secretary I'll come. I said I'll come between 12:00-13:00, and I woke up only at 12:30. It doesn't happen much that I get organized this fast after sleeping.... I called the secretary and asked if it will be fine to come in half an hour till 45 minutes. She said ofcourse (so why did I call?). It isn't too far and the bus came when I hardly got to the station. Luck. The line I took has a station in the front of the studio - just to cross the road. I got down (the studio is in the basement). Even that the secretary knew that I'm about to come - the door was locked. I took my mobile phone and started to write the nomber (I don't have it in the memory). One little moment before I touched the button of send - I heard a voice from inside the studio asked "who is it?". I said "Orna Timen". The door opened. The secretary talked on the phone and told someone from the other side that she'll call in few minutes because someone is there. It's the first time I'm there. The studio is very very small. Still - I got impresed. I didn't notice how good is the floor just because something else caought my eye - it has so many photos on the walls! I didn't have the time to see waht's in all - but it was including some photos of Silvia - alone and with others, pieces of papers which was wrriten about her and framed, photos of others and at least some has been signed by the flamenco artists in there. I noticed the most from some reason for a photo of Jose Merce who was recently in Israel and I missed the show. Ok, for ending this thing, I came to pay and go. The secretary was already in the office. The little office in the other side of the studio and has a door for ... looks like under the staires of the building. I gave her the money. I had money in a way that I needed to get back 10 NIS ("a lot" of money). The secretary said "tell me you have ecxeclly the price". I said I don't (that's the true). She gave me cahnge from her own wallet. She wrote on an envelop that I paid in cash, which course I'll take for that and which level. And that she needs to recive the 10 NIS she gave me. I couldn't wait to the last moment to pay, but the secretary told me that the recive will wait for me in the first day of the course. My phone started to ring. I asked the secretary if that's it. She said yeah and I saw that she starts with other things. I answered the phone. It was one of my sisters. She asked where am I. She told me that she's at my parents house and they wait for me for having lounch together, I should come and now. On my way out the secretary said goodbye and locked again after my leaving...

Couple more dances

Two more photos of Farru dance. Getting older, but...

Monday, January 30, 2012

For april

As it looks like - I will go to the spirng course of Maria Juncal. If all go right - it will be official tomorrow (unless things of the last moment). I guess I will miss two regular classes if it won't be a holiday, but I don't Have Maria Juncal every day... Hopefully I could save for some money for some more flamenco stuff

Few more of Eva

Few photos of Eva Yerbabuena

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Details about Maria Juncal in Tel Aviv

So, I said I have some details. It will take a part in the studio of Silvia Duran (53 Ben Yehuda St.). The days will be at 10,11,12 to april. It will take in 3 levels. High level will be at 18:00-18:20 hr, medium level at 19:30-20:50hr, begginers at 21:00-22:20hr. For taking classes of one level it cost 390 NIS, two levels - 750 NIS. For taking a part - it's on the phone 00-972-3-5231453 (at the studio). If nothing will go wrong - I'm there (just one level....).

La Perla de Cadiz - por solea

This time tonight

I hate when it happen... I won't have a class tonight. But the good thing - looks like I will go to the course of Maria Juncal. I will give more details on her classes tonight (instead of the class which has been missed).

One more recomending

Well.. As far as I have a new member in my "black list" of favorite flamenco artist (a matter of few months) - I will recomend his site. Look like it will be easier than other things. I mean to the site of the amazing dancer Miguel Angel. This is the link:

One more Rocio and Belen

One more photo. This is from the show Las Mujeres. On the lest: Rocío Molina. On the right: Belén Maya

Tomatito at Nimes

One more photo of Tomatito. This time - from flamenco festival Nimes, 2012. Photo by Alain Jacq

Friday, January 27, 2012


Just remind in the last few days that I didn't do it yet. It's about time... When it's guitar players - I usually wright about Paco De Lucia and Tomatito. This time - Pedro Sierra. He have more than one CD, but I have one that I really wanna recomend on. Few years ago he recorded and let out the stores a CD called Nikelao. I bought it through the internet as a try. It worked out very well because it's an amzing and interesting CD. It has many musical parts in few kinds of palos. Most are really good, and some even more. I have few tracks that I totally fell for. In the end - few tracks that he co-opprated with singers. He's on the guitar and someone sings. Again - some tracks are really good, and some are even better. One of the songs sang by Enrique Morente. I got the CD something like a year before Enrique passed away. I got it though the site flamenco-world. If they still sell it 0 you should buy it as well

Farru dance

One more photo of Farru while dancing

And couple more of Carmen

I didn't give attention for too long for Carmen Amaya... Here are two more photos of her

Farruquito and Farru - fin la fiesta

Brand new from YouTube

Thursday, January 26, 2012

An offer

I got this link for ITunes. Sinning of Leo Amaya - the niece od Carmen

Night club

Look what i found! A signed poster for a show of Antonio Gades. Oldie from 1968 - includes a photo of him from the movie Los Tarantos

The course of Maria

I still need myself to check for more details.... The courses of Maria Juncal. She will come to Israel in April. After a short turn in few nowheres here - she will make a course in Tel Aviv. At the studio of Silvia Duran. dates of Tel Aviv: 10-12 of april. For details of Tel Aviv: phone 00-972-3-5231453 or at mail I still don't know to tell hours and prices.

Full bata

At least I didn't forget my water again. I still don't feel like changing near the new ones of first year class (and they have two more grls now). I got out to change. When I got back - the daughter of the snobish woman cught my place. I had to sit on te floor or puting my shoes in a standing. I stood. It didn't impress her. I guess that with a moter like she have... And the girl that I took a video for her last week gave her now to take a video. With the flamenco shoes I finally got on my feet - I took my place back. When the video over - she found another place to sit - in the other side of the banch. We both were there, the red head, and the fat woman. It looked like the fat woman came alone this time and I thought that this time her husband won't staire at us from the window. Nice thought, isn't? My friend and the nice who need a self confidence came together when we already started the warming. The ecxuse was the parking place which wasn't... And then came the one I don't like and think she knows better. She found a place near me and all warming got stuck to me. And we practiced with our batas walking in a circle and control the bata to go in a very certain way. It didn't really worked, so smaller groups. The fat woman (who made some redicilous moves with her shoulders on the way), the kido and the red head. Ok, one by one. The kido was first and it didn't really work. Once again and again. And the fat woman. She didn't understand why can't she do it redicilous. And one by one while none didn't do it right in the first time. My friend did it and needed to do it again. And my turn. My friend didnt go out yet from the circle and I was affraid I would get into her. If not me - my skirt. It took a little while till I had some more space and till then - it looked lie I'm running after my bata and not after space. Again and again. And the "wise" one was the last. She usually can't do anything, but first time in her life (I guess) it works out. She was the only one who made it in the first time. Practicing more and dancing. I remined my friend that I still wait for the information that she have about the course of Maria Juncal. She was sure she sent me. And the husband looked again. When we stopped for a moment for Neta will think of some new steps for our caña - the fat woman went happily to the window. In the end of class - I told Neta that there is a need for curtains in the studio. I said it loud in a perpese. Neta asked my why do I think so. I said it would be for preventing peeping toms. Neta said it's ony the husband of the fat woman. I said that still it feels like we make a pip show. Neta said the weird thing is that he doesn't want to disturb, but this is what he does. My friend told the fat woman to invite her husband in to the studio next time. The fat woman asked for a reason. My friend told her it's disturbing he do that from the window. The fat woman said it isn't. They started an argew if it disturb or not. The fat woman didn't try to understand. We all were very "pleased" from her understanding, so when she got out and said goodbye on the way - no one answered her. On the way out I asked my friend again for information. I told her that I sent her video through facebook in apposition... My friend laught that I'm a merchant if I do it as an apposition. Well, I recived some at night. It doesn't tell all. I guess that in the nest few days - it will come up here

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Eyes wash (for me)

Couple more dances

Couple more photos of Farruquito dance

Full class

I came tierd and confused to class. Again I forgot my bottle of water. I dressed up and got out for drinking from a cooler in the floor up. There was a cleanning man who got pissed on me cause I don{t have anything to look there, not even water that I wanted. He said that I can find it somewere else. It{s an arts school, so he just sent me to the teachers' room. Between the medium level class and the class I take - I told he almost killed me because of the water and sent me to the teachers' room. There started a joke that at least he didn't send me to the principal room cause tyhen it would be worse... I thought it was really fuuny, but I was too shock at the moment from this story and too tierd for laughthing. In the first moments we were only me and Ilan who finally got back. He already was confused about how will be our class. Then the other astrount (accept me) came. My class has started and Neta asked how far did we go with working on our dances. Ilan was quite, the other one said she didn't have the time, and I told about the metronom that I didn't get yet. Ilan said that it's possible to get through the internet free applications of it, and the assistant of Neta who was still there said it's possible to get in the phone. I apologized to her that in mobile phones - I'm a technology retortade, so I can{t get it through the phone. She showed me she have it through the IPhone while Ilan said it's impossible cause I'm a blogger. I'm not sure about the conection, but whatever. Then the sisters from Haifa got in after a long time they didn't come. Well, this time - we all came and even that it's a scary class - I finally understood that I like everyone who learn with me in this class, a thing that I can't say in a normal sitiuation. They told a bit on a sky vacation they took. Ok, and then we officially started. Neta asked who wants to here his/her palo first. After a short silence I said that I want the guajira. I had to explaine about the way a traditional guajira song built and how can I "play" with the moves in the start. After that - Neta asked me if I can sing it. I said "No" wthout to think. Ilan and the sisters thought it's funny. I don't mind, but i really can't sing. The sisters from Haifa decided that one of them will dance a solea and the other one will dance an alegria. Last time they choosed who will do the solea and who will take the alegria. Meanwhile their brake - they switched between them the solea and alegria. And after listening to our palos - we started to practice our steps. After a while - because me and the other astronout were in the last classes and already have a start for our dances - we have been asked to show what have without our entradas (entrences). Neta asked me to be the first one. As far as now we had few more people - I got a bit cold feet and made some mistakes. In one of the times I found myself stop couse I got a "blackout". At least I thought so. They made me palmas. When it's over - Neta said they did it more like solea por buleria than guajira. Ok, so maybe I wasn't the only one... And the other one got some mistakes too. Although I like her - it made some relife to see her mistaken too. In a class like this to see that others do their mistakes and you're not far behind - it helps to feel better, even if it's someone nice. Ilan tried after her. Well, he's a pro so it looked like it comes easier for him. Still he didn't do it perfect (yet) nighther. The sisters didn't come for a longer time, and they are still on the way to be proffsinal (if they would like to, and think they do), so it was easy to see how it's hard it was for them. Then a bit more practice, each on the same new steps but in their palos and personality. For the end - Neta asked me and the other astronaout to dance our dances from the very start - right after tlling what and how we wanna do it. The other one was the first this time. She needed to do it 3 times in a row because of some little mistakes. My scary turn. I had to do it twice. I still try from time to time to get in with the right steps in the wrong time. I asked to do an entrence libre (a free style without the beat). One one of the times I tried to show my part - Neta got confused and started with the palmas before I started my thing. I started with saying "Libre!Libre!". Ah, ok. And then silence. The plamas got back in my sign this time. Neta said it was ok, I wasn't sure about it. Ilan said that the start of both dances looks good... Still he almost started with jaleo (the cheering up calls in flamenco). Well, a very bit of it and only in my part. After that Ilan made what he's got for now. The class has finished after one of the sisters tried too. After class I found a time in the last moment to tell them that I enjoyed seeing them in Abanico Intimo. They were very pleased, but weren't sure they did there the right thing. I think they did.

A bit more information on curses

Here is a bit more information. This time - few summer courses. It includes Farruquito (my dear), Juana Amaya and Manolete

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flamenco at the submerine

There is a club in Jerusalem called The Yello Submarine, like the song of The Beatles. They make there many shows of many kinds. It's a very counting one. This suterday will be a flamenco show there at 21:00hr (doors' opening a half an hour before). Dancing: Adva Yermiyahu and Michaela Harari. Shuky Shveiki sings and play on a guitar. The same with Offir Atar. On a cajon: Hagai Leshem. For tickets it's possible to get through the site of the club:

The guitar

Farruquito is really tallented. Accept of being a great proffesional dancer - he also sing and play a guitar. I gave at least once few expemples for hism sinning. Now - a photo of him while he play

One more dance

So... One more photo of Farruquito dancing

Photos from an interview

Back to Farruquito. Few photos from an interview

Monday, January 23, 2012

Few of Maria

I still have to find out some details.... Till then - few photos of Maria Juncal

And a bit before

I still can't find some information about the next Días De Flamenco, but I hope that the kido is roght. If she's right - she probably heard about it in the other studio she learn in, cause it still impossible to find the information through Suzanne Dellal - where it happen every year. Till then - one one more photo of Rocío Molina

One more farruca class

Ok, came from work, but with less stress. When I finished to change I saw the fat woman with her husband in the way to the studio. I thought of inviting him in for he won't look from the window again. I didn't do it. He scare me, I guess that something is really wrong in his head, I jst let it and didn't say a word. After the medium level class has finished I talked a bit with a girl who started last year. She was really tierd and said it was a very difficult class that time. I told her that one day it will be easy for her to do what she did this time. She didn't belive me... My friend came when class has started. The messy girl didn't come and I thought that this time will be a it of quiet, but she came a bit late. She found a place near me. She still look for attention and do a bit mess, but looks like she's getting a bit relax. In the very start of warming Neta let us hear some music that I couldn't really say what was it. She asked if anyone reconize.No one talked. At least I wasn't the only one that should have been a shame for not reconizing. It was Enrique Morente (a great singer and the father of Estrella). The palo was seguiriya. My friend said it's a progesive one. Neta said that Enrique Morente mase all a bit different and made many changes this way. The snobish woman and her daughter didn't come those classes for a long time, a thing that makes it happier for me cause I don't really like the mother (although she disturb me less). In one of the brakes I asked my friend if she didn't open facebook in the weekend. She said she didn't, what did she miss? I told her that I sent her a video I found in YouTube of Maria Juncal for a bit of information from her. She said she'll look. In the dance itslef the fat woman didn't go down again although it's a part of our entrada (entrence). Although we do a very manly dance on sundays - the getting down in the start is feminine. After a long while and with the new steps from last - we have two more going downs. Those times we have to do it like a man. The fat woman don't dare to do it. Her husband looked again. At least it was short this time. I guess it was thanks to the rain outside and after he saw that his wifey can't do what we can - he went. The getting down like a man... As I hear comments of othe girls I start to think that I'm the only one it comes easy for her (even though I have some other points in the dance which are still need some work). Still - all do it without too much complaining and all work for making it right - accept the fat woman who don't really try. In another part of the new steps Neta said that we all do it too much like women, we shouldn't and it drives her crazy to see it. We worked a bit more for we'll do it like men. In the end - Neta said that we get the point but still we;re only on the way without doing it right. We will work hard on it in the next times. In the end of class - the messy girl said that she heard that this year in Días De Flamenco - the guest of honnor and the main perfomence will be Rocío Molina. Neta was ecxited and so did I. I'm glad to see that my teacher and me agree about one more dancer that she's great. I hope that the kido is rigt. I would LOVE to see Rocío Molina. She's one (but not the only one) of my favorite dancers. It's about time I'll see her live and not only in YouTube and movies of Carlos Saura.... The kido said that in the movie Flamenco, Flamenco there is a woman dancer who dance with a cigarrette in her mouth and she thinks it's Rocío Molina. Ok, I don't really like this kid, but I almost told her that she stop thinking and she should be sure about it, cause she's right. It was Rocío...

La India in black and white

Few more new photos of La India

Sunday, January 22, 2012

More of Estrella

Here are couple more photos of Estrella Morente

Some new of La India

Here are some new photos of La India. The photos has been taken by Javier Pacheco in Argentina, last december