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Friday, January 31, 2014

March with La India (don't miss)

February with La Moneta

Curso de baile flamenco con la gran bailaora granadina Fuensanta "La Moneta" en Lucía Guarnido - Escuela de Flamenco & Danza
Será desde el lunes 10 al viernes 14 de febrero de 13 a 14'30h.
Palo: tangos
Precio: 90€. Imprescindible reservar tu plaza llamando al 958255662.
No os lo perdáis!

For the Russian community at Israel

Are you coming with me?

Don't miss Dorantes

Viva el flamenco

A la luz del flamenco


Ana Morales

Flamenco festival, New York

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Last class before Mijal takes Japan

A day late for stories and now it looks to me shorter than it looked at night...

I came walking this time, nervous and tired from too many reasons. Enough on time. I already prepared a payment for February. I wanted one less thing on my head. 

The class started hard. the only warming was a the technique drill of legs. Twice. And work. Many new steps for the liviana. A lot of practice. The happy one hardly stopped to ask questions which seemed like she's looking for attention. Once she had a mistake. When Mijal fixed her - the happy one said that it happened because she looked at her friend. Mijal asked her what will happen if her friend will jump from the roof. After a long while Ayelet asked Mijal a question. Some of the steps reminded her a taranto they had and she wanted to know the difference. The happy one asked what is taranto. Seemed like Mijal gave up. She answered her "when you will grow up you'll know". I know what it is all the situation made me laugh. 

Some more new steps, more work and more practice. Dance all the liviana. We had time for only once. This time none of us made it with zero mistakes. Mijal said it's after a long time... It's true. Fine, we'll work on it when she will come back from Japan. If will be any problem - we can still contact with her from e-mails and Facebook. 

Before anyone really went away I came to her and wished her luck. She hugged me in the front of all. I wasn't sure if it was a complement or unneeded drama, but I didn't really care. I asked her to send "hello" to Miguel (she will join his tour as a part of his company). On the way out - Nijal was there at the door with some of the girls. She hugged someone else. Before I really went away and she got in again for the next class - she hugged me again.

Back home walking...

Young Carmen


Malta's festival 2014

Calling All Dancers to the IMSDC in MALTA!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 30- June the 2 at the InterContinental St. Jullian.

The best Stars!

The best Masters!
The best Shows & Parites !!!!!!
And the Grand Competition AT THE ISLAND OF MALTA!!!!!!!!!!!
Register NOW at

A workshop with Hugo David Alvarez

The celebration

Celebraremos el 25 Aniversario del Teatro Guerra de Lorca el próximo sábado 1 de febrero

Upcoming - Dorantes at Madrid

Good morning


Once again

Once again - stories about the class will wait for tomorrow. I hope not to forget anything, just really tired and have more what to do before go to bed. And if nothing goes wrong - at the morning I will go to take care for my health, so... After that

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Don't miss Rocio




Festival de Jerez 2014

Flamenco nights 2014

¡Y este sabadete de nuevo nos vemos flamenqueando!
Este sábado al baile Lidia Herrero Lorenzo y Marta Ayllón.
A la guitarra Jaime González y Juan Sánchez Sancho
y al cante Sebicas.
5€ en taquilla, 4€ enviando mail de reserva a
y cervecitas a 1 eurillo!
Calle Gran Vía 78. Metro Plaza de España

Flamenco at Holland

Upcoming with El Barullo

Next month at Tel Aviv (recommended to hurry with tickets)

March at Seville

Saturday flamenco at Seville

A bit of Farruquito

Homaje a Ramón El Portugués

Flamenco for the Russian community

This February - Pitingo and Juan Carmona at Barcelona

From the new on of Farruquito

February/March with Laura Ramos

Duración: febrero y marzo 2014
-Principiantes I: lunes y sábados 14 hs. / jueves 10.30 hs.
-Principiantes II: Miércoles 19.30 hs. / Sábados 10.30 hs.
-Intermedios: lunes 18 hs. / jueves 17.30 hs. / sábados 12 hs. 
-Avanzados: lunes, miércoles y viernes 9 hs. / Lunes 15.30hs. / Jueves 14 hs


A photo by Diego Gallardo López

Adrian Santana

A photo by Diego Gallardo López

Cristina Hoyos

A photo by Diego Gallardo López

Inmaculada Aranda

A photo by Diego Gallardo López

La Parreña

A photo by Diego Gallardo López

Remedios Amaya

A photo by Diego Gallardo López


A photo by Diego Gallardo López

Tamara Alegre

A photo by Diego Gallardo López

La Moda Sevillana

Into the tangos and siguiryia

Class at the studio of Neta. When I came - Ilan was teaching outside the assistant and her friend. I came fast. Ilan had a weird respond to me, he looked shocked and started to talk with me "official". I asked him what does he so afraid to tell me. At the start he didn't understand the question. The article... Not a real answer, just didn't tell me. It was taken 3 weeks ago or so. He didn't tell that he's a professional dancer because the article is about dancing classes after work. And yes, it was a special class made for this article. Fine, so many of the fellows there are pro dancers or at least learn at the studio of Mijal for a long time, but hey, there was at least one close up on the dragon tattoo girl and she sent me the link! She learn at this studio as much as I do or so and she do it for fun as I do... After a think like this happen to me at another studio as it happen at the studio of Neta - it completely let the self confidence down. Ilan sent me to take on my flamenco shoes and join the practice. Till I took it - he didn't dance and just was teaching them. The assistant is a thing I can always look and laugh. Ilan was smiling to me with no reason. The non clean one came to do as I do. The Russian girl came after a while she didn't. She said that Ilan is cute for giving private classes. He is, but even he can't help the assistant...

Neta called us in. Inside I was trying to go on with the talk I had with Ilan outside. He told me that he will perform for sure at the close Días de Flamenco, Saturday morning. It won't be his show, it will be of those who won at the contests of this festival and a tribute to them. He made it that he will dance with few more men and and with Hadas. I told him that I want all the unformation and to come and see. He asked me if I'm sure that I want to come on Saturday morning. Hell yeah! For him I would! He asked me if I don't sleep at Saturday mornings. The clear answer is "I never sleep".

Our class has started. Working on few steps of the tangos with the "new" song on the stereo. After a while we made a combination which each one of us needed to do it alone and correct with the music. A new girl came to try at this moment. All made mistakes. Ilan was a moment before me and even he got confused. Neta asked all of us to do it together with her. And she asked the fat woman to try. The fat woman didn't accept without Neta. From so many reasons I didn't have the mental power to fight for my turn and nobody remind Neta it was my turn. 

One more round like this with other steps. Before working on other steps - changing lines. Ilan and me were behind, I came to the frond he stayed behind. I signed him to come. He signed me back that I will be at the front and he rather stay where he is. Won't work for him, he can't without me as I can't without him. He got closer with the practice. The new one wasn't sure if she wants to try. My friend came only then. This time my turn was there, but I couldn't hear at the music (end of song) what was going on. A total black out. And what Neta signed me confused me even more. At the end I made it as she wanted and signed me. 

Standing at a circle Now a full improvisation. I was the first one this time. Still shocked and with a blackout. I made a try, I wasn't clear enough. I made a llamada when they started to sing. Neta called me to stand at my place and start again. My friend asked Neta what just happened. Neta answered that it can happened sometimes that the singers wait and if the dancer won't do anything after two compases - the llamada and sinning will start at the same time. I was waiting and didn't sign I'm about to make the llamada. Neta called it as "Orna was hitting". Ilan who wasn't near me repeated that I hit. Fine, I made a movement of a boxer to him. Neta had one more thing to fix me. Ilan repeated her again. I pointed him and told him to watch out. I wasn't sure again that I do it good enough but it trough. When I was still at the circle and didn't do the salida yet - I thought they stopped sinning. If they were sinning or not - Neta already asked the new one if she wants to try. Fine, I was that horrible that Neta sign me to stop and go back to my place. I did so. Neta said that I didn't do the salida, I need to finish it well. Oh, it wasn't a sign to stop? We made a salida together. Great.... The new one didn't want to try yet, we better do it to the other side. The daughter was next. Ilan, my friend and the non clean one were the best, still I couldn't look a lot on the non clean one because of.... Ilan made it funny. The new one accepted only then.

Fine moving to the siguiryia. My friend, the snobbish woman and me made a try to talk with Ilan who didn't have much patience any longer. The idea was that he should to use more his sense of huumor when he dance. I cached him a bit nervous. He asked me what happened to me today. I say we were talking behind his back. Really? I told him what was the conclusion. He asked me where are my  castanets. I'm "new" after 8 years. Now he started to use his jokes..... The fat woman, the Russian girl and another one (kill me but I don't remember who) went away. 

First time of trying the siguiryia was horrible to all of us and took us by surprise. We started again. Twice more which looked and felt better. We made a practice on the end. The new one accepted to try. Neta was holding her castanets. After a while she said we'll start some new steps now. Ilan remind her that there was something we didn't work on and there was before. We worked on it now. 

By the time of changing clothes after class I was "running" between my friend and Ilan for talking. My friend said to Neta that all of us were  great. Neta accepted. I said it isn't correct cause I had a blackout. My friend said that I was still fine, Neta made a try to show that she agree. At the parking I showed Ilan again my scratch that probably more serious than I thought and only now start to get close. I told him I meant to go the clinic this morning, I had a time I needed to be there and I wanted to ask a shot of anti tetanus because of the way I got it,  but this morning they called me to for asking me NOT to come. He was shocked the way my hand look, I said I'm dying from tetanus. He said that I'm not. Before he got into the car of my friend he promised again to give the details on the show he will take a part at Días de flamenco


Cia.Manuel Liñán
Baile: Anabel Moreno, Agueda Saavedra, Inmaculada Aranda, Adrián Santana, Jonatan Miró y Manuel Liñán.
Cante: Miguel Ortega, Miguel Lavi y David Carpio
Guitarra: Víctor Márquez "El Tomate" y Fran Vinuesa

Dirección,coreografía y baile: Manuel Liñán
Música:Víctor Márquez "El Tomate", Fran Vinuesa
Creración musical Fandango y Soleá: Hector González

Diseño de Vestuario: Yaiza Pinillos
Tratamientos Textiles: Yaiza Pinillos
Realización de Vestuario: Gabriel Besa
Tintes y ambientación: Maria Calderón
Enrejados y flecos: Tamar González
Diseño de iluminación: Olga García
Sonido: Kike Cabañas
Espacio Sonóro: Hector González
Producción ejecutiva y Management: Ana Carrasco