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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer classes of past years

Couple more of Neta

First is Neta alone on stage. The second is with her company at Abanico Intimo

Things that I should have done

Those who read a lot my blog knows this story, at least a part of it: last April there was little festival of few hours in Tel Aviv. It was a try to make it like the feria of April in Sevilla. There is a blogger from Be'er Sheva who do the best to try making me think that I'm really small and my blog isn't worth. He's a guitar player when he don't write his blog. He's THAT amazing till if he didn't write his blog - no one could have hear about him outside his city. Few days before the feria he attacked my blog in a personal message at facebook. At the feria itself we met face to face and continued since the same point. He tried to let me know that no one read my blog - but he reads it enough to know so many details, includes some that I forgot. Much before he asked to be my friend at facebook and I accepted. I guess that I should have delete him then from my friends' list, but I was sure it makes him such a torture to stay as a friend. From time to time I looked a bit in his blog just to know what is it (and once I received from someone the link). I can't say I was amazed and I didn't get into it for a long time. And when I wrote that I have some information about Miguel Angel - I received an e-mail for my personal mail box from an Israeli dancer who is nice, but not amazing. The other blogger write about her, I don't really. She sent me a link with information about her... Just one morning after... I saw at night a status that he wrote in facebook. I couldn't help and I wrote him a comment in a try to make him nervous cause he so full in himself. After my comment - the only thing he had to write was getting into things that I uploaded to facebook a long, long time and has no connection to here. Funny that others don't get this treatment from him... I wrote that it's amazing he can remember such an old thing and it looks like many things that I do stress him. He tried to make so small again and said he don't mind about he wrote... Maybe I had a mistake: he isn't full in himself. He try to look big, but he's so small and he knows it. He's full of S#$%. Maybe because of it I have more readers than him in much shorter time. I wrote him one more comment and finally deleted him from friends

And a bit more of Maria. Again

Couple of Maria at Casa Patas

Start to feel the end of year...!

I think it's the most stressing when it's almost over. I always try NOT to miss a class - mostly near the end. We have two more months and... But normally - some hardly show up near the end. When I came to class I was pretty shocked to see how empty it was - only two of the beginners and the man from the medium level classes. That's it. I went to change. The comfy pants... Later on came most of others, but it wasn't much. My friend and the kido didn't come at all, so we were only four in the bata class. The husband of the fat woman didn't stare this time all class. What a relief! Between classes - Neta asked me to come with her. She received her pants in the model I ordered (only the color is different). She asked me to change in the ladies room for checking it. No, it wasn't because there was a man in the studio. I got the chance to try it alone and one more clue for what did she mean when she said I can't get all. It's suppose to be a complement for me, but not something that I can publish. The bata class started in few minutes late because of us. It isn't what some probably think... We've been asked to get into our batas. As far as the man was still there and near my stuff - I took on my bata before I took off my pants. We started bata's warming. On the first practice Neta said it is the hardest thing - but I have some other things that feels hard for me. Not much later - practice of making the batas "fly" with feet and catch it with the hands. Others got fixed - I didn't. One of the times Neta said that mine got so high that it was like I sent it to the ceiling. I asked if it's a bad thing. She said it's really good. And for my tradition - after I received a complement about my ability - I had to make some mistakes. It was too bad in the start, but... In one of the things we started to learn recently and I see as a big deal - I got difficulties with this skirt that I forgot it could be. And almost fell because of it. By the way Neta said that we all really jumped in our ability this year. Nice... And practice some small things in the dance. Once I could say that I needed to hear a little complain. The nice one and me made once a little part too fast (we both in the same time and the same thing...). One I made a mistake alone. This time Neta asked me if I'm tired. I said I'm pretty tired. She said it's possible to see. Still - after that I didn't have any dramatic mistake. And there was a try to go on for the whole dance. The "smart" one had something to ask about the last thing we made a practice on. So instead making all dance from the start - we made some more practice. And getting to the dance itself... Neta asked who's the first who "wake up" from the standing. It was me to remember this time - me and the fat woman start. Even the fat woman didn't remember... And she still try to make a drama from the standing itself. We started to move on my sign, but my memory isn't THAT good - so it was too fast again. So start again. I admit that I wasn't perfect this time, at least I will have some more time to practice. In the end we had a talk about the end of year party/show. Well, we got back to it. In the start we made a little brake for it as well. This time Neta said that we don't need to worry - we have a lot of time. Two months. And then came the time to correct - eight classes. It's a lot, isn't? I said "NO!". I usually don't like the "smart" one, but this time she took my side and made it funny in the good way. She said "when you say it's two months it's a lot, when you say it's eight classes it isn't much". In the end of class it were three of us - Neta, the "smart" and me. We took a little walk outside together and has to talk some more about end of year. By the way I said I'm sorry that I won't be able to take a flight to Germany right away after we'll make the end of year show. I told her that I want to because of the festival and because that I want to see Miguel (Angel) on stage there. She knows him personally or at least did know him. They had a time they worked together. Still it took her by surprise, but looks like that she tried to say a good thing (although it turned out a bit weird. Maybe it sound to me weird because I was tired and it's so hot....).

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Levels and getting your place at the workshop

LEVEL 2 Advanced/Professional TARANTOS 5:30 to 7:30pm (1:00 to 3:00pm - Sat & Sun) - only 2 spots available LEVEL 1 Elementary/Intermediate ALEGRIA 8:00 to 10:00pm (3:30 to 5:30pm - Sat & Sun) if the workshop of your choice is FULL, please email us to be put on a wait-list. (limit of 10 dancers per workshop) TO REGISTER - go to Payment Page and submit a Deposit OR call 604-721-4869 Fee: $580.00 + HST (deposit will be required to secure a space in the class)

A workshop of Maria Juncal - this summer

Some details I found. The like-an article which includes has been wrriten by the publisher
Maria Juncal, born in the Canary Islands, moved to Madrid to study with many of the preeminent flamenco masters such as Ciro, Cristobal Reyes, Paco Pena, Merche Esmeralda and La Tati. She soon became a member of some of the leading Spanish flamenco companies, performing throughout Europe, Asia and America. Early in her career she worked with the National Ballet of Cuba, and became a member of the company of El Guito. In Germany she presented her first show, La Gitana Blanca, and in the U.S. she made her debut as a soloist for the Jose Greco Company and also appeared as a soloist for a Joaquin Cortes production with performances in Europe and Japan. She formed her own company in 2003. The success of her initial production, performed in Mexico, led to numerous invitations to perform in many of the best venues in Mexico and Spain. With the release of her show Destemplao she embarked on a European tour that included performances in 20 cities in the Netherlands alone. In 2009 she developed Tercera Llamada and her latest production Flamenco Intimo has already being sold around the world but the premier will be Oct 27th and 28th in Miami, USA.

A bit of Estrella after too long

A bit of Belen... Once again

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

June-July with Juana Amaya

2012 at Casa Patas

For some of the things - too late. Others - still on
Enero - Manuel Molina Febrero- Farruquito Marzo- Diego Carrasco Abril - El Farru Mayo - El Torta Junio - La Farruca Julio - El Carpeta Agosto - Enrique Pantoja Septiembre - Israel Galván Octubre - Tomatito Noviembre - El Carrete de Málaga Diciembre - Juan José Amador- El Perre

An intesive summer course

An oldie flamenco poster

And few more of dear Belen

The blog of La India

Well, one of the now days dancers that I really love has a blog of her own. In this site as well. I mean to La India. I recommend to visit her blog too. The link is: Few photos of hers from her blog...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A reminder for those in Italy

This Tuesday - 29th May. Any sponser for a flight' ticket and show?

Information in Spanish about a class of Farru

At the date 16th June 2012 El PRÓXIMO SÁBADO 16 DE JUNIO !!!!!!!!!!!! EL FARRU EN SALA DORÉ BADAJOZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Antonio Fernández Montoya, Farruco, es hermano del gran bailaor Farruquito. Nacido en Sevilla en 1988, adopta el nombre artístico de Farruco, su abuelo; es toda su vida testigo del arte Flamenco más puro. Debutó en la escena internacional a los 2 años en Berlín y participó en su primera película a los 6 años bajo la dirección su abuelo en “Bodas de Gloria”. En 1998, con 10 años, formó su propia compañía “Los gnomos del flamenco” con la que participó en numerosos festivales en España y en el resto del mundo, como en Colonia y Kiev. En Enero del 2001 con Francis Brunn’s formó parte en la obra “Incógnito”. Ese mismo año, participa en el espectáculo de su hermano “Farruquito y Familia”, en Nueva York, acompañándole en su primera gira por Estados Unidos. En Octubre del mismo año giró como solista por México con Antonio Canales. A pesar de su corta edad, Farru ha tenido un lugar preferencial en los espectáculos creados por su hermano como Raíces Flamencas, La Len Varó, Por Derecho o Alma Vieja. En todos ellos se ha destacado como un bailaor singular y de gran fuerza. Elegancia y belleza, acompañan una técnica sin igual y un zapateado prodigioso. Ha actuado en escenarios de todo el mundo y alcanzado un gran éxito en la última gira por España. En 2005 protagoniza la película de la directora catalana Mireia Ros El Triunfo, ganadora del Biznaga de Plata a la mejor banda sonora en el Festival de Cine Español de Málaga 2006, donde comparte cartel junto a Ángela Molina y Juan Diego entre otros. Desde ese mismo año hasta la actualidad, es cabeza de cartel junto a su madre La Farruca en la última producción de la familia Los Farruco. En 2006 estrena su propio espectáculo titulado FARRUCO, presentado en el NY City Center, entre otros, y con el que lleva de gira munidal desde entonces.

At another festival

This is a photo of Lola Perez at Nimes Festival

Back of Rocio

Andrés on stage

Two old posters of Andrés

One more getting old of Farruquito

Oldies and rare of Farruquito

Few more old photos of Farruquito. In the first one it's possible to see with a guitar - El Perla De Sevilla