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Monday, December 31, 2012

Feliz Navidad

Few more hours here, in some other parts in the world it's already there.... 2013

Happy New Year to all!
Hope you will have a wonderful year, filled with love, health and joy. 
Hope your year will be filled with dreams that become to reality. 
And this new year will be full again with many moments of flamenco.

Classes with Soraya Clavijo

Starts this week

Ready for Miguel Poveda?

Cajon workshops in Israel

I think that...

I think that I never made attention here to La Chipsa. So, here is the first time...

One for the music

Yael Horwitz (sings) and Noa Drezner (guitar). A photo by Alex Apt

Workshop with Miguel, day three

Please, don't tell me it's over! After a bit more than a week that I have so much fun - last class of this workshop and this fiesta is over. I have my video (plus one that I didn't think I would) and two more horrible photos (but new). 

My new friend didn't come today. I know, I'm relaxed even without her and I just met her face to face in the first in this workshop, but... It was a pleasure for me to meet her. I didn't see the bitch, so I thought that at least that. This time when I got in Miguel saw me and in the first brake from steps waved me. In case I waved back - would it be too much attention? I just smiled back and went to change. 

I saw the end of the taranto from the advanced. Miguel looked worried and I'm not sure if I know the reason. Someone came in and it took me a little while to understand from where do I know him. He's the father of the kido. When the advanced finished - the kido asked me if I'm not going today to Neta. No, I can't be in two different places. I told her that I already can see Neta ask me in Tuesday where have I've been today, never mind I already told her. She said something she will remind Neta that I'm at the class of Miguel. 

We started from the beginning with the manton. Quite on the start Miguel asked me to use the manton faster than I did. First and last time he asked me to do so in this workshop. I guess it was moment like this and I guess it got better later. The bitch came after all and looked afraid from the new stuff. It wasn't enough to make her take a steps from me. Too close again. 

And a lot of legs' work. Some were practice on what we learned and some few new steps to finish the solea. It was a bit hard cause I wasn't really focused and my injured finger started with some pains. One moment that Miguel looked - I made a mistake. Just a moment which I didn't think. In the moment after I knew it's a mistake and I knew what was wrong. Miguel moved his eyes from my legs to my face. When he saw my embarrassed laugh he knew that he doesn't need to tell me what's wrong. 

And dance again with the manton. When Miguel wanted to put for us the music - the bitch needed attention. She called "Miguel Angel! Miguel Angel!" I'm sure that if she just said "Miguel" it was enough. Miguel stopped all and looked at her. She has something to ask which I didn't get, I just got that she must make an example. Her manton got suck over and over in my face, no matter hoe much I tried to step aside. When she finished to attack me - we danced. 

I just asked Miguel when can I have the video. He said that later on. We made all the solea without him. Than he said he will show us all the parts of mainly legs' work, so if we want to record. He asked me on personally. I answered that I want the whole solea. Miguel said it's really fine if I'll take a video of the legs' work when he do it alone, it won't be instead of making a video of all solea. Fine. I did take a video like this and so did half of the girls.

Right after - all solea when it's possible to take a video. Only me and an old woman made it while others danced. I took a place which looked to me as the best for seeing what's going on in the first row. Miguel didn't dance and made palmas. In the video it's possible to see him as well most of the time. No, I won't upload the video. I probably can do it, but I rather no to try cause it's more for my own memory. Class has over this way. 

Some asked to take photos with him, but it was impossible to convince all to have a group photo. I told him that I have no problem to have one more photo with him. We had one. Miguel asked me how many photos do we have already together. Till I made a count in my head - others got photos with him too. And I saw the photo. It wasn't good enough . I thought it was the flash, so I removed it and asked for another one. Not focused this time, but I can't kill the world because of it. 

I went to change. Upstairs when I was already in my jeans and T-Shirt - someone who took this workshop to asked me how it was for me. I didn't even notice her before and I feel pretty bad because of it, mostly because of another thing she asked me later. When we talked about the fact it could be nicer if there was a bit more space - Mijal called me from the studio down stairs. She had a receipt  to give for my payment. The girl I was talking with told me she went for few workshops and it's always like this - not enough space and too many people in the studio. I said it's more when it includes big accessory like the manton or bata de cola. I told her about the bata workshop I took with Belén Maya, mostly about the too crowded thing then. The girl asked me how long do I dance. I told her it's my 7th year. I'm not a professional, but I just love the way it feels. She made a sigh and a face to explain how much she agree about this love. And she asked me if it's true I was in the front this workshop. Yeah, I did and I'm sorry I didn't notice you before. 

Down there - Miguel was talking with the bitch. Mijal gave me the receipt and we were talking. I asked her if she's about to bring Miguel again. She said that it will be at a work. We talked about last night and the moments in the backstage after the show. She's really sweat and told me she's pleased to know me a bit more than she does in Facebook. 

In the way out... Miguel was near the door. More kisses (like I could without now). I asked him as well if he will be back. He said he hope to. He asked me if we will continue to write each other. Of course! I will miss him too much for giving this up. And by the way of saying goodbye he was worry. It's too cold outside. Don't I have anything to warm my neck? Don't worry! It's after dancing...! Two or three girls who heard it laughed from my answer. I hope it was as a good thing. And got back home to my dog, Facebook, the blog... I hope to see him again - here, in Spain or anywhere else in the world. I hope to learn more from him and see him live on stage again

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Two more weeks' workshops

I won't relax so fast (and have no problem with it)

I did upload the new photos with Miguel to Facebook as well. The comments didn't late to come. Till I was writng about it and the being in the show - many "likes" in and a comment on each photo. About one of them  - a friend of mine who loves flamenco too and waits for information from me said that I look great. Another friend made a comment about this photo: 

She asked if he's my boyfriend. Ah.... I do love Miguel as a friend and adore him as a dancer, but I can't lie and say he's my boyfriend. Not that I could say "no" to him if he wanted...

Tonight - last class of the workshop that I take of him. Tomorrow he will be gone to Germany. 

Any tickets for Rocio?

Classes - one more week it starts

And of course - the new photos!

Yeah, the new photos from the backstage of Suzanne Dellal after the show. I really shouldn't smile to the camera, but Miguel confuse me. At Facebook someone already asked if he's my boyfriend... 

David and Bat Sheva (once again)

Last week many things happen to me in the second time. Pavo Real, a workshop with Miguel Angel, photos, David and Bat Sheva....

David and Bat Sheva is a show which made by and for Compas Company by the biblical story. From the start it had a place for a dancer from outside the company as King David. The original King David was Arik Alfassi who isn't a flamenco dancer, but gave an impact made it with modern senses. Time has passed and his his place as King David took Miguel Angel. Long time ago when this show has start running - I saw it with Arik. It was long before I wrote the blog, when I started - I didn't know what to write. I had a fuzzy memory it was a special thing to see, but... Accept of one or two little scenes - I couldn't write much about it. And now - it was about time to see it in the version with Miguel.

This time - a moment before I got in the hall - I saw that Ilan is about to pick his ticket.  It took him a little while to understand who say hello to him. He isn't used to see my hair like this... In the hall - once again people who I don't get how do they found a place near me. And try to move me from my place. When Ilan got in - he asked me how do I get all those good seats. I said I have contacts (a joke, I ask for those seats). And he sat behind me. Until show has started - I could talk with him about the workshop (which I'm going and he gave up). 

When it started - it took the couple near me to shut their mouths. When they finally did - what a joy. My eyes were burning from non sleeping, but time passed by quickly. Things from the show became more clear. One thing I remembered has been removed, probably cause it didn't fit Miguel. And it includes a brake. After the brake - there is a solo of Miguel which he made for this show. It wasn't in the original thing. Maybe Arik Alfassi did have a thing like this, but it didn't look the same at all and I can't remember. This part is new by Miguel. As it's with him - the whole show is much more pure flamenco. And he's amazing. I just forgot that King David has a smaller part from Bat Sheva.

I did remember most of set. The main idea I did remember - a "door" in the middle behind all dancers. I did remember that it has a lot of use, but I didn't remember that more accept King David comes in out through this door. And the fact it's possible to see with the lights when they comes behind the fabrics. 

It was to remember again and see the difference.  I could remember now what did I find in this show in the first time (yeah, biblical stories can be fun sometimes), but this time I liked it more. Maybe because it was more pure flamenco now, maybe it's because that this time - with all the respect to Arik Alfassi - it's with Miguel. And Miguel can do anything so powerful and I adore his talent, no matter what he do on stage. Maybe it's because of both. And to remember... 

and it had a long fin la fiesta. The couple next to me... The man who is the worse between them asked few times if it's over now. The over audience hardly let the dancers go down. 

Kirill Sivolapov was in the audience. Ilan left me for a moment and I saw Kirill Sivolapov (who dance in Pavo Real) go out from the hall and get in quickly to the backstage. I was still outside and waiting. Many people did. Ilan came back. He knows personally more than I do the dancers of Compas Company. He was talking with some. Someone took photos. We were waiting. One of the dancers told Ilan about the party we both missed. Keren from the company's back work went out . She said it's funny cause last week she saw both of us standing there together, and here we go again - she see us now standing there together. After that - Ilan convinced me that there is nothing wrong about to get into the backstage. I asked him to come in with me. Some kind of protection cause I never got into the backstage of the main hall there (Suzanne Dellal). He didn't want, but said that I should go in and he will be waiting - for Mijal as well. I got in. There was a locked door after the stairs. I guess I could call, but... I don't have Ilan's nomber although he's my friend. I wanted to go back and bag him to open the door for me. And a saver - Kirill Sivolapov went out. I ran up again. The door locked up again. He asked me if I want to go in. I said I do. He opened the door for me. I thanked him and got into the new drama.

Inside others were talking with Miguel and I was waiting. One of the girls from the company who do knows me said hello. Then Miguel noticed me. I guess that because of the mess - we mostly were talking about his workshop after the kisses. And Mijal came still in one of the dresses she was wearing in the show. She asked me if I enjoyed it and we were talking about the differences between this and Pavo Real, and the little changes at Pavo. Miguel got back talking with the others. When I finally caught him again - two more photos and more talking about tomorrow. Kisses and good night. Or I guess it is... I couldn't find the way out and Miguel took me to the door. 

Outside Ilan was talking with one of the guys from the company. When he saw me going out he asked me if I'm not gonna take wash myself for the next two months. No, at least not my cheeks. Or my clothes. Ilan said that he don't wanna know what happened to my clothes. I showed them both the photos. I said to Ilan that he's gonna see it in Facebook as well. To the other guy I said it was great. I need my sleep and have to update, so I said goodbye and got back home by walking. 

The dramas won't over so quickly. My coat took off a flowerpot not much after I got out Suzanne Dellal. Not much later - the same street... Few men standing and started staring at me after a while. One of them called to me "Mam, the police will come in a moment because of the noise of your heels". Great...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

January in Madrid (don't forget)

Workshop with Miguel, day two

That's a start for a terrible dancing - it started in the morning and I came after something like four hours of sleeping at night. Life still goes on and I have to catch each moment (a thing which disturb sleeping).  I made too much noise by mistake when I came. This time Miguel notice me because of it in the moment I got in. Of course he couldn't stop the class of advanced, but he signed me. I changed clothes up and went down. The kido didn't pay attention to me this time, but if attention to me will disturb her in class - it's forgiven. Mostly because it's her and I like her. This time - although I like her there was something that I was happy about - it looked a bit harder to her this time. So doesn't do it perfect, it's hard for her as well, I can be relax and nothing to be jealous for. At that time I could talk a bit with the girl I know through Facebook. There is something about her that remind me myself - it looked that she's glad she knows someone there. The only difference was that I was glad cause it's more interesting to me and I was relax anyway. She looked she needed someone she knows there to relax while I was in that part long time ago, but I don't need it any more. I said I hope it would feel less crowded this time. Another girl asked me what do I mean. I told about the manton that got stuck on my head. Both girls laughed from this story and I think that a third one did laugh too. I guess that if I would see it from the side instead of getting angry at that moment - I probably would have think myself it's funny. In a moment I was hypnotized by Miguel and the way he gave that class - I heard this girl talk with others. As I heard - it's something like her second year of learning flamenco and first time in her life she try to dance with manton. 

Our class has started in few minutes late. Miguel was checking out the music for us. I took my manton and took a place near the way he stands while he teach. I was really tired and I was sure that something happen. Damn, what took my attention? I just found myself stair at nothing and can't remember what took my attention. From the other side - I heard "Orna! Orna!". I looked. This time - I had a good reason to look and I could know what was that. Miguel looked was still looking for the right music for us, but it didn't disturb him to call me and check my respond. I don't know if it's because I was so tired or because it's him, I know that in this moment it was pretty funny. And checking name by Mijal. Not all needed it at loud. Few didn't came, one of the missing was that bitch who got stuck her manton over my head. I won't miss her... 

Class has started officially. Miguel asked us to put down our mantons which all of us held. We made a short hands' warming. In one point - I made it more dramatic than it was meant to be and I have no idea where it came from. Miguel seemed to like it. He looked at me and smiled. After that - a little practice on some steps from our solea. He kinda wanted me to do something, but I was too tired to understand what does he want this time. Fine. Move on to the practice before the manton. 

After taking the mantons - Mijal said to me that she didn't have the time earlier to say hello as needed, so... Two more kisses. This time - from her. I didn't know that she fell needed to kiss me as well and I think I like this surprise. 

And working on the solea real hard. It's really hot there while dancing inside the studio, and outside - sun is shining. In one stop I made a face to Mijal in a try to look happy but tired. In another water brake - I talked again with the girl from Facebook. She didn't get something with the manton which was very clear to me. It was a bit less clear to me to explain cause sides got to me like mirror look. I made a try to show the right to left but somehow in the first time - I showed her from left to right. I apologized and we made a short practice both of us alone while our backs to the dancing part in the studio. 

And some new steps. And few new things with the manton, a part of t is a new thing in the alegria I learn this year in the ordinary classes. Still - it's the second part in here and it's still hard for me with or without the ordinary classes. The first part - a thing I never saw before, so making it myself....! Just shoot me...... While a practice of this part Miguel asked me if it's hard. Yes, it is. 

Miguel had a funny story about a time he used to work in a tablao long time ago. He told it in English. It's pretty hard for me to repeat it in here cause some of was showing what happened. 

And doing all over, all the solea for the end. He asked in Hebrew(!!) if doing it with him or without. We all said "with". He made a sigh and said we'll do it once with him and once without. One of the girls said "Once with Miguel, and once with Miguel". So it was in the end - twice more with him.

And our class was a little after time as well. One of the girls ran out cause she needed, never mind Mijal told her it isn't over yet and there is one more part. the last part was again without mantons, no connection to our solea, happy music and just practice some steps which looks like a full dance. This time it was a funny choice. It was a flamenco version to "Killing Me Softly". The music sounds happy and the song itself - half sang in English and some in Spanish. 

While changing up - I knew that my family is waiting for me and they wants me to come earlier than I could just like this. Every Friday and every Saturday - I go to my parents to eat with them, with my sisters and my niece lunch. One of my sisters was hurry today, so... As a rush I forgot my mobile phone in the toilets. It was luck I could remember it a moment after and the fact the girl which came in after me was my new friend from Facebook. She took out my phone with her and gave me. 

And for tonight... I will go to see the other show. 

New Year Eve

"El atlante"
Star Pines Cafe Fri May 18, 1 19; 30 ¥ 4000
/ Contact 0422 * 57 * 8608

1月18日金 スターパインズカフェ 19;30 ¥4000
といあわせ/ 0422*57*8608

It's this January (don't forget)

Learning in New York

Classes starts at 5th January

Reminder: to Japan with love

In case that...

In case you're in Sevilla this Saturday (29 to December) - one more thing which looks like a fiesta 

Friday, December 28, 2012

One of those attacks...

After the class last night I wrote that I was jealous for a moment because of the kido that went to the advanced' class. It was over fast because of my joy from the class I took. And the kisses (although yesterday I wasn't the only one who received kisses of manners). 

Today it's pretty came back. Miguel made workshops in Haifa - two different classes, two different levels (beginners and medium level). Each took 3 hours. I saw the photos. Fine, it didn't over for me, but... One of the girls there.... I saw that she went also to the workshop at Nirit, had few photos there (although Miguel accepted - she looked more pleased from him). Now she took a part in Haifa. Now I know that in both classes...... And I have to enjoy one level in Tel Aviv

From today, waiting for tomorrow

Today I didn't really have too much from Miguel. Didn't see any show, his workshop was in Haifa (a little problem for me to get there just like that, don't have a car and didn't drive for too long, so it's really too far for me) and the fact I can't pay all workshops (even that Miguel and me already friends).

I saw now two new photos from today from the Haifa' workshops (two different classes, each in another level). Just freaks me it isn't tomorrow yet. Tomorrow - I get a double fun. Morning: second class from three of the workshop I took. Evening:  I will see him at Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv as King David

One more, once again - Ivan

A thanking time

I have a feeling that I should do it more often. I mean to the thing I should stop from time to time from the information and just thank you.

This time - after there were a bit over than 40,000 entrances (and I know you also read it, I receive the comments) - thank you all! Thank you for watching, reading, following and for all the comments. All of you makes me know that I do something right (accept my own pleasure). 

I know that there are still other bloggers who can make some more buzz, already have more readers than I do and get some free benefits for writing their blogs and writing about. I write mostly for my own pleasure and just in case I can promote flamenco by that (and send you to see/hear/dance or anything like that) - that's already a little winning for me. And as long as I do have you, my readers - that's my best benefit I can get. Of course if I will get from time to time to see shows for free could help my bank account, but.... It won't be worth much if no one will read about it. 

I can't remember if I told about all the states that read this blog now. I did write once, but things change and accept many readers I have in USA, Russia, Spain and quite from Israel - since I published about (yeah, Miguel again) about the premier of Kain - the latest of Miguel Angel alone - I have many new readers from Germany. And as I see in my own status that I can get here - the readers from Germany become also faithful to me and my blog. 

Anyway, no matter where you come from - I love you all and hope you will enjoy reading La Reina De La Luna + for much longer 

Carmen darling (after too long)

Tomorrow night in Tel Aviv

David and Bat Shave at Suzanne Dellal. Starts at the hour 21:00. In case there are tickets left.... You can get through 03-6959536. There is no too much flamenco, there is no too much of Miguel

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The workshop of Miguel, day one

Yes, it's gonna be again "how amazing is Miguel, how amazing is this workshop".

So, I came to the the medium level classes - the solea with manton (shawl). I gave up the advanced cause when a dancer from Spain comes for short workshops like this - the advanced made for professional dancers (which I'm not). Accept - I learn this year to dance with manton, so this practice could be useful for me. There was the end of the class of the advanced. I got up to the inside balcony in the studio for changing. It's really to see from there what's going on down, and from the studio - easy to see the "balcony". When I just took off my stuff - Miguel noticed me and smiled to me. At least if I can't disturb class.... After changing and getting down to the studio level - I received a wink as well.  And I found out that the kido that I learn with on Sundays took the advanced. Twice she made a try to say "hello" to me when noticed me, but it took her off from the taranto she just learn. Oh my god! When she didn't stop to say hello - she looked like it goes really easy to her.... There are no many moments that I let myself being jealous in others, but this is one of the  moments I let myself feel it. At least it was for a moment.

Between classes - it didn't take too long to Miguel come and kiss me again. This time it was more manners - a kiss on each cheek without the hugs I got last Saturday after the show. He checked if my manton is good enough. It through the test. And few others did get those kisses as well. One of them came in the last moment. I knew that someone who's a new Facebook friend of mine meant to come. As I looked - I saw it's her. I asked her if it's really her for I won't make a mistake. It's her, but for her it took a little longer time to understand from where do we know each other. 

The class itself... It was at the studio of Mijal Natan and her company and it was her who brought him. She said that some knows Miguel and some not. For those who don't - this is Miguel Angel! No.... And he's with us for a long time. Indeed, but not enough for me... She checked if all who came are girls who signed to the workshop and all came. I was the first in the list. It made me wonder if it's because I was the first to koin this workshop or because I'm so unique. Well, both can be possible. I got the information first, I had to come, and when Mijal saw me after she read my name - she smiled as well... And after reading the list - she said she's about to go because of a party made by her company when our class meant to finish tonight. Some will come to take Miguel and we're all invited as well. Someone asked her what about the beginners' class that meant to be after us. She said it has been cancelled.

Our class has started. No more jealousy for me. I came much more relaxed than I did in the first time I went to his workshop, I met people I know (less that I accepted, but...) and like it isn't enough - learning solea from Miguel! It was a bit to crowded and a bitch made a try to dance over me, but... It didn't disturb me much to enjoy the fact I'm there. At least this time I saw that he looked at me, but instead of fixing me all the time like it was before - he smiled most of the time. The jealousy I had a moment before changed to pure joy and a feeling that I can do anything. One time I felt that I wanna kill the bitch. Like it wasn't enough she almost stepped on me and wanted me to move (for she could step on me in other places in the studio) - her manton got stuck for few moments on my head and felt like it gonna pull my hair. When I saw how Miguel react when he saw it (and he did see it) - I thought it probably look really funny from the side. Ok, I will kill you in other time just because you made Miguel laugh. 

Still I didn't over all without fixings. In one part of legs I made something which I thought it's right. Miguel looked at my legs that moment in hawk' eyes. He didn't have to say a word. It was enough for me to understand it's something similar but not the same. I changed the step for the right thing. In one water brake - Miguel came to me for correcting me. One more thing I made ok, but not clear enough and not sharp enough. If this is all he had to correct me in all class tonight - my condition is great. But the girl who I know through Facebook wasn't the same. I know she was in Sevilla lately for a month, learned that time (from Miguel and probably from others as well) and I wondered how does she dance. When I noticed - she made some more mistakes and it looked like Miguel correct her more. He asked her more than once what happened. She told me twice or three times in class that she's really nervous and things are too hard for her. I made a try to relax her and tell her that in the end all will be learned. And I asked her about her shoes. I couldn't not to notice. I saw this model before (which is beautiful), but I never saw this color on shoes (although the color is also beautiful). I told her I think her shoes are amazing. The answer about my question is yes, it's from Sevilla. 

Probably because Mijal wasn't there and because there was no class after us - our class took longer. We made the solea after the time was up. And one more short,  happy and easy dance for desert. 

After class - me and my new Facebook friend stayed a bit to talk with Miguel. I think she went to the party. Near the door to the studio from outside a little funny drama. The guy who came to take Miguel made a check. Miguel said something about a shower, but he didn't mean to NOW. This guy started to smell(!!!) Miguel. Miguel said he's Superman and got back inside to take his stuff. I didn't go. My dog was waiting for me. I didn't have the time to take him out before class, I didn't know if I will have a chance to go this party, and... Sometime my dog and me become sick in the same time. I think that in this hour, mostly in the last moment I don't have anyone to ask for taking him out for a walk and and taking care for him at all.... So no party to tell about, but one great evening with the things I meant to do. And no pains, just when I got back home my finger started to remind me that I was still sick myself in the morning

Belen in Madrid (hope it's in time)


Glad to tell that all my fingers are in their places. Needed a doctor, but at least it isn't THAT serious for antibiotics. I already made a try of dancing in a workshop with antibiotics and it was really hard.... Hopefully it won't be too painful this time. 

So, I'm ready to dance. Tonight with Miguel Angel (and to tell how great it was). 

Tonight's workshop

Here it comes! The workshop of Miguel Angel in Tel Aviv. I'm about to go - dead or alive.  I was waiting for so long for this, mostly after I saw how great he is (as a teacher as well) and after that secind time is always easier. That's gonna be my second time with Miguel in a workshop. 

Still - hopefully I will come in one piece. Medical problems again. It's probably nothing serious and still I'm afraid If all my fingers in my legs will stay in their places or not. I'm going to a medical check for it - this morning. Tonight I'm about to go cause I have to. Not even for I will have something to write about (that would be the bonus), it's mostly cause I was waiting for it for so long and I know that I'm about to enjoy every single moment of it. 

And of course - for me will be also Saturday morning and Sunday evening of the workshop (and Saturday night also a show). Tomorrow will be two workshops at Haifa (two classes of three hours each in two different levels)

Don't forget January' classes

Ready for Caracas?


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

This Saturday (any tickets left?)

Saturday at Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv. The show Daviv and Bat Sheva of Miguel Angel and Compas Company will take a part from the hour 21:00. Just in case there are tickets left - you can get your at phone 03-6959536. In case you're still abroad but will be at Saturday the phone of before the last moment is 00-972-3-6959536

Coming closer with Yael

Dorantes - this February in Barcelona

This Friday in Haifa

Saturday nights in Tel Aviv

Tomorrow in Tel Aviv (and in case there is still a place)

במסגרת הפעילות שלו בארץ יקיים בנוסף למופעים
קורס מרוכז ב-3 רמות בבית הלהקה. המסגר 60.

ימים חמישי, שבת, וראשון -
27, 29, 30 בדצמבר 2012

27.12 ו-30.12 - 18:00 - מתקדמים Taranto-
19:30 -בינוניים - Solea with Manton
21:00 - מתחילים - Fandangos
29.12 - 10:00 - מתקדמים
11:30 - בינוניים
13:00 - מתחילים

מחיר הקורס - 500 ש"ח.

הקורס יתקיים בבית להקת הפלמנקו הישראלית
CASA COMPAS- המסגר 60, תל אביב

למידע נוסף ולהרשמה:
            03-6959536      ,

I will be there. What about you?

Three more

Photos by Natasha Shakhnes

One more option to Saturday

Possible to get tickets till Friday at: o al 155-036-6941

One more of Ivan

Few at once

Diego del Morao , Remedios Amaya , Ana Palma and Tomatito

No dramas

This time - no dramas, but officially I became the national video maker of the studio. When I came there was still the beginners' class. I putted off my stuff and came out to change my jeans to a skirt. In the moment I came back into the studio - Neta gave me her mobile phone for I will make a video. She said that I upload the videos to our group of the studio. I remind her that this time it's her responsibility to upload. After I took the video of their new steps - I took my flamenco shoes on my feet. I didn't have a chance to close it before the nice one gave me the mobile phone of one of the beginners. I found myself take a video of all their dance from the mobile phone of the beginner....

So, when our class has started - Neta asked what do we want to warm first - legs or arms. I said that arms, I think that few more said the same... I wasn't really on the ground that moment. We had a short hands' warming. And moving to the legs. I'm not sure if I made all right, but I was more focused than I was at Sunday and it was easier to me. 

And turns.... It become easier each class, but still... From time to time take too much or too less for the balance. When it's all around the studio - I still forget to have a focus from the start. That was my only mistake in this part. 

And practice the legs' work of last week that we;ll perform as a "class" in the end of year show. The confusing part become more clear in my head, but the last part still don't work for me and I still don't really remember the combination. Ok, for that we already work on it. And a new part for this. Although I didn't do it for long - it's something that I already know and made many times. So, this part I could do pretty natural (but still get few little mistakes from time to time which at least a person who don't see flamenco every day won't notice). 

And our dance, our real dance. We made a bit of practice. I love what we get. No surprises if I start smiling. This is the happiest siguiryia in the world, mostly because I have the chance to learn and dance it. After we made the first trial - I saw that the snobbish woman was already there dressed to dance and was waiting. She comes for the second one. Well, she can wait till we'll finish practice our beautiful siguiryia. Well, most of us made a practice, the assistant went from one side to another of the studio while she stand to close to me and look how the others dance. 

And the second class... We made a practice on buelria' steps. And practice all of us the "new" combination we made with it. After few times - Neta made a choice for couples to do it. She was pleased on the discount she made us. I guess that I did too. I know in my head that the best for me if I'll try it myself, but it's damn hard. Me and the snobbish woman were the first couple that has been chosen. Oh... At least I'm not with the assistant, but why do I have to be the first? Fine, let's roll with it.... How much we can in our lame way. I wasn't in the worst part. I started to get used to the snobbish long time ago and even though I still don't like her much - she don't disturb me in any way. And we could dance it worse. And I do prefer doing it with her than with the assistant who become an ordinary view in this class as well.... 

Time to think for ourselves which buleria we'll do alone. When we started - the new nice one was first. All got fixed. Ilan had to show that he knows few more things and started his turn by show off. I was near the end. When I was sure that here comes the judgement day - Neta asked the new nice one to do again. She forgot how she made it. After a short reminding that the new nice one made it till the end (with a need to improve, but made it) - it was my turn. Oh no.... Even the time we had to think wasn't enough for me to get one clear thought how to make it, maybe an idea how to start and to know about one step that I want SOMEWHERE. Fine, I won't give up. I'll do what I can. After a short breath and a try to relax - I got into the circle. Oh dear.... I still felt that I get steps too fast and in the wrong time. But the part that I knew that I want SOMEWHERE - all made it, all failed in this part, I just made it. I got out with a fixing, but in a better shape than others. Ok, I'm after it and can breath natural again. The weirdo was the last that had to try. She didn't want, but Neta said she have to accept she fit bulerias. Well, I didn't notice but Neta probably was right. The weirdo made a try and... It was really good!  And the assistant didn't have to, but she had the chance to try. It was horrible.... 

 For the end - we made a practice on the solea. I already start to think of the workshop I'm about to go... I will have a full solea there with a manton. With Miguel. Yep. My head is still full in Miguel and I wonder when it will over at my head (I know when this visit at Israel will over, but...). 

In the end of class I told Neta that I will miss that the class at Sunday because of the workshop. We agreed that probably even that I told her that - she will probably ask my next week where have I been. After all the years I go to her studio and make a try not to miss even one class....

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I hope that...

Well.... I know some people do like to read this blog and I hope it will stay this way (mostly because I love writing it).

I do hope it's useful. In case that I upload virtual flyers about shows and workshops - I hope it get to some people who can and want to go to those shows and workshops. 

Still that there are things reminds me lately that I still have higher levels to achieve. I do know that although the blog gets more and more popular with time - I do aware that there are some blogs which are more popular (and those I know about flamenco and more popular - at least are blogs that I do love myself to read). And I still finds out from time to time other bloggers in here that gets benefits that I still can dream on. Some of them gets it about flamenco while it's clear they don't write only about flamenco and their knowledge about flamenco.....

And one more thing: I still works hard to get the information that I do upload here. In few cases - readers sent me this information. Those who sent me knows that I'm talking about them. One thing that I can say to those readers: THANK YOU VERY MUCH! And once I got about a show from a dancer who I don't know if he knew my blog before. And this is a small part. I work alone for getting the information. I won't complain cause it's something that I choosed to do and I enjoy doing it. The problem is that I don't get to ALL, and sometimes when I finally get the information - it's too much in the last moment or when it's no relevant any more. So now I found out that people waits for the information that I give, but I don't always have it. 

Recently someone asked me why don't I publish about flamenco shows in Japan. Sorry, but until I found out about flamenco in Japan (although they love it there).... Now I found out about two different things which gives flamenco to Japan. So, as a comment to one of the things - I did upload to the fan page in Facebook as well.... Someone wrote that when Juan De Juan will come to New York or New Jersey... In case I will know that he come to perform in New York or New Jersey - I promise to publish it

After one party is over in Tel Aviv

Just to remind this too

Just to remind...