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Thursday, December 31, 2015

The first to publish

Rehearsal - David and Bat Sheva
Compas Company and Miguel Angel

First photos that I took at the rehearsal
and has been publish at Facebook. 

I usually update here with the original
files at the original sizes. I normally
DON'T use computer work on my work.
This time it's a little difference. I sent 
copies for who needed to have, and started to send 
some of it for another. Here there is a little work 
on one of the photos. I didn't do the computer work, but....
As far as I don't want to move over all again and it 
has been publish already this way....

First photos - rehearsal of David and Bat Sheva

Photos by Orna Timen

Rehearsal for David and Bat Sheva

Compas Company with Miguel Angel

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Rehearsal David and Bat Sheva

One thing that I should tell before the stories about the last workshop I took with Miguel Angel. A rehearsal that I had the honour to see live at the studio. Miguel came first of all to perform with Mijal Natan and her flamenco group Compas Company. By the way he gives workshops at Israel. This time he came for two shows, night after night at Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv. First show is AguaDulce of Compas Company that he's a guest star this time. After that will be David and Bat Sheva. It's a show that runs for years. Miguel is a part of it for years as King David. Mijal always was Bat Sheva at this show. Last time that Miguel was here - my friend Ilan Miller replaced one of the dancers. This time Ilan's part went bigger (he replace one more dancer). 

After I found out all dates of workshops Miguel will give at Tel Aviv, after I found out which shows and when this time (although David and Bat Sheva wasn't a surprise), after I found out when are shows' dates and when more or less Miguel suppose to come - I asked Mijal to give me a chance to see and take photos once or twice at the rehearsal. She said that I should Miguel too. If he accept - she doesn't have a problem. I asked Miguel too. He said something like he doesn't mind as long as I let Mijal know about if and when do I do it. 

When Miguel came - I didn't see him at the first day although he's a friend of mine. I asked Mijal when do I can come. She let me know about a piece of paper on a wall at the studio. All times of rehearsal and who must come is there. She told me that she doesn't know yet what's on my mind with the photos, so I can choose. I want to take photos of how does at least one of the shows suppose to look, all company, just at the studio. Well, I found out that one evening before the workshops at Tel Aviv I have an ordinary class, when it will finish will be two hours of rehearsal. All company with Miguel and Ilan. When I asked Mijal about it she said it's a 'run" of David and Bat Sheva. Cool. I wanna be there with my camera. I will come to class with my camera and will stay after class to take some photos. 

So, one ordinary class. Miguel came few minutes before class meant to finish. Mijal stopped class for a moment. This is Miguel. He said hello to all and noticed me. I receive "hello" of my own. Finally we meet. He looked at all of us dance our farruca. From time to time I noticed that he do his best to look at me. After class I remind Mijal that I stay. I came running to Miguel. Kisses. A moment of talking. I told him that I stay. I was talking with Ilan for a moment. Got to change clothes. I took off my camera. I sent Miguel some photos of this camera, but he didn't see it live. He said something that now I'm a professional. 

At the rehearsal itself.... It was clear why did they need two hours. The show is less time, but includes a lot of work and many difficult dances. It was first rehearsal since last time Miguel was here (a year and a half ago). Many things to refresh. And few changes. As I wrote - Ilan got a bigger part. Two other dancers has gone, Ilan took the place of one of them. And there is the new dancer at the company - Guerau. His first time at this production. Now he comes instead one of the old dancers.

Most of the dancers behaved like I'm not there. I guess it can sound weird, but I think it's for the best. It shows the dancers are professional and it gave me the chance to take some photos that looks natural as I love it. Still not all could ignore me to the end. One of the main man dancers still needed to make some jokes because he is this way. Nothing wrong about it. The problem was that he made some jokes to the camera as well. Many times. Ilan had a moment at the start and a moment at the middle that he felt like he must respond to me - once as the photographer, second time it was probably a mix of I'm the phtographer and I'm a friend of his. Miguel had a moment at the end that he used a little brake to pose me. 

Amazing how funny mistakes can be. I'm not talking about laughing on the dancers. They had mistakes (there for the rehearsal is needed), but instead of taking it bad - they found a way to laugh about it. Many times I found myself laughing with them while trying to find a good shot. The joker made a joke while a big part of him. I mean mostly a part of him cause the company was with him. I was laughing while taking photos. The other dancers were laughing while dancing. Even after looking at photos and seeing the faces of the dancers I start laugh from the memory. 

I was tired, but I didn't leave before the rehearsal finished. I don't have enough of it yet - not the flamenco and not the photography. And finally I meet Miguel after too long, and he wasn't my only friend there. The crazy fun feeling there made me think I will miss something if I'll go. And hey, I wanted it! And as far as it wasn't work, I was there first of all for my own pleasure and [ractice dancing photography - I promised Mijal that I won't publish photos without her permission. That's my way to thank her for letting me being there. So, from workshops it's faster to show photos. about the the rehearsal the photos will come slowly for both of us - Mijal and me will see what's worth to publish. For me - I was leaving after all finished but most of dancers were still there. One of them was worry if I will make some work on photos (yeah, looking at which went well without to "touch" it). We also were talking a bit on other dancing and theatre photographers. I said goodbye to most of them, that means those who I saw. Of course Miguel and Ilan. And just in case Mijal didn't notice that I'm grateful for those moments - I thanked her that she let me be there/

So for now little brakes of Miguel. The other photos will wait.

Happy birthday Carmel Shelly

Friday, December 25, 2015

Mijal Natan

Photos now, stories later

For those who were wondering why did I 
publish less at the blog at the last days....

Almost last moment I took to myself
a photography project which still have a connection
for dancing, but not flamenco. I hope to finish with
it this weekend.

And still do many other things.
Miguel got back to Israel after too long. 
When it's once at a year and a half - it's 
too long between the times that he comes as
I see it. A new workshop with him and soon
two shows.

I took some photos at a rehearsal with him at the
studio, but I still need to wait till I will told it's fine to
publish some photos (and to finish with the project that I
took two days earlier and I still work on). 

The workshop that I take with him has started.
Still didn't finish, but we have our traditional
photos together already (and probably will have some more).

So, before I will tell all - two new photos.
The first is me with Miguel Angel and Mijal Natan.
The second photo Mijal took of me with Miguel

Thursday, December 24, 2015

From David and Bat Sheva

David and Bat Sheva comes back

"דוד ובת שבע" מופע פלמנקו המבוסס על הסיפור התנכי, חוזר!!! 
3.1 סוזן דלל 21:00
לפרטים: 036959536
משתתפים: מיגל אנחל, מיכל נתן, ליה שיינפלד, איילת שחר, ולדה וסט, מורן רון, הדס נסטל , ארנה גרץ, גראו קבררה, אורי כהן, יוגב זורע, אילן מילר

Monday, December 21, 2015

Rocío Molina

Fotos: Emilio Belmonte

January with Miguel Angel and Compas Company

Photos by Danny Kitry

מיגל אנחל (Miguel Angel) חוזר לישראל!!

הרקדן הספרדי האהוב חוזר לארץ למופעים וסדנאות.
יקיים 2 מופעים עם הלהקה במרכז סוזן דלל:
2.1.2016 בשעה 21:00 ערב חגיגי בו יתארח במופע AguaDulce
3.1.2016 בשעה 21:00 המופע הותיק והמצליח דוד ובת שבע-דרמת פלמנקו. (בתפקיד דוד המלך).

בנוסף, יקיים קורס מרוכז ב-3 רמות בבית להקת הפלמנקו הישראלית בתל אביב בימים חמישי עד שבת 24-26.12.2015.
קורסים נוספים עם מיגל יתקיימו בחיפה אצל רחלי אריאל, מודיעין אצל אורה שובל, הוד השרון אצל שלומית וייסמן, רמת השרון אצל שירי וילד, רעננה אצל הדר כרמלי

למידע נוסף, להזמנת כרטיסים ולהרשמה לקורסים: 
03-6959536, 054-2322884

The workshops starts this week

הרקדן והכוריאוגרף הספרדי Miguel Angel חוזר לישראל!
ויקיים קורס מרוכז בבית להקת הפלמנקו הישראלית
בסוף חודש דצמבר 2015

חמישי, ששי, שבת
24, 25, 26 בדצמבר 2015

24.12 ו-26.12 - 18:00 - מתקדמים - ALEGRIAS
19:30 - בינוניים - JALEOS
21:00 - מתחילים - TANGUILLOS
25.12 - 10:00 - מתקדמים
11:30 - בינוניים
13:00 - מתחילים

מחיר הקורס מסובסד - 400 ש"ח. 20% הנחה לקורס שני

הקורס יתקיים בבית להקת הפלמנקו הישראלית
CASA COMPAS- המסגר 60, תל אביב

מחיר מיוחד למשתתפי הקורס למופעי הלהקה בהם יתארח Miguel:
2.1.16 - סוזן דלל. AguaDulce חגיגי מארח את Miguel Angel
3.1.16 - סוזן דלל. דוד ובת שבע-דרמת פלמנקו.

למידע נוסף ולהרשמה:
03-6959536, 054-2322884
מספר המקומות מוגבל!

Upcoming with Nestor Spada