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Sunday, December 13, 2015

After watching the premiere Armonia of Compas Company

A rainy night. I came early, but didn't meet many people that I know, and even those I know - the conversations were short. 

The new show Armonia of Compas Company. 
Dancers: Mijal Natan and her group - Ayelet Shachar, Moran Ron, Vlada Vest, Hadas Nestel, Lia Sheinfeld and the still new guy - Guerau Cabrera.
Musical manger and guitar player was again Yehiel Hason. Three more musicians on stage made it flamenco a little less traditional. 
One more production they takes Galit Giat to take a part although her love to flamenco - she isn't a flamenca. 

One of the women who came and I know sat next to me at the hall. She came with her parents and it was clear it was for a certain person on stage. A moment before she asked me to give her the program for a moment. It was checking and telling at which parts.... Behind me two old women who I don't remember that I ever met, but one of them was a bit like me. She did know at least some of the audience and told her friend who just got in. 

And the show itself:
Although I have the program and I have been t have been at the audience - I won't get into each dance by it order this time. This time I rather tell me more generally. Accept few parts.

The show itself has started with two little lights. Yehiel with his guitar was under one light. Mijal was under the other one, at the start with her back to the audience. She was wearing pants, but was dancing in a very feminine style. From time to time she got out from the light and got back dancing into it. Magical.

After that lights. Galit Giat who took a part at this show (and it isn't the first connection between her and this company). She was talking. She told about the connection between Compas Company and Yehiel Hason, and about her long connection to Mijal. Later on at other parts of the show she was sinning two songs which has been written in Spanish and has been translated to Hebrew. She was sinning the versions in Hebrew. It's from a musical project of hers with Yehiel Hason. A CD will come out soon. At the first song Mijal got back to stage near the end for dancing. Till this moment it had a Spanish sound, the dancing made it flamenco. 

After talking - next part was again with two little lights. Yehiel Hason under one was playing at his guitar. At the other light - Vlada Vest and Guerau Cabrera made palmas. 

Lights all other the stage. Yehiel Hason moved to sit with the other musicians. The next part was probably the biggest surprise for me. This part was a dance of Ayelet Shachar, Moran Ron, Hadas Nestel and Lia Sheinfeld. It was a beautiful and unique part. The surprise wasn't about it. The surprise was the fact that although Mijal responsible to all choreographies at those shows unless there is a guest star from Spain. This time her girls made the choreography to their dance on a show which isn't a tablao. It looked different. I still love the style of Mijal, but as far as she have some very talented dancers at her company - this difference made their dance for one of the strongest parts on this show. NOT the only good thing, but I can tell that my heart missed a beat or two at their part. 

Later on there was a farruca which I saw before and always enjoy seeing again. Always most of it Vlada Vest and Guerau Cabrera made the most alone (Geurau even start it as a solo till Vlada joins him). The other girls join them to a little part. 

Few more dances of all the company, but without Mijal. All was a pleasure to see. 

For the end - a solo of Mijal. She was dancing a siguiryia. OK, one more thing to "buy" my good opinion on all. 

Fin la fiesta. Mijal didn't leave the stage for it. All girls of the company got back to stage dressed in red dresses, Guerau got back dressed in black. Galit Giat got back too and sang a bit. Mijal was dancing a buleria for the sinning. After the sinning part - also the girls and Guerau were dancing with Mijal. 

After the show I got into backstage. The code is different, so... I was waiting. One of the sons of Mijal was there. He let me in. Mijal gave a short interview for someone else who got in. Because of it and a little mess of exiting - it took a little time till I could talk with someone. I was talking with most after all. By the way I gave for a moment the program again....

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