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Sunday, December 13, 2015

About recent shows

I was watching and taking photos at three shows at Jaffa. Last time it was including also videos (I've been asked to). I was so busy with the photos and had so much mess even without it.  And the place itself - it gives the option to take some photos through the show without guilty feelings, but it's a pub/restaurant with a weird service. Never happened to me before that I get lazy about it.I got lazy to write about two of the show, I wrote only about the first one. Hope it won't return itself. 

I was watching Armonia - the new show of Compas Company. This time I wasn't able to take photos because of the place. It took a part an "official" place and not as a part of a photography workshop, so.... I have no reason to get lazy. But I'm after a long day. It will wait, probably for tomorrow.  

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