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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Belén Maya

The new old story

I was't sure if to write about it or not. I have started this blog to publish about flamenco artists that I have some respect to them. People that I think they have talent, if they made a difference at the flamenco with their art. If they became friends of mine (a thing that happened and I'm proud at those friendships) - even better. I still do my est to go on with this line. It happened twice that I didn't go by this rule. I hated to do so, but once - I wasn't the first one to publish and it was a try to make it against violence. At the second time I gave a little stage to someone who calls herself a dancer, but she have no talent at all. I have a long story with her. Few times I wrote things without writing her name, but once she made something that was a little too much for me and I had to pull it out. I really don't want to give her fame, not even a bit of stage at my blog. Because of that - this post is a bit difficult for me. But again - he made something a little too much. It was someone else who told her the truth at her face and I couldn't stop myself and said few things as well. Now she's angry with me, but I found out how many think the same as I am and how few dare to tell her what they think of her. 

I mean by that to the amazing garbage Adar Meron. 

So, there are many flamenco groups at Facebook, some are Israelis. One of mine, but it didn't happen at my group. At another group that by it's name - it's a cool flamenco for good people. Adar Meron had a fight with the person who opened it. I know they had long time ago. It didn't disturb to send a link to this group with a TV interview that shows her as a success. Another dancer who's a daughter of a dancer wrote to comments. She wrote that by her first steps was flamenco, but Adar is fake. She only tells about her after army trip, she dance horrible, even at the studio where this dancer dance most of her life - Adar didn't hold more than 20 minutes. Before "us" no one looked at Adar and there is no reason to look at her. Adar should take herself out of this Facebook group because of it's for good people and she isn't. if she won't do it herself - the manager should do it. Adar is too dumb to make "like" on the comments.

I didn't hold myself and wrote a comment of my own. I wrote that I heard from someone who knew Adar at Granada that although Adar tells that she was there for a a year and a half - it's more likely 8 months. And for that Adar feels better than all of us. Which is true, The problem is at this moment Adar understood it's against her. She wrote we are both wrong. And this link has been removed. I have two profiles at Facebook (long story), I'm with both profiles at this group. I wrote those comments with a profile that the manager can see. He wrote a status that group is for good and our conversation was a sewer dialogue. He tagged three of us.

Adar was uploading this link again. I wrote with my other profile another comment which dragged another one of hers. I wrote again how horrible she is. She didn't like it. The manager can't see this profile (another story). I don't know how bad she looked to his eyes when she asked him to remove the comments he couldn't see.

A woman that I didn't know before asked for friendship from me at Facebook. She said that she's in love. She's sorry for telling me about her love, but I told Adar things that this woman wanted to tell Adar and wasn't brave enough. So, by the way I found out we have one more thing in common about Adar. Adar Meron herself told me how much this blog is boring because it's international and she's interested only at the flamenco in Israel (and she didn't have a look at this blog), she said that she could help me to open a blog, it didn't disturb her to ask for my help later on for a second issue of a printed magazine that she made. I told her that she can forget about it because of her behavior. Now, I  found out that she asked for help at a festival that she makes. By the way she asked from this woman. This woman didn't accept to help Adar because of she hates Adar.

Now Adar Meron is really hurt and she's afraid if I would say anything about her at Facebook. So, this isn't Facebook. It's only my boring blog. It would probably get a share at the Facebook page of this blog, but it's only my boring international blog.

I know that many dislike her. Some work with her for the money, some don't give a damn about her, she had fights with many, most don't dare to tell her the truth that she doesn't have talent. 

Do yourself a big favour - DON'T EVEN THINK TO WORK WITH ADAR MERON !!!!

At the photo:
Adar Meron
Beware of her and Don't work with her

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Noche de flamenco

Come enjoy dinner and a show at the vibrant, El Sol y la Luna Restaurant in Austin, Texas. "Noche de Flamenco" will feature Texas native Illeana Gomez (Dance), as well as featured guest performers Manuel Gutierrez (Dance), Jose Cortes (Vocals), and Alejandro Pais (Guitar). 
The evening will consist of two shows of authentic flamenco music and dance:
1st show @ 8:30 pm
2nd show @ 10:30 pm
$12/ show (dinner is not included)

Reservations are highly recommended! To make your reservation call (512) 444- 7770 or email

Ana Salazar