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Friday, February 28, 2014


Upcoming - two events of Andrés Peña


Upcoming with Farruquito

Two more weeks with Tomatito

In a week from now with La India

Días de flamenco - this April will be 20 years of festival

Less than a week to opening night (el arte de flamenco)

Luisa Palicio

Photos by Hugo Van Beveren

El maestro con su hija

Thursday, February 27, 2014

From a show of Compas Company

A photo by Ronen Rosenblatt

Two more with ensamble Pasito

At Women Festival at Holon

Noa Drezner play the guitar at this show!

From Alicia Carrasco

Los Vivancos at Prague

Los Vivancos 2014 – Taneční show
Taneční show „Aeternum“ („Věčnost“) v provedení bratrů ze Španělska – LOS VIVANCOS. 
2.–3. května 2014 v Praze 
4. května 2014 v Brně

Soubor LOS VIVANCOS tvoří sedm bratrů, kteří mají opravdu nevídanou kombinaci talentů: tančí, zpívají a hrají na různé hudební nástroje. Jejich fantastický temperament je uchvacující.
Bratři se narodili ve Španělsku, v Barceloně. Už v dospívání se jim podařilo se proslavit, protože se všichni začali zabývat tancem velmi záhy. Přišli se zcela novým, vlastním číslem, což byl tanec s prvky akrobacie. Sláva LOS VIVANCOS se velmi rychle rozšířila. O jejich talentu se dozvěděla celá země. Jejich vystoupení byla přijata s velkým ohlasem i daleko za hranicemi Španělska, jsou široce známí i na Západě, což opět dokazuje vysokou úroveň jejich vystoupení.
Představení „Aeternum“ („Věčnost“), s nímž bratři pořádají turné po zemích celého světa a zavítají také do České republiky, to je tanec, cirkus a divadlo. Neopakovatelným způsobem se v něm slučuje flamenco, moderní balet, akrobacie a bojová umění. V celém vystoupení je velké množství vizuálních efektů a scénických řešení. Aeternum je příběhem dobra a zla, je to metafora o nesmrtelnosti umění, které člověka obdarovává. Andělé, démoni, upíři, hudba, tanec, boj a magie jsou předváděny v rámci jednoho komplexního představení, které zastřešuje tajemná magická aura.
Bratři LOS VIVANCOS si svým talentem podmanili více než třicet zemí po celém světě.


May at Lisbon with Farruquito

Don't forget

Isaac de los Reyes at Hong Kong




Press oficial family

Farruquito speaks

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


From the other side

About those things

I thought telling today about yesterday's class. Well, last night I was too tired again and too pissed from few little things. I thought I will sleep a bit (or at least try), relax a bit and write. Plans changed. As far as Paco has gone this way and not much to tell about last night - I will tell shortly. Very shortly.

So, last night at the improvisation: Ilan and my friend still weren't there. The assistant and the "ballerina" didn't come, so it was peaceful. Even the fat woman din't dare to stay, so even better. Although Andreu was there - my solo wasn't horrible but wasn't perfect. We had a drill after that. I was second, this time it was hard to me to hear what Andreu play to me, I wasn't focused and Neta didn't stop telling me what to do - a thing which confused me even more. I made a try to do as she told me to, but it never was on time. Great! I just made a fool of myself again! At the siguiryia we had few new steps. Neta checked me out. She was shocked that I learned fast the new steps. Yeah, even the hard siguiryia is easier for me than dancing tangos alone at her studio. I took a video. The non clean one was worried if I will upload to our Facebook group. It doesn't matter that I do it every time and she never look, as it happened this time again. She pissed me without a connection. Between parts of class she decided that she stay there alone (yeah, with 3 more women who "do nothing"). Those who didn't start at September don't do all dance, but we do most. So at the part we stand aside and do palmas she couldn't dance just like that - she had to tell Neta that we ("they") do nothing. WTF? I'm sure that she didn't have for too long.

And this morning I heard that Paco has died last night from a heart attack. I heard it on the news at the radio. As the man at the radio said his name I had a bad feeling, I can't explain well what in his voice and the fact it was in the new made my heart feel like falling and have a guess it won't be good. It took me some more time to find out more details accept the heart attack. He was at a vacation with his kids in Cancun, Mexico. Came to one of beaches there. On the beach he got a heart attack and died. 66 years old in his death. I still think that it's a great loss and it's a shame I won't have a chance to see another show of him. At least I have the great luck to see him in a live show once with Farru at Tel Aviv. It was the first show I wrote about in this blog. The good part for him was that at least he got  beautiful place to die at (and does NOT make me any happier).

I add here a link. No, it isn't what I wrote about him. I still don't have the mental power to look for it at the archive. It's an article which was written today by someone else for an Israeli news website. It includes some of details,7340,L-4492765,00.html

I hate to say it (more bad news)

I really hate to say it... I'm still shocked.
Tonight a great talent died. Paco de Lucía past away from a heart attack.
I had a great luck to see him once in a live show. That was an amazing experience.
Rest in peace - a great musician, a great lost

I wish I could say more, but I have no enough words to say how much sorry I am

Can't wait to the festival

The opening night is in a week from now

Upcoming this March

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

March 2014 with Farruquito

Workshops of Leonor Leal (Italy)

Stage flamenco with Leonor Leal (Italy)

UNyDOS propone presso ASD Fuente Flamenca Vicenza

sabato 15 e domenica 16 marzo



sabato 15 marzo

ore 14:30/15:30 tecnica corporal primo livello
ore 15:45/17:15 principianti/intermedio
ore 17:30/18:30 tecnica corporal secondo livello
ore 18:45/20:15 intermedio/avanzato

domenica 16 marzo

ore 10:30/11:30 tecnica corporal primo livello
ore 11:45/13:15 principianti/intermedio
ore 13:30/14:30 tecnica corporal secondo livello
ore 14:45/16:15 intermedio/avanzato

Elisabetta cell. 393 963 72 73
Manuela cell. 329 63 64 240

Moran Ron at the tablao

Días de flamenco 2014 - poster and program

Desde mañana

May at Lisbon (don't miss)

Last evening with Hugo

A bit difficult. This evening the hardest thing was to finish with it. I think... Happened some things, I'm tired, I guess that I should do it now and not wait for tomorrow. I hope that I won't forget anything - including the photo (not focused enough, but it's better than nothing).

So, afternoon the dragon tattoo offered me a ride - a think which sounds great cause again I didn't have one. Too much drama and now I found out that I'm not in her way, so I gave up on it. Ran to the studio. Ilan came a moment after me - running as I did. This time the class before finished again a bit after time, but less dramatic than last two weeks. His wife came and this time was watching. Yael was at Mijal's company till recently used her home vacation and took this class this time. Amazing how easy it looks when she do it - last class in a crazy level. Between classes I was talking with Idit. The looking girl pushed an empty water bottle on my waist for asking me to move. She still ran over me. B***h! I asked Hugo once again to take a video. I meant to the dance, he made it larger. He old everyone that we can take a video of all class. Tempting, but I don't have enough space at my camera for that. I rather have the dances.

Clasico Español class has started. A long practice of playing the castanets. He had few little fixings to me, but very little and very few. I think few others had some more dramatic fixings. I had a little war - the friend of the happy one was hiding me from the mirror all the time. It's true that many times I love dancing but hate seeing how do I dance, but there is a reason for a mirror in the studio...!

Dancing again and again the Clasico Español. The friend of the happy one gave up on the castanets and took it off. When Hugo noticed she said that she's sorry. Later on - another girl pulled off her castanets. After while we've been asked to do it with music. I took my video. Ilan wasn't at his best and was hiding since the middle. And we learned some new steps. Dancing all again with music and new steps. I took another video. 

Class was over. It seemed so fast this time and like he had some mercy on us this time. It was less killing. The b***h and some others went away. One of guys form Mijal's company came, at least not the one who shouts. Two or three more girls who weren't before. The man who I didn't know before came back for dancing. 

The martinete class didn't start much too late. A little warming. We also made a drill which I think is great for making it as a part of dance, but for us it was only for warming. Still it's a bit confusing and I wasn't the only one who made a mistake from time to time. 

Moved to dance parts of the martinete. And some new steps. This time Hugo made a mistake from time to time. Well, I guess that after all the energy he pulled out lately (on us and on stage) it's hard to blame him. The dragon tattoo girl remembered something. Some laughed that she remember while none of us did, not even Hugo. And she wasn't there last week! 

Dancing all the martinete over and over again. We were over time again. I took a video of the martinete when it looked like the end. After that Hugo asked if we want to dance once more or or go home to sleep. Close to the hour 23:00. The man who I didn't know said "go home". We danced once again. Claps. The guy from Mijal's company thanked him in Spanish and said how great teacher he is. I went to Hugo and asked for a photo with him. He accepted. I usually asked those fellows if it's possible to upload the photo to Facebook. I didn't need to this time. He's a new friend of mine in Facebook and before a photo has been takedn he asked if I mind to upload the photo. I called Ilan in a try to ask him to take the photo. The dragon tattoo was closer. I asked her. Or anyone. She said that she wants too. Hugo changed his mind and said that he wants a photo with all of us. Ilan came running for that. Hugo started to call all. I started to shout for everyone. Some girls asked Yael to join us and she didn't want to. She thought it will be better to look on making. One of the girls was already at the balcony. Those who knows her name demanded her to go back down for the photo. The wife of Hugo took my camera and took a photo of all of us. It wasn't good enough so she took another one. The second photo was better, but I needed to see it on the computer that still... I really need a new camera. Hugo still asked me again and again if I will upload to Facebook. Of course! The dragon tattoo was a bit worried as well. I told her that I will tag the photo at Facebook for she will have it as well. 

At the way out I thanked Hugo for all