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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Learning from Irene La Sentío

Don Quijote of Mexico

Gran puesta en escena del Quijote en flamenco, basada en la obra de Minkus. Estudio Zambra Flamenco, de Guadalajara. Los esperamos!! Boletos en taquilla y ticketmaster

Couple of Juan de Juan

A workshop of Miguel Angel in Dresden

ORT: ANMELDUNG: TanzZentrum Dresden e.V. Sabine Jordan Schweriner Str.56 (Eingang Weißeritzstr.) Tel: 0351/ 27 21 086 o. 0173/ 363 26 23 01067 Dresden Tel: 0351-50049-37(-39)

A reminder: Pepa Molina in Israel

Upcoming in Sevilla

Flyer design: Shiran Siboni

A shadow

One reminder for workshops in 2013

A reminder for a workshop of Maria

Don Kijote is getting closer too

Next workshop of Miguel will be...

Two more weeks

Luna Negra will be this Friday

Imperdible show de LUNA NEGRA con su flamenco urbano, con tintes jazzeros, con melodias chillout, con misterio poético y con sensible corazón. EL 02 DE NOVIEMBRE EN LA ¨SUB SEDE¨ SAN LORENZO ESQUINA ENTRE RIOS - ROSARIO - SANTA FE - A LAS 22 HS. SE PRESENTA : LUNA NEGRA * CON SENTIDO FLAMENCO RESERVAS AL 4254071

Duende starts tomorrow

And tonight...

Almost in the last moment again. I came a moment after the fat woman. I through her and her husband fast. Lots of looks in a try to make a fear. I got in - everyone outside again. I saw Ilan near the door. I told him that the pip show is already there. I'm not sure if they heard it or not, but I don't really care. The bit that I do - I hope they did. After I changed - I saw that Anreu is there too. told him that I thought that he will come next week. Lucky him, next week he will be in Spain. Still he said that he won;t play to us this time. He did play in the first class. On oud (and Arab kind of tool for music that reminds a guitar). Till our class has started - I noticed the song that the beginners learn this year. It's a tango that Neta gave to beginners 2-3 years ago and I heard every week till the class I took has started. Tangos in the most basic palo (beat) in flamenco and all beginners starts with it, as much as I know - NOT only in this studio. Of course - it's possible to learn it in a different way after you become an advanced and it will feel in a different level. Since I started with Neta - all beginners starts with tangos, but normally she changes the song. It's the second time that she use the same song. It happened once after I finished the first year. She said that we (the beginners of that year of history) made it so pretty till she wants to give it to some more beginners. I don't know the reason of this time... But it isn't in a roll this time. When our class has started and we got in front of the mirror - Ilan told me that I should think that I'm in Vegas and there is a pulpit there that I can dance on. Maybe I will get even some money for it. In this class this time the hardest thing for me was the heat and the fact that few times the bimbo got too close to me. There were few steps a bit confusing, but I handled it. One of them took me a while and I'm not sure that it "sits" in my body, but at least I didn't give up. Neta asked if anyone heard before an Arab flamenco as we have now in the back round with the oud. In the same moment I was too much focused (for a change) in how to do the steps right for trying to give an answer. And the silence of others didn't make want to say that I did a bit. I even have a song which is a flamenco and sounds more like an Arab song (totally crazy for it. I recommend to get and listen to Ech Adani of Suad Massi). We danced in front of a mirror, a thing that didn't help the assistant. She even got near Neat, in front of her and looked her like this. Instead of looking on legs for getting the point - just on her face. Ilan has started near the end with jokes on the pip show. I told him it's makes me a lot of stress (doing this pip show) and he said that he (the husband) should get stress. He will see all in the end cause we will show him. Circles. In the first time I could catch the team of Ilan cause we had to do it in trios and this "trio" was including 5 people without me. After that I made it. Still in the middle of studio I found out that two of us and the nice one are not trio and there is one or two more with us. Once I wasn't focused anymore and I got a fix by Neta. Andreu went, Neta changed the lights and we made again a thing which is more clasico Español. This time I figured out how much I love this part in this class (a lot). Few who never stay to next class has started to change. Their lost. Next class. We left 6 people. Almost all of us are in the first class that I take in Tuesdays, but only few stay (5 of us from the first and the snobbish woman). For a start we listened a bit to buleria from a CD. And going on with practice. Mostly together. And we started with a new thing. A part that called patada and it's only in bulerias. I was amazed I got it fast although I was already a bit tired and the fact others had some problems with it. And we made some videos. In this part for Neta got enough from the shoes and all of us wanted videos, so... She danced us this part with bare feet for we'll be able to practice it outside the studio as well. And each will improvize. Got into a circle. The snobbish was first. Made many mistakes but made the new part as well. After her... Someone who I start to like. She started at the studio of Neta last year, was in the medium level and now she learn in the same classes as I am. Last year I was a bit suspicious about her because a weird thing she did. I start to think that maybe she just has a bad day that day. She got a blackout and wanted to give up. She didn't had this chance. Neta pushed her to try till she make it. It wasn't good, but at least she made a try. The bimbo made a try. Some mistakes as well, but got better than others. The new part has stopped in her turn. The weirdo made a try which looked bad. Ilan was after that. He probably came in a bad day this time. He also made some mistakes and he can do much better than he did this time. I was the last one. Seeing the mistakes of others gave me confidence. After them - it won't be terrible to have some of my own. Well... I had some. Once I wanted to "get in" in a wrong part and other times I wasn't clear enough. Our class has finished with a practice of palmas of buleria. At least with this I'm getting better

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

It starts this Saturday (with La Chiqui)

From November and on

Reminder - Rocio for lucky ones in Mexico

A month from now with Tomatito

Coming closer with Dorantes

To sing and dance in Jerusalem with La Almudena

סדנאת ריקוד פלמנקו עם שירה בולריה דה חרס בלווי הרכב אומנים אורחים מספרד מוצ"ש 01.12 משעה 20:00 עד 21:30 בסטודיו של מיכאלה הררי, עין-כרם, ירושלים LA ALMUDENA עם הרקדנית שושי ישראלי והזמרת הצוענייה כוריאוגרפיות וריקוד - שושי ישראלי ממדריד ללמוד לרקוד לשירת הפלמנקו בחיי!!" עלות: 150 ש"ח הרשמה: 0544867862 facebook: Micaela Harari מספר המקומות מוגבל
In the photo: Shoshi Israeli

One more month with Farruquito

The upcoming show of La India

Happy birthday La India

Flamenco this Friday

Monday, October 29, 2012

Do you remember the show of Shuky?

damas y caballeros: (30.10) שוקי שוויקי מארח בערב פלמנקו נוסף באברם בר ירושלים 21:30, מחיר רגיל: ₪35, סטודנטים: ₪30 רח' יפו 97 פינת כי"ח, כיכר הדוידקה

One in Lublin

Marcos in Mendoza

Tomorrow with Shuky

ערבי הפלמנקו באברם הפכו כבר מזמן למסורת. בווירטואוזיות ובדיוק מלוכלכך שלא ניתן להסביר במילים, שוקי שוויקי והאמנים המתארחים לוקחים את הקהל בכל ערב למסע חדש בנבכי הפלמנקו. והפעם על הבמה: >> שוקי שויקי - שירה וגיטרה >> >> אופיר עטר - שירה וגיטרה >> >> מעין דוארי - כלי הקשה >> מחיר רגיל: ₪35 סטודנטים: ₪30 **מומלץ מאוד לשריין כרטיסים מראש** הזמנות כל יום אחרי השעה 17:00 בטלפון 077-4450701 רח' יפו 97 פינת כי"ח, כיכר הדוידקה, ירושלים

La India - an upcoming show

La Lupi in Nimes

Stage con Miguel Angel (Ancona, Italy)

November 24 at 3:30pm until November 25 at 3:30pm in UTC+01. ORARI: SABATO 24 LIV. PRINCIPIANTI: 15,30 - 16,30 LIV. INTERMEDIO: 16,45 - 17,15 LIV. INTERM/AVANZATO: 17,15 - 18,45 DOMENICA 25 LIV. PRINCIPIANTI: 10,30 - 11,30 LIV. INTERMEDIO: 11,45 - 13 ,15 LIV. INTERM/AVANZATO: 14,00 - 15,30 xx xx xx xx xx xx PRINCIPIANTI: TECNICA BASE E IMPOSTAZIONE DEL CORPO INTERMEDIO: LABORATORIO DI BULERIA INTERMEDIO - AVANZATO: SOLEA' POR BULERIA, O SOLEA', A DISCREZIONE DI MIGUEL ANGEL ESPINO LO STAGE SI SVOLGERA' PRESSO: La Luna Dance Center A.S.D. Via Maestri del Lavoro 2c 60131 Ancona INFO & PRENOTZIONI: MICHELA FOSSA' 338/4002009 in collaborazione con Il Balletto di Macerata

November with Marcos

De Córdoba y Sevilla.... CARMEN MESA Y MARCOS JIMÉNEZ. Primera presentación en Buenos Aires SABADO 3 de NOVIEMBRE 22.30hs. - UNICA PRESENTACION Espacio BAJOVENTO, Balcarce 423 - San Telmo, Buenos Aires. Las entradas están a la venta en: Colmao de Arte: Hipólito Yrigoyen 1161 de lunes a jueves de 13 a 21.30 y sábados de 13.30 a 19 - teléfono 4115-3511 / 155-036-6941 / Bajovento: Balcarce 423, San Telmo de lunes a viernes de 15 a 22 y sábados de 19 a 22 / teléfono 4331-3757 / 2361 Valor de las entradas: - Anticipadas hasta el 27/10 $65.- - Desde el 28/10 y en puerta $80

No llores mas

COMPAÑÍA FLAMENCA ALCÁNTARA...Presenta "NO LLORES MÁS...El y ella. Un hombre y una mujer que creen amarse. Se miran y no se ven....Se hablan pero no se escuchan.Se aturden.Se contaminan"...Obra danzada - flamenco fusión - Dirección General: Lorena Acuña Dirección Teatral: Lorena Balarino JUEVES 22 DE NOVIEMBRE - 21HS. - AUDITORIO FACULTAD DE LENGUAS - UNC ENTRADAS ANTICIPADAS EN ALCÁNTARA O RESERVA A LOS TEL. 0351-156570610/0351-4615892/0351-156607393....

A new one of Ivan

Couple (pretty) new ones

Neta Shezaf. Photos by Galia Cohen Peres

Friday night with Sebastian and Co.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

I'm getting used to it

Well, the medium level learn this year to dance with hats. Till now - only one of them took care for a hat. Now the only one who still don't have a hat is the fat woman. Oh my... Not only that she don't care for it - even that she was for 3 years or so in the advanced and still she hardly catch the medium level. Some that got stuck in the medium level and started after her do it better. I noticed mostly her and the assistant. They both... Won't help a thing - too easy for me to see them in a sarcastic eye. From the advanced only the new kid was in the studio. When I went to change - there was the the daughter of the snobbish woman. We started only three of us this time. Not much after we started hands' warming - my friend came and the nice one after her. The talented kido is probably sick. I heard that Neta said that someone is really sick but my head was in another place for being sure who (and I think that the meaning was to the kido). In one point we had to take our shawls for getting used to dance with it, mostly when we work on steps from the alegria. It was a short part till we have been asked to put it aside again. I still don't use my new shawl perfect, it still get stuck in my hair and things like this. Although those mistakes - it become easier. The mistakes become more rare and I start to "feel" how much power do I have to use for moving it smooth. Legs' warming. Some of steps become easier for me too. I don't know for sure if it's because I'm getting better, the rust move away or both... Just one step still kills me. Neta didn't really fix me, only in this part she said something about how to do it right. Most of fixings came to others. And starting to practice our alegria, for a start - without shawls, just to remember and practice what we have so far. Many fixings, all of us do it too fast, get more steps and so on. One new thing she said we'll wait to next week for working on it with a guitar. We did start to practice it again when we took our shawls. When we made a practice with shawls - we made with all moves. When Neta made us palmas and looked at us there was a thing that I saw that no one does it, but I remembered in the middle or so that it's a part and this is the time. I saw that Neta looks at me and instead of fixing - I got a little complement. Well, not really. In this kind of parts she mostly say something like "Yes... (the name of the person who did it right)". When we finished she asked all of us to do it and said that only I remembered it, so - all should remember as well. The nice one started to whisper to my friend in one point. And the "secret" has been followed to all of us - she has her birthday tomorrow. Anyhow - this class was with windows open and no air conditioners. Me and the nice one freaked out. Neta and my friend were happy with the sweat and "sauna". I didn't have the power to argue on it (although I wanted), the nice one almost gave up and almost stopped dancing because of it. I'm happy for her that she didn't give up in the end.

November with La India

NOVIEMBRE!!! Para sentir el compás y bailar al cante! 19.30: iniciación por Tangos 20.30: clase general por Bulerías En Sevilla: Peña flamenca "Niño de la Alfalfa"

A contest

Wish me luck... I found out about a photography contest. As an artist who do mostly photography - I had to try. 3 more days till end of the option to sent a photo. It's a worldwide contest, so it will be hard to win. In case you ask yourself why does it has a connection to a flamenco blog - I sent a photo that I took at Joselito recently. A photo of Oshy and Andreu Ilin, a photo that I already uploaded to here because of the connection

La Fragua in November


November in Locarno

Workshop 2,3 y 4 de Noviembre en Locarno

A reminder: this Tuesday in Jerusalem

damas y caballeros: יום שלישי הקרוב (30.10) שוקי שוויקי מארח בערב פלמנקו נוסף באברם בר ירושלים 21:30, מחיר רגיל: ₪35, סטודנטים: ₪30 רח' יפו 97 פינת כי"ח, כיכר הדוידקה

Tonight with La Maru

Coming soon with Jesus

The academia of Claudio Arías


"ECOS DE LA OTRA ORILLA" Viernes 16 de noviembre 22hs - La Subsede Reservas : 4254071