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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Antonio El Pipa's workshops - some more details

August with Andrés



NIVEL MEDIO: Bulería de Jerez 11:00 a 12:00 horas (100 euros)
NIVEL ALTO: Tangos 12:15 a 13:15 (120 euros)

Reserva tu plaza en : 660476092

This Tuesday in Avram bar

מחרתיים יום שלישי 2/07 21:30
פ ל מ נ ק ו באברם בר FLAMENCO !!!
יהודה שוקי שויקי (שירה) מארח את..
עידן בלס (גיטרה)
מעיין דוארי (כלי הקשה)

cante - Yehuda Shuky
guitarra - Idan Balas
percucion - Maayan Doari


La primera vez

24 to July with MAria

Closer - La India in Latin America

This summer with La India

Saturday with Las Flamencas

They also come

The workshop of Jose Moro

So, instead of the way it meant to be - the level I took was two hours in one evening. After the level of the professionals. When I came I could hear the flamenco from inside. The door of the studio was closed, but I could open all the size of it although my shoulder isn't in the best shape yet. There was someone outside who came in after me even that she was already there. It was her first time in this studio and she saw me somehow as a guide, never mind we don't know each other. She wanted to know where to change clothes, if it isn't my first time there, for whom to pay for the workshop....

In the level of the advanced were few of the dancers of Compas and there was Idit. For the level I took - there were two more dancers of Compas, a man who I didn't remember his name even that I saw him before and one of the girls. There were enough who were waiting to our turn accept us. And those from Compas who took the very advanced and Idit decided to stay for the other class. Jose took more and more times with the buleria her was teaching them. Then he let all of them take videos of him dance it alone. One girl who was sitting next to me asked what's happen now, a thing which didn't disturb her to take her own video. Then he called them to dance last time. The girl asked again over and over what's happen. Once again she took a video. 

Between classes - Idit and I were talking. Still I hoped that nothing will go too bad with my shoulder. 

Class has started. Jose started talking in Spanish. Not all there understood and he speaks English as well. Mijal asked him to move to English. It went on this way almost all class accept few words in Spanish. He said we'll do a farruca. Because he doesn't know all of us and our levels - we'll start and he will see us and how do we go on first, after that he will decide how far he will take us. 

We had a short legs' warming. Jose walked between us. 

And to the farruca. It was something really cool. One more palo that I really love and it was fun for me to dance again "like a man" because of it. Although there was only one male student - Jose encouraged all of us to move and think like men. He's a good teacher. It could be perfect but... My shoulder! I didn't feel pains, but it made me very weak too soon. And the male student... He suppose to be a professional dancer! Don't tell me he isn't cause I saw him on stage in pro shows. Jose fixed him twice or three times. That's still fine cause one came to teach, the other one came to learn. The problem for me with him - I'm used to feel like air and that people try to step on me. My dad even laugh at me that even if I'll be in a soccer  field in the rain with two more people - someone will try to step on me. I already have my own ways to get out of it. Still it surprise me every time, mostly when it comes from a pro. I was in the edge, he was in the centre of the studio. In one point of the farruca, the same point each time - he felt like all studio belongs to him. Well, the edge became his. I had to move for he won't run over me. In the first time it happened - Jose noticed and helped me in a way which didn't hurt anyone. He said we're too much on the edge, so let's all of us move over much more to the other edge. 

Later on he moved again between us for all will see him. There was a part near the end that he danced right behind me. It helped me a bit with the guy who wanted to run over me, but it made me a bit confused and I made a stupid mistake. Jose just smiled. I think that that was once again he was protecting me, but I can't be sure. 

Ok, dance all the farruca three more times from the start till the end. After - we can take videos. He made his promise. After dancing again and again - he danced alone for we could all take videos. Still he asked that the videos won't get for YouTube or anything like this. Once he started and stopped after a short part. He made a mistake, so he started all over again. And all of us together again - all the farruca. 

After that - he said that he enjoyed teaching us. All of us in a high level but we all still have what to learn. 

I thanked him and asked to have a photo with him. A 15 years old girl again... Never mind. This is still one of the lonely things which keeps me feel young. He accepted. I asked him if I can upload the photo. He accepted. After that - some more asked for photos with him.

At the "balcony" - I was there alone when he came up. He looked like he can't any more. I asked him if he's fine. The stares, the floor.... Somehow I found out myself telling him about my shoulder and the fact I still enjoyed his workshop. He asked me to take care. I went to the loo. He was waiting. The pro dancer who came to learn started to call him loud. It was a surrealistic end for this workshop

Two more weeks

Saturday, June 29, 2013

With Jose

A photo from tonight. Stories later

End of year show - the studio of Raqulita

In my eyes


What a happiness

Let's start with the fact they didn't change their minds again. Tonight I'll go for a two hours workshop given by Jose Moro. I have a feeling it's gonna be fun.

And... Last night I shared a link to the blog in few groups of Facebook. In two groups - few made "like" to the link. Someone even made a "like" in both, and in one of them he even wrote a comment. He wrote it contains an interesting information. I know about two more who made a "like on his comment accept me. Really touched my heart 

White night in Tel Aviv 2013 - the show

Some photos from the show of Compas Company, Jose Moro and Hugo David Alvarez. Yeah, the one they did at the white night (27 to June 2013) at Suzanne Dellal. Not all photos and not all dancers are enough in those photos, but this is what I have now. 

Photos by Ronen Rosenblatt

One more month to Stuttgart

One more month with Pitingo

Carmen - opera flaemenca

CARMEN - Ópera Flamenca
Baseada na ópera de Bizet e no conto de Merimèe
Dia 06 de julho, sábado às 20h
Dia 07 de julho, domingo às 19h

This summer, Cadiz

4th July in Tel Aviv

Tablao flamenco - this Sunday in Tel Aviv

'טבלאו פלמנקו'

מארח את הרקדן הספרדי Hugo David Alvarez

להקת הפלמנקו הישראלית COMPAS בערב של פלמנקו אותנטי ואינטימי

מארחת את הרקדן הספרדי Hugo David Alvarez (סולן דון קישוט)

יום ראשון, 30 ביוני 2013 בשעה 21:00. (פתיחת דלתות 20:30)

בית להקת הפלמנקו הישראלית, רחוב המסגר 60, תל-אביב.

גיטרה: איתמר שפירא
גיטרה ושירה: שוקי שוויקי
כלי הקשה: מעין דוארי
ריקוד: Hugo David Alvarez (ספרד), מיכל נתן, יעל טוכפלד
כרטיסים במכירה מוקדמת בטלפון 03-6959536
למידע נוסף: להקת הפלמנקו הישראלית -

Friday, June 28, 2013

On stage and...

Photo by Agustina Cano 

Don't forget the festival in France

It changes all the time

The dramas with Jose Moro: 

Yesterday I've been told that not only that the workshop got shorter in a day - will be no workshop in the level I took. In the evening I was talking with Keren who do publicity and a bit more to Compas Company. I had to finish it with her cause Mijal brought Jose and the workshops meant to be in the studio of Compas Company. I told her that I really wanted to come. And the money that I already gave for it (it's written also in their side). She said that we still wait to the very last moment and asked me if I can come from now to now. No...

After I found out the photo from yesterday - I received a message that please all those who wants this level got the message and will come. Because of the talks and after all probably will be enough - tomorrow night will be one class of two hours in the level I took. I still didn't check if they didn't change their mind again... For me I'm just happy it will happen and I still don't a movie ticket instead. 

From yesterday

There were some professional photographer in the white night of Suzanne Dellal. At the fan page of Suzanne Dellal they uploaded one photo from the workshop of Jose Moro. I'm in the photo! And by the light and number of people - it was pretty in the start.

Did you get your tickets yet?