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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting ready

As a getting ready for suterday (one class with Miguel Angel), and next week (watching Pavo Real - the show of Compas Company with Miguel Angel) - couple more photos from Pavo Real. First one - of Miguel with Mijal Natan (the artistic maneger, choegrafer and main dancer of Compas Company). Second photo: few from the show at once....

One more class

That's nice to think of it as a class, not as a scary one, although I'm still a bit affraid. I guess that the biggest problem I had yesterday was that I forgot my water again at home.

The class of the medium level was almost private. I saw the end of it. It was including two: the new assistant and a man who started last year. I really don't understand how come that the good guys has no enough self confidence. Oh, in a second thought - the bad ones has no self confidence and makes others feel bad about it, the good guys just talk about it. The man who started last year is really good. Last year I saw how great he became near the end of the year. In the end of the year party of last year - a friend of mine who came puted her eye on him. No, I don't think that she was in this part of life of looking for a new man. She said that this man just dance great. Yesterday I found out that he thinks that he isn't good enough because it takes him a bit slower than he thought to learn it. And he isn't young anymore, so what he learned already is very respecetful. The class that I take has started as a mental help we all gave him.

When the class has really started - it was again almost a private one. Only me and Ilan. We started with a bit listening to music. Then the sisters from Haife arrived. They said that one of them will dance a solea and the other one alegria, but they still didn't choose who of them will do which palo. Neta said that they need to do it now. The more adult said that she'll take the alegria.

We started to practice. We all practice some steps, four of us needed to make some changes, and every time one made the part with the changes and the others made it together after that. Every one of s needed it will be fit to our chosen palos. In this part - I think I pretty made it. Even when we did it like the alegria which needed me a lot of work till it will feel almost natural in my body - Neta said I'm good. When it was me alone with my guajira - I wasn't terrible, but I wasn't clear enough.

At least I wasn't alone in not doing it perfect. The only one who looked like it came easy to him was Ilan, and he's a proffecional and dance for years. I made some mistakes, the younger sister danced like she isn't sure enough, and even the older sister who's usually amazing couldn't do a decent alegria alone. The younger sister in some point has helped her in telling her in arabic where are the points in the alegria that needs attention. The way she did it was funny till Neta and lan tried to tell her this way too....

In theend - we all tried to make the start of our dances. In this part - four of us made mistakes. It all came to little videos for we'll work and improve it till next week. The younger sister for Haife took a video of my practice. I don't have any attention to upload it to here because it was a practice, and a pretty bad one.

One more class tonight. This time - the bata de cola. Near the class of yesterday - the big difficult bata is like a kids' game. And now at least my skirt is fixed again

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oldies of Farruquito

Couple more photos of Farruquito... One is a real oldie (I think that it's getting close to 10 year, but not more), the other one is getting old. Something like a year or two ago...


This thursday (1st december) at 19:00 hrs will start an exhibition in Instituto Cervantes Tel Aviv. This exhibiotion is for showing the flamenco work of Silvia Duran in Israel. She's the one who "brought" flamenco to Israel and work here in flamenco for 35 years (that means- a bit more time than I live). My teacher has started to learn from her before she moved to Spain for 10 years and got back.

The opening will be including a 30 minutes movie about her work of Silvia Duran. The movie is a kind of  continuation to a movie that has been made about her when she moved to Israel.

And from the exhibition - a photo of Silvia Duran when she was young...

Once again for Farru

After a long time I didn't do it - here is one more photo of Farru

Monday, November 28, 2011

The little drama

Almost in the last moment a rumor came to the studio: Jóse Mérce will performe in Jerusalem! That will take a part tomorrow. As far as there are classes tomorrow - it has a choise if to go to class or go to the show. Maybe it's weird, but I prefered to go to class.

This morning - all the students of tuesday (that mean me too) - that the astronout who learn with me on tuesday wants to go to the show, so if we don't mind - let's go all to the show and take the class in another day. The option which has been given - on a day that I have my ticket to Pavo Real (Compas Company with Miguel Angel). I said that I don't mind to change the day, but hey, I go to a show too, and got my ticket by a sate that I know that there is no class. I don't know if only me said anything if yes or no, but after a while there was another e-mail with another date for the class instead tomorrow.

This afternoon came one more mail. The assistant of Neta wrote that there are no tickets left for the show of Jóse Mérce, so tomorrow will be classes as usual.

Few in one

Now I found out this. I don't know who made it, but it's deffently cool. Few photos of Farruquito togather....


I got almost in the last moment. I hate it. It's much better to change clothes quietly.... I wasn't the only one. One of the girls didn't come, the messy one came a bit after the class has started. One more friend of them came, one who I saw in the class of Belén Maya last summer. Poor thing, she still didn't do anything wrong to me and terrefy me alreasy. She's less than half of my age and her size is at least like mine, if not bigger. That's for a start about her look.

The one that was there from the start had to make a mess and to get some attention.

One of the girls who started to come recently every week to the farruca classes came with many flamenco skirts. She said she makes it and sell it. I saw some she puted out and some that other girls tried. Some of the skirts were really pretty, but... After all shows and classes recently and because I bought a new skirt this summer.... It will be too much for my budget. I didn't even try one although I wanted. Maybe I should buy my next flamenco clothes when I'll finally get to Sevillia.

Near the end of the the class the messy girl started to scream and run. That because of a thing that happened for the first time since I started to learn - there was a cockroache in the studio! The only brave girl there was the one who brought the skirts for sale. She killed that thing... She said something that this is what happen when you're with a homosexual who starts to scream too and you have no one to save you. Then she made a very dramatic show of how to kill a cockroach with the flamenco shoes. Well, I won't put that dirt on my flamenco shoes, and I think she's a homofob. Hey, what does the sexual prefrence has to do with it? I won't mind to kill a cockroach as long as I have a spray for it and don't need to get close to it. And I live with a dog. My dog never saved me from cockroaches, and I know that my male dog prefer female dogs....

Getting back to the class: some of the girls are pretty new and some of the time couldn't do because of it some of the cheografy when we really danced. They weren't alone. The fat woman didn't go down again when all others did because it was a part of the dance. The snobish woman (who looked at me before class like she's about to kill me) didn't go down. She prefered to stop and look at us for a while. And she comes this class from the start of the year.... This time - her daughter didn't go down in the first time. We got back on the problematic steps. This time - the new ones did all, at least they tried. The fat and snobish did what they wanted.

And the men who comes there... The husband of the fat looked at us again from outside. And in the end of class, when all changes clothes (and this time some tried some skirts in thought to buy) - came the father of the messy girl. He really got into the studio, this time and looked. I didn't feel like, so I got out to change, and didn't even try skirts (but that was for not getting out more money that I shouldn't).

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Next master class

So, as it looks like right now - if nothing will happen in the last moment... I will go to the master class of Miguel Angel! By the publishings I found - it was a bit hard to know the levels, in case that there are more than one. I will take the medium class level. In regular classes in Israel - I'm already in a high level. When it's master classes of big dancers from Spain - it's more safe for me the medium level classes, because those kind of classes... The high level in those fit more to proffecional dancers. Sadly - I probably lost my cahnce to be a pro. I started very late for this, and I don't have the chance to dance the days and hours of proffecionals. The proffecionals dance at least 4-5 days a week (if not all week), and every day it's more goes to a minimum of 3 hours... When I'm lucky - I get the chance to dance in a studio 4.5-5 hours a week. The other time.. A bit. And when I get the chance - a master class, and I should take some more.

In case nothing happen - I will have 3 hours more of dance in a studio when the maestro is Miguel Angel. In case that all goes allright (fingers crrossed) it won't have any reason for a clancle (of mine or his) - I will be here to report. And my getting into the list was almost in the last moment, so it won't take long till it will happen.

One more song

Another link to YouTube. This time - a song. Camaron sang here and Tomatito on the guitar

One more of Mario

Here is one more photo of Mario Maya when he was still young


Found out this.... An old poster for Mario Maya. As it looks like from the place I found it out - it's from the year 1975.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


So... It's still ain't closed thing, but I really think of getting into the class of Miguel Angel.
Till I'll have some answers - two photos. One is an oldie one, he's in the middle. The other one - a new one from Pavo Real (which I already have my ticket).

More photos of Neta

Here are some more photos of Neta Shezaf. Some are a bit oldies. on the first photo here - it's wrriten the name that Mario Maya gave her - Neta Cortez. The last one - from the show Abanico Intimo that she performing with these days

Morena Amora

Couple of photos from an old show. This show has been running for years. Not much after it started - I had the luck to see it. Of course (as I see it) - at Suzanne Dellal in Tel Aviv. That was the first time and one of the times that my eyes got open to flamenco. The show was for two dancers - one is a flamenco dancer and the other is a belly dancer (eastern dance). The meanning was showing that both dances has an imagination to each other (flamenco has many influences, belly dance is one of them), and showing that it's still two different dances. After that - for a long time they still made once a year. After I started to learn - I saw it once again. I thought that this show was amazing, and now that I start to understand.... I really loved what the belly dancer made there, but loved the flamenco dancer even more. The first time was one of the things which hooked me up on flamenco. The first time - I saw it with one of my sisters. The second time - with my mother and with my middle sister. That time - I took them mostly for they will see the great dancer who recently (for that time) became my teacher. Yeah, the flamenco dancer in this show was Neta Shezaf. The belly dancer - Alina. Here - from this show. Sadly I don't know who's the photografer. Any case, both photos from this show. One photo of Neta alone, one with Alina (and in the one of both - Neta is the one in the left and Alina in the right).

Friday, November 25, 2011


Well, to anouther show of Rafael Amargo and a bit older one. This time - kinda commercial video of Intimo. With this show Rafael Amargo came to performe in Suzanne Dellal (Tel Aviv) not much after I started to learn and really started to have an obbssesion to flamenco. This way I "found out" Rafael. That was an amazing show and I'm glad I had the chance to see it live. Luckyky - he came again to Israel, but with other shows. The once after.... I wrote about it in the start of the blog

Solo y Amargo

Found this in YouTube: that's a video of showing a bit from Solo y Amargo. It's a show that Rafael Amrago ran with at 2010

Some photos from Abanico Intimo

Few more photos of Neta Shezaf. Those are from the opening part of Abanico Intimo. That's the only part in the show which is absullutly a modern one, and the only part in the show with recorded music. It's kinda showing a birth of a butterfly. The rest of the show - pure flamenco with live music

Thursday, November 24, 2011

New photos of Farru

A bit more from the tour of Paco De Lucia and Farru. That's more the side of Farru.....

Few more photos

So... Few more photos of Farruquito. Here are some from a show in Teatro López de Ayala. Pretty new...

A new date for the marmaid

There is a new date for The Spanish Marmaid of Neta Shezaf. It will take a part on suterday, 21th january in the theater Inbal (a part of Suzanne Della in Tel Aviv) at 11:00 hrs.There few changes in the company. Ilan Miller is still there. Since I saw it - one of the dancers got pregnant and replaced in the wonderful Einat Schacham. The dancer that I don't like has been replaced as well (I have a guess for the reasons). And there is a new dancer. Now the new dancer are Dima Bushkart (who is deffently a great one). Ethy Swissa.

And a photo from the show...

One photo for Pavo Real

THis photo has been taken this summer - near the first and short tour of Pavo Real. In the photo: Miguel Angel and Kiril Sivolapov

One more class

Got there in a weird way. When I got there - I remind that again I forgot to take a bottle of water with me. And without any conection - my bata is still waiting for a fix. I found out a few more place for that. Since last week I have the biggest problem with it.

And while I was waiting for my class - I noticed a bit more to one of the girls of begginers. She looks like a man. I mean to the lesbo chick. I guess she's there for getting girls. All those who get there yesterday looked a bit less shocked.

We started three. That was including the fat woman that her husband brought her till the door of the studio and stayed out to look from the window half of the time. Neta assked her why doesn't he come inside to look instead of being outside in the cold. The fat woman said that he doesn't feel like, he reads a book (and he doesn't look like someone who can read), and he doesn't want to let us feel inconvinient. Well, if he was inside to look - it wasn't too bad. It was possible to understand that he wanna see the class and he won't be the first to do so. The fact he looks from the window that much just makes me feel it's all about a  busybody.

The redhead came late. She blamed it on the traffic. At least she and the one with the self confidance (kill me, but I don't understand why does SHE have it) were there. The one who wants to be a pro wasn't there and it felt better without her. Of course - I can't tell it to her face if I don't wanna be a $#%

We worked on some new steps. Now the "pro" will have something new to argew that we don't understand. After all - none of us can inderstand anything without her...

Neta shoed us a step. I'm not sure it will take a part in our cheografy. It was mostly to show the affect of momvement on the bata. I wasn't really on the ground when she said for whom does this step fit to, but.. It deffently something beautiful and it's from a buleria. For me it looked a bit like Belén, but then Neta said something about Cristina (Hoyos?). She said she saw it only one dancer who do that.

I wasn't on my best last night, but I almost did it.....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A new video

One more video from YouTube. It's a bit of showing how does Pavo Real looks like...

The master class of Miguel

In case that will be enough people who who will sign to this - at the 3th december will be a master class of Miguel Angel. It will take a place in Tel Aviv at the studio of Mijal Natan. I still think of...

My new tickets....

I already got my tickets to show next month!

In the start of december - Pavo Real. It's a show of the Israeli group Compas with the dancer Miguel Angel.

In the middle of the moth - Belén Maya in the show Habitaciones

An evening after that - again would watch Abanico Intimo of Neta Shezaf. This time it will include Belén Maya as a guest dancer. Belén will give a part that she makes for this show :-)

I will tell all about after watchin!

The scary class

I didn't know how to write about it till I'll have some more answers: yesterday morning Neta sent an e-mail for all students of the tuesday class. One more left. Some didn't want to go cause they were too scared, some didn't have the money (it cost more than the other classes), and some didn't like the fact it has theory and not only dancing. The last one who left moved to another class for having some more movement. The high price was includes the musicians and because we're not many in the class now - it depand on us if it will stay on. In case this class will still go on it will be a bit different. The singer won't come every month. Only once a while and we'll pay him right to him all of us. The guitar player - it was a quetion if to keep him every two weeks or once a month. Every time he'll come - it will include a small price from each. We all said that we prefer this way because we all wanna come to this class, so if the other choice is finish the class when it's not even the middle of the year....

THere is a woman that I know through the studio of Neta. Last year she learned a bit in her medium level class and a bit outside Tel Aviv. This year she's in both classes of medium level class in an ordinary. Recently Neta made her assistant. Probably for that - she stayed in our class last night.

When class has started - we started with music. The other astronout brough tientos that she wanted to dance. In the end - she never danced it before and the meanning was to choose a palo that we danced before and now we want to dance it better. So we just listened. She even brought a song that sang by Camarón. Amazing..... ! Well, I want a guajira, so... But I don't have much music of it. I danced it last year and have a song that we danced by this (but in the end of the year party it was with  live music which was include the guitar player). And I have one guajira of Juanito Valderrama which I see as my real first guajira. Most of my guajiras are those I saw in shows and YouTube. I burned two songs on a CD. The music sistem didn't want to "read" it... So Neta puted the guajira of last year (which was one of the songs that I tried to bring). Others didn't bring any.

When we finished with this - Neta said that because of time we have - maybe it will be too difficult to work on steps of many palos. So - accept the buleria that we already work since the start (fin la fiesta style) - we'll work on steps of one palo and we'll see how can we put it in any of the palos that has been chosen. So - mine! I didn't even ask for it, but I got my palo as the one that  we'll work on the most. The sisters has chosen that one will dance alegria and the other one solea. The other astronout said that maybe she's move to guajira. While I dance a a pure guajira with a fan, she will dance a pure one with a shawl, the others will move it to their palos. Ilan wasn't there again and his palo is the most problematis for this, and after all he's a man and guajira is very feminine.

We started to work. When it got to improvise - it was almost a improvising as well who will dance when. When it came to my time - I got a bit of shake... Still - for someone who started to dance a guajira alone without a cheografy of someone else - it felt good. It wasn't perfect, but it was good for a start. Neta didn't have much to correct me and I finished with a feeling of "Hey, I made it!" For moments like this it's better to have this scary class. Wehn we wanted to move on - one of the sisters said that her sister didn't do it. The sister said it's fine, but Neta didn't let her to quit. We made it again, but this time it wasn't random who will do it after whom.

The other part was working on the steps with the other palos.It was amzing to see how does it work. That part - we made it all together.

In the end - we worked a bit more on the buleria. The assistant of Neta didn't want to try alone cause she still don't know well the steps. Us - after all work - none of us made it perfect twice. Once - maybe. Second - we got tierd.

That scary class starts to be more fun cause it becaome easier. I hope we'll do it till the end of the year  

Another date

This is the now show of Belén Maya. When she'll get next time to Tel Aviv - she will performe with it. Before that - she will performe on 5th december. That's the ways of showing details....

A web site

This  time - I think I should give some more space here to my wonderful teacher. I do think she's amazing - as a dancer, as a teacher and as a person. Because of that I hold on in her studio for so long. As I remember - I never gave here a link to her web site. So, here it is! The website of Neta Shezaf

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Belén and Rocío

Here are couple of photos of Belén Maya and Rocío Molina from the show Las Mujeres

The guajira of Rocio

This is a video from YouTube of Rocio Molina. It's from last year... I think it shows how great she is. It starts with a zapateado (legs work) in a non-possible place to dance in. Most of the video is a beautiful guajira. It has some wonderful unique ideas. Some of it - I never saw before and I start to see a bit of it recently


I guess it can't hurt anyone if I'll give Rocio Molina some attention here... So - here are some photos