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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The great rehearsal

It meant to be 3 hours. Once again I came almost in the last moment and thought that I'm about to be late. I didn't. Near the studio I saw the tall one getting into a supermarket and looked like she doesn't notice me. Inside the studio - only Neta, one of her daughters and Ilan. It took them a little time to notice me (oh, the conversation). The first thing I've been asked (by Ilan) was "What are you doing here so easrly?". Neta said we'll give 10 more minutes. I went to change. Well, both her daughters were there - the other one was outside. And they meant to dance with us. 

It took some time, but almost all came. When I came back it looked a bit like a festival. There is also a group of kids. Some came with stuff "for sale" on stage. Neta gave them dresses and fans. Even the new nice one who said that she won't take a part in the show came to watch. It was very disturbing that my friend didn't come... One of the old women thought that the sleeves of my dress are disturbing. Isn't too hot? It is, but it's the best I have. Ilan started to practice his own dance. He said that probably he will dance it at the show, but he thinks it doesn't fit. Andrue was suppose to come, but he wasn't there all the rehearsal. 

The thing itself - Neta gave us pieces of papers with the order of the show. The rehearsal has started. Neta made something with her daughters. Next thing which looked to me as disturbing. If that would be the start people would think they came to the wrong place... They "called" the other girls who were acting like they are sleeping. We made our part like it's a part of class. The legs'  drill with the stretching before. There was one part that didn't go perfect. We fixed it. We received lots of claps, even before we ended it.

There was a question if the kido will make her own solo. She said that of course she would. She danced a buleria with a recorded music. It looked beautiful!

The kids' group. They started last year. Hard to say it was something complicated and they didn't make it perfect (mostly one of them), but they're little kids. Even their mistakes are forgiven and they looked so cute, all of them. At some point Neta told them that there is a problem with the music, but they would go on to dance. Everybody started to do them palmas. I have no words to describe how unique was that moment.

The beginners made their part. Only two girls left for showing it. The music was on again.  I went out for a moment. Outside there was my friend. She was there with the girl from Haifa who was late, the "ballerina" and.... I can't remember. She looked great. She felt the holiday on her skin, I noticed ... How to call it? Some kind of inner light that was shining out from her. She had a fabric strip in her hair. She thought it made her look religious. I thought it made her look like a hippie. I was talking a bit with her and got back into the studio.

The group of garrotín stated their thing. I was sitting and looking. At the middle I moved away. I knew that next part would be the siguiryia and I have to make my entrance from the other side. There were things I didn't know about the garrotín and saw for the first time. There was a a connection with the kids for a moment. One of the girls asked Neta again and again when comes their part. Neta answered again and again that she would help and tell them. Near the end she did sign them. The kids came in and waved their fans. They came out and the group of garrotín made their end.

One of the girls of garrotín was shocked - I took her place! And adult person who has a kid herself and behave like she's a baby because I was sitting there and it was her place. I didn't think it was worth even to answer her. 

 We started our siguiryia. All the group was there, but not all came into the studio. We still started. The place of the big baby was ready for her again, but she didn't sit. We started the siguiryia as it was. The man came in from outside. The fat woman was yelling at him "Where are you?". At that moment Neta stopped the music and asked us to start again. I wasn't sure I received all the space I needed all the time. There was a point that even it was easy for me - I almost danced when I was suppose just to stand. We received claps again. 

We moved fast to the alegria. Again - few points with so little space. Neta didn't say a word. The girl from Haifa wanted to share my space at the start. Neta fixed it. I felt I have a wonderful and unusual space from the other side and didn't understand it at the first moment. Oh, the non clean one didn't come... At few moments I enjoyed my new space THAT much till I forgot to stay at my place. Quite at the start the manton of the girl from Haifa and mine got into each other for a moment and made me do something which I didn't mean to. Instead of being afraid of it - it only gave me an idea of how to get out from it in a good way, also in other mistakes - in case it would happen. Not all went out perfect, but it felt good. We needed to return to the end again and again. We meant to do it in a circle now and I have to go after the girl from Haifa. She got a "blackout" and stopped moving. It took her few moments to notice I'm waiting for her while waving my manton. And my friend still didn't know this end. We made it something like 3-4 times to make it perfect. 

We had an end to the alegria, but we didn't have a way to go out from the middle of stage. Now we had the buleria of fin la fiesta. Because I was so tired and the few times I'm going in and out for dancing - I forgot from which side I'm getting into the buleria. The bimbo reproached me for that. And as far as she doesn't dance the alegria - she could tell me from where and how do I go out from it. She's fine most of time, but in this moment I started to dream on the slap I couldn't give to her face. I left my manton next to her and went to my place. Neta said that we all should know from where do we go in and out. 

We made the buleria of all of us together. Neta didn't want to stay on the solos. We made two or three times the part with her. 

Then she asked the little girls and the group of garrotín to stay for another round. The others can go. Outside few helped my friend with the alegria. Ilan helped the man and the tall one with the legs' drill and the  siguiryia. Neta went out for a moment and said she's proud in us and we're champions. 

And now it was the time of buying a gift for Neta from all the studio. It was Ilan's duty. He went with the new nice one. I said that at least a part of the way I'm coming with them. In a second thought - maybe I want to come with them. Near my house Ilan said we're too many for buying. I still didn't get if it was only me who was too much or did he want to make it alone. Before each went to their way - he was worry how do I come at Friday to the rehearsal and show. I almost offered him that at least a part of the way we'll make together, but I have my way to come and he has a bus. Still he offered that both of us will be there earlier for drinking coffee and eat some cookies that he will bring. Just two of us. It still just an offer.

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The crazy woman

There is in my neighbourhood a woman who I know. She's a painter. She's a real sweet person with a good heart, but crazy. If she doesn't take pills - I think she needs to start. 

I met her today by mistake. She was sitting on a street bench with someone else who I don't know. The painter told the one who I don't know that here, she brought her a costumer. She asked me what's my pain. I told her that I had a virus, but it's over. She sent me to take a rest. I told her I have no time for it. I have a show on Friday. She thought a moment and told me it's Wednesday. I told her that I have a rehearsal. She sent me to make the rehearsal at home. I told her I can't. 

By this time I started to think if I invited her to see the show. She started to ask me if it's fine if she will come to see. Never mind if there are no tickets left - maybe I can do something for a crony. She accept to sit on the stairs. That would be a problem. 

I thought again after I moved on. No, I didn't invite her. It did cross my mind, but I will have lots of stress on Friday and she will be a bit too much for me. Accept that I can't trust that she will come even if she promise to. I already invited her to come and see exhibitions that I took a part in, she she said she would come for sure and never came

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Last class before the end of year

I know it took me some time to write about it. Many things around...

Last moment. Outside the studio - Ilan helped the tall one to practice. The bimbo and the new nice one made their own practice. I hate to say it but it sound too loud... Inside only two girls of beginners. Neta brought some of her clothes collection. After changing I made a try to tell the fellows their practice doesn't sound well. In the end - only Ilan noticed what I said and laughed about it (who cares about this "stage" there?). 

Between classes there was a checking out that some girls made on the collection of skirts. And we were talking about last Friday. Neta said that I already told her about it. She said that she knows that even I danced. The bimbo didn't like it cause everyone danced. I really wanted to remind her it was mostly her who danced, but I guess it could start a fight. I just said that it's a change cause I was afraid even in the studio, so now dancing like this in the front of strangers at the coffee shop... The assistant asked if we did it as well. I said we did and told about few things she missed (and it's better this way cause it was much more fun without her). Ilan said that all of us were in our best that evening. 

Our class has started while one of the beginners still check the skirts. The fat woman missed the start while changing her shoes. Only the man didn't come. Music from the system - songs which has been recorded in shows. We made a regular warming, just legs' warming like in a every class and without a connection to anything we did this year. We had a little brake for Neta could tell the beginner that one of the skirts looks good on her. One more brake - the beginner told that she's taking the skirt and will bring the money tomorrow. We moved to hands' warming. I missed this kind of warming, but it was a bit stressing because it took a long time from class, it didn't have a connection to end of year and the show will be this week, last class before.... 

Next. Circles in our places. I'm getting better. Maybe accept once which I missed a bit with the balance. Neta asked me to do it without falling. The assistant has started to go out and back to the studio. When she was in she sat down most of this time. There was a start of a song in the back round.  I was wondering for a moment why does it sounds familiar.... Only few moments. I didn't hear it for a long time, but many good memories from my third year. I have this song and still... Neta asked if anyone knows which palo it is. I was glad she asked it. I didn't give anyone else a chance to answer. I said it's a taranto. Neta looked surprised that I know. It didn't matter I knew it through her classes. 

Next. Neta stopped the taranto and didn't accept to go on with it. We made some circles around. Twice all of us together in the way I liked the most. After that in couples. The bimbo and the new nice one were the first couple. Ilan and me came after. Last couple were the tall and the fat. They made it slow and it was hard to them. The assistant didn't accept to try. Once again. This time Neta asked the tall and the fat to be first. After that we made it in the same order. Twice again. Neta said that the fat and tall have to be first for doing it slow. When it were our turns - it was in the speed we meant to do. After that Neta said that we all got better. She was proud mostly in herself for teaching us. 

Getting ready to the show. We made once the drill of legs. The fat woman made one mistake and couldn't understand why did Neta fixed her. It was hard NOT to notice that something happen to Ilan cause he stated to miss in a way which doesn't fit him. Neta asked him over and over what happened and he didn't answer. I guess he had a good reason for his silence. 

Working on the siguiryia. A bit of practice on a little part of it. And dancing all. At the start I had to push myself to my place cause Neta fixed something nearby. After that - the ordinary problem of places. The tall one stood at her place when we made the going out. After once of the full siguiryia there was no time to go on with class. It was the end. Now I had to remind everyone the order of the going out. And I said over and over again about the spaces till anyone noticed what I said. 

The snobbish came. A bottle of wine has been opened. I received the first cup with a promise I can take some more cause it was with a lot of foam. There was enough for a second round. I did ask for more, a thing which made some more jokes. The bimbo brought a gift from this group only - an orchid. It was hidden outside the studio.

I felt sticky so I went to wash my hands. They already started the warming. I joined them. After a little while Neta was teaching some new steps for tango. We made it once with her and with music. After that each one needed to do it alone with music. I was the first "victim". A moment before I understood the steps, but my head didn't remember much of it when I needed to do it alone. It didn't disturb me, I was sure that I can did SOMETHING. I missed a lot. I apologized it still doesn't "sit" in my body. I felt for a moment without talent. The good thing for me that no one did it perfect. Neta said that next year she's about to teach tango for fin la fiesta. She's sure we can. 

And our buleria. We've been asked to do it with our backs to the mirror. When we all were ready the assistant asked how do we do it. Neta had some stories from her time in Spain. We made once all of us together. It wasn't too bad. Solos. Looks like we're ready, maybe accept the snobbish who started to miss. We made a bit more practice on the very end. 

We still had few minutes. Neta said that the next thing will be for Ilan. For the end she asked me to do my salida. We made a circle. Neta asked me again to do my salida from my place to the place in the front of me. The others needed to make jaleo which fit the beat and do it loud. After that the assistant, the bimbo and the snobbish one needed to do it as well. The difference was that in my case there was a "free jaleo" and each was yelling me whatever they wanted. For them we needed to yell something certain as jaleo. After that - Neta asked me again to do my salida, this time they needed to make a certain jaleo.

At the way out Ilan helped Neta to take her orchid to her car. I received a walk with Ilan till half way. We made a brake before he had to go another place. At that brake we still talked and I showed him a video I promised to show him a long time ago. 

After coming back home - taking my dog for a walk. At the way there was a meeting with the new nice one who took her dog out. We had a long talk about flamenco. It looks like she didn't want to end this talk cause she probably won't take a part in the show and she still doesn't know what's gonna be with her next year. It was hard for me to stop this talk till I was talking A LOT.

And catching up....

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Next week - flamenco festival (Napoli)

Compagnia Flamencovivo
coreografie Lara Ribichini e Dario Carbonelli
spettacolo di musica e danza flamenco
al Cante FELIX DE LOLA (sevilla)
cante: Ana Rita Rosarillo
chitarra: Mattia Rauco
violino: Juan Carlos Albelo Zamora
percussioni: Franco Bianco

al Baile:
Lara Ribichini, Dario Carbonelli
Camilla Orsini, Marialaura Morgantini, Michela Mancini, Oksana volkonska, Raffaella Martella

costo del biglietto 10 euro
ridotto gruppi (min 10 persone 8 euro)
scuole di flamenco 8 euro
per info e prenotazioni tel.3356081277 norman music

A moment before class

That's it. Tonight is the last class for this year. Once again I have no idea how am I gonna dance. I got well, but I don't sleep enough. I'm freaking out from being tired. 

I still not sure if I will go on with Tuesday classes. If I will - it will be for getting some more practice on what felt the hardest for me, and getting some more the walking home after it. A lot of it has a connection to Ilan. I knew him before, but this year he really became one of my best friends and I know that I'ma gonna miss spending time with him at classes and the fact he walks with me till my house after classes. If next year I will go on in the studio of Neta it will cut down for once a week when Ilan is there, if he goes on there. 

Tomorrow we have the last rehearsal before the show's day. And we'll have to be at Friday at the theatre all morning - the really last rehearsal and performing.

Since I already about to start for sure at the studio of Mijal Natan and she has no summer brake - I will stant next week at her studio 

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Classes de rumba flamenca

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                                         Miguel Angel. A photo by Sibylle Nuñez Diaz       


                                   Miguel Angel and  Inmaculada Ortega. A photo by Ralph Burkart

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