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Friday, September 30, 2011

Getting close.....

The date of the show of Paco de Lucía is getting closer.... 29/10/2011 in Hangar 11, Tel Aviv

Rafael dance

This is NOT an ordinary part of a show/movie. It looks a bit like an image movie. If it is - it works very well on me (like I need any reason to enjoy seeing Rafael Amargo). It is a short movie which shows a bit what can Rafael Amargo can do when he dance... Amazing!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


A friend sent me a link for Itunes. It's flamenco....

Fin la fiesta

One of the girls I learn with has started to look for bulerias in YouTube. It was even few days before we started to work on it with Shuky. She started to send links of her favorites to all of the people of the class of very advanced. From what I saw till now - I love this one the most. It deffently shows the idea of fin la fiesta - what we worked on with Shuky

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baile flamenco

A bit late, but here it is. This is the poster of Baile Flamenco, the new show of Farruquito. This is the poster with the date of the first shows in Madrid

A class with the singer

We had the first class with Shuky Shveiky. I was a bit nervous cause it meant a lot about the level of this class. For this session of class he comes once a month for we'll be able to dance live with a singer in a way it will be clear.

He talked a lot in the start and told us how he started and told us some new things about the palos of flamenco. Then he got to listen with us to the song we started to sing. He said it isn't a solea por buleria like we've been told - it's just a song. There was a new thinking about what will he do with us - a solea por buleria or buleria. He said he prefer a buleria because it will be more usefull - like for fin las fiestas. In fin la fiesta it's only could be tangos or bulerias. He will let us practice on fin la fiesta. We started to write words of another song. Shuky sang us this in some different versions of buleria.

And the dance part - he sang to us, we stood in a circle and danced together the steps we practiced last week. Shuky  Insisted it will be a circle for he will be able to see all of us good. Then the scary thing - stay in a circle, he sings and each one dance alone a version of her own for fin la fiesta. He said he won't show us what to do cause all of us move better than him. While we did it he made some stops for telling how does do it Los Farrucos. He was talking mostly about Farruquito and La Faraona. One of the sisters from Haifa decided to sitt in this part. The other one made a good part, but not before a funny thing she asked Shuky to start again. One of the girls started. It didn't take too long till Shuky stopped her and asked to say something. When she listened to him he asked her "Can I sing first?". She said she started because it has been asked who's next. Like it wasn't enough - she made some steps already which fit to a part that the singer sings...

I was near the end like I prefer in those sitiuations. After me left only two girls. Lucky me - I was the first who one that Shuky didn't have anything to say to her. Still in the last steps I had a little mistake. I finnished it before the sinning. Neta signed me to to correct it. 

The last one didn't dare to try. In the end she accepted to do it with Neta. Even then it was possible to see that she's nervous and it's hard for her.

In the last minutes Neta told about her first buleria in a show with the company of Mario Maya. Never mind I already know this story, but it's always nice to hear her bizzare stories about her expirience. It made Shuky to tell about the first time he met Farruquito. He was a begginer and told what a shame he made to himself because of he was affraid. Looks like Farruquito doesn't make only me confused...

And for the whole thing: I already know that Shuky got a great voice and a great tallent, now I know that he has also a great sense of humor. With all the information and practiced we got in this class - all were with a lot of laugh, mostly thanks to him

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy new year

I recived by e-mail this photo. It includes a bless for the new jewish year. In this photo: Mijal Natan and Miguel Angel. This photo has been taken from the show Pavo Real by Yogev Amrani

Monday, September 26, 2011

Talking about the cooked food....

Yesterday Neta brought more shoe bags. This time it was for the medium level class. The guitar player was and took one for himself in the same green I took. He puted it on his neck. Neta said it looks like a shirt he's about to wear. One old lady from the medium level said it looks more like an apron for his shirt won't get dirty. It didn't took too long till this woman started to complain: this week will be the new jewish year, her grandaughter said she will help her with the meal but she won't.

The farruca class has started. We have one man in the class. Last evening after class has started came a new guy to try it. Looks like a a too good guy with glasses (and probably....). Neta said she reconize him through his eyebrows. Than apeared that they talked through facebook for a long time till he came to try. Through what I saw (and I was mostly around myself) - he not only looks like a good guy, he also dance good...

While the class Neta said something to the guitar player about a frying pan. He didn't understand. He was with the shoe bag on his neck all the class time (ha ha). Neta said that she can smell the cooked food while she dance.

It was hotter than ever. No aircondition. The tempatures are getting lower, but we dance in closed studio which isn't too big but full in people. Near the end - the windows has been opened. Some weird voices came from outside. We stopped to try to figure out what is it. Ok, so it was a kid on a swing.

On the close wendsay none of us will have the bata class because of the new year. That's a shame... But we started to talk last week that we'll try to find another day to make one class instead this we'll lose. In the end of the class Neta said tthat tomorrow won't be cause many didn't answer her, others won't be able, and she won't be able nither in the end. Hey, excusme, what will be tomorrow? After few time I asked what will be tomorrow I recived the answer that nothing will happen cause no one can. No one can? No one told me! They thought of making the class instead this evening and somehow - I was forgotten..... 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Well... Some more photos

Here are some photos/paintings of Camrón. One of my friends in facebook do those and tag some of his friends. Usually I'm one of the lucky friends who got a tag. Those are the photos I'm tagged in. A big thanx to Juan Camacho for that

Friday, September 23, 2011

Photos of Farruquito

I deffently love the site flamenco world... Here are more photos of Farruquito from the show Baile Flamenco. The photos has been published before in flamenco world

And if we're talking about shoes....

I would be glad for having those flamenco shoes. I found it out in the site flamenco world. Still - although I know this site is good - I prefer to know how does it feel on me when it's shoes....

Thursday, September 22, 2011

More of the bata

When I came to the class there were already Ilan and the two sisters from Haifa. Nevermind Ilan can't dance in this class (a man in a tail skirt?) - I was sure I was late. The sisters went out before the bata class started.

Last class of the bata came a new girl. I think I saw in one of the other classes. She said she's after a brake because of a pregnancy. She's really thin! And she said that after the birth of her baby she didn't rich to her her original size and because of theat her little skirt can be closed with the zipper, but not with the button as well. And she has the same name like one of the other girls. It's forbidden to say that she's the redhead. She isn't! So what if she has a very white skin, freckles and hair in a natural orange color?

The husband of the fat woman always brings her and takes her home. This time he get into the studio with her, looked at us in the start and only than went out. In the end - he watched again through the window and took a video of his "beautiful" wife with his celolar phone.  Weirdo!

Ilan looked at us at the start. He had a lot nice things to say about us. By the way he said that my skirt is really beautiful and looks like the sea. Ok, my day. I think he can stay if he wanna.... It's a shame that not all can be this way. Neta had something to say to fix me (yeah, I make mistakes from time to time). I'm sure I heard the "great and tallented" girl who wants to be a proffecional dancer starts to laough. Lucky me she ain't the teacher....

In the end of the class Neta said again she has some gifts for her. In my head started to run more cassttes. There was something else. Neta's older dauther got into school. The kids school's uniform. Neta went with her to store of those kind of clothes. Than she saw it isn't only shirts. She asked for prices of other stuff. She made us shoe bags with her logo. Each took which she wanted between the 3-4 colors it was possible.

 My new shoe bag

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Going on

Today I had to give my little speech. I tought it will be in the start of class. It wasn't. Made me a bit nervous about if, when and how it will be. Till than...

The studio is in a school area. There were many kids (probably from this school) who had an activity there. In the start of the class the door was open. Some kids got in to see what's going on. The door got closed. Other kids opened and looked. From behind - some other kids stoped with their parents to look through the windows. It was quite funny.

That girl who said she wanna be a proffecional dancer and hope she didn't miss it didn't show up, not today oe next week. Through a thing she said I think she will come to other classes, but not this one. Probably too pushy for her. I wish I could laugh to the end, but I wasn't too good when I danced alone this evening.

Near the end we set down. I talked a lot. I've been given the stage for that )I made my homework!). I was talking about Antonio Mainera and Manolo Caracol. In talking I'm pretty good. It made some discussions, and after seeing how did it go on last week - I knew how much to bring.

After that - listening to music and watching some videos. In the end Neta said she has some gifts for us. She doesn't have a tape anymore, but still have some cassettes and instead of throwing it - we can choose to ourselfs, mostly those who do have tape. Lucky me! I still have! I was one of the eagles who ran to check and take. And which I took! Neta brought some original cassettes of flamenco. Few were of Camarón De La Isla. I took all of those. And I got one of Pac De Lucía. Other one I took is a cassette of Rocio Jurado. And one of taking a chance: Chano Lobato. I think I heard this name before, but not sure I can say what I know of him

This is the cassette I have now of Paco de Lucia

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New photos

Here are photos from "Baile Flamenco" of Farruquito. Has been taken by Daniel Muños

Monday, September 19, 2011

An interview

Here's a link to an interview with Rafael Amargo. It's from an Israeli website called Ynet and wrriten in Hebrew. Merav Yudilovitch took this interview for the upcoming show of Rafael Amargo in south Israel,7340,L-4124207,00.html

Last class

Just another class which was hard for my sick body. Came with a cold, I felt heateaves and one aircondition hardly works. One of the women who learn with me asked what happened with me just because of my cough.

Before the farruca class stated and still was the calss before - Ilan got a bit intrested in the little speech I need to do tomorrow. I told him that I hope that I will still have my voice till thna. He thought I mean tjat I'm too affraid. No, it's just the cold. But I still a bit worry if it will come up right.

One girl who moved from Holland to Israel started to learn with me last year in the medium level class. This year I saw her again in the medium level - the one which finish when my class starts. She a bit disapeared, but it was for her wedding. Last evening she got back. I didn't understand in the start why didn't she dance with the rest when I came. Than she started to try the farruca class. I hope she'll make it because she's nice and it will be fun to keep learning with her.

The guitar player was suppose to come yesterday, but he had a show 

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I got cold this weekend. As a flamnco crazy I'm NOT gonna miss class this evening because if it. I hope I won't infact anyone. And hopefully I won't temporary lose my voice before tuseday. It's allready has an influence on my voice, and in the next class I would have to talk. I volenteered to bring the education part this week. I collected some information about Manolo Caracol and Antonio Mairena

Manolo Caracol (up) and Antonio Mairena

La Niña

Here's another oldie... Again - now when I "found out" Manolo Caracol -  I wanna show another thing I found out of him. A little part from a movie. Manolo Caracol sings, Lola Flores dance

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Las mujeres

Here's about another show I saw a long time ago, a bit before I saw Shira Shemi.

There was a show of two flamenco dancers. A show called Las Mujeres (the women). The dancers were Shir Cante (stage name, although Shir is her real first name) and Shlomit Weissman.

Some of the dances they performed together, in other only one of them. They were both amazing. I just don't get some people who comes to see flamenco. As one who learn it - I know how difficult it is and how many little things makes the big thing called flamenco. Still - many dancers teach - even the biggest - for earning and living. They do it too. They had some free postcards for people to know about it and take from the outside hall before the show. Near me set two old women who didn't shut their mouths and obbviesly don't have any respect for flamenco. They laughed about it, said it's a very "difficult" thing and let's go to learn from one of them - they teach and it will be easy to learn. Ok, let's see if those old women can do it! The only reason I don't try to take some classes from Shir Cante or Shlomit Weissman is the fact I already started to learn before and very conected to my teacher. As I said - they both danced wonderful, and I know it isn't easy


From up to down with the photos:
A photo of Shir Cante which has been taken by Liron Arel. The two after: Shir Cante, photos which has been taken by Sharon B.H.
Than - three photos of Shlomit Weissman. I don't know who's the photografer (what a shame)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Covered by her blackest scarf

I went 2-3 years ago for another show which I took my sister with me. It wasn't a part of a festival, jst a show.

We went to see a show of a dancer called Shira Shemi. She's a dancer of flamenco (puro) and Clasico Español. The best way ( I think) to say the name of the show in English is Covered by her blackest scarf. THe show itself was a mix of both kinds of dance. Instead of a guitar - the musicians played on two violins, a viloa and a chelo. Between the dance part there was an actor who has been readding some songs of Federico García Lorca - in Spanish and Hebrew.

I liked the show. Shira Shemi was great, it was interesting to hear García Lirca, and it was different from anything else I saw before. My sister was a bit shocked. She is not really aware to Clasico Español snd didn't understand why does it take a place in a flamenco show

    This a photo of Shira Shemi

Joy of bata

Last class... The bata

We were few. The one who said seguiriya for me and changed her mind didn't come. She comes for sure for the "regular" class without the bata - the one with farruca. Another idea of hers (the farruca. I like this one). We both went to the bata last year. Now she's more affraid than I do about the class that we do our own cheografys. She wasn't sure if she will take the bata or the REALLY hard class. She came to the other one for seeing how does it go, and if she likes it - she won't stay in the bata. If stay in the bata - she will make some changes in her skirt. And she didn't come last time. The teacher couldn't understand - she knows the bata of that student is about to have some changes...

That's only a little drama about others. This time I had a little drama of my own. I just feel how does it become easier for me with the bata skirt. I still don't know for sure to point on a reason. It could be the practice I made so far, it could be that I'm not affraid of it anymore,  or maybe it's about I also take this year something which is harder (my own cheografy? sinning?). It could be all true, and it could be only one of the reasons. I guess it doesn't really matter. The matter for me is the fact I'm not affraid of it anymore (great! I have something else to be affraid of this year!), and now I really starts to enjoy it

And the fact I do every year something which looks like the end of the world in my eyes - just makes me ready for the next step. Every year I can do something harder, every year something which looked hard before becomes a pure joy

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Farruquito back to stage

Well, more detales about the new show of Farruquito. I add here the article from the site Flamenco World:

Farruquito returns to stages. And he does so with the premiere of ‘Baile flamenco’ on September 15th, 16th and 17th, 2011 at the Teatro Compac Gran Vía in Madrid. After performing in the Spanish capital, the bailaor will continue with a world tour which will take him to India, Japan, China, the United States, France and Holland, as well as all over Spain. In his new show, the artist weighs up his artistic career so far. The repertoire consists of six pieces which summarize all of his company’s shows. From ‘Raíces flamencas’ (1997), the first of his solo shows, he pulls out ‘Fandangos de su majestad’. ‘La len varó’ (2001) leads him to recall his father El Moreno por soleá. The farruca was the find of ‘Alma vieja’ (2003). Then, “the company’s four bailaores dance a seguirilla reflecting the time that I spent without dancing” which is entitled ‘Tiempo al Tiempo’. He recalls ‘Farruquito y familia’ (2005) - which was released on DVD - with bulerías and ‘Puro’ (2008) with a zapateado. Nor did he want to leave behind ‘Sonerías’, premiered at Seville’s 2010 Bienal de Flamenco, where he introduced “my latest audacity: four sevillanas (from Cuba and from Seville)”. As the artist explains, in ‘Baile Flamenco’ “I’ve embraced some of the many memories which made me learn, enjoy, suffer and mature artistically and musically”.


Baile flamenco

Farruquito has a new show called Baile Flamenco. It starts this evening in Madrid. Today, tomorrow and on suterday in Madrid. It will go on to India, Japan,  China, USA, Holland and back to Spain. I'm so jealous in those who will have the chance to see it, mostly this evening (because it's the first time)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Manolo and Lola

Ok... While searching I find some really nice things. Another video... Includes Manolo Caracol (cante) and Lola Flores (baile)

A song by Manolo Caracol

And a bit more from YouTube. This time - Manolo Caracol. I'm sorry for the way it looks like (many pixals), but it's pretty cool. I think it's cool and hope you'll like it....

Tango de Malaga - the Mairena version

Here's another link to YouTube. This time - a song. Antonio Mairena sings here a song in palo of Tango de Malaga

In the next suterday

So, in case you will be in Tel Aviv in the next suterday (24th september):
will be a show of Compas Company (of Mijal Natan). It will be in a studio in Ha'masger St. in Tel Aviv. A guest dancer: Carmel Shelly Natan. At hour 21:00

Phone number for tickets: (972)- (0)3-6959536

Cantar solea por buleria

Got back home after another class of very advanced class, the same one which sacres me.

We had a lot of listening. For a start - one if the girls told us what she found out about the history of flamenco. Than listening to music. Neta gave us to hear some rare kind of palos. One of the things we listen to was a song of saeta. She said they sing it to their saints. It was so different till it made it so beautiful. One of the girls said it remind her one of the jewish prayers. I didn't think this way till she said so, but she is maybe right

Before we finnished the listening part - Neta asked of us to write two lines in Spanish. The practice was sinning it in the palo of solea por buleria, or like in my case - to ruin it in this palo. Than we had the chance to hear it recorded and made by proffecional musicians and a singer.

For starting to practice dancing as well - we stood up in a circle. We all sang and claped hands in the beat. Each one got into the circle alone to dance solo while others sings to her.

Than working on dancing, just dancing. All together and each one alone. I was too nervous for making it perfect.

Next week I will have to bring the information which I will look for this week. I volentired for that. Neta remind two old singers: Antonio Mairena and Manolo Caracol. As the one who will bring the information next week - I will have to looks some information at least about one of them

Monday, September 12, 2011


Yesterday I had another class of farruca. It was a bit hard for me. I came upsidedown. I forgot to bring a bottle of water, an hour and a half dancing farruca, one of the airconditions hardly worked.... So hot and nothing to drink!

It was still very interesting. Farruca is a menly palo. Only in the last years (or so) women started to dance it too. Neta called Ilan Miller to come. He said he didn't take a class for a long time. Still - he knew he's about to come to farruca. I had the chance while class (and mostly through the mirror) to see how does it come - a group of women in flamenco skirts dance in a men's style, and one man who dance. He didn't have to try to be something he isn't

Sunday, September 11, 2011

La seguiriya

That's another amazing video I found. You can see Antonio Gades and Cristina Hoyos dance here. Two great dancers in a beautiful old thing

Saturday, September 10, 2011

La farruca de Antonio Gades

Just for showing who was Antonio Gades, and for showing a little part of farruca - here is something I found in YouTube

Friday, September 9, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Here is a link to something beautiful. It's Doratnes with more musicians and singers.

New bata class

Last year we didn't have enough time to enjoy our bata de colas, some didn't have much time to practice or no time at all. This year we move on with more classes. In the over two classes I take this year (and looks like that in one more which sadly I don't take) we'll have a guitar player and in the end of the year we'll perforem in with live music. In this one - we'll have a recorded song.

Last year one of the girls said that we didn't dance seguiriyas for years. I said that I never did. So she said that this year we'll dance a seguiriya for me. She kinda pushed the teacher that why not? She wants to try it with the batas. I didn't mind, as long as I'll try this palo. After all - this is one of the most basic palos to know and make if you wanna do flamenco, and I haven't done it yet.

Last evening we had the first class of the bata for this year. We practiced moves of the bata de colas on the beat of seguiriyas. I was very pleased that I finally learn it. Few minutes before the end of class - Neta gave us to listen to a song she thought will be great. It's a seguiriya which starts as a martinete. It sounded so beautiful. But than that one who said first seguiriya looked very not pleased. She said it sound too jondo (sad). Neta that this is the way is meant to be. So she let us hear another song in a palo she offered for anothe class - the one we started to work on farruca. It called caña. Neta said it's very rare beat (ofcourse! first time I heard about it was this week - and I learn for few years...) and it's even more rare to find caña para bailar (music which fit for dancing). It's sounds also nice, but it was a bit hard for me to leave the idea of the seguiriya. Still - I was the only one who didn't change her mind about the palo. So we'll do the caña with the bata de cola skirts.

And about the class of very advanced - each need to choose a palo to dance alone. In the start it looked to me almost impossible because there are many beautiful palos in flamenco and with all my years in flamenco - I still didn't choose only one to turn on. It's true that from those I danced till now - búleria feels the most natural to me, but I can't do only búlerias if I wanna go on and get better. Now I starts to think that maybe it will be for the best if I'll try to make a seguiriya for I could say that I made. The only problem is that it will make all much harder....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Domingo Ortega in Solea

Now I'm taking some influence of the class last night. Here is a link for Domingo Ortega dance Solea


In the new class of very advanced - we recived some binders. All very simple with the same color. It has three pages: first with the study program, after that - a page with a paint each side. One paint of a tree with the names of the palos, the other paint is a tree with thenames of flamenco falmilies. Last one - links for flamenco web-sites.

We'll need to fill it more with the progress of classes. It will have more information about flamenco itself and some great flamencos who made a different.

For making my binder unique - I will put on the cover a photo I found out of one great flamenco dancer: Carmen Amaya. And here is the photo I want:

The paintings of Fabian Perez

So... I asked for help to remind me a name of a painter who made many paintings of flamenco dancers. I finally found out a way to reach his name again: Fabian Perez. In one of my posts I uploadedfew of his paintings and now I can say it's him. Here is one more of his paintings and again one that I uploded before (just because I like it and for it will be clear for who do I mean)

Another new class

Just started a new class. A bit scray, but... I really want to try and hopefully I will reach the end. It's a bit longer one for very advanced. Normally my teacher gives a cheografy and we all practice on it and recive many ecxplains what we do. Each class gives one palo. In this one - it will be different. We will have many parts of theoretical knowledge that we'll have to look ourselfs. Every time - someone else will look for information and will tell the others what she found. For the practice... We'll work on few palos. After a long practice - each one of us will choose a palo and make her own cheografy for this palo. By that starts the scary part. My own cheografy??? I would be glad to have one, but not sure I'm THAT good... Accept that: only one palo? I have few palos which I'm crazy for, and one more which I'm curious about. It will be hard to choose. And one more thing: my dance teacher won't be the only one to give the classes. The guitar player will give some for we'll know better how to listen and will know better how to be sharp and clear for the guitar players. Once a month will come a singer to give us sinning class. Again - NOT for making us singers, but for we'll understand  the palos better and feel the beat. And we'll have to sing as a group to each one who dance. That's another scary part, mostly because there is a great reason for my NOT being a singer

The first class this evening still wasn't too hard. Some new faces, but mostly girls I know. One of the girls I know I don't really like. She seems not a very social person. And after a thing she said to mefew minuts before going up to stage in the end of the year, and after she stepd on me twice in the course of Bélen Maya... I still don't hate her, but I guess that I won't try to be her friend. She said she hope she didn't start too late for being a professinal dancer and she's there because of that. Well.... She maybe a bit late or just not tallent enough anyway. Near the end we had a little practice on some steps and needed to do our versions in couples. When it came to her turn with someone else - she was with someone who's pretty new to me (although I think I saw before once). The other danced. In her case - most of the time she just stiid there looked surpside, and it looked like she doesn't know what to do with herself. There is a chance that I wasn't amazing nither, but I danced.

In the other part of class - which took this time a long long time - we interduced ourselvse, told our stories with flamenco. The kid who I think could be a great dancer when she will grow up is only 12 years old and dance since she was 7 years old. She will dance in the 3 classes I take this year. She was a bit sad that we'll have some homeworks for this class, because she has a lot of it from school. Her dad came to bring her and take her. He already checked about a studio to rent for her, for she would be able to practice more alone what she learned in class.

And more time - going on about what we'll learn this in this year, this class. And we watched on video part of Domingo Ortega dance Solea por Buleria. We talked about it for being sure we all understand ecxecly what we saw.

It was an amazing start, but very different

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Would be glad for some help

There is a painter of flamenco dancer which I can't remember his name... I used to know and forgot his name. I'll add here some of his paintings. If anyone knows....

Monday, September 5, 2011

First class, new year

Yesterday started the new flamenco year. It's been a long time since I didn't take two classes at one evening, although I keep the three classes a week.

The class yesterday was interesting. It started by seeing who I know and who I don't. I thought I'll see the @#$% in the first class of medium level. I haven't. And nor did another girl who was the first to give the idea of having more classes. Last year were two classes of advanced. She thought that and hour and a half a week are not enough, but didn't think of trying the advanced. Thanks to her - one more class for medium level, and a third class for advanced. Very advanced. Most of faces I knew. Some were begginer last year and they became really good till the end of the year. Others are girls who were in the medium level last year and probably don't dare to try something harder. After I got used to be in all classes accept the begginers - it was a bit hard to see a class which is running without me. Never mind. I guess it will become too easy for me, and taking 4 classes is something which I can't afford myself.

At the advanced were two girls I know from years before and disapeared for a year or two. Now they came back. With other girls I learned I learned last year, after few more years. And there were two new girls. One of them I saw for the first time. Weird that I don't know her just when I started to think I know all. Other girl is a teenager who came for one of the classes of Bélen Maya. I saw already than how does she dance. She's a kid in my eyes, but she's good. It looks like she has a potencial to be great dancer if she wants to and keep going to classes.

Neta always gives options for palos for the classes who are not begginers anymore. It always goed in a democratic way and the palo goes through what most wants. She offered one palo which I didn't hear about before. One of the girls who I learned with for few years (a nice and tallented one who learn more years than I do) suggested to dance farruca this year, although it made originally for men. Now women has the chance to dance it too and no necesary has to be absulutly a menly kind. The farruca has been chosen. We started to work with the guitar player on the sound and started the choegrafy of our new farruca. Really ecxiting.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Before tomorrow

Tomorrow starts the new flamenco year for me. My 6th year of learning flamenco. I'm really ecxited. Since tomorrow - no more medium level classes anymore. I learned that level more than I needed, mostly for feeling that I dance and have more time to practice (and see the people). I won't do this anymore this year from two reasons. One of them is a new job I started last week. It won't let me come peaceful THAT early. The second reasons is that my teacher - Neta - starts to teach one more evening a week in Tel Aviv. Two more classes. One more for medium level (again) because some of the girls asked for another one this level, instead of trying a higher level. Looks like that enough won't try higher but will take another class this level. The class after that - a new one for advenced. This one is a longer one (the same times a year, but it will be two hours instead of an hour and a half). She won't be the only one who will give those classes. I'm a bit affraid because she warned this class will be in a higher level than ever which will be more fit for professinals and for the level of Spain. I'm not sure yet if I will be able to dance THAT good. But unlike other girls I learned with in the medium level - I want to try getting higher, even if I won't be a professinal dancer in the end


Those are photos which my sister took in the end of the year party, one before the last. Here I stand near the stage where we performed in the last two years. The shirt and shawl are mine, the skirt belongs to Neta. She gave some skirts of hers for some of the girls for some of the dances. It came back to her few minutes after those photos has been thaken. The flower in my hand - in the end she gave one to each one of the studenst of that year. It can be get shorter and get into the hair and fit flamenco. None of us wanted to ruin the flowers she gave us

Farruquito bailando

Here's a link for something I really love. It's pretty old if we're talking about Farruquito, but... It's a part of his family sings (although NOT all there). In the middle - he starts to dance. I found it out in YouTube not much after Farruquito came to Días de flamenco. I always enjoy to come back watching it

Friday, September 2, 2011

Manuel Liñan in Días de Flamenco

Last march the guest of honnor in Días de Flamenco was Manuel Liñan. He came with the show Tauro.
First time ever that I went alone to see a show in this festival. And one more weird thing: since I started to learn - going to flamenco shows became a social thing for me. Even if I don't go with anyone I know through flamenco - it's a thing of showing myself too and meet there people I know. I didn't see anyone I know. Only few days later I found out that my teacher came too, although we didn;t meet. One other guy came to the show in the evening later.

And the show... I never saw anything like that. No, I don't mean to anything bad. It was so uniqe. I couldn't catch all palos. My teacher said that some of the palos in the show were palos which normally dancers don't do anymore.

He came with 2 women dancers and one man dancer (sorry... didn't reconize them nither), a singer, cajon player and two guitarists. One of the guitarists was a woman. It took me a bit time to see it. Most of flamenco guitarre players are men, and she did look a bit like a men.

I had few parts I remember the most. The amazing start, a dance with a bata de cola and fin la fiesta and few minutes before.

It started in a dark stage. The singer was in one side of stage. A light opened on him alone. He held some bells. He sang. No guitarres, no dancer. Only the singer. A sad song come with a great singer and a great voice (and bells). After a while - another light on the over side of stage. Four dancers with their backs to the audiouns. They started. Slowly. Each one in a turn and show their faces. And stop. Than starts a dance.... A unique and beautiful. Near the end - the singer came to their side. The dancer made a line. The singer was in the middle. Than they danced around him. I tought it's a great start and was a bit affraid it will go down now, but it didn't

Another dance: All were on stage. One of the woman dancers with a fan. Another got into stage with bata de cola. I hardly could stop staring at this big skirt. It had few levels. A big part of it was green with red and looked a bit scotish because of the pattern. Inside there was a level of little red points on black. I could see it well from my seat. Since I started to learn I try to look really good on the steps for trying to reconize what I know and learn more. In this dance it was hard for me because of the bata. It took my attention all the time. I found myself few times gives more attention for the fabric and patern of the bata and the way it moves than the steps. And I started this year to dance with skirts like this. I recived mine not much before and I love my skirt. Still when I saw this one I didn't stop to think that I want one more bata de cola - like the one in the show.

And fin la fiesta? I can say mostly that it was a very happy mess. And the singer made many anounsments. Someone near me said that he doesn't understand and wants a translation...

Dorantes in Diás de Flamenco

A year and a half ago (march 2010), one year after Farruquito, it was Dorantes who came to performe in Días de Flamenco.s far as it's a festival mostly for dancers in a place of dancing, and as I heard - he never performe alone - he came with two dancers: Juaquin Grilo and Pastora Galvan.

Juaquin Grilo and Pastora Galvan made the master classes at friday morning. I didn't go to this. I was a bit stress with money and prefered to save it to the show itself. And I was a bit lazy. I wasn't sure that I really want it this year. The class with Farruquito a year before was enough for a while (for me). I thought I'm crazy for a while, but it didn't take for too long. Neta went to both classes and said it was very difficult. They just did all fast in the way they dance in shows, no explaining anything and no attention to the fact (at least) most of fellows got tierd in the middle and set on the side - again - at lost a part of time. Neta said that even she wasn't able to stant it. So, if she couldn't - what a chance did I have? Lucky me that I didn't try once in my life.

And the show itself. I guess it was great. I had some technic problems to pay attention and I really can't blame the performers. Usually there are no problems with Soznne Dellal - where it happen every year. This time - I could hardly get my tickets to this, although I did try when they only started to publish the details. I tried few times, my mom tried and my sister (who came with me) tried few times each. Every time their computer didn't accept us - no matter who called them and which credit card of any of our family we gave them. In the end my sister made it. Than another problem: my sister knows I love being close to stage, but she didn't want to listen to me NOT to ask for the first row. In the big hall where it happen the first row isn't convinient and even it's close - it's hard to see all details on stage. So she did ask for the first row. And like it wasn't enough - she had a problem with my clothes. And as I couldn't enjoy till the end from what my eyes see - I couldn't listen normally to the music bacause my sister told me almost all the show how much horrible are my clothes. And she didn't try to say it quiet. I was a shame that maybe Dorantes and the dancers already can hear her. From what I could see and hear (thanx sis...) - the show was almost perfect. I didn't love all - but till it get to the part I didn't like it was a short part in the end, a part of Grilo. I can say that even than it was after a long, long wonderful dance he made (and as someone who learn - it was a dificult too, and he made it amazing).

Outside - I met Neta before the show. After the show - I did think of asking Dorantes for a photo with him, but... Happened to me something which normally doen't happen to me in those cases: I got too shy. After my sister told me loud ALL the show what she thinks of my clothes. So no photos with Dorantes for proving I saw him. The best I can is uploading photos pf him which are "running" in the net