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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The show itself

In the end I had four people who came to see me: one of my sisters (who made a video), one of my aunts and two friends of mine. One of my friends came a little late, but it isn't matter to me. The first dance was of the class of begginers. The were really good, mostly for the fact they started this year...
My friend who was late came on time to see me from the moment I came on stage. Tango de Malaga which I took a part on was the next dance. I made it pretty good, but I'm not sure I made it perfect. I'm still affraid to see my mistakes in the video... In the bowl  started the real problems.  I finished it, some girls looked at my sign and made it with me. The @#$% didn't and some couldn't notice to me. Some just stood... I didn't got up again till I saw they all did the bowl.
My second dance: guajira. I wish I was changing all clothes. My teacher talked outside and told about it enough time, but she wanted me to hurry. Some girls in the dressing room were pretty shock to see me put the bata de cola skirt on the dress. I probably got a bit thinner recently cause I could do it without any problem and was fit. Still - my dress is pretty hot (long sleeves and lots of fabric inside), the bata de cola is VERY hot, takeing both together... And the it was hard to feel the aircondition anyway. And all clothes together were very VERY heavy. And I hardly practiced this dance this way. It was very hard. Not much after I returned to stage I tought I'm about to die in front of the audions. There were also a part which I felt I had a war with the skirt....
After that - changing again the clothes. Put off the bata and put on a shwal on instead. The guitarist made a part without any dance. Than I returned with with some girls to dance solea. I couldn't do it very well I'm affraid. I was already tierd, it's a very difficult one and I'm not sure that I ready. I didn't give up. I had some mistakes. And in the middle I felt the swet on my face. I wanted to go down from stage for I could clean up the swet.
The show go on. I went out through the dressing room and tunnels. I stayd with my flamenco dress. A wonderful profecional dancer made a solo part. I had the luck to learn with her - since my third year till the midlle of this year. She was learning few months in Sevilla last year, so it wasn't all the 2 and half years. I say I had this luck because she is an amazing dancer and a sweet person. I retuned to see her. I saw her from the balcony part for the viewers. I didn't was to dsturb anyone. After she finished and my teacher invited the second group of bata de cola - I went down to seat with my guests. Well... I forgot how much noise my flamecno shoes can make... My sister, my aunt and frineds looked at me. And some other people who I don't know. Oops... After I set again the other girls went and performed.
Than it was the suppose to be a little brake, but there wasn't. A dancer from my teacher's group couldn't come. My teacher and the other profecional dancer made a part. They were great
In the end - my teacher asked all her students to return to stage. She gave all of us little gifts. Sweet, isn't?
After all - I has few photos with my friends and my teacher whike I'm still in the flamenco dress (and so di my teacher). My friends said I was great, but I didn't feel I was. My aunt saw me dance in the first time, although it wasn't the forst time I was performing with the class in the end of the year. She gave me many complements - to my face, on the phone and to my mother (who's her little sister).  When I was talking with her on the phone after that she tald me something which I didn't know how to respond: on her way to see it - she met few young American tourists. She talked with them. They looked very nice. Till now - no problems. The problem  is that because of that she wanted to invite them to see the show as well. They refused because they didn't have the time that moment (or at least they said so). Hey... This show is for people that the dancers knows and invited, not for ALL public!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

So, how was it?

I had the end of the year party yesterday. I guess that it's for the best I won't write all at once.
I took 3 classes this year (second year on a row) and had 3 different dances in our show. Where I learn - every year we make a party in the end which includes a show that the students makes for the families and friens. As far as we are not proffecional dancers, it's for for close people who we don't won't to disturb - we pay for the rent of the place, bring some food and drinks, and our guests don't have to pay a thing to see us. I'm not sure I have photos from the performing itself. From my family not all could come, a friend of mine that her husband takes wonderful photos of dance couldn't come nigther. Two other friends of mine came, and I think it was mostly videos. Last year we paid more money for a profecional video. This year - something like half the girld didn't want to pay more for that. From my family I could ask for a video or photos this year. I wanted photos, but I prefered to have  a video to remember all steps and music even years from now.
This year I started to learn to dance with bata de cola, which was the middle dance I was on stage. We all came early for last reahrsals. On the rehearsal I was good most of time. On the first dance - tango de malaga - I had to dance near someone I hate. I already learned with her before to dance Sevillanas. Already than she had to say her words of "wisdom" and gave me a good reason to stay far away from her. This year she gave me some other reasons which showed how jealous and crazy she is. In the bowl - the girls needed to notice to my sign. On the classes they didn't notice most of times and puted the blame on me. Another girl wanted to take from me the sign making. I think it's mostly because she's a control freak. This time on reahrsal the teacher saw herself I'm the right one. I finished the bowl and some girls stayed standing, inclueds the @#%! near me.   The teacher finally saw it too and told the @#%! to look - here I finished and she do nothing. On the show it wasn't much better. Some did notice my sign, while she and some others didn't do a thing. 
The bata de cola - palo of guajira - was a second one for me. We were 6 girls in the end of the year. The stage was small, so we did it in two groups of three girls. We almost were 7, but the jealous one was too affraid and didn't want to make it in the show. Never mind, if she were - she couldn't do it better than me, but it was with a skirt she stole from me in the start of the year. I asked esspecially to be in the first group - just to see that I made it and it's behind me. I was affraid too, but I didn't want to give up. on the reahrsal it was a bit messy, but could be worse.
Than was the thid dance for me. On the show - the guitarist was playing a part without any dance, but for me the next step was to take my last part in the show - right after that. A beatiful but very difficult solea. We did this one 2-3 times on the reahrsal. Once was good, other time was terrible. My teacher liked it. She said something like "bad reahrsal - good show".
After I finished my reahrsals - I went out a bit. I saw that one of my friends already came and I wanted to talk with her. Few minutes before the show: another girl from the tango de malaga had to say something about my dress. Another one (the control freak) took some photos. I'm not sure if I can and should upload the 2 with me. My teacher tried to make us a bit more relax. And than she asked me to put the bata de cola on my dress instead of changing all clothes - just to make it faster.I accepted, but.... Although I have a lot of respect for  her and I love her - no one is perfect and every human makes some mistakes. That was a big mistake.... 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Going into the end of the year

As I wrote in the first post... I learn to dance flamenco in the last few years. I have one more lesson this evening before I finish my 5th year. Always in the same studio from the same amazing teacher/dancer. Ok, maybe accept 2 master classes I took from dancers from Spain. I will talk about it in other time. This year I take 3 different classes from this teacher. This year I started to learn in one of the classes to dance with bata de cola (the big skirts or dreeses with a lot of fabric on the floor behind). I had a lot of mess with the skirt, the making of it and with a jealous @*#$% who learn with me. She also learned with me in the 3rd year and made me some troubles already than... That some other stories for other times. And tomorrow is the party of end of the year. All the students of this teacher will make a show for our families and friends we invited. I'm ecxited. It won't be only because of the party and show itself. Tomorrow will come to see me some friends who haven't seen me dance before. And tomorrow I will dance in three different dances, includes with the bata de cola. One dance will be on palo (beat) of tango de Malaga. After that - the bata on palo of guajira. The last dance I will take a part in will be a solea. The solea is very difficult, not because of the beat. It's because it a very intensive one. I hope I will do it on the best way...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Paco De Lucia show in Tel Aviv

So... I've been reading today in the paper that Paco De Lucia will come to performe in Israel soon. As far as he's a great guitarist - that's good news. He will be perfome in Hanger 11. This is a nice place in the port of Tel Aviv.  That will happen in in 29/10/2011. And it will be include three singers!
In case you will be in Tel Aviv this time - you can find tickets through a tickets' office called Hadran (you can find it in the internet). You can find his name in English, so it can be easy for all. The tickets costs between 280 NIS to 450 NIS.
Here's a link to one of my favorites of Paco De Lucia:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A snow ball

I saw this snow ball in a store in Tel Aviv. I think it's cool and shows that in this city there are people who loves flamenco. I wish I could have this snow ball - but it isn't for sale...

Monday, July 25, 2011

A real queen of flamenco

So... I have few reasons for the name of this blog. One of them is conected to Carmen Amaya. She was a great dancer who changed the way women dance flamenco. Accept of just dance and make adifferent - she danced and acted in few movies. I found in youtube a short part which shows her dance in a movie called La Reina de los Gitanos (The queen of the gypsis). This is Carmen Amaya dance....

For a start

My name is Orna. It's a regular name in Israel...
I start now this blog from my love to flamenco. Like many other people I know in Israel and from Israel - I love flamenco. This blog will hopefully will rich to other flamenco lovers.
I guess I always loved it. I didn't have it all the time at home, but... I always loved to see dancing and to dance myself. One of the kinds I loved the most was flamenco. I saw it a bit just like that, I saw in movies and theater. I found myself jealous few times in people who can dance flamenco. 6 years ago I found myself in a time that I wanted to learn ANYTHING. And found a chance to learn flamenco dance near my home in Tel Aviv from a great dancer. I decided to try. Till than - I loved flamenco. After I started - I started to love it even more. Just to see this is a whole world... Two and a half years ago I broke a hand. I learn in groups, NOT in private lessons. I thought I have 2 choices - to stay and home and feel sorry for myself when the other girls are learning without me, or I can go to classes and do what I can. I prefered the second choice. When I saw how my body and soul react to flamenco and to the classes when my hand was broken and in the few weeks after the plaster went down - I understood that I have no way back. It feels too good to leave it...
So - in case that some readers understand what I mean here - I hope I will be interesting for you in the future in this blog