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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I feel like freaking out

I don't know how bad it's gonna be for me this time just like I didn't know last night. I really don't sleep enough. After few day of running around, dancing, writing.... No sleeping at all.... After class last night - a walk with my dog, dinner, writing, a bath. I'm in a bad shape. After bath I wanted to check out Facebook and maybe to update here. And I was thirsty. Instead of drinking and coming back to the computer - I came to bed and thought that I should rest for a moment. I pull down my head and stayed this way till morning. 

Today.... Still tired. Afternoon I went for a medical check (I have no idea why did it have to be today). My throat has pains because of it. At least not my legs, but... Freaks me out. And this checking and the secretary there made me nervous although I have nothing serious. 

I was hurry to come to class at time. After I saw no one in the studio, maybe one who looked familiar outside - I started to wonder. Yeah, this checking of my health and the fact I don't sleep gave me the signs. I came too much before time, even before the beginners were meant to start.......

Came back home for few minutes and soon go back to the studio. I will probably will make a fool of myself in the second class because I'm this low this evening.

After all this time...

This May with Dario Oliva

This Friday - the CD release shows will start

This Thursday in Jerusalem

The musicians of the feria

The musicians in the final show of the feria de Abril in Tel Aviv 2013. From lest to right: Maayan Doari (cajon), La Almudena (sinning), Noa Drezner (guitar), Sebastian Lorca (cello).
A photo by Natasha Shakhnes

The feria (again)

In the photo: Yael Tuchfeld in the final show of the feria de Abril in Tel Aviv 2013
A photo by Natasha Shakhnes

One more from the feria in Tel Aviv

In the photo: Adva Yermiyahu in the final show of Feria de Abril in Tel Aviv 2013
A photo by Natasha Shakhnes

One from the feria

In the photo: Vardit Lousky from the the final show of the feria de Abril in Tel Aviv 2013.
Photo by Natasha Shakhnes

Maria Juncal en Mexico

A workshop of Adi Akiva, last class (for now)

That was harder than ever, but not because of Adi. After being in the feria yesterday for hours, after the walk with my dog, eating something and to write (almost) all that happened in the feria - I didn't have much to sleep at night. Typical, but this time I took it with sleeping one step too far. And today I didn't really had time to rest, going there by walking (by sleeping). Adi was sitting outside with one of the girls from the workshop. I'm not sure if she want me to write her name as someone who came to learn, although it only mean that she try to get better. I told them that I'm not sure how am I gonna dance today cause I didn't sleep after the feria. Oh, I took all, didn't I? Did the sevillanas wanted to stay in my head and didn't let me sleep? Not all, but something like that. Lots of talks of when did each came, when each went away and why.... 

Few things that Adi had to check with the people that works in the place. It took some time to get into the studio cause others made there a practice of something. A weird talk which had nothing to do with the feria has started. The fellows went out and said that they finished. We got in, also an old man who came to take care in the music system. It made in the start a weird sound. 

We started stretching. Someone who never came before got in. Adi was pleased that she was wearing red cause all of us were dressed in black (includes Adi herself). The one who was sitting with her outside was joking we're a company. Adi said "good luck" to the new one. The jokes didn't over. The same one said that it was for us - we need the luck. the new said that we already have the experience, she doesn't. She's been told that we're about to brake, but she still have the motivation. 

Legs' warming. Some of the time it worked out, but few times it felt like I can't do it any longer - even in stuff which are easy for me. In the middle Adi said something to me, but I didn't hear what she said. Near the end of this part - it felt and looked like I'm doing it in slow-motion. Adi stopped between me and someone else. And... "Orna!" I looked. "The hands!". I was tired and it were in the middle of steps with nothing special with the hands, so my hands were next to my body with doing nothing. Then I noticed that all were with hands on the waist or stomach in a flamenco way. I took my hands to my waist. That's through. When this part was over - all drank and looked broken. Some noticed it was taking more than 30 minutes as it was meant to take, it took longer. That's horrible! One of the Facebook girls who also came asked me how comes that I'm not sweating. Not sweating? I wish! I'm like a puddle!

We got back to class. My place was taking, so I took another place with no mirror. I started to feel that the air conditioner works and it's possible to get cool in this part of the studio. We started to practice circles. In the start - very basic in the place. As far as non of us made it well enough as Adi saw it - we made it from the start. After - we started to work on circles that she didn't teach us before, and accept one who learned a bit this type a long time ago in another place - non of us had the experience and knowledge how to make it. As far as I was THAT tired and it was new to me - it was really difficult. I made some mistakes. When I finally started to get it - we moved to practice a bit another type, something else which all of us learned from Adi in the first time. In some point - the joker who was sitting with Adi outside noticed that I don't have a mirror and wanted to give me her place. I told her it's fine cause I don't see my mistakes this way. She didn't like it, so she found where to move for I will have a mirror like all the others. Sweet of her. I'm not used that someone do it for me in class. In the ordinary classes I have - it's a war to get a piece of mirror and none will give up a bit for others will have too, mostly if the someone who don't have the mirror is me.

And the siguiryia. I could remember better than last time, but there was someone else that her memory was better. And I was tired and after almost two hours of dancing and practice flamenco... I was slow. Few more steps and dancing all over and over again. Fine, whoever wants to take a video - that's the time. Adi asked us to put down with recording the phones and cameras. It's the last time. We all listened and made it (why did I have to see myself dance in this way when I know I can't dance normal?), accept the facebook girl. Maybe I should have done like her. 

Well, Adi stay here in May. Maybe she will start a new round of workshops, from the start with some new stuff