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Saturday, May 28, 2016

After watching the premier of Kimica

So, Kimica is a new co-production of Compas Company and Adrian Santana. The full crew of the company were dancing. Accept Mijal Natan - the main dancer and manger of this company were Ayelet Shachar, Moran Ron, Vlada Vest, Hadas Nestel, Lia Sheinfeld and Guerau Cabrera. It's a show that based a bit on a preview show of Compas Company and Adrian Santana, but includes many new parts that didn't got in then and at least one new dance that the company has finished working recently. Later on I will tell how do I know this dance after all and how new it is. This time the musicians were again Yehiel Hason on the guitar and Shuky Shveiky was sinning. Another new part - Miriam Levy joined them as a singer and Itamar Shapira joined as a guitar player. 

I came early. For a start I went to the box office. Well, got two things at a time. Ilan was the only one before me at the line. I could "attack" him and giving him the birthday gift I brought him. I wasn't sure if I will see him on his birthday or closer than that evening to his birthday. By the way - Keren gave both of us our tickets. He didn't come alone, so after he opened the gift and thanked me - he offered me to come and say hello to someone that he was with. Not good idea... She doesn't like me much, if she even remembers me. Ilan said that she really isn't an easy person, but he must go back. I was looking for some other people that I know. Few from the studio. Someone that I knew that suppose to come and outside the studio of Mijal - I saw only after I got to my place at the hall. 

The show itself starts like the other time Compas Company and Adrian Santana made it together. Mijal and Adrian made short solos under spotlights. It went on for a short duet. After that Adrian went out of stage. All lights on stage worked for the solea por buleria of Mijal. She stayed a bit for the next dance. The next one made by all Compas Company. All were wearing pants, including the girls. All for the farruca. I was amazed. Recently I learned that certain farruca at the studio of Mijal. We finished it not long ago. They made few little changes for making it more fit for stage. I mean - a little bit of "role play" - a bit of few dancers who respond to others. And two-three hands' movements that weren't on classes. And the biggest surprise for me: the group as it used to be so far wasn't alone. A new dancer on stage that no one said that she will dance with them. She never was on the company, but comes for many classes (including the farruca) and dance like a professional. Her name is Ivelisse Gonzalez Martinez. Her first time on stage with this company and the only time that she was on stage in this show - accept the bow down. I know why did Guerau moved to Israel from Spain, but I/ have no idea why does Ivelisse rather be here......

The next part was the taranto of Mijal. Few little changes as well, but the idea stayed. Few moves has been taken out and others has been replaced it. One big difference than the times that she dances it was the fact that most of time Shuky was standing next to her and sang to her. She responded him a lot. At the end - Miriam took the place of Shuky and Mijal was responding to her. 

Next part was a marinete. Under a spotlight Guerau was dancing a duet with Ayelet while the music was palmas. Another spotlight has replaced the first one. Guerau moved to it and danced a duet with Vlada. Third spotlight replaced the second spotlight. Guerau danced another duet, this time with Moran. All with plamas. The other girls has joined the stage. Lights all over the stage. Music has started. They all danced a liviana. After few moments I got it - when the music has started it became one of the first dances that I learned at the studio of Mijal! I was amazed from two reasons: some of the moves were faster than I remembered. The other reason that it was the second danced that I learned and I see on stage at the same evening. I knew both are really pretty, but does it mean that I am that good as well?

Next part was a duet of Mijal and Adrian. A siguiryia with castanets that both of them played on. Mijal also was wearing a bata dress. I remember that dance since the other time they performed together. It looked good enough that I won't mind to see it again. 

After that the company made a dance of romera y mirabra. A new dance to my eyes. And new dresses. My opinion about the dresses has been confused me a bit, but the dance itself was fun for watching. 

Last dance was a caña that Adrian was dancing with a manton, also at the other show they made together. The other time I was too busy being amazed of it, now I could get into details. Recently I started to learn at Mijal studio a solea with manton. Solea and caña are very close to each other but not the same. Few things that Adrian made reminded me this time few things I learned recently to do with the manton. Other things still amazed me and I was wondering if I will ever be able to do the same things. 

Bow down.

Now I must get into the backstage. Without saying hello to the fellows and ask for a photo - I don't attend to go back home. I was one of the first people backstage. Few of the musicians remembered me better than I thought. I could talk also a bit with Miriam who I wasn't sure if she remembers that she saw me before. All company as well. Idit was there and got in. From some reason she looked a bit shocked to see me there. I wonder why. I told her that I learned two of the dances that were on stage. She said that it's good for me. I was talking with all company, but Adrian still didn't come out. I wanted to talk with him as well and ask for a photo with him and Mijal, although I didn't know if he remembers me. Well, when he came out - Idit was catching him for a talk. I asked Mijal if it will be fine with her if I will have a photo with both of them. It was fine with her, but it took a little time till Idit let him talk with others. When Idit let go - I found out that Adrian remembers me. First thing was kissing at the Spanish way. A moment after - Idit took couple of photos of three of us. I received an agreement of Mijal and Adrian to publish the photos, so...

Ilan also came to backstage, but went away before the photos. He went because of the people he came with

Happy birthday Andrey Ilin

Friday, May 27, 2016

Happy birthday Ilan Miller

Now it's a birthday for one of my best friends and a great dancer.
Ilan Miller

I took this photo few months ago at a rehearsal to the show
David and Bat Sheva
a co-production of Compas Company and Miguel Angel.
At this photo - Ilan with the dancer Ayelet Shachar.
So,  a birthday to one good friend, but in one photo and all around it - I could
take in it with some more people that I love personally and lots of talent of others

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Again - the stories will come later

I went t to the premier of Kimica at Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv. It was fun, but I have few crazy days. I was too tired when I came back home, I had a busy morning and will have a crazy evening. I hope that till weekend or before - I will write all about this pleasure. 

Till I will write all -  a photo - the better out of two as I see it with Mijal Natan and Adrian Santana - the stars of this show. A bit after the show at the backstage 

Sharon Saguy

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A show of Ladino and flamenco

מפגש מרגש בין ריקוד הפלמנקו, הגיטרה הספרדית ושירת הלדינו של יהודי ספרד. מופע המשלב ניגונים מבית אבא עם שירת רחוב צוענית וריקוד קצבי וסוער. ערב שכולו אמנות חיה היוצאת מהלב ונכנסת אל הלב!

מחיר כרטיס: 60 ש"ח - להזמנות: 04-8100104
הישיבה היא סביב שולחנות, מקומות לא מסומנים ולכן מומלץ להגיע לפני
20:00 פתיחת דלתות
20:30 מ ת ח י ל י ם 

תיאטרון הסטודיו- חיפה
שדרות הנשיא 142, 3463208 Haifa, Israel

Vlada Vest

A photo by Ronen Rosenblatt

Happy birthday Adrián Santana

A photo by Ali Ghorbani

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Jesús Corbacho

Upcoming with Yael Horwitz at Ashdood

בין שני עולמות, בין תרבויות ושפות, נפגשת זמרת הפלמנקו הבינלאומית יעל הורביץ עם המוסיקה הים תיכונית והשפעותיה.
הורביץ נולדה בירושלים למשפחה עם שורשים בארגנטינה, באלג׳יר ובצרפת. ביצירתה היא מתבססת על שורשים אלה ועל מסעותיה בדרום ספרד, שם התחברה לסצנת הפלמנקו. הזמרים המקומיים ששמעו אותה שרה העניקו לה הזדמנות ללמוד מקרוב את רזי שירת הפלמנקו המסורתית העוברת מדור לדור, ומשם יצאה אל קריירה בינלאומית.
אלבום הבכורה של הורביץ “ Latido ” הוקלט בספרד בהשתתפות נגנים בולטים בסצנת הפלמנקו של אנדלוסיה. היא מרבה להופיע בארץ ובחו״ל, ובין השאר שיתפה פעולה עם אמנים כמו אספרנסה פרננדז, דיוויד ברוזה ואחרים. במופע פורצת הורביץ את גבולות הפלמנקו המסורתי ומשלבת מהלכים ומקצבים הלקוחים מעולם המוסיקה הים תיכונית, בנגיעות של הרמוניות מערביות. נגניה מלווים אותה על הבמה עם כלים מעולם הפלמנקו והמוסיקה הים תיכונית ויוצרים צלילים עוצמתיים ומקצבים סוחפים.

יעל הורביץ - שירה
יהודה שוויקי - גיטרה וקולות
מעיין דוארי - כלי הקשה
ערן הורביץ – בס

For tickets

Friday, May 13, 2016

This Saturday at Seville

Manuel Liñan

Foto: Marcos Gpunto

This September at Seville


nivel básico: Caña con mantón con Charo Espino Delgado
Viernes 16/9: 16.00 - 17.15
Sábado 17/9: 13.00 - 14.15
Domingo 18/9: 13.00 - 14.15

nivel intermedio: Soleá por bulería con Miguel Ángel Espino
Viernes 16/9: 17.30 - 18.45
Sábado 17/9: 14.30 - 15.45
Domingo 18/9: 14.30 - 15.45

Curso de Cante con Miguel Ortega: Marianas/Tangos
Viernes 16/9: 18.55 - 19.55
Sábado 17/9: 15.55 - 16.55
Domingo 18/9: 15.55 - 16.55

nivel intermedio/avanzado: Marianas/Tangos con Angel Muñoz
Viernes 16/9: 20.00 - 21.15
Sábado 17/9: 17.00 - 18.15
Domingo 18/9: 17.00 - 18.15


Thursday, May 12, 2016

La India

Kimika - starts on stages this May


כימיה - היא קירבה מיוחדת וייחודית. היא התשתית לאמון, לקשר הולך ומעמיק בין הרקדנים, בינם לבין המוסיקאים המופיעים ומלווים אותם, וכמובן עם הקהל.
כל אלו מרכיבים מופע פלמנקו מסורתי, איכותי וסוחף!
ערב שהוא כולו שיתוף פעולה יצירתי בניחוח בינלאומי.
Adrian Santana - אחד מרקדני הפלמנקו העולים בספרד כיום.
זוכה תחרות Certamen היוקרתית במדריד ורקדן בלהקות המובילות עם טובי הכוריאוגרפים בספרד.
Adrian Santana מופיע בהצלחה מרובה ברחבי העולם ומגיע לישראל לסיבוב הופעות עם להקת הפלמנקו הישראלית.
ערב אותנטי מלווה במוסיקה חיה.
סולנים: מיכל נתן ו Adrian Santana.
גיטרות: יחיאל חסון, איתמר שפירא
שירה: שוקי שוויקי, מרים לוי
להקת הפלמנקו הישראלית COMPAS:
ולדה וסט, הדס נסטל, גראו קבררה, מורן רון, אילת שחר, ליה שיינפלד
תלבושות: ורוניקה שור
ניהול, שיווק והפקה: קרן רגב-אביב
מאי-יוני 2016 ברחבי הארץ
24.5.16 שעה 21:00, מרכז סוזן דלל תל אביב, 03-6959536  
27.5.16 שעה 21:00,דן כרמל חיפה במסגרת סופ"ש אנדלוסיה, 08-9396030
28.5.16 שעה 21:30 , היכל התרבות יבנה, 08-9320000  
2.6.16 שעה 20:30 , היכל התרבות אור עקיבא, 04-6266636  
6.6.16 שעה 20:30, המשכן לאמנויות הבמה באר שבע, 08-6266400 שלוחה1 
7.6.16 שעה 21:00 , תיאטרון ירושלים, רבקה קראון. 6226*, 02-5605755

This June - workshops with Adrián Santana at Tel Aviv

הרקדן הספרדי Adrian Santana, זוכה תחרות Certamen היוקרתית במדריד ורקדן בלהקות המובילות עם טובי הכוריאוגרפים בספרד, חוזר לישראל בתחילת יוני 2016!

אדריאן יקיים קורס מרוכז לפי רמות בבית להקת הפלמנקו הישראלית.

ימים ששי-שבת-ראשון - 3-5.6.2016

יום ששי: בטה (בינוניים-מתקדמים) ALEGRIAS: 12:00-13:20
מתקדמים SOLEA - 13:30-14:50
בינוניים FARRUCA - 15:00-16:20
מתחילים - 16:30-17:50 GUAJIRA עם מניפה

ימים שבת-ראשון:
בטה - 16:30-17:50
מתקדמים - 18:00-19:20
בינוניים - 19:30-20:50
מתחילים - 21:00-22:20

*מחיר הקורס - 450 ₪. הנחה 20% לקורס שני.

השיעורים יתקיימו בבית להקת הפלמנקו הישראלית
המסגר 60, תל אביב.

*מחיר מיוחד למשתתפי הקורס למופעי KIMICA ברחבי הארץ המארחים את אדריאן סנטנה.

למידע נוסף ולהרשמה: