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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The birth of the butterfly

Before Neta made the dance of dance which she do like a butterfly as a part from a show - she made tried it in few places before. It's so different till she wanted to be sure that it's a good part and people likes it. One of the times was on the port of Tel Aviv. In Israel there is an association which helps cheografers - mostly by telling to the press about upcoming shows. Most of cheografers who takes a part in it and use their help are cheogrfafers from the modern style dance. Still - some are coming from flamenco. Lately this association got 10 years of being on earth. They made few kinds of parties to celebrate it. One of the parties was making one afternoon some stages in the port of Tel Aviv and the cheografers made few performes for free to anyone who came there. Neta is one of the flamenco cheografers who are in this associations. She made two different dances for few times that afternoon. One was with a bata de cola, te other one is the modern with the idea of the butterfly. I took some photos. She saw all - mostly for letting me know which I can publish. Than I still didn't have this blog - so it was publishing in facebook for a start. In the end - she accepted to one photo from the birth of the butterfly

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Flamenco site

Here is a link to wonderful flamenco site. It gives a lot of information about dancers/singers/guitarists, about upcoming shows, Jerez festival and so on. It also has a great flamenco shop with flamenco clothes and shoes, cd's, dvd's and many more things aropund. I know that their shop is reliable through the times I bought from them.


In the last year so far - I had few moments accept the big mess of the bata. About one of them I'll write now.

In the class of advaneced without the bata (regular skirts and dresses of flamenco) we learned a solea. The cheografy was very hard and needed memory and phischal stregth. It was wasn't for taking us for a show of the company of Neta, but she performing with it for years in different versions. In the middle of the year I saw a show which was including few dancers with few different styles of dance. Neta took the flamenco part of it. On of her dances was that solea. The start was the same, but after that - almost everything was different.

Near the end of the music/dance it changes to palo of bulería. Something like the middle of the year we had an interesting practice with it. We started to work on the bulería but we still didn't really feel it and didn't really remember the steps. One of the classes we guitarrist was there - we stopped for a while from going on again and again with the same steps. We stood in a half circle. Every time one of us got in the middle. All girls made "palmas" (claping with the beat), Neta sang (yeah, she can do that too) and had live music. The idea was taking a part or two from the original cheografy and make it a personal dance.

As far as I didn't remember the steps - I was happy that I'll be in the end. I thought that I'll watch the others and will remember what to do. Wrong! Each one who danced made me more confused and I remembered less and less. Neta corrected each one of them. None made it good till the end. One of them is even someone who tells she learned in Spain and she's a flamenco teacher herself. She sees herself someone who really knows. Still - she was the worst. Neta didn't sing to her and the poor woman couldn't understand. Neta said many times "You don't make me sing! Make me sing!!! You don't do anything...". She recived more and more chances and blew up each one. Another girl wanted to do it, and do it now. She was thrilled from it. She made few steps and got scared. After that - no way! She won't do it. Another one is a professinal (and amazing) dancer. She made it good, but could be better.

I was the last (or one before). And I was scared. My memory was empty and I was sure I won't be any better from the others. First of all - I appologized. Than I started to dance. I made a big try to think it's only the guitarrist and Neta see me and I need to be clear to them. I don't remember what I did, mostly that it hardly any conection to the original cheografy. It was amazing feeling, but I didn't really stopped to be affraid. I got it when I finally remind that there are more girls who see me dance. And I stopped and got back ashame to my place in the circle. I was sure that Neta would say it was terrible because of the new dance I made. Wrong again. She said "You felt it, right?" I couldn't answer because of my fear. Than she said it was possible to see I felt it, I knew where to get in and this is what's important. REALLY?  What a relife...!

When we got out from the class - the amazing professional dancer said she was terrible in this practice. This is rude! If Neta wasn't responed to my dance this way - I was absullutly sure that SHE was the best


In case you are in facebook - you will be abble to see this. This is a link to "event" in facebook for classes of La India in November!/event.php?eid=107647912671435

Monday, August 29, 2011

Things happen....

There are weird things happen in facebook. It's not only meetings with new friends in shows and having photos with Rafael Amargo.

I did upload my photos with Farruquito and Rafael Amargo. Both had profile pictures in my profile and both cases there are tags. Once I recived a frienship request from someone who was very clear with his love to flamenco. I accepted him. In the same day (or was it in the day after?) he wrote me. A privte as possible in facebook - as a friend to my facebook inbox. He wrote me about shows, Israel, recomends... I understood from him that he is looking for Israeli flamencos for shows in Spain. It did sound a bit weird, but... I wrote him about flamencos who I know they are good. Those I knew - I told him he can find in facebook too. Than he wrote me an applogize. He wanted to come himself to performe in Israel. He saw my photos with Rafael Amarog and Farruquito and thought I'm a shows maneger and wanted me to help him to find a place in Israel for that...

One thing more and less weird: I have a wonderful friend from Sevillia. Another one who I know through facebook and must thank for having a profile, afterwise - I wouldn't find her. She is a dancer and a teacher called La India. She uploaded some videos of her dancing. I didn't find her in the start in YouTube, but I have something from there now. When I saw her videos I was amazed. She's very tallented and I didn't know about her before. for one of her videos I couldn't help it and wrote a comment. I wrote something very simple like "ole guapa". It didn't take much she wrote me to my inbox and thanked me personally. We started to write each other and she seems like a sweet person too. By the way she asked me if I'm a flamenca and got intrested in coming to Israel for giving a master class here. I think she doesn't have a date for it yet, but looks like it's in a work. I hope she'll come. Or maybe... Maybe I should come to her to learn from her in Sevillia...

Here is a link from YouTube. La India in Tablao Cordobés

The Antonio Gades Company in Israel

I've been twice in shows of Antonio Gades Company in Israel.

The first time they came to performe in the time of Días de Flamenco when Farruquito was guest. The show was Carmen. They have a show they do since 1982. Antonio Gades made a cheografy for a movie of Carlos Saura. he also danced the part of Don Jose. Just because it was that good - they started with a stage version. The cheografy is still the same, the clothes are still the same, and the only thing that changes are the crew. When I finally saw it live - Gades himself couldn't be around. About the conversation about him I already wrote when I wrote about Farruquito. I don't remember the name of the dancer who made Carmen... She was pretty good, but she fright me a bit. In the part of Don Jose was Ádrian Galia. He was great. I really enjoyed watching it. They gave 3 evening in Tel Aviv only. I saw myself lucky that I saw it and had the chance not losing what happened later in the festival

The secon time - they came few months ago again. This time - Carmen again. This time also in Jerusalem, Haifa, and... As I remember in another place again. This time Ádrian Galia didn't come. They also made shows of Suite Flamenca. The only time they performes in Tel Aviv (in the same place they were in the first time and where Diego El Cigala perfomed) with Suite Flamenca I sadly had to choose between going to a bata class or to the show. The other times it was Carmen or in another city. As far as I saw Carmen before - I just choosed to miss a class once for watching Suite Flamenca near home.

The Suite Flamenca is a long show. It's made of two parts: Blood wedding and a part of short "pictures" of traditional flamenco. Blood Wedding is another show which started as a co-opporation between Antonio Gades and Carlos Saura. The cheografy based on a story by Garcia Lorke. In the movie the main dancers were Antonio Gades and Cristina Hoyos. I haven't seen them live (Hoyos is an option for not yet), but I have seen the movie of Saura more than once before. The hardest part was to see others do those parts, although all the dancers in this version were fantasic and made a great job. The other part was great too, but a different style from the first. It was a very rich and amazing. I'm glad I had the chance to see it. It was also good to see it near home. I don't know what happened, but it started in a big late. And now the length of the show itself... Got back home in the middle of the night (or so) after 3 hours or more that I spent on this with a big smile.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rafael Amargo comes back

Rafael Amargo is about to come back performing once again in Israel. This time it will be in a desert in the south. I wish I could go and see, but as it looks like now - I won't be able (how terrible!).

The show will be on 23/9/2011 throgh a festival which the hotels of Isrotel makes. For more details in their website


Saturday, August 27, 2011

My 5th year

Once again - one evening of two classes one after the other (three hours). One of medium level and stay for advanced. Another class in another evening. This time it wasn't chergrafys from shows in the other evening, but still very advancesd. We had classes of bata de cola. First time in my life I get into this kind of skirts. And I had a lot of mess with it, but not only because of the level. In the class of bata - we made a dance with palo of guajira. In the other evening: one class of tango de Malaga, in the harder was a solea. In the end - the Tango de Malaga was very easy for me, but I still can't see myself do a cheografy of my own in this palo

As I said - the bata de cola was very difficult and a big part of it was all around it. It started with the fact Neta invited the work of a Russian seamstress who makes clothes to her shows. This woman do a wonderful job, but she's a crazy woman who took too much work on herself and hardly speaks Hebrew. Sonia the crazy (or let's make it a bit more flamenco style - Sonia la Loca). Neta told us that we'll talk with Sonia the crazy, each one of us will come to her. She told us that our skirts already has a price includes the fabric. I was talking with Sonia when I had her phone number. She hardly could understand me (sorry, my Russian is good for only few word, some are nice and some are not), I could hardly understand her. I needed to tell her many times who sent me till she figured out. Than she said that many things are wrong: the fabric is not a part of the price and I need to bring some myself, none of us will come to her and she said she talked with Neta that she will come to the studio and look our sizes of all of us together. And she got someone else into this....

I bought a fabric. Mistake... She did come to us in the end - with fabrics of her own. We had to choose the colors we liked and it was a part of the price. I knew that my dad is waiting for me outside to give me a ride back home. I sent him a text message that I would be late because Sonia the crazy just came. He called me back and he said he knows. I should ask to be the first one that Sonia will take her size because she own him. Someone else was the first. She asked for a red skirt. I was right after her. I choosed a dark purple. Than I taid that I want the volants (the "waves" in the bata) will be in a bright purple. She said fine. Other girls said that it won't be pretty because the contrast will be too hard. I ran out after that. My dad said that he knew about her because she didn't know how to find the studio, she didn't take her mobile phone, she came to him to ask for his phone. When he understood that Sonia the crazy - he started to talk with her in Raussian. Yeah, he speaks Russian. He grew up in a house of Russians who moved to Israel (his parents and one of his granmothers). She told him a lot about herself. Than he reconized a husband of the fat woman who learned with me in the last two years. My dad sent Sonia the crazy to go after him.

Next time Sonia came - the bases of the skirts were ready. She came to see if it needs some fixings. I needed some. I asked her if she remembers that I want the volants in the bright purple. She said that nothing is written to her and she didn't remember. How lucky that she didn't make this part yet.

The next problem: the @#$% who told me what she thinks on my level got bac big time. She came to the classes of medium (cause she can't do any better. Maybe even worse), and for the bata de cola. The bata skirts came ready very slowly. Few girls recived it only in the end of the year. I recived it after a while... Well, not quite. Came two skirts. One was what I invited - the dark purple as a base, and bright purple as volants. THe other one was all dark purple. I got a bit fat and not used to skirts (and didn't know in which part on the body to close it and let it down after). I said that here is mine - with the bright volant. Than the @#$% said it hers. She got thinner. All said that I got confused, but they will "let me try" because I inssisted it's mine. It was a bit tight and I didn't find the zipper. I asked for help. The great "help" I recived was helping me taking it off. The snobish woman who makes her daughter to learn barked on me it isn't mine. I found myself in the other skirt. It was big on me while mine was good on the @#$%. The other girls got relax. I made some angry faces in the class. I heard few times that this is pretty as well. I couldn't dance in it because it was THAT big on me. I was much more busy in holding the skirt and pulling it up than dancing. Near the end of this class I gave up and took it off.

In the day after I called Sonia the crazy. It didn't impress her. She said it's too big because I'm wider than the @#$%. by the way she tried to convince me that I'm like the @#$%. Yeah, right! Even if I tried to be like someone else - it's better to be like someone I respect. We had an argew who will come to who and when. She insisted I will come to her in a time and a way I couldn't come. I got Neta into this. I normally have a lot of respect to her, but all makes mistakes sometimes. Neta started to say too that I'm like the @#$%. In the end she tried to help finding a solution. One of the girls accepted to take it for a fixing in a time she will be in the area anyway. I still has one class I danced with safety pins in my skirt for it won't fall. Sonia needed to make it thinner and change all volants. Neta asked of her to make 2-3 in all skirt for it will fit practising. Sonia said it needs to be like cream cakes. She made many volants in all - like show skirts. And all skirts were hand mades. She had a lot of work to do. In the last moment I got cold feet because I heard too many times I'm like the one I hate. The change has happened, but not like the original idea. All fabricks has a color in eaxh side. The bright purple I wanted had a very bright blue with a bit of a grey look. For not being like the @#$% - I asked in the last moment the blue light in the volants. The fixed skirt came after 2-3 weeks. In the moment I wore it in the first time the @#$% cought me alone (again) to tell me that Sonia is a bit confused. The skirt she stole from me is not what she asked for....! She wanted like what I got and didn't want, but I should remember that it wasn't the only "mistake".

I tried to make the @#$% imbresse. Looks like she doesn't have a shame. Not only I didn't make it - she made a lot of work like I'm crazy who doesn't know what she asked for. It get even once to a real fight near all. We had few minutes to practice without the batas. We all puted the skirts aside. Mine wasn't even close to the one she stole from me. Than we needed to wear it again and dance last time for that evening. I took off the pants and in the moment I wanted to wear the skirt again - I saw her hand almost taking this skirt! I asked her in a bit teassing way if she's gonna take this one too. She said I'm exaggarated. She got really pissed of after a moment. We all danced. In the middle I noticed that she wasn't even around. When we finnished and some got into the dressing room she got out of there in pants. She started to yell at me that how do I dare to talk to her like that. How do I dare to say that she's a thief? I didn't say she's a thief, but if she mentioned it... Very susspices... She shouted that only because of her respect to Neta she won't say what she thinks of me. I said quietly that she already did/ It confused her. She got back to the dressing room. Than I wanted to talk for a minute with Neta. It took a little longer cause than we heard some yellings from the dressing room. The @#$% yealled on the others that how dare I. Even Neta seemed to get pissed off. Only a month or so near the end of the year she changed her mind. She tried to be nice (well - she can't). Than she said near two other women (the fat one who stoped talkking with me for a while after the big fight) and a nice one that she thought about what I said. I "maybe" right. Than she said that it isn't the end of the world, roght? I thought that yeah, right! She got my beautiful skirt, I became "like her" and she tried to make me look crazy. Never mind that after that my parents said that in the end the little change made my skirt prrttier because of the contrast becae harder. I didn't tell that to the @#$% for she won't try to still this one too. I didn't even try to answer the end of the world thing. Than she asked again "it isn't the end of the world, right?". Yes, it is the end of the world, you are very welcome to feel bad, you don't diserve any answer on this. I finnished changing my clothes and went out. I still heard her after me say "right? Right? Right?"

In the party of end of the year she got cold feet. She didn't dare to dance with the bata she stole, only the tango de Malaga. Yep, the same dance in a medium level which was easy for me.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The next date

There is a new date for Abanico Intimo
In Sizanne Della, Tel Aviv

Thursday, August 25, 2011

4th year

Coming back a bit to tell about my studying of the year. My 4th year

While third year it was one evening with 3 hours dancing - it stayed this way, but I has one more evening of one more class. The class I went to of Sevillanas became a class of medium level. I was anymore in a medium level at Neta's classes, but it was too hard now to stop. I went to medium level class and stayed to the advandced class which started later that evening. Accept that - Neta opened a new class. She had a new show she worked on, something which is a flamenco version to The Little Marmade. She was looking for new dancers for her company before this show go on to stages. The new class was learning 2 cheografys from this show. The idea was to choose dancers from this class and take them to the show she called The Spanish Marmade. I decided to go to this class as well. I had a doubt that she will choose me, but I had to try. I thought that I need to try. If she will choose me - cool. If she won't - at least I get to learn more and enjoy the extra time I have in the studio. In the end she choosed someone else. The girl I said I'm not crazy for and was also in Abanico Intimo

In the classes which I took one after another in the same evening - she did something she didn't do in the year before. She calles arms' exercise. Neta is great when it's a part of hands in the dance. The arms exercise is a dance she gives a cheografy based of the hands, with not much attention to the feet and the music the shoes makes. She made it in those two classes in palo of alegria, but it wasn't the main part of classes. In the first class we had a dance with all the "mess" it includes. in the second class she gave us to choose between two alegrias and another palo. She let us hear a song in a palo of caracoles. It's also a kind of alegria, but it has a different sound - a bit "dark". She said it goes great with fans. Oh... I found out that I'm not the only one who's crazy for fans. Most of girls (maybe accpet one or two) said that if so - we'll go on woth the caracoles. In thos classes joined us that year right from the start a great guitarist called Anfrei who moved to Israel a bit before. He came once in every two weeks. One week we practiced with him and the week after with a recorded music with the songs we chossed and the songs of arms exercise. Than we had a choice to dance with live music in the end of the year party. We decided that we;ll take it, but after a thought - Andrei didn't play in all the four dances. In the end of the year party he played in the "regular" alegrias and parts which Neta danced

The classes with the dances of the company went also good. We had a buleria, and a very modern style dane in palo of solea por buleria. In the solea por buleria we danced with shawls. It was a bit har in the start - but we made it. The snobish mother with her daughter didn't come in the start. After a month or so they joined both to this class. The mother told Neta that they can't come anymore in the other evening, so they, join this evening. To me she said that if I'm there - her dautgher can come too. I asked her if it's a complement. Than she reminded that I took both classes and have been danced with both of them. Yeah, I did, but didn't get the answer. We also practised a short feet part in a palo pf tangos/taranto. Some of it was a amall part of the taranto of the year before, a thing which made it easy for me. Still it wasn't the same till the end

Luckyly the @#$% from the year before who had a "wise" thing to tell me what she thinks about my level didn't take any class that year

In the end of the year we had a little problem with the studio for renting for the show. One of the girls found instead a nice place in the center of Tel Aviv which is normally a place for music and make concerts (mostly classical). The problem was that the stage there is very small. Some of the girls got really nervoius from that. Some said they won't go up to the stage with the shawls because of that. Neta said that she won't make anyone, so if anyone don't want to - she won't go up to stage. All cmae up. We stood a bit different than we practised in this dance.I learned in this class also with someone who started in the studio of Neta that year. She didn't enough place on stage. With her fat and tallent - it doesn't matter how much place there is a place on stage - it isn't big enough for her. She wanted that me and the snobish mother will go more aside. The snobish tryed to tell her that we don't have anywhere to go and we're on the edge. The "great dancer" didn't belive and tryed to put us out. Than I got angry. I told her that we are on the edge, we won't go down from stage because she can't handle it, if she has a problem with it - I really don't care. It made her shut her mouth.I was pretty nervoius mostly because I had six (!!!) different full dances to be on stage and didn't want to miss any of them. And the little feet thing came for a start - like an aperitif in a meal. The "tallented" were with me in two classes, so it was including 4 dances and the start. She and another one came late to the beggining. After that - in one of the dances she also danced on my legg. She didn't apologized. And not much later - I stepted by mistke on another girl. I kept dancing like nothing happened, but in the back stake I appologized. It deffently didn't feel right. It was a mistake to do with audionce, and this a really sweet girl

Monday, August 22, 2011

Photos from Abanico Intimo


These are photos from the show Abanico Intimo. Were taken (probably) by Avi Has.
In the first photo: Neta Shezaf in an amazing guajira which I wrote about in the privious post. At the side it's possible to see the cajon player Muy Natanzon, and the dancer Einat Schacham
In the second photo: a bigger view on the same dance. Neta Shezaf in the middle. Andrei Ilin on the guitare with a hat and cigar (on the right side). On the back - Einat Schacham, Ilan Miller, Shuky Shveiky, Muy Natanzon and and the others....
Third photo: Another dance which was earlier. Neta shezaf in the center. Shuky Shveiky in the back

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The new show

Last night I went to the new show of Neta Shezaf. Yesterday it was the first time she performed with Abanico Intimo. Well, I guess I need just to write about the show itself, but flamenco became a social thing for me a long time ago. I still love flamenco as flamenco, but I have a lot around as well since I started to learn.

It's a new solo show of Neta. It can count like a solo one. The name means a lot about the main idea of the show: abanico in Spanish means a fan. She took palos (beats) of flamenco which fit to dance with fans. All her dances in this show are with fans. Intimo - the part of a dancer with a musician/singer.

I came like a "good girl" to see it with my mother. We came on time to take our tickets peacefully and sitt for water. Just a bit we set - came to us Ilan Miller - the man dancer from Neta's company. He started to talk with me. My mom couldn't help it and after a moment told him that she's my mother. Never mind that he said he's Ilan - a moment after he went to drind a cup of coffee my mother asked me who is and ffrom where do I know him. After that - hello to one of the girls who I learn with. A moment before the getting in - another woman came to talk with me.

Getting in to the hall. I warned my mother that I always see in flamenco shows a couple of friends of hers and my dad - she was pretty happy to see I'm right. Those friends came too and she could talk with them. And hello to another one who I know through the classes of Neta and summer classes of Bélen Maya.

The show itself was fantastic' but had some technical problems. It looked a bit like problems of a new show.It started with a live musical part. Just a guitarist (who I don't really know, but he's good) and a singer called Shuky Shveiky. It's far from the first time I see this singer in a show. Looks like that every respectable flamenco dancer in Israel who wants live music calles him.  And he was performing with Rafael Amargo in the show I wrote about. Rafael said in front of the audionce that Shuki sings like a gipsy. In flamenco there is no bigger complement.

The second part was with a recorded music and a dance of Neta. Very modern style of dance. She did like a birth of a butterfly. I already saw this dance and I amazed every time from new.

Another part of just live music. In the middle something in the backstage fell with a big noise. I wasn't the only one who jumped and tried to see what was it. I have a guess who is reponssible, but it still only a guess.

Than a lot of dance with fans and live music. Accept the singer and the first guitarist - another woman with a violin who I don't know (and sorry, can't remember her name), another guitarist - Andrei Ilin (who play in our classes and end-of-the-year-partied in the last two years), and a guy on cajon. The guy on cajon is a new one to me, but he was great. His name is Muy Natanzon.

There was one dance which I really loved. A guajira that Neta made with a fan and a bata de cola. Ilan Miller came from the backstage, also di another dancer - Einat Schacham (who's an  amazing dancer herself),  and another one who who got into the company of Neta last year. I'm not crazy for this one. They brought two tables to the stage, bottles of wine, couple of glasses and made a bit of nice mess. Andrei came with a hat and a cigar. He palyed his guitar in the middle. Muy Natanzon played on his cajon near one of the  tables. All the rest made a mess in a nice try of doing it happy in a Cuban style. Neta came into stage with a bata de cola and a a ready for use fan. It was a great dance with many smiles. The other dancers didn't show their abillity that dance, they were mostly bussy in doing jaleo. In the end of the dance the fan flew outside the stage. I'm not sure it was part of the plan, but Neta through it like nothing happened.

In the last dance Einat, Ilan and the other one came to stage to dance with Neta. Ilan and Einat were wonderful as well. I hate to admit it, but the other dancer is getting better too. I still think she was the weak part in the whole show, and as I know her - there is a chance she thinks that she is the star in the show.

In the way out still I had to talk with people a bit, but I couldn't stay. My mother was a bit hurry to go back to her house and bed. And she made it that my dad will come to pick us. And he was waiting for us for a long time outside.

I still had to tell Neta how great she was. I had my contact with her and appologized to her that I didn't tell her that to her face. And told her that she can tell most of people I know and took a part that they were wonderfull as well. I also wrote them after that...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A link for Belén

Just to show how amazing Beleén Maya.... A dance with bata de cola. It's with another dancer. If I remember right - it's Rocio Molina. In case I have a mistkae and it's another dancer with Belen... You are welcome to comment and correct me

Summer course of Belen Maya, version 2011

Ok... It's time I'll finally tell how was this course of Belén Maya.
Looks like those things become easier and more fun for me with time. NOT that I say that the first time she came, or the time Farruquito came weren't fun, but.... Although looks like I still can't do it nice and clean to the end. A week and half before it started I got a virus. It made me many pains in my feet and hands. I hardly could walk in the start and had 2 "lovely" days in a hospital. I was affraid I won't be able to dance. I got healthy and got to dance, but I still have some signs on my hands and feet. I feel ugly and felt this way all the course. At least my feet were under a cover in the difficault parts.

This time Belén gave more than one course and it took almost a week of a flamenco festival. One course of bata de cola for 3 days. The same week - later those evening and another 2 evenings - "regular" courses in two levels. I took the bata and the course of medium level. It all took a part in Tel Aviv, very close to my house and the cinemateque. Before it started I heard from few girls it's the best studio in Israel. Ok, it isn't too bad, but only in Tel Aviv I can tell about at least 2 better studios, one of them is the one I go to learn from Neta Shezaf every week

On the first day we got into a very small sudio. The class started. Some girls were late. The guitarist did late too. There is another professional dancer who came late, started to change her clothes near the door, started to talk when her shirt off... THan the guitarist came and looked pretty surprise to see a woman half naked near him who don't give a damn. I won't tell names for not hurting anyone. Few minutes after we started we have been moved to another studio in that building. A very big studio, but the floor isn't too good. It fit more for sport classes at school than dancing flamenco. Someone who's responsible there checked the shoes of some girls because of the poor floor. Than I noticed that one of the girls looks like someone I know and couldn't tell who she is. Took me half of the class to understand that she's a facebook friend of mine and a professinal dancer. She thinks she's the best, but from seeing her videos I think she isn't bery good. Only in the day after I started to really talk with her. She took the bata and advansed classes. In the class of the bata we learned to dance alegrias with the bata

We had a little brake. I used it to talk a bit with some girls I know and sending sms. I was happy cause I felt that I got thinner. My bata de cola started to get bigger on me and I pulled it up many times in the class.

The second class was of bulerias. It was fun. I love this palo. Again - I already learned it in the classes of Neta, but it's another dancer, another teacher and a bit more information I didn't know before. I got back home really tierd. After 3 hours includes inside a bata, after finnishing with antibiotics....

On the second day I had a bit more of weird things. One of the girls who came only for the bata have buissness of flamenco clothes she design and she brings some more flameco stuff from Spain. She had a primsion to sell it in the course time. She did on the second and the last days of the whole course. I knew she will come with it and I knew about a skirt model I thought of buying from her. It was very close I will buy a green skirt, but I saw this model also in blue that day. As far as I love more blue - I took to try the blue. I loved and took it. Than this woman showed me a fitting bolero for that. It took me some time, but I decided I like it too, but not before I asked Neta and one of the women I know from learning with in Neta's studio. The only problem I didn't have enough money and was own her till the last day. Neta had to tell it's great to see me in another color accept black. Well, I love both colors, so I don't mind to change a bit. While I was talking with the woman I bought the skirt from - I felt a gentle touch on my shoulder. It was a  woman I couldn't reconize. She said "hi". I answered. Than she asked me "You are Orna, right?" I said "Yes". She said she sees me on facebook all the time. Than she told me who she is, but lots of noise... I didn't hear what's her name. I know! I'm horrible! I didn't want to hurt her that I don't reconize and don't understand her, so I just said something like cool. It drove me crazy who she is till the end of the course. Only after that it was all over I got it: she's  a professinal dancer who's another facebook friend of mine. Unlike the over facebook friend who think she's a great dancer - she is a great one. I saw her once before (too long ago) live performing with another dancer. I thought theor show was really good and both are tallented dancers, so it makes all bad thing for me I couldn't understand now who she is. She came for the advenced course.

On the third day we moved again. Another studio in the same building. The worst one there. It's near the one we started in, very small, with a big stand in the middle near the mirror and still the floor of the sport class. It was very hard to dance with the batas. We got dancing one on the others. One started to stand on my bata skirt and hardly went down from it. She didn't appologize.

4th day: again in the big studio. The bata class were over, so I had "only" in one class that evening. Looked like many of  the girls had and danced in skirts of the one who sold it in the course. Nothing much more to tell accept it was fun. It became easier. After all - I was still ugly, but the illness was over and so did the infulence of the antibiotics, it was one less class and I already knew what's going on here.

On the last day we were again in the horrible little studio. This time 2-3 people came just to watch. One of them was Ilan Miller. He's also a dancer and he dance (probably also) in the company of Neta. In the end Belén Showed us some videos of hers. Some parts from a show of hers she had recently in Nimés, France. She showed some bulerias, alegrias and few seconds of bata. There were few thechnical problems with the computer and tv in the start, but it was arranged.

Last line: accept of few little problems (like my looks, the small studio of some of the classes...) - it was amazing. In the last day we've been told it looks like most of chances Belén will be back soon to performe in Israel. The times she came till now it was for givving classes, but without perfirming. I hope she will return for that. I really wanna see her dance live....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A new show

And another thing for mYouTube. My amazing teacher - Neta Shezaf - starts this suterday with a new perfomence. It's called Abanico Intimo. This part from YouTube shows a little teazer for her new show

More of Carmen Amaya

I have so much more to tell... Started this week a summer class with Belén Maya, I still didn't tell all I said I will, nor did tell all my learning so far in the ordinary way, and still... Instead of that - I have another thing. I will tell all in a time, but for now another thing I found in YouTube. Something of great Carmen Amaya

Monday, August 15, 2011

The photo with Rafael Amargo

The photo with my friend from Jerusalem and Rafael Amargo. This photo has been taken by Yaron Segal

Meeting friends in a show

I have a good friend from Jerusalem who I know through facebook and through our love to flamenco. Few days after I went to the master class of Farruquito – she asked me to tell her when I know about a flamenco show, even if it's in Tel Aviv. Of course I accepted. We never met face to face before, but we did have a good conection already

It didn't take too long till I found out that Rafael Amargo is coming (again) to Israel to performe in Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv. I did see him before, but I think he's worth to see again. And it was a one time show. He came with Vanesa Galvez to performe with Israelis flamenco artists. All the musicians were Israelis, and it was with an Israeli dancer called Mijal Natan. Happily I bought tickets for me and for my middle sister. Than I remind I had my promise to my friend. I sent her an e-mail with all details. In the start I recived an answer from her which she wrote me her reasons why does she can't come. A day later I recived another mail from her. She wrote me that she will come. She bought through the internet tickets for herself and for her husband

When the evening of the show came – we met in the first time. I brought my camera for it the meeting will be recording for a memory (and showing in facebook for all my
other friends will be jealous). Her husband brought a professional camera. We took some photos outside before the show started.

I was in the second row, a thing which wasn't good enough (no place on stage???), but that's me. I love the show

After it was over – we went out and were talking again. Than I announced that if we are with cameras anyway – I don't give a damn a thing. I want a photo with Rafael Amargo! So we waited near the artists entrance till he will go out. Meanwhile my sister, my friend and her husband noticed that some people who didn't performe got in there. They said that maybe we can too. A guy who played on cajon in the show was out and talked with two girls. I have been sent to ask him if it will be allright to go in and have a photo with Rafael. After I told him we were in the show – he said it's allright

We got in and got up in the stairs. I was first as the one who wanted the photo, they came after me. A bit after the middle we saw him going down. I didn't want to attack him, so I started with telling him that I think it was a great show. He thanked me. Than my friend's husband told him that I want a photo with him. He accepted, but... It was pretty dark and the middle of the stairs. He made a sign that we'll go out first. In the way back down was the weirdest thing in this story. I had him as a friend in facebook. As far as he is a famous dancer – I can't be sure if it's a real profile, or someone else who say he's Rafael Amargo. And if it's a real profile – I was sure that he doesn't even remember who am I. After all, we didn't really talk before, he already had 1,400 friends on facebook and my second name is not an ordinary name. Even it's a simple one – there are not many who has it. Even Israelis change it all the tim cause they never heard it before. I asked him if it's a real profile. He said "yes, it's me". I was very happy to say "so you are a friend of mine in facebook! I'm Orna". It took him few seconds to think, than he said "ah...Orna Timen! Orna Timen!" I siad "yeah" and felt how my jaw falls to the stairs. When we were out – my friend asked me if it's ok that she will be in the photo as well. Of course...! Her husband took two great shots, one of them was REALLY great. My friend and me puted it as a profile pic in facebook for a while. Till that moment my friend behaved like nothing is wrong. One moment after Rafael left I found out that something is wrong. She started to say "How does he remember your name? How does he remember your name?" the only thing I could think of was the photos I uploaded and tagged him... I'm not even sure about it and I don't really wanna ask

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Second master class

My second time I took a master class was last summer. My teacher brought Belén Maya to Israel. It wasn't a part of any festival, just summer. Still it was three days - thursday, friday and suterday. She made it in two levels: medium and advanced. I took the medium.
This time it was a bit easier for me. Don't gem wrong: even the mesium level of Belen Maya is very advanced. I had other resons. First of all - it wasn't the first time I take a class this kind.  Accept that - my teacher dance in a very close style of dance like Belen. Much closer than the style of Los Farrucos, that's for sure. This time there were many girls I knew before. I came more relax from the start. And in this level - she made taranto. I already learn a whole year taranto. Not that I mind to dance it more. This a beautiful palo and those three days helped me to understand taranto better.
It was fun. Learning from another amazing dancer. She made us a heatting with a weird but fun music she was putting in the stereo. Than dancing again and again. The dancing itself was with a guitarist I know and was with us all year before (and all this year). He's really good as well.
In the second day I told her that I think it was great that far. I asked her if it will be allright if I will have a photo with her in the end of the class that day. She accepted. My teacher took it. I didn't think it will cause any problem if I'll upload it to facebook.
In the last day started the problems for me, right after all were ready to start. My Spanish still needs an improvment. Belén Maya called my teacher. She pointed at me and said something. I didn't understand all, but it was possible to see on her face she's angry. My teacher came to me and told me that Belen is angry with me because of the photo in facebook. It hurted her. 
The last class started officially in a speech. Belén said she don't mind to have photos with us, she doesn't mind if we will make videos from class for we'll remember the steps, but she won't accept if well upload any of it to facebook. She had a problem with suitcase which flew to another place and she wasn't dressed in proffecional flamenco clothes. She said that if anyone will see her dressed this way - people will say she isn't profecional. I really didn't mean or think this way.... Through the way she made the classes - I can tell she is profecional. Even without it. It's enough to see her dance.
I took some videos to remember. My consetration is problematic without any help. After this mistake - near the the end it was easy to me to lose consetration.
The class finished with time she gave us to ask her quetions. I didn't dare. I was too a shame on my mistake.. But other girls asked her interesting quetions. Belén had interesting answers for all.
When I got back home I deleted the photo from my facebook profile. It was probably a kind of an apology. She still a facebook friend of mine. My only advice for you: you should go to her classes if you're lucky, but ask her before you upload anything to facebook from those classes.
Next week she will make another class in Tel Aviv. This time it will be 5 days, while 3 of them will be also a class with bata de cola. I will go tho the medium again. This time also for bata classes


And after all the long story I had about the master class of Farruquito I forgot to write how was his show. I went in the same evening, not before I uploaded my photo with him to facebook. He's amazing! The show was great. The only thing which was disturbing that I was on the third row. After I saw hime from from a hug distance - third row was a big distance

Friday, August 12, 2011

The photo!

 And here is my photo with Farruquito

Farruquito in Días de Flamenco

Another thing from third year:
Every year,  for something like in the last 20 years - there is a festival in Tel Aviv called Dias de Flamenco (days of flamenco). Every year it's in a place called Suzanne Dellal. This place is a place of dance shows - mostly modern and flamenco dance. There is also a stage for ethnic types, which also shows flamenco from time to time. This festival happen every march, takes three days - thursday, friday and suterday. It's always includes flameco artists from Israel, suterday morning flamenco shows and activities for children, every year there is a contest for young dancer for scolarship in Spain, and... A flamenco artist from Spain which gives the main activity of the festival. The dancer will give two hours of master class on friday morning and will give the main show every evening in each evening. I mean artist, because it happen that it's a player who comes with dancers who gives the master calsses. Last year it was Dorantes as the guest of honnor. He came with Juaquin Grilo and Pastora Galvan. Juaquin Geilo and Pastora Galvan made the master classes. But that will be for another time.
Two years ago, in the middle of my thirs year, few weeks after my hand healed - the guest of honnor in Dias de Flamenco was Farruquito. He came with the show Puro. I made my place in his master class friday morning, and tickets for his his on friday evening for me and for one of my sisters. I decided I need his master class because of two reasons: I wanted to see how does it go with another teacher (mostly from Spain), and hell - it's Farruquito! I was sure I will be able to through it easally after my dancing with a broken hand. A big mistake which is hard to say I'm sorry about.
When I came there - I got into a building which I never got into before in Suzanne Dellal. I changed my clothes (after that I understood that I could do it in another place - more convinient). I heard a conersation about a show which was that days in another place (where Diego El Cigala came after to permore as well) without a conection to the festival. The Antonio Gades also came that day to performe in Tel Aviv with Carmen. I saw it in the evening before - I will tell about it in another time. One woman said she didn't know that Antonio Gades is already dead and was sure he will come as well. Another woman told her it's more convinient to sell tickets this way, and many didn't know that Antonio Gades is dead...
Few minutes before it started I started to get nervous. Many reasons: first time I really can say I do a thing like this, Farruquito has a different style from my teacher (I think both style diserve respect and has its place), I heard other girls who I learned with that said they are affraid to come because of the level he demands (and I mean girls who learn more years than me), the "wonderful" sentence of the @#$% about my level started to eco in my head (and I started to think how dare I to come), and hey - it's Farruquito!!
A bit after I was ready all the girls has been askef to come. We went out. First time I dared to go out of a studio in my flamenco shoes. We stopped near the enternce. I saw him outside tales with other people. Another girl started to talk with me. I didn't mind. I still looked at him a lot, but the conversation with her made me a bit relax for a moment. She's a tall girl (I will tell in the end why does it important) who came esspecially from Aco. In Israelis sercomstenses it's far away. Than we got into a building near - another one I saw in the first time from the inside. 
Well, I always stands in the left since the end of my first year. I ussually stand in the first raw for I could see the techer in the best. That time I didn't dare. I stayed on the left, but found a place in the middle - for I couls see Farruquito, but for it will hard for him to see my mistakes. I saw him in the mirror talks with someone  behind me - really in the end of the studio. Than he came to the mirror side. On his way to the mirror he grabed my hand and grabed me to the start of the studio - on the first raw. He signed me to stay there. I couldn't belive, but...
In the start of the heatting I hardly could do anything. 2.5 years of dancing - includes 5 weeks with a big ugly plaster on my hand - and I was too nervous for I couldn't remember how to dance. MY feet didn't "listen" to me. Many times Farruquito stoped near me to ecxplaine me how to make the steps. There was also a step called picado. He asked to do it. I learned it on my first year, it was a bit hard in the start, but I knew how to do it. I even helped someone else in the year before how to practice it. Now it's a master class of Farruquito and wasn't able to do it... He came to help me. Than I got really nervous. NOT in the angry thing... So I lost my balance. Before I fell on the floor I found myself sending my hand and catch his hand. He didn't even move. I didn't fell, but it was reason to touch him and feel his mussles... After a while (or maybe than already) he seem to understand it's only nervous. I started to relax, dance and do the steps. Near the of heatting we made some turns (oh my... I'm not sure now that I say the right word). He staned in the front of me most of the time, just to see I do it right. Evey time I finnishes one turn - I stoped and looked back at him. Eyes to eyes. Oh... This gipsy has eyes like fire! I never seen a thing like this before. I don't know why, but it helped me to relax till the end.
Than with started with a cheografy. It was Solea Por Buleria. In the class there were a couple of Israelis cancers who are married to each other and have a group of their own. They learned from Los Farrucos in Spain. I still think the Los Farrucos are great (at least most of them), but I don't like that Israeli couple. The man was in the end, the woman next to me. She made a translation most of class to Hebrew for what Farruquito said in Spanish. She thinks that the students don't know a thing about flamenco. There was a part that Farruquito mentioned Farruco. She said just "his grandfather". Really? Like we didn't know....! There was a part pretty funny. He said that dancers needs to listen to the singers. He started to sing slowly and said that this way the dancer needs to dance slow. And than she sang again the same part, but fast. He said that if the singer do this way and dancer don't listen - he/she will keep dancing - it won't look good. The expemple was a bit funny. And he knows to sing as well. In thedance itself I found out I need to improvise a bit. The Israeli dancer who I don't like and was next to me almost steped on me. More than once. I needed to run aways and it will look like nothing happened. I'm pretty good in this.
In the end he set down on a bench. Some people talked with him. I came to him. Than he looked at me for I will tell hime what do I want. I asked him to have a photo with him. He accepted. I ran to my things to bring my camera. When I took it ' the tall girl from Aco asked me if I already have a photo with him. I said I don't, but I will in a moment. She brought a camera too. We accepted that she will take a photo of mine with him in my camera, than I will take her photo with him in her camera. Appear to be that I was still a bit nervous, because my camera wasn't on a standart way for photos. It too a bit time to understand what the problem Farruquito found it and fixed it.... Oops. And I have on my camera options for colors accept the standtart. I love do photos in black and white. I left it on the black and white option in the last time. My photo with Farruqito went out black and white. It wasn't the problem. The problem is that I don't like the way I look there. He looks good there, but me... Than it was my turn to take a photo of her with Farruquito. I did say she's tall, didn't I? She, taller than him, that's for sure! In the moment he got it - he looked at his sides and stood on the bench, the same bench he soot on few minute before. He started to smile. I thought it was really funny. Do I really sound like a 15 years old histerical fan? I don't mind. As long that I have a little thing which helps me to feel younger.

The tall girl from Aco told me she isn't in facebook because she doesn't have time. We switched phone nombers. In our first talk after that she said something like - "how much personal attention he gave you! I was behind you and saw it"

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Starting my third year

My third year was in the Center of Tel Aviv. Not in the same place, but closer to my house than it was a year before. Much closer.
My teacher opened a group of Sevillanas. It's a small part of flamenco, not a pure one. This dance you need someone to dance it with. It called this way because it can only be found in Sevilla. There was a group of adavaced later that evening. That year the advanced learned to dance a palo of taranto. I went to both classes. I was curious about the Sevillanas, and still wanted a progress. Two classes in the same evening - 3 hours dancing flamenco. This year the classes started full. In the Sevillanas started also two men. They both didn't reach even to the middle of the year.
In the the class of the advanced - I was pretty "green". All the girls there made it more year than I did. I was a shame to stop them because my level was lower. That mean: I needed to go better and reach their level. Till the end of the year I understood I made it good. My level got much better this year. That was one of the reasons. Another reason: first time in my life I needed to stay on my feet and dance so long. And... I broke my hand not much after the year started.
When I broke my hand I knew what the flamenco mean to me. Like it wasn't terrible enough - it was my stronger hand - my left one. That time I couldn't do much. I needed help in many things. I couldn't go to work because I used to work than in a place and work I needed both hands. I needed help to take my dog out, I couldn't cook or clean my house... Accept the phisycal pains - it was very difficult for me mentally. I had two things which helped me to through this time without getting crazy: wotching movies and go to flamenco classes.  I still went to classes because I thought I have 2 choices - stay at home and feel sorry for myself while other goes to classes and learn more, or go to classes and do what I can. I prefered the second choice. With movies and flamenco it started the same: I went out, saw people and made something I love. In the movies I had some time to forget the pain. In the flamenco classes - I had three hours I could do a lot. I danced that time in flamenco shoes, but with comfterble pants and a t-shirt. First time I got to class in with the palster on my hand some girls asked me how do I come to class this way. Without to mean - they made me stronger. It wasn't only to show what can I do although the plaster on my hand - I can do something others won't even try. And the plaster made some diffrents in my body balance. I didn't feel it outside classes.
When I was still in the plaster - one evening only me and and another one from the Sevillanas came. I didn't open my mobile  phone, hers was broken. We didn't know that the teacher couldn't come because of it. Because we already there - we made a practise. Than she understood it's only us there - she said that she doesn't understand why does the teacher let me be in the advansed. They all better than me in three levels. She has a lot of luck I couldn't beat her in the same moment, or told her what I think of her (she's worse than me).
Anyway, after I saw how did the classes affected me mentally in that time, and it helped my hand to heal faster, I understood I have no way back. The flamenco is a big part of my life. A good part which I don't want to leave

My second

So... My second year was in North Tel Aviv. I don't really remember how many girls we were in the very start. It wasn't much, that's for sure.
As far as my teacher was about to guve a birth - she brought another dancer to see what we did - for she will teach us in the time she will take a brake.
I started to learn to dance alegria with a fan. I'm leftanded. I've been told I can play with castanuelas like a lefthanded, but as far as I learn in a group - I have to dance with the fan in my right hand, because it will will take too much attention. I still can remember the feeling after classes. I still loved the idea I learn to dance flamenco, I still love anything which goes well with fans, but holding the fan in my right hand... In those classes we had as kinda begginers only 10-15 minutes practacing with the fans near the end of class. It was enough for me to feel mussles in my shoulders I didn't know I have.  It made me a lot of pains for hours.
Not much after starting the year - my teacher gave a birth and took her vacation. Her sabstatue took her place. It took me a little time till I got used to her. Mostly because it was different and she tried to look tough in the start. That time the only girls in my group and level were me and the girl who learn for her mother. All the rest left. I had one lesson I was alone with the teacher.
The group broke. My teacher told me on the phone this class will be closed when she will return. Me and the other girl will return to class of first year, if we want to keep dancing. It will be be for keep dancing, but not running to high levels before time. I accepted. I prefered to dance more and return on steps, do it better than stop dancing at all. After the first hit - it felt wrong to stop.  But the mother of the other girl said that her daughter will go to the higher level class. I didn't see that her daoughter made it to the end of the year
When I was again like a begginer - it almost nice. Suddenly I didn't have to look who's better than me. I was the best and it was easier for me. Not that it such a problem for someone who learned it before... It get to a point that came a new woman to class. Someone who never learned flamenco before, the last time she learned a kind of dance was 20 years before and was jazz. She started after my teacher got back from her birth vacation and I made again few classes of begginers. As far as I always came early and this woman was very affraid from what she missed - I helped her practising few minutes before the class started. She always asked the teacher how do I do as a teacher, if I'm ok. My teacher said I'm good. Near the end she left because of her health and because all the classes she missed. And many others didn;t feel it's for them. Again - in the end of the year - it was me and another girl. A young girl (22 years old) who wanted to be a dancer when she will grow up. She all the time talked about that every evening she has a dance class, every evening another type. She seems to love steps and flamenco the most. In the last 2-3 classes she left. She got married with a man who's gorwn up from her in 18 years. He accepted to marry her after he saw how much money and energy she gives on his 40 birthday. I didn't hear from her again.
I had the chance to dance solo in the end of the year party. Although I changed and I'm not affraid anymore that people will see me dance - I still thought that dancing solo is a bit too much for me. I'm not sure I made the right call, but... That's life.
For the next year - it was clear that the classes will return to the Center of Tel Aviv.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My unique flamenco dress

  This photo is from last year

A bit more about my first year

At my first year I had few weird things.
in one of classes my teacher started to ask from us from time time to split for two. Some will dance and others will watch, and than will do it again - while the first dancers will watch. In one of the times she asked from the watchers to do also jaleo and palmas (the "yellings" of how pretty it is and claps of beat). I was in the first watchers. It didn't took too long till only me and another made the jaleo. We both didn't stop to laugh while the callings we made. It was too weird for us in this moment. It still weird for me outside the classes... When I was dancing with the other first watchers - that was even weirder. I started to understand and rember easly the steps not much before. When I heard the jaleo of the other girls - I forgot again and it confused me. 
I did say that it had windows to the street and it was very close, didn't I? I was always dancing close to one of the windows. Near the end of the year we madea a round which was a part of cheografy. Suddenly we saw in the window a guy who looked happy to see us. He stopped to look. We still danced, but if it wasn't funny enough - he struggled the window to open it from the outside. When he made it - he shouted to us "I love you!!", closed the window and went. We all started to laugh. The laugh hardly past till the end of the class that evening.
In the end of the year the place had some changes. My teacher found a new studio for us in North Tel Aviv. Some girl left in  the last month because of it. And my teacher was also pregnant, another thing which probably infacted to next year. There was another quetion: where will we make the end of the year party. My teacher makes also jahara therapy. It's a kind of therapy in the water. We made it in the jahara place outside the city. Only for the girls, no family or friends. One of the girls was very late and it all went much later because of it. Than we danced to each other. In my class we left only three girls to this party - includes the girl who learn beacause of her mother. After that - we all ate, drunk and recived a jahara therapy.

Friday, August 5, 2011

The start of my first year of flamenco

I started to learn dancing flamenco a year after I got back living in Tel Aviv, after many years I lived in another city - not too far. I had a weird time in my life and felt I want to learn something. I found out I can learn flamenco from a great dancer near my house. As far as I loved flamenco before - I thought it will be a good idea, mostly after I saw from outside how it looked like. It was in the street view with some windows which gave a chance to see... My teacher moved the classes to other places and I still go wherever she moves. It's already third place in 5 years.
I still wasn't very in the scene, so some close people didn't really understand why do I take it. I have to say that in those 5 years many things changed in me. One of the things is that I'm totally in the scene - even without being a profecional dancer. I got in that much till some of the girls I get to know see me as someone who knows all. Well, I know a lot now, but I still have a lot to learn. Anyway, it helps me that I always do some checking in the right places about shows/movies. A lot of basic information I know from my teacher. She has a lot of knoledge and ecxpirience. She tells a lot from it, mostly for the beginers. I always do my best to listen to her. I learned a lot from her, more than the steps.
The buying of the clothes was pretty crazy. Although the scene of flamenco - only recently it started to be easier to find some flamenco clothes in Israel. I went to a store of dance clothes, a store which has clothes for all kinds of dance. I went with one of my sisters. I remember myself do some mess in the store for finding a skirt or a dress. They had mostly skirts. I had a problem: I didn't like some of the skirts, others didn't fit... My sister had to remind me how fat I am. Nice, isn't? In the end - the lady who worked there saw I through  almost on all the flamenco skirts and didn't choose any - told me to wait a moment. She will bring me something special from the back which they don't show everyone. She brough me a black dress with long sleevs (almost till the elbos) which has "bells" in the end of the sleevs. I tried it. It was fitting me well and I fell inlove. I almost went out to the street with it just because it was so beautiful. I still have it. After 5 years and who knows how many showers it had - still hang on. And I still love it. When I first came with it to class - the other girls opened their eyes and asked me where I got it. I still hear this quetion from time to time. When I tell them - I hear that they didn't see it there. Ofcorse! This is something special! But I saw like this in the interenet as well - for perofirming.
When it moved for choosing shoes - it was easier. The lady from the store showed me three models: one is made in Israel and not so good, other one made in Brazil and a little better, and the third made in Spain (Menkes). I've been told in the store it's like the Mercedes of the flamenco shoes. I got into the Mercedes without a second thought.  The first try was good. Again - I almost went out with it, but I didn't want to ruin the shoes/Mercedes before I learned even one step of flamenco. In my first year I didn't stop thinking I dance in a Mercedes.  That was REALLY nice...!
In the first year I didn't feel too much compotition. It mostly look at others and see who dance better and who's worse. I guess I was somewhere in the middle. Another thing which changed in me was the stress. I thought I was crazy to get into a group and dance. It stressed me that other people will see me dance. Till the end of the year it changed. Even that now I can easlymake mistakes - I love that people look at me dance. I won't upload to here in the close time cause all the videos I have includes other girls too, and I don't think they would like me to upload it. THe first time I notice it was through a mother of a child who started to learn after the start of the year. The mother knows my teacher from long time ago and made her daugther start to dance. She used to seat and stair at us in the classes. That was for making sure that the child practice at home the dance in class. And show her "wisdom". I think that the girl is cute and she became a really good dancer, but I was sorry for her. It always looked to me that the cild learn beacause her mother wants it.  In the start the mother made me stress from another reason: she looked at us every class - all class! In some she joined us un the end. I didn't want her to look. I don't remember the ecxect moment, but there was one which I understood that I don't care anymore that she looked.
Well, it isn't all the things I remember from the first year, butI guess it's enough for one time. Other weird/funny things I had that year - next time

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The show of Diego El Cigala in Tel Aviv

Diego EL Cigala came to performe in Israel in the winter of 2010. Just one show in Tel Aviv. Every city in Israel has a hall of colture - a place for concerts. In case it's a city without a theater - it has also theater plays' from other cities. When El Cigala came - his show was in the hall of colture in Tel Aviv. I got a ticket in the first row... They asked NOT to get in there cameras or recording stuff. I was good and didn't bring with me. After that - I was sorry. They didn't check. Some of the audiouns took photos and it looks like no one asked them to stop. I wish I had some photos from this show... Anyway - outside the hall sold cd's pf him. I bought 2 cd's. Even that we have a big scene of flamenco in Israel - it's hard to get flamenco music around here. It's mostly when someone here makes a collection of flamenco (and I have few of those), or a bit in special stores of music. Still - till it's possible to get here - it's only a bit and if it's not a collection - most of cahnces it's Paco De Lucia (who is great).
After his musicians started to play - he got into stage like a king with a hand up. He started to sing. He had there a chair for him, and a chair for his glass of water. It didn't take too long till he started to talk with people from behind the stage. Someone from the backstage got into stage fast to replace the water with orange juice... I never seen a think like this before. It wasn't the only thing: it wasn't the first or last time I got into this hall to see performes, but the only time this place looked to me more like a taverna... Many of the audions (and it's a big place and it was almost full) made applause with the music. The audions didn't try to make it in a flamenco beat - it was more applause for the applause. El Cigala co-opporated with it from time to time.
In another part, after his orange juice has been finnished - he went out of stage. His musicians made a part without him and without any sinning. When they finnished this part - that guy from backstage came running to stage again with another full glass of orange juice. In the moment he went down of stage - Diego El Cigala returned. Again - got into stage like a king with a hand up.
Near the end, when the audions applaused enough to bring him back to stage - one woman who looked in her 20's got running on stage. She gave him a red rose and a hug. It's hard to say he looked like he suffer....
Don't get me wrong - although it was a bit weird I enjoyed this show. Maybe it even helped to make this show better and unforgatble.  
In the end, after the doors has been opened no one was hurry to go out. The audions went out slowly. Some of the workers of this hall looked whet the fan who got into stage will do next. She prommised not to get on stage again. They got relax. I got out happy that I had the chance to see it althogh I don't have any photos

Monday, August 1, 2011


Today I invited a ticket for the show of Paco de Lucia. I'm ecxited for it. He isn't the first one I will see in a show, but it will be the first time I will see HIM. It will be a week and half (plus or menus) before my next birthday. Because of that - I asked my ticket as a birthday gift. So - even that my ticket has been paid, I know the people who paid for it - for me it will be for free.
Only few days ago this show has been published on the paper that me and my close family read. I can't upload here the part from the paper - this site don't let me. My dad HATES flamenco. He doesn't mind that I learn, see and listen because he knows I love and enjoy it, but he can't understand it. And he won't come to see me on stage in the end of any year... When I told him about this show - he laughed. He said that only me and my teacher will go to see this show. It wasn't the first time.... A year and half year ago - Diego El Cigala came to Israel to make a show in Tel Aviv - he said the same. Oh.... Maybe in my next post I will write about the show of Diego El Cigala. And no, I wasn't alone there with my teacher. My teacher doesn't like him and still many came to see this show. On the show of Paco De Lucia - my teacher will probably will come as well. My ticket has been invited through the internet while my dad was sitting next to me. That was a good idea to stop the laughting... He saw himself that many tickets has been bought already

A little bite from how it looked like