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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Some more workshops

One more month

That's it, I have my ticket! In a month from now I'm gonna see for sure a flamenco show that I have a good feeling about it. I know the people who're gonna be on stage (some of them even personally) and I know it includes a lot of talent on one little stage. The main dancer is Einat Schacham who's an amazing dancer and a sweet person, and she made sure to fill the stage with some more talented people. Ilan Miller will dance with her and will be some great musicians there. There are 3 dates so far for shows at Felicja Blumental Music Centre, Tel Aviv. I have a ticket for the first one, at the end of August

Staging - Carpeta and family

Another staging

Mijal Natan (dance) and Baldy Olier (guitar) share a stage. A photo by Lavie Ben-Baruch


One more beautiful painting by Fabian Perez

Painting by Ricardo Sanz

Coming soon

Rafa in red

Monday, July 30, 2012


Dear Eva

Carpeta on stage

La Farruca on stage

La Farruca in the studio

Mother and son - studio version

Camaron in the port

I remind it's getting closer

A bata de cola

In the photo: La Lupi, Málaga,1971

One more stage

Luisa Palicio in Festival International Flamenco Genève 2008. A photo by Joss Rodriguez

One more version to Carmen

Maybe it could be useful

Sunday, July 29, 2012

One reahearsal

Compas Company and Arik Alfassi in a rehearsal

More on stage - Mijal again

A photo by Danny Kitri

Mijal on Stage

Few photos of Mijal Natan on stage. Photos by Dorit Friedman

One more - Farruquito on stage

It starts tonight!

Rafa dance again

Some new ones from the tour


A mother and son

A new one of Carpeta

El Carpeta in Mont de Marsan 2012. A photo by Joss Rodriguez

And the flowers

Here is a photo I took of the flowers I received in the end of the show

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Really the end

Well, even with all the mistakes - we had some loud claps. For those I could say I noticed and cared about were in and after the caña and the farruca. And in the real end. A bit of enthusiasm behind the curtain. Neta said we all were great. I guess I was too fast with going with plans. After I got with it - I ran out for hellos. I got into the small hack that I got through by mistake in the morning. It was close to the hall's door. I ran to my friend, her husband and my parents. Before I got them - my dad called to me that my friends came from Jerusalem. I see! I'm hurry because of it! When I got them I apologized and said that I hope they didn't disappointed. They told me that not. Israelis always has something to say, so someone that I don't know who was there said that somebody here enthusiastic. I'm sure that she didn't come from far to see anyone special. I asked my dad if he really suffered (he hates flamenco). He said that yes, he did. My friend gave me a flower from fabric. Isn't she amazing? Comes from far to see me, her husband take some photos in a level that I could only dream about from show and she gives me this flower... If I wasn't still in the show's mood I probably would have get some tears in my eyes from her. The other student of Tuesdays gave me the money. I asked her if I'll see her next year. She said although she loves Neta - it's too hard for her to get to Tel Aviv each time. She ran to catch a bus. I ran to change clothes. In the way I saw someone I know through the studio. She also a friend of my friend and she also went to the workshop of Maria Juncal when I went. I knocked her shoulder to say hello. When I changed - people came in and out from the place I changed. I made it fast as possible, looked that I didn't forget anything... I went to thank my friend for helping me with the hair. I said goodbye and went out. I saw my parents go out from the building. I went out as well, but then I didn't see them. Still my hair mostly like it was in the show. I heard someone calls me. I found my parents stand and talk with my friends from Jerusalem aside. I had a heavy breath. I finally noticed that I can really breath and get to relax. Well, after a show it takes some time to relax, but... I'm free to do so. My friend asked me if I breath. I start to. As I was looking for the hairpins I complained on the fact I have some hair grease in my hair. My dad it doesn't matter now. I had to wash my hair now, that's for sure. My hair became like sticky irons. We said goodbye. I guess that it was less terrible than I thought. My friend was very forgiving and said it was possible to see that the space I had to the bata was challenging. She said that although she learn to dance as well for a long time she can't see herself dance the caña or the farruca we had on stage. Later on my parents said that they didn't see some mistakes that looked horrible to me. A day and a half after, with the comments and photos - I start to feel relax and proud of myself that I didn't give up. My friend said about one of the photos her husband took me on stage with the bata look like the musicians are for me only. It's cute. And from the photos I saw - I think this photo is one of the best he took me. I mean to this one (if not the best of the best):
The photo by Yaron Segal

Our show itself as I felt it

The little kids has started. I didn't see it. The man from the medium level classes made a practice down there. Another one from his classes told him that whatever he didn't learn till now - he won't learn ever. He stopped. Einat started too. It made some noise. We were afraid that people hear it in the hall. She still practice. Beginners got to the stage. The "smart" one asked me if it will be fine with me that after will go to the backstage after the caña I'll give her to go first to the dressing rooms. I know that she needs to change fast in this time, she asked to do it in a part that no one see and I don't wanna fight, so... In this I don't think that she asked for something rude. I really didn't have any problem with it. Just not to die... I finally got it: not all came. The beginner who looks like a man didn't come to perform. The little group of the fandango de Huelva didn't know when to go to stage. When they thought that the beginners on stage - it was still the time of the kids. When they got up I looked for the guitar player and the singer. They went to practice in the dressing room of Neta and her company. After a while I came to the door and told them to get ready. The fandango will start soon and then will come the caña. We were ready in time. The guitar player and the singer were next to me in the behind curtain. I started again to crucify. The singer made jaleo to the fandango. Most of them were pretty. I tried to think that I'll make it. I have to. They got down from stage. Neta started a speech to invite us. It started to tell for those who're not aware what is a bata de cola and the way that the body needs to move to make it good. She told a story that I heard from her many times before about her first time she ever danced in a bata, once a long time ago when she was in Japan. Then - the girls of the caña. Oh... The musicians! Neta invited the guitar player who carry on with us for years, and the singer who came to us recently (too recently if you ask me). They started. We did too. In our entrada was a pert that was a bit too hard for us. We didn't make enough rehearsals together and we're not pro dancers, so there was a point that wasn't clear enough for us in the music. I looked for the 4th row. Yeah, it was still possible to see our audience there. I could see the lens of my friend's husband. A friend who came for me with her husband from Jerusalem. It made me easier to find them both and my parents who sat next to them. For me it was enough if I'll dance well for them. Still felt like a failure. I didn't have space. Some points I made it too slow or not clear enough. My friend and I had few accidents and our batas got into one mess. Once she almost got on my bata. I felt the wires - a thing that made my moves smaller. My friend by mistake once sent her bata to my face and didn't even notice. Neta made us palmas and jaleo while sitting next to the singer. My friend got too close to me. Neta made it somehow to correct my friend in a way it will sound like jaleo. We bot understood it. I heard it and I saw my friend move elegance back to her place. At least no one told me that I'm too fast or slow in the bow down. We got to the backstage. It took my friend a moment to say and repeat it over and over "horror! horror!". We tried to tell her to be quiet. Didn't help. The medium level class came to replace us on stage with solea. My friend was shocked from the fact she almost got on me and the times we got into each other with our batas. Changing fast our clothes again. Come on! We will have to back to stage in a moment... When we got up with our farruca' clothes Neta still was talking about the solea. Two groups wait behind the curtains. When they danced the solea I could feel the air conditioner. Before I die - at least try to enjoy watching a solea in the air conditioner. When they finished - Neta told that farruca made for men and didn't say much accept that. With the farruca I felt that make it. In the studio I made it better, in the rehearsal I made it, but a thing that I made a mistake every time - I made it this time good. The mistakes I made on stage I could do it like nothing happen. The pants were in the place most of time. In the time it wasn't - I made a little pull up in a way like it's a part of dance. The biggest problem that I wasn't sure that I'm not too behind others in few points. I was almost happy with this. We got down. A bit of talk. Most of girls went to see the rest. Einat made a solo from he show that will start soon. Neta got down to change. I almost cried. I said something like "Neta!!! Not enough space for the batas! I made my best and it wasn't good enough!". Neta didn't think for a moment and said "it's all in your heads". Einat got down to change too. She was upset as well and said it was short and she didn't make it good enough. My friend said we should go to see the rest. We got into the hall together. She let me to sit in the last chair and she sat on the stairs. Ilan made a solo. After him - Neta made a solo as well. Einat and Ilan joined her later for a dance. Neta called us to stage by levels. All made free bow downs. I was in the sky, so I didn't go to make a bow down fast. The non-clean woman started to push me over and over again to the middle of the stage. I made a bow down that more fit to theater than to flamenco. Than a half round. Neta gave each one of us a red rose. She asked her assistant to come and gave her also some white flowers. Neta got also flowers like this. The curtain has been closed on us.

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