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Thursday, June 16, 2016

The workshop of Adrian Santana, June 2016

It's about time that I will write about it. I took another workshop with
Adrian Santana. I took again the mid level. It was a farruca this time. 

First day

When I came and after I got changed clothes - so many signed me for hello. It included Ilan who came for two levels - the solea for advanced and the class that I took, it included Idit, Mijal, even Adrian himself signed me for hello. Adva was there at the advanced. At a water brake she got through next to me at least twice and made a try NOT to look at me like I'm air. When did she become so snobbish? I was good for her when  I came to workshops that she gave with others and I was good enough for when I ran over the city to see her on stage - includes at some horrible places. She's angry with me since I came for a try at a class of her alone decided to finish by that without telling her how much it was horrible for me. And after that she was angry that I came to work for Concha Jareño and made a try to make it as professional as possible instead of seeing her on stage... I guess she became snobbish since. 

Between classes I was talking almost with everybody. Although Ilan was happy to see me - he wasn't in a mood to talk. But almost with all. Adva still made a try to look like she doesn't know me. Although her talent - at my head has started a list of curses over her. Even Adrian who knows me less than her was talking with me a bit. 

The class itself has started with a kind of warming that I remembered that typical to Adrian. Lots of legs' work. Some simple steps, but make you feel your muscles grow bigger at the same time you freak out from doing it again and again. Adrian looked at me many times for checking out if I'm doing well. Still I wasn't the only one who received his attention. All was professional and he gave attention to all with a lot of patience. He started to remind me Miguel at this way. Miguel also gives attention to all with lots of patience and do it very professional, but the Miguel's way is funnier. I was giving a complement to both of them now - if it wasn't clear enough. The warming took a long difficult time. It was difficult because of working so hard on it, but as far as I knew it's about to come (it's the second time that I take a workshop that he gives), the fact that I was dancing a lot between both workshops I took from him and my body is stronger now and my technique gets better - I could enjoy the pain. Few times Ilan checked me out as well, just for checking. He does it from time to time.

We started a farruca. Practice a lot from a little but difficult part of it. 
Again - that joke... Ilan has a joke over me that even if will be two people at the studio including me someone will run over me. This time few girls almost ran over me and I almost danced on the wall. Ilan was there to see it. I looked to see if he notice it. He did. He was looking at me and I saw that he tries NOT to laugh and can't  hold himself. It probably looked too funny. 

Our class has started with a late, we've been given over time from the late. The beginners' class has been cancel. No one after us. No dramas at the end

Second day

Once again - between classes I was talking with all Includes Adrian, accept Adva who still behaved like she doesn't know me. Ilan stressed me at the start. I didn't see him although he was meant to be at both classes - the one I was taking and the one before. Well, he did come only the the class I took with a weird story why did he miss the class before. A guy that lean at the studio and didn't come at the day before took that time the advanced.

This time the class has started closer to the time it meant to be. The same kind of warming, but shorter with time. A lot of work on the farruca. We made a practice on the steps we learned the day before and learned many new ones. This time Ilan almost ran over me, but he noticed it and got away without I will say a thing. 

Lots of work. Lots of pleasure. Got back home tired

Third day

Yael Tuchfeld came for a while to Israel. She came also to the last day of the workshops. I think that she took the bata class, but she stayed after. She was sinning to the advanced. This time Ilan didn't come at all. He didn't know at time that the workshops has a third day and it didn't worked out for him to come. 

Between classes I was talking again, mostly with Adrian and Yael. Suddenly Adva remembered that she knows me. She still didn't say a thing, but she got stuck to me when she saw me talking with Adrian and Yael. It looked like she tried to listen. I don't remember when I wanted that much as this time that she will stay away from me. 

For the last farruca class we stayed four brave women. Two others from Mijal's studio. Well, one of them used to be till she moved to Germany because of her boyfriend. She got back for a visit and go on dancing. Both of them made a practice while the third woman who came has started to talk with me. Not sure that I met her before. It was a nice meeting talk. 

Warming. A difficult for body warming.

Some practice on the steps we already learned and learned many more. Yael was sinning to us as well. It was fun to dance and hear her sinning. At the end of class Adrian accepted that I will take a video. Because of rush - I made it, but in a bad quality. 

Before going on - I asked Adrian to have a photo with me. Mijal made us two at my camera. As you can see she made it well, but it took some time. She doesn't use pro cameras very often. Adrian accepted I will publish the photos.

After going out from the studio I was talking at the phone with Ilan. I was telling him about the class he was missing. By the way I told him that Adva pissed me off. About Adva - the only thing Ilan had to say was "What's new?"

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The project

As far as some of you know - I'm also a photographer, not only a flamenco lover. This is my first blog, but I also have a photography blog, my photography. This is the photography blog:

So, those who read a lot this blog knows that I know some great photographers who takes flamenco photography, but since I have a camera that fits for it - I take some photos at flamenco shows too. 

So, accept being busy with Adrian Santana (some more stories on the way) - I'm busy with a project that in case it will work out - it will give me the base to start being an independent photographer. So far the flamenco shows that I took photos at were for fun an to practice. I didn't receive money for it.

You can help an support me to start with it! I started a project at an Israeli web site for people's money support. Many of the things are fit to the photography blog, but.... In case you're a professional dancer or musician and you're coming to perform at Tel Aviv - you can invite stills photography through the project. In case you have a flamenco studio or a firm to flamenco' clothes - you can support and ask for a commercial. To pay once and the commercial stays forever. The commercial suppose to be at the photography blog, but because I love you and it's about flamenco - your support, only the flamenco thing can be at both blogs at the same price. 

And this is the project (you can do Google Translate from Hebrew if you need so):

The part of 320 NIS is for the photography at rehearsal or shows. For the last option at 599.90 NIS you an have the commercial. 

Thank you for you attention

And down: some flamenco photos that I took. Names of the dancers below the photos

Miguel Angel

Mijal Natan

Ayelet Shachar

Ilan Miller

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

This August - Miguel Angel at Dresden, Germany

13.-17. August 2016 im TanzZentrum Dresden e.V.

1.) Technik (Mittelstufe) 
Sa., 11.30-12.30 Uhr
So., 12.00-13.00 Uhr
Preis(2 Tage): 36,-/erm.33,-EUR

2.) Tangos de Malaga, 2. Teil*) (Mittelstufe)
Sa., 12.45-14.15 Uhr
So., 13.15-14.45 Uhr
Mo.-Mi., 18.00-19.20 Uhr
Preis(5 Tage): 138,-/erm.129,-EUR

3.) Technik (Anfänger mit Vorkenntnissen)
Sa., 14.45-15.45 Uhr 
So., 15.30-16.30 Uhr
Preis(2Tage): 36,-/erm.33,-EUR

4.) Bulerias (Anfänger mit Vorkenntnissen)
Sa., 16.00-17.30 Uhr
So., 16.45-18.15 Uhr
Mo.-Mi., 19.30-20.50 Uhr
Preis(5 Tage): 138,-/erm.129,-EUR

*) Teilnahme auch möglich ohne Kenntnis vom 1.Teil

Bei Frühbuchung (Zahlung) bis zum 15. Juli 2016 gibt es 5% Rabatt und bei Mehrfachbelegung weitere 10% !

Alle Kurse sind mit Live-Musik-Begleitung.

Anmeldung bei Sabine Jordan,; 0173-363 26 23