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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Don't forget April

Saturday with Farru and Carpeta


For Andalucia

Tomorrow with Karla and Marcela

Friday/Saturday with Rafa

Dear Rocio

Copyright:Imag Studio

About Dias de Flamenco

There was something a bit confused about it.... I know that the workshops in Días de Flamenco filled very fast. Last year I hardly got my place in the last moment and I know that some found out that there is no more place for them. This year I was probably the first one who got a place (or at least - one of the first ones). I still not sure if it's a good idea this year, but I can't help myself from running to it.

And now.... The way it has been told...... Almost there - I made a mistake because of the short month which end today. It won't be in 3 more weeks, it will be two more weeks. Eva Agmon (the manager of this party) that it has been sold out. I think she meant to the show cause she said also about El Piraña, Niño Josele and David Broza who won't give the workshop. Only the dancers gives it every year, and this year it will be Juan de Juan

Something to live for

New Yorkers - a reminder

March 2013

A cajon workshop

One more to March

Tonight in Málaga

3 more weeks to this

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Start of March with Rafa

June with Ivan

Iván Vargas, 26 to June 2013 in New Mexico 

And in case you'll be in Sevilla....

50,000 party

Maybe it's silly of me to celebrate this number of entrances, but.... It's too cool for leaving it like noting happened.

I know that there are some that their blogs are bigger than mine (for now), but I know that La Reina De La Luna + is still bigger than other blogs and getting bigger with time.

Thank you again all of you for reading it!

London is calling

Reminder for the Miami and Co.

March with Joaquín Ruíz

Taller de Baile Flamenco Integral con Joaquín Ruíz, un lujo, apuntaros! 
Sábado, 16 de marzo de 12 a 14 y de 15 a 17h. aforo limitado (10personas maximo); en Artebar La Latina, reservas: 615115627, o

I thought that...... What a....

Few minutes late (I think). Crazy, but the husband of the fat woman stopped watching us in this class. I think it's thanks to the fact Ilan laughed about loud near the fat woman more than once. For a start - Neta told us that how great - her assistant became a grandmother. The assistant said that soon it will happen to us. Yeah, right.... Maybe accept the fat woman - none of us is old like her, and those who have children in this class are not in this age.

A short warming. And the legs' thing we do - a part of class which will do as a part of show. I know that Ilan sometimes forget the same part from it and many goes after him. I told him to remember, he asked which art, but.... A moment before I answered - Neta started to make us palmas and we made it. I guess that I didn't have to say anything - nothing was forgotten, and even Neta said that we're getting better. After few times of making all - we have one more little thing to do in the end, few little steps. We worked a lot on this part, and when we ended it (or a bit before) - Andreu got in. He was meant to come next week to the other class, but....

Neta asked us to make rounds all over the studio in couples. A moment after we started - she got out. We made all of us in couples and a trio three times till she got back. One more kind of rounds to each side, and over. 

We started dancing our seguiriya. in the start we had to work on fixings. And over and over all again. I have a reason to be happy that I can stand on my own sometimes, I took a different side of the studio this year and I start to see a good thing about my height (which isn't too tall) - in the start of the  seguiriya it gives me the joy of being the first in the line. I hoped that Andreu would look, after all - he didn't see it much and I told loud on Sunday while he was there that I think this seguiriya is beautiful (and I mean it when I say it). It took him some time, but... Till he looked - after the first time we danced all - one of the girls (someone who's second year in the medium level and dance really nice) asked me if my dress is new. She said it's really beautiful. Ok, that's one more thing which makes me like this girl. 

Next class has started as well in a little late. Andreu took a place from the left and a bit in the front of us. Neta told him what we do with our combination of steps and that we'll do each alone a "real" buleria. We started. We didn't finish it. Neta asked us to stop cause we all were too serious. Now we have to stand in a line, one next to another and before we start it - we have to walk, make palmas and jaleo for a very certain time, and only then - start dancing. It was a bit weird. In the first time we were too quiet (I guess), made palmasm but not much jaleo. Neta asked us to shout and be more connected one to each other. Second time - a lot of jaleo, some called in others names between the jaleo. Neta liked it. One of the times - it came to calling each other and instead of jaleo - "how are you?" it was pretty funny and made us get into the mood of buleria. 

After working a lot over and over on the combination - getting into the part of each alone. The snobbish one was the first. All made mistakes. Accept the bimbo who made a little mistake which was hard to see - all made some dramatic mistakes. Even Ilan who almost gave up. The assistant didn't accept to try. The weirdo accepted to do it with Neta, but not really alone. Then my turn for the end. Neta was still there, but I thought she's waiting for me from a reason, Maybe I don't do it well enough and she doesn't trust me that I can make it. Not really, she made a little part of the entrada with me and left me do it alone. She moved a side. Andreu still looked at her. Damn, how do I make him look at me and it will be a good as a part of dance with his music? I almost gave up when he finally looked at me (for my horror it wasn't because of anything I made). I know that the rest of it I didn't do perfect, but I made something and felt good most of the time. When I got back to my place I was sure that's it's gonna be my end. It could be much worst. Neta said that I wasn't all the time on the beat and there was no enough sound to my feet, but I'm getting better and become more clear with the way I take it. Ok, I can live with it for now. 

After class - a walk home slowly.......

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

March with Karla and Marcela

Start the season in NY

Stage de buleria

At 23rd March

Tablao Flamenco with Compas Company

'טבלאו פלמנקו' - ערב אינטימי ואותנטי בבית הלהקה

להקת הפלמנקו הישראלית COMPAS בערב של פלמנקו אותנטי ואינטימי
מוצאי שבת, 9 במרץ 2013 בשעה 21:00
בית להקת הפלמנקו הישראלית, רחוב המסגר 60, תל-אביב.

גיטרה: יחיאל חסון
שירה: שוקי שוויקי
כלי הקשה: מוי נתנזון
ריקוד: להקת הפלמנקו הישראלית

כרטיסים במכירה מוקדמת בטלפון 03-6959536 

A photo by Danny Kitri

To Málaga

Tonight in Sevilla

Hoy Martes 26, La Caja Negra, c / Fresa, 15, 21:30, 6 €
Adriana Bilbao, Blanca Perdiguer - Baile Elena Morales - cante Guillermo Guillén - Guitarra 

March in Paris (reminder)

In a studio

Maria Juncal - upcoming Mexico/Israel


Seminario en Marzo

Monday, February 25, 2013

One more of Farruquito staging

Some new of Farru staging

Belén Maya and Carmen Linares Staging

One more to April

March with David Romero

Maria Juncal in the north

That's getting closer too

Getting closer with La Farruca