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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Upcoming with Farru at Wrocław

Zaplanowane warsztaty z Farruquito, poprowadzi jego brat, El Farru, ponieważ nasz mistrz miał ważne powody zawodowe, i musiał się wycofać z prowadzenia warsztatów aż do odwołąnia, ale udało sie sciągnąć jego brata. który jest równie wspaniały.. Są jeszcze miejsca, 4 miejsca na bulerias
3 miejsca na soleares
i 7 miejsc na seguiryas,
jeżli ktoś się chce zapisać to prosze o kontakt mailowy
For tickets

Miguel Poveda at Ashdod (Israel)

מיגל פובדה, זמר הפלמנקו הספרדי בן ה 42- נולד בברצלונה וכבר בגיל 15 כבש את במות המועדונים של קטלוניה עם שירת הפלמנקו שלו! 
בפעם הראשונה בישראל, יציג פובדה מופע ייחודי ומלא רגש של שירת פלמנקו, בו הוא מפגין את יכולותיו הווקאליות הידועות, כמו גם את ההתפתחות המוסיקלית שלו לאורך השנים - בליווי להקתו.
Miguel Poveda Le.n - singer
Joan Albert Amarg.s- Piano
Juan G.mez Gorj.n - Guitar
Francisco Gonz.lez Agudo - Percussi.n
Jos. Carlos Grilo Mateo - Claps
Miguel .ngel Soto – Voices

For tickets:


("כימיה") - היא קירבה מיוחדת וייחודית. היא התשתית לאמון, לקשר הולך ומעמיק בין הרקדנים, בינם לבין המוסיקאים המופיעים ומלווים אותם, וכמובן עם הקהל. כל אלו מרכיבים מופע פלמנקו מסורתי, איכותי וסוחף!
ערב שהוא כולו שיתוף פעולה יצירתי מוסיקלי בניחוח בינלאומי.


אחד מרקדני הפלמנקו העולים בספרד כיום. זוכה תחרות CERTAMEN
היוקרתית במדריד ורקדן בלהקות המובילות עם טובי הכוריאוגרפים בספרד.
אדריאן סנטנה מופיע בהצלחה מרובה ברחבי העולם ומגיע לישראל לסיבוב הופעות עם להקת הפלמנקו הישראלית.

סולנים: מיכל נתן ו- ADRIAN SANTANA
להקת הפלמנקו הישראלית : ולדה וסט, הדס נסטל, גראו קבררה, מורן רון, אילת שחר, ליה שיינפלד
גיטרות: יחיאל חסון, איתמר שפירא
שירה: שוקי שוויקי, מרים לוי
תלבושות: ורוניקה שור
ניהול, שיווק והפקה: קרן רגב-אביב

24.5.16 ג ׳ 21:00 , מרכז סוזן דלל תל אביב, 03-6959536
27.5.16 ו׳ 21:00 , דן כרמל חיפה במסגרת סופ"ש אנדלוסיה, 08-9396030
28.5.16 ש׳ 21:30 , היכל התרבות יבנה, 08-9320000
2.6.16 ה׳ 20:30 , היכל התרבות אור עקיבא, 04-6266636
6.6.16 ב׳ 20:30,המשכן לאמנויות הבמה באר שבע, 08-6266400 שלוחה 1
ג׳ 21:00 , תיאטרון ירושלים, רבקה קראון. 6226 *, 02-5605755

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Rafael Amargo

Tablao Flamenco - April 2016

Once again... Too long to write about it. Tablao flamenco at the studio of Mijal. Compas Company and live music. I was there to see it. This time I came with my camera. I wasn't the only one. There is one more student of Mijal who takes  photos with a professional camera. I was showing here long time ago some photos that she took at a tablao like this. Her name is Talia Kliger. This time I still didn't see her photos from there. 

April's show was this time at the last day of Dias de Flamenco. I wasn't sure if people will come. Were many. Few dancers of the company, Talia, me and many people that I didn't know. Almost full with people. I found a place at the first line this time instead of the balcony. Better to the photography. I came with a bead bracelet on my hand. It was torn a moment before the show has started. 

So this time:

The dancers were Mijal Natan, Ayelet Shachar and Guerau Cabrera.
The singer was Ofir Atar.
The guitar player was Tomer Elmalah. 

Tomer play at some of the classes at the studio for a while, I think it's the first show like this that he's taking a part with them. 

The show has started with a solea that Ayelet was dancing. A new one. I didn't see it before. It was a pleasure to see it. The outfit - I guess I start to know all of them when it's about this company. Moran Ron was there and made the palmas. Ayelet received many hands claps from the audience who seemed to love it as I did. 

After that was a part of music. A part of the fun of watching it was see that Ofir and Tomer enjoy the moment. A part of this song - Ofir sang at Hebrew. It was a surprise. After a moment of a shock - the audience received that with love. When the song was over - Ofir said that he loves this song at Spanish, he translated it to Hebrew and it's the first time that he sings it this way. 

The next part was a siguiryia. Ayelet and Guerau were dancing a part. After a while Mijal joined them. Another new dance. And it was so beautiful. 

And as it always at those shows - a brake. Behind me was sitting a man who came with his daughter. The girl looked like 10-12 years old. I loved the idea that he already teaches her to love this culture. The kid was wondering loud who was the dancer at the start. She asked her father what is the name of the dancer. I almost gave them a program. They had one and I wasn't sure it won't make me look weird to offer it. 

After the brake was a solo of Guerau. He was dancing a solea por buleria. That's it. If I wasn't sure before that I love this guy and his talent - it's about to be sure. 

One more musical part. Which was cool.

For the end - the solo of Mijal. Once again she was dancing a taranto. It ended with tangos. Although it wasn't surprise that she will dance it - I still found it amazing. A new taranto. And she dance it so well. 

End of the official part of the show. Mijal called whoever knows to dance Sevillanas and want to joined them... Moran Ron and Vlada Vest who were there joined them. Mijal called Talia to leave her camera for a moment and join them. Well... I didn't dance it for too long and don't remember how to do it. At least I was with my camera. After that Talia went back to her camera, the others stayed for buleria of fin la fiesta. The original dancers danced it. After fin la fiesta and after all came down from the stage - the audience still clapped hands like this... Mijal, Ayelet and Guerau came back to stage and made another letra of buleria without the musicians. 

After the show I stayed to talk with the people that I know. 

And here are few of the photos that I took at this tablao: