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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

El Choro at Días de Flamenco 2016

Yep. Once again it takes me some time to write about a show. And from few reasons - this time it was enough for me to see the main show of Días de Flamenco.  That was "Bailes de Jitanos" of El Choro.

It was very emotional for me this time. For a start - my old dog has passed away recently. It was the first flamenco that I saw since. It's THAT fresh. Accept that - this time the first day of the festival came out on the birthday of my dear friend Maya. From so many reasons - although we're at contact all the time - we didn't see each other for too long. We had our meeting few minutes before the show. 

The show itself - he wasn't alone on stage. Accept him - two guitar players. Jesus Guerrero and Juan Campallo. Percussions: Paco Vega. Singers: Moi De Morón, Pepe de Pura and Jesus Corbacho. And another dancer - Gema Moneo.

All show made as a show of flamenco puro. A lot of respect for traditional style of flamenco. No story behind, just few chairs, a table, music and dance. It starts with music and El Choro sits next to the table and knock a buleria. It also finish this way. At the middle - a show that keeps you with your mouth open just because of the talent and ability of dancers and musicians. There was a part that Gema Moneo came to stage with hair down. She was sinning and dancing at this part. I loved that moment. It made so well and looked gipsy.

There was one moment that made it less than perfect. This time one microphone turned down in the middle of the show. Pepe de Pura had to shout. One moment he came near to the audience. The husband of my friend Maya said that he thinks that it was a moment of real flamenco - to hear a person sing instead of the microphone. I loved the part in it that I noticed that the guitar players made a try to support him. The music got down and finished. They made the beat only until he finished his solo. Although the problem - they got out of it in a very professional way with a real connection between them. I think they made the problem to magic. Later on the mic has been replaced. 

I was moved from this show. Still - as far as it was at that day and I came to see it this way - it's a bit difficult for me to say more. Just a perfect show. And even the thing that made it less became special. And I was moved from what came out to me accept that. 

At the audience was also Mijal, my teacher. I was responsible for a little conversation between me, Mijal and Maya. Maya saw her many times on stage. Our first meeting was as an audience at a show of Mijal with her company and Rafael Amargo. After that Maya and her husband gave me a ride home. At the car was waiting for me a gift. Maya gave me a box of chocolates for making me happy

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