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Friday, October 30, 2015

After watching Las Primas at Jaffa

I know that it took me way too long to write about it. I was so proud at myself that finally a first flamenco show that I took some photos with a professional camera. And I took many photos. It took me a little while to check out all of it and decide which to publish and which not. And to publish here and at another blog. A blog of photography that I run for less years than this one. I know it's a horrible self promotion, but in case you want to check out my other blog, here's the link:

And I started a new day job that made me a "little" stress. So this show was one of my last tries to relax before this job. Instead I was "high" and missed some more sleeping hours. 

So, after the apologize....

Las Primas are a new flamenco group made in Israel by three talented women.

Noa Drezner - guitar
Miriam Levy - singer
Yael Yamin - dancer

This time as guest starts they invited Hagai Leshem to play the cajon. And a violin player. Her name is Johana, I'm not sure how to right her last name at English.....

Although at this place were some flamenco shows before - it was finally the first time that I came to see a show there. Because I don't have a car, the public  transportation here needs improvement and it's at a unique area that city hall try to save (with justice) - it's a story for me to get there more often. It's a bar/restaurant with shows, not only flamenco. It was possible to invite a table, but it wasn't necessary. I didn't invite cause although my will - I wasn't sure to last moment if I will be there. No ride, just horrible transportation and I came early. Very early to catch a good place. So, I got my place. Some people already have been there, but not for the show. They sat outside. I got in. From people who came to see the show - I was the first. So early. I found a table with a great view on stage. As far as I saw how did they prepare the stage - it was clear to me that it includes a great place to photography. The shows are free, but they wait people to invite something to eat or drink. I was sure that will be some more things to eat without meat, so... I came hungry. Not a good idea to drink alcohol this way. So with alcohol I wanted to invite something to eat. The most expensive salad that I ate in my life.... One more problem - after I received the menu - no one came to ask me what do I want to order. Noa came and was talking with me before anything happened. I told her that I came with a pro camera and I want to take some photos. She accepted and even was cool with me to upload photos before she see it herself. Not all accept to do it. After the talk I had with Noa I went to the bar and asked the bartender from whom do I order. He said that he will call the waitress to come to me. After a while came to me a man who told me that they a little forgot about me. I noticed it although it doesn't happen to me much. At least me invitation came fast to the table. Martini Bianco that I love and invited has finished, so I took dry. Look like it went well with the little salad I took. At least it was all good and fills more it looks like. The time of the show was meant to start, but the only people who came accept me were two bimbos who told that they saw about it on Facebook. That's disturbing... One table has been invited in another good place, but the people who invited it didn't come yet. Only half an hour later. I won;t tell names, but it's about people who have a great connection to the flamenco at Israel. They looked at me like they try to remember from where they suppose to know me (and they suppose to). After I took off my camera - their eyes moved to my camera. Only after the show was meant to start - some more people came. The show has started an hour after it meant for. How do all that people knew to come after time? And worse - how did I miss it?

At the show itself (finally) it was an amazing experience. I saw Noa Drezner and Hagai Leshem many times before at show. I adore their talents. They both knows me a bit. At the case of Noa - I like her also at personal - as much as I know her. Miriam Levy - I know that she's a rising star here, I didn't see her enough so far. I saw her on stage only once or twice before. It was a pleasure to see that her ability to sing wasn't a one night wonder. She's good. About Yael Yamin - one more rising star over here. I didn't see her live before somehow. So far I just saw some videos. Now I can say that the videos that I saw of hers doesn't show how great she is live. She danced so beautiful all night. And it was possible to see that she's still "fresh" and full of passion and try to prove herself. To me she doesn't need to improve a thing any longer. The only thing for me with her that from her passion comes out from time to time some faces that looks a little weird to my eyes. Few photos that I took that evening I rather NOT to show because I was catching her that way. 

The problems didn't over. The sound. After two songs that even the audience could here something bad - the musicians asked to fix it. The audience didn't need to hear some more sound peoblems, but the musicians still has some problems and asked to fix it many times on the show, not without to apologize to the audience. 

Johana was playing at some parts of the show. She;s been asked to come back to the stage for fin la fiesta and a little before, although she finished her part till then. Yael was dancing at many parts, but when she didn't dance or changed dresses - she played another cajon. At the middle of the show came a weird couple. They sat next to me. They asked girls from behind if they disturb. The answer was "yes", but they didn't feel like moving or apologize. Near the end the musicians told they want to do something else for peace. Hagai changed the cajon in darbouka. At this part Johana was playing her violin. Noa at her guitar. Some Arab sounds. Miriam was sinning at Arabic. Yael wasn't on stage changing. And even though I was expecting a pure flamenco show - it was very sweeping the mind. Few people at audience - includes the weird couple got up on feet to dance. 

For the end Yael came back. A bit played the cajon. After that moved to dance solea. When she came back to stage - came to sit not far from me the only other pro photographer accept me who came to see the show. He made it a little difficult to take some more photos cause of all times he pushed himself to the frame of my camera. Again - no names. I still didn't see his photos and after telling things like this on him... Anyway - Most of show I wasn't really "on earth" to notice which palos were. From time to time I recognized. but I forgot fast. I was too thrilled from the fact I can take some worthy photos at a flamenco show for the first time, too shocked from other things that happened there that night. So, the only thing that I really remember was the end.....

After the show I was talking with Noa. She asked me how did it sound, She told me that the sound was so bad that they couldn't hear themselves at the show. Hagai told me the same few minutes after. Noa said that I can stay and talk with them after that outside. I wanted, but the hour, the fact I was busy from early morning, my dog, coming back home somehow, I knew that it will be difficult for me to wait with the photos (a part of my horrible concentration is the fact it's difficult for me to wait with delaying some things for later).... I just wanted to pay and go. The horrible service came back. Even for paying I needed to remind them... I wanted to go without paying because of it (some people told me that I needed to take this option when I told them), but what will happen if next time that I will come to see flamenco at this place they will remember me?

And few photos that I took at this show:

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015