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Saturday, June 11, 2016

The project

As far as some of you know - I'm also a photographer, not only a flamenco lover. This is my first blog, but I also have a photography blog, my photography. This is the photography blog:

So, those who read a lot this blog knows that I know some great photographers who takes flamenco photography, but since I have a camera that fits for it - I take some photos at flamenco shows too. 

So, accept being busy with Adrian Santana (some more stories on the way) - I'm busy with a project that in case it will work out - it will give me the base to start being an independent photographer. So far the flamenco shows that I took photos at were for fun an to practice. I didn't receive money for it.

You can help an support me to start with it! I started a project at an Israeli web site for people's money support. Many of the things are fit to the photography blog, but.... In case you're a professional dancer or musician and you're coming to perform at Tel Aviv - you can invite stills photography through the project. In case you have a flamenco studio or a firm to flamenco' clothes - you can support and ask for a commercial. To pay once and the commercial stays forever. The commercial suppose to be at the photography blog, but because I love you and it's about flamenco - your support, only the flamenco thing can be at both blogs at the same price. 

And this is the project (you can do Google Translate from Hebrew if you need so):

The part of 320 NIS is for the photography at rehearsal or shows. For the last option at 599.90 NIS you an have the commercial. 

Thank you for you attention

And down: some flamenco photos that I took. Names of the dancers below the photos

Miguel Angel

Mijal Natan

Ayelet Shachar

Ilan Miller

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