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Friday, December 25, 2015

Photos now, stories later

For those who were wondering why did I 
publish less at the blog at the last days....

Almost last moment I took to myself
a photography project which still have a connection
for dancing, but not flamenco. I hope to finish with
it this weekend.

And still do many other things.
Miguel got back to Israel after too long. 
When it's once at a year and a half - it's 
too long between the times that he comes as
I see it. A new workshop with him and soon
two shows.

I took some photos at a rehearsal with him at the
studio, but I still need to wait till I will told it's fine to
publish some photos (and to finish with the project that I
took two days earlier and I still work on). 

The workshop that I take with him has started.
Still didn't finish, but we have our traditional
photos together already (and probably will have some more).

So, before I will tell all - two new photos.
The first is me with Miguel Angel and Mijal Natan.
The second photo Mijal took of me with Miguel

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