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Thursday, May 21, 2015

One more class with Guerrao Cabrera

This round of the show AguaDulce has started. The show itself belongs to Mijal Natan (my amazing teacher) and her company - Compas Company. Now she brought back Hugo David Alvarez to Israel. They worked together before. He's whatever called "bailarin" - unlike "bailaor". Well, I guess that if you read this blog you know the difference, but in case you are new in this field and still don't know.... "Bailaor" is a dancer who started in flamenco, stayed in it and dance nothing but flamenco. "Bailarin" is also a dancer, but there are two options for it: or that he's a dancer who started in a different style (most of them starts in ballet). The other option - they dance flamenco, but not only. When it's a dancer who dance flamenco and Escuela Bolera (somtimes), or like most of cases -  Clasico Español. This is Hugo. He dance flamenco and Clasico Español. So does Guerrao Cabrera, he dance flamenco and Guerrao Cabrera. On this thing as bailarin Guerrao found a place recently at Compas Company. A long story how does Guerrao speaks Hebrew and why did he moved to live Israel. I heard he's story. He took a part in dance companies at his homeland - Spain. He did learn Hebrew at Spain. I heard that he learned it mostly because of the bad economy at Spain for giving a chance for make a living in case the dancing won't be enough. It was a part in bigger studies. He came once to Israel two years ago or so because of the studies. The reason he stayed has no connection to his studies. I know now the reason, but rather keep it out. It has no connection for dancing and no connection to anything that I write here. And it fits for gossip part anyway. Although it does happen once in a while, I do my best to avoid it. 

So, back to shows and classes. Hugo David Alvarez got back to Israel. He gives some workshops while the main one takes a part in Tel Aviv. At the studio of Mijal, of course. I will take a part in it. After a while that haven't been a show at a tablao style - now will be once again while Hugo is the main guest. With him will dance Mijal. Ayelet Shachar and Hadas Nestel. I will be there to watch and tell. Normally it takes a part at Saturday nights, but this time because of a Jewish holiday it moved to Sunday. He also take a part as a guest dancer at the show AguaDulce. It includes 4 dates for the special way. It includes shows at Haifa, Be'er Sheva, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Once again - I will go to see it when it will take a part at Tel Aviv. Next Saturday night. Till the show will happen at Tel Aviv - all other 3 dates are falling at nights of classes. As far as Guerrao is still new at the company and don't take a part in this show - he's free. Accept the fact not all came to the studio when he was teaching for the first time there - it could count as a success. Looks like all girls who came that evening just enjoyed class and told private to Mijal. Mijal offered that instead of she will cancel our classes - she will ask Guerrao if he can and mind to replace her again at the evening that AguaDulce with Hugo falls on classes. Well, he can and accepted. 

This time it was an ordinary class for him. Flamenco. Started just on time, but he was a bit confused. He's been told that this class includes a guitar player and there is no guitar player at the studio. Some girls said that maybe the guitar player didn't come because Mijal didn't come. By the way there was a little issue with the air conditioners if it works or not, and in case it is... Cold or hot? 

Some legs drills for a warming. As far as it's a hot day, I was running to the studio and didn't have enough time to breath between coming and starting the class - I started to feel the sweat in a moment. Now Ofir suppose to be the guitar player, but he took a long travel to Spain. He will be back to some other shows. Till then - replace him Tomer. Tomer did come this evening, but after we started. And no, it has no connection to the classes that Mijal gives. He gives us something else. 

After while of sweating Guerao said how much he hopes to go on this evening. Like a class of a workshop, more or less. Not the way he called it, but when I heard the parts - I heard "we're about to make a workshop". OK, let's start the dance. A moment... Tomer had a question. Which palo? Oh, a little thing which Guerrao forgot to tell. It will be a solea por buleria with him. And if we don't mind to remind him till which hour do we have this class. 

We started some steps of solea por buleria. At the first moment it looked very difficult. For our level - it wasn't too bad, mostly new. It felt for me like it flowing at the body, although I wasn't sure if I remember all as I should. He wanted to go on, but some other girls asked for repeating the start few more times. After few more times and after he watched us Guerrao said it's time to go on. He started to think of the continue. He showed us something. OK, now he really got insane. I won't be able to it! Too difficult! A little relief, I didn't need to say a thing and didn't have to show how much do I have to improve. After a moment he said that he will show us two options to next part, we would choose the option we rather. He made this part again, a moment after he showed us something a bit different. Those who said something asked for the second option. One of the girls said it loud and clear that she rather the second option because it looked easier. 

We went on quite a lot. From time to time were some silly mistakes. Happened more than once that most of us were dreaming instead of start dancing. Once we moved on our solea por buleria without the sinning although we needed to wait. Tomer was dreaming this time and we didn't listen. 

We made a big part till the real drama happened. One air conditioner has started to get crazy. Lots of water on the floor in a little time. The class has stopped. A bucket under the air conditioner which has been closed by this time. And cleaning up. Not sure if it was a lazy thing of me, but 3 other girls made the job, did I have to help?

Going on some more at the solea por buleria. Few times thinking and changing a bit. Dancing few more times from the start to end before we finish our class. 

After class Tomer asked Guerrao about his Hebrew. After that I asked Guerrao if it will be better to take a video for next week. Only if I really want to, but will be fine. Next week we will go one some more with the solea por buleria, so if I rather make a video next week it's another option. Whatever. If he says that it will be at the memory - I rather take a video of all together. After he wasn't sure about one photo = I thought it will be for the best to tell him that I won't upload the video to Facebook. I went to change. Another girl asked to take a video NOW. And she made a promise to send it by e-mail to another girl there. 

So that was the first class of flamenco, pure flamenco with Guerrao. More or less.

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