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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A "little" mistake

I really don't blame Mijal. It became her problem no less than mine. It is someone that she's hire, but I'm not sure that she's aware the damage. I mean to Keren's responsible on the publicity and money of Compas Company - the company of Mijal.

Once Keren's mother made an article to a community television about the company. It ran at YouTube as well. They took also Ilan for an interview.I found a photo that I took of him and three that others took. Two of the photos by others - I know who's the photographer. No credits for me or other photographers. I told Mijal that I noticed those photos and I told her about the photos who I know who's the photographer and told her that another photo took by me. I didn't need to say anything more. Mijal thought in a moment of the credits. She said that all photographers including me need to have it although we don't. It's enough for suing them. I didn't think to do it, but by the law here she's right and I can. Mijal asked me to talk with Keren. Well, Keren said the mistake came because it's a community TV who are not aware credits, and the fact it\s the first article that her mother made. By the way she said that it isn't only about photos - they took videos from shows which has been taken by professionals. They didn't receive credits. By the way she found who to blame - Ilan..... Because I wanted to know things until the end I made a fail try to check with him. I see it as a failure mostly it almost caused a fight between him and me. And when I told Keren that I was talking with her about it came because Mijal asked me to. Mijal is afraid someone will sue them. Keren understood it like I'm trying to fright her now and about to sue. 

Well, now a new story. Recently I took a part at a show of Compas Company. It was my first time and so far the only time that I took a part at show in a level of professionals. I had no idea about how does it go with the payment. Mijal doesn't deal with it, for that she took Keren. Once again she told me to talk with Keren. Both told me I have the option of getting it in real money, but I can use it for shows or workshops. About the workshops - each one told me something a bit different. Before the show I started to ask Keren about it. Instead of telling me about the payment she told me only about where it will be (a thing that I heard from Mijal before) and at which hour it will take a part. By the way she's glad I accepted to do it. I din't belive that part, but I didn't want to fight. A day before I heard from where starts the ride and which hour. I didn't push about the payment yet. Because it turned out this way - I wanted to through it first as relax as possible. I know where to find then anyway. I stay at the studio. Later on it took me some time again. Too many other things at my head.

After a while I asked Keren once again about the payment. It was a great luck that all came at e-mails, so all it written. She told me that I can take the the workshop of Hugo and receive a ticket to the show AguaDulce. It fits by price. Great. We made a deal. 

A day after the tablao I received a phone call from Keren. She asked me if I paid for the workshop and she missed it. She knows that normally I pay first for those things, but she didn't see any payment. I didn't pay. She told me it comes against my part at the show that I took a part. She asked me if I think that this is the price that they gives for a show. Where would I know? I took a part in one show and she told me it fits. She asked me about the phone call we had before. Which phone call? All was through e-mails. After that I received an answer on the writing. She admitted that it was her mistake. She let me know it comes one by one. Still she wants me to pay most of it - all less the ticket's price. The first reason was that not many took it. After that came that I took the workshop after all, so I need to pay like everyone else. Oh, so telling me one thing, I take things by this and then I need to pay the price for a mistake that she made? Not really. She moved to blame me after a while. The fact I asked her isn't enough checking the price. 

I remind her the other mistake with the photos and said that I could sue but I was nice and leaved it. So she see it as a threat in suing her. And yes, I'm the one who try to make a fight between her and Ilan. My horrible threats don't do anything to her. By the way - I can do whatever I want to about paying the workshop. She rather though I will pay it. After a day I wrote her that I still think what to do with the payment. Maybe I will pay it, but it doesn't make her right. If I will - it will be only to avoid a fight. I still want to go on dancing at the studio for the classes of Mijal, still want to make some future workshops and go to see some more shows. And Mijal knows that so far I helped publishing. I hate to admit that maybe this time it didn't work out enough, but I didn't mention that. I told her that I have no problem though to write about this story as well. Again - not only that I threat her with this story - she already thinks that we'll meet at court because of the credits thing. I threat her by that. And no, my threats and "threats" of mine don't do any impression on her. And I really don't have to pay for the workshop. It isn't for her pocket. Now she's "an angel" who try to avoid the fight and I'm the one who's looking for it. 

She told me so many times that I threat her and she doesn't mind. She's aware it's her mistake but makes me the bitch that cause the problem. Whatever. I have my blog. I can write here also things like this

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