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Sunday, May 31, 2015

The show AguaDulce with Hugo David Alvarez as a guest star

I did get places and classes at the last moment, but... First time in my life that I come to a show at Suzanne Dellal in the last moment. I came just on time to pick up my ticket and be the last one who gets into the hall. Doors has been closed over me. I mean - a moment after I got in. Found my seat, lights closed, a couple changed their place and sat in the seats before me. The man was more before I do and he's too tall. too late to change my mind and change a seat as well. The hall was almost full, but there were few more seats. Now mostly try to relax, take a deep breath and start to enjoy the show. 

Fine. I won't get into all details of the show. I've been few months ago at this show when Compas Company had their first shows of AguaDulce. I was writing a lot about it that time. The difference is that this time it had a special guest star - Hugo David Alvarez. So, this time it will be mostly about telling about the changes that made for him and few things around, 

So, this time at the guajira of Ayelet that starts officially the show - Hugo stayed on stage for being another palmero. Few problems has started.... After a while - Ayelet lost one hair pin from her head. It fell next to one of the flashlight that lay down on stage. Not much after that - the flashlight has started to burn. Some smoke came out of it. The flashlights of the stage has been closed. Till it happened - the man in the front of me just had to stand up for telling that the flashlight is burning. Oh no.... He came from the jungle and I have to see his back.... ! He\s lucky that he accepted to come back sitting. I could kill him for that. I guess. It didn't disturb the audience to love the guajira.

The flowers and hair pins didn't stop flying all over the stage till end of show.

At next part was a tango. A real tango, not the palo. Two more dancers outside the group =  Ronen Khayat and Maya Schwartz made all those parts at the show. This is what they dance normally. fist time I loved it, but I think that this time it made even more impression over me. There was a try to open the flashlights on stage once again. The one in the middle was still burning. It has been closed again. 

The lights got back for normal at the colombiana of Vlada. Not far from me there was someone who was taking photos with her phone without end, each time made her own lights. Rude behavour that fits only to us. I don't know how did it happen that only at this part a worker of Suzanne Dellal (where it took a part) noticed it and asked her to stop. And even then she and her boyfriend (and whoever is the guy who came with her) accepted to notice that she's been asked to stop. 

Not much after came the first part that Hugo was dancing. He came with a drum hanged over him. He was playing over it and started to dance. A bit. He went out from stage after a minute or so. Just for moment. He got back to stage without the drum and just danced. A recorded music at this part. Although no live music - it wasn't less amazing. 

There was a part at the show that normally it made for three dancers - Mijal with  Ronen Khayat and Maya Schwartz. This time - one more dancer. Hugo. Most of time he was dancing with Mijal who dance this part in her space alone. When she moved dancing with Ronen - Hugo was dancing with Maya. The one more dancer made it look like almost a mess, but they made it happen without the mess. 

After a part that all girls of Compas Company were dancing - they didn't go out like they meant to. Hugo came back with the drum. At this part he was playing on the drum again and the girls were dancing for it. Another part that wasn't there when he didn't take a part. One of the parts that received some real hands claps from the audience. 

And Hugo had one more part - the end of show when all on stage. Mijal received some flowers. A woman from Adi Foundation came. When she comes for shows of Compas Company - Mijal gets some flowers from her. 

After the show I met Guerao. I was kissing and talking with him. When he got into backstage - I came with him. For a start I was kissing and talking with Hugo as well. Keren was there. We didn't talk and she seemed like she try NOT to look at me as much as she can. Fine, after what happened between us lately she better take some space from me. After that I was talking with Mijal as well. And a bit with Vlada and Hadas. Moran and Ayelet were busy, but I made it to say to Moran that I enjoyed watching it again. A bit after I got a photo with Hugo and Mijal started a new drama. I don't have all details. I heard some of it and didn't stay to know how does it end, so it will better not to tell a half story. Idit came as well a moment after it started. Talking with her a bit before I decided it's about time to go. 

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