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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tablao flamenco, May 2015

This time the dancers from the company were Mijal Nata, Ayelet Shachar and Hadas Nestel. The musicians were Ofir Atar (mostly guitar, but he also was sinning a bit) and Miriam Levy (sinning). About her I mostly her of, now I had the chance to see and hear what does she worth (a lot). Special guest: Hugo David Alvarez.

Came a little bit before official doors opening. Many people who have no connection to the community. As it most of times at those shows. The line wasn't really a line, as it fits us - Israelis.OK, the facet I'm an Israeli doesn't mean that I like our way to ruin lines. When I took my ticket I was wondering what does Keren has against me and why does behave weird. Too many times she asked me if I could handle the level of the workshop. Am I sure that could? Still she made a try to behave nice. By the way Ayelet came over with the first dress. She said "hello" and made a try to be polite. At her case I believe it was real, but I was too busy with Keren. Accept saying "hello" back I couldn't be too polite. I had a little time that I could ask Keren if there are programs this time as well. Not this time. While getting in - talking for a moment with Ofir. After few months that he was at Spain. I took a place up at the balcony. A funny part for my eyes happened a moment before I took my place. Hugo was sitting there up at the balcony. He was a bit busy with his phone, but it didn't disturb me to steal some attention. He looked a bit surprised at the start. Probably because of he needed to take up he eyes from the phone and the fact he saw me before with my hair collected up for dancing. That evening I let it down. When he understood it's me - he looked happy. Seemed we try to get a short conversation, but each one of us wants to take it somewhere else. A moment after he went to change and get ready for the show. Some people that I know came in. Not all came up, and those who did - not all are close friends and probably didn't notice. They had their things to be busy. I wasn't sure if I shouldn't let go. It wasn't full house as I thought it would be. Hadas came up for a moment and had some time mostly for "hello". 

The show itself has started with music. Ofir was playing, Miriam was sinning. It was an alegria. I knew this one from years ago and made some memories in my mind. Some were good, but also remind me the time I decided that dancing alegria isn't for me. Still - it's a beautiful song, not too modern, but also not really "puro". The beauty of the song itself, the way Miriam sang it and the memories that came (even if not all were good) almost made me tears. A song about Cadiz, the port and the seagulls. The jaleo started at this point from other flamencos. Some people from the audience who are not used to it looked shocked. 

As far as I noticed that some people took videos and photos as it always happen at those shows - I made some of my own. About photos it isn't on the best quality. I still didn't check if my simple camera is good enough for it and I still didn't get one which is fits for sure. Budget thing although I want to have an extra one. Because of it I sat in a place which makes an easier look, but with a simple camera or a phone it doesn't give the the option for something good. I took some photos at the phone, mostly for I could show something at Instagram. At my ordinary simple camera I made some videos since the end of the alegria that happened before. Most of show I made a short part of each dance. No, I won't upload the videos. You won't find it here. The costume I was choosing for this blog isn't fit for videos unless I decide to bring a link. At YouTube I won't upload even if I will decide to upload videos there. Not sure if it will be a good idea cause it isn't my show and I came only as a visitor. I know some do things like this, but I don't mean to do so as well. I let myself to take the videos mostly for two other reasons. First for I could remember this beauty more clearly if I want to. The second reason - Ilan didn't come. I still not sure about his reason for not coming, but I had a feeling that he will be curious to see something if I told him that I have the videos. In case I will see someone else was uploading to YouTube a video from this show I will add the link. About photos - I didn't see anyone with a "real" camera which fits those things. The best I can give are the photos by Anastasia. 

For the next part came in Ayelet, Hugo and Hadas. Miriam stood up from this moment on. Hugo and Hadas were the palmeras. About Hadas I could guess. She was dressed up pretty, but her skirt doesn't fit for dancing. Hugo was dressed up for dancing, but for now he was on the side. Ayelet was dancing a solea. Most of it I did know from before at classes I had at the studio. It didn't take a bit from the pleasure of watching it. The solea itself is amazing. Ayelet is an amazing dancer, so it was great to see her dance it. Just a little time to see it and enjoy the moment. And the beautiful blue dress she was wearing....! Of course there were some parts which were new to me. The mother of Keren came after Ayelet has started dancing. She also have her thing of sitting up, so once again she took a place not far from me. She was still relaxed, When Ayelet finished to dance this part - all clapped their hands. Few "ole" from the audience. Keren's mother was shouting 'Bravo Ayelet" when Ayelet came under the balcony. 

Hugo and Hadas stayed on stage. Hadas still the palmera. Hugo was dancing. It was a bit of few things. It has started as a tangos. A bit after the entrada he made the steps he was teaching s at the workshop. All right, taranto and tangos both on 4 and the biggest difference is the feeling it gives. One is happy and the other is sad with a slow music. He made the steps of the sad thing on the happy thing. And went on. Usually taranto finish with a part of tangos. He started with the tangos. After a bit more of tangos it moved on to a buleria. A crazy buleria. Probably some of the things I could do, but at this speed it could be only after years of practice. At the way he made it - it looked like it comes naturally. It's another happy thing and he looked happy. It was stunning to see it. The only thing that disturbed it look better than human was the sweat. Of course - lots of hands claps from the audience. When he finished his part and went down from the stage - he started with gunny bow downs which made the audience laugh for a moment. He took Hadas with him and signed the audience to clap for her and the musicians. 

Next part was a taranto that Mijal was dancing. A new one. I think that she even took few steps from the workshop. It looked great. Hugo was the palmero. Keren's mother started to look at me as well. I think that she didn't like my respond. Mijal also finished it with buleria. It was with humor as needed. At this part Hugo and Ofir - accept palmas and playing started to sing with Miriam. The music at the back had a great soind, just like the dance. Once Keren's mother made a try to clap her hands and make something which sounds like jaleo. No problem, but she doesn't know when are the highlights. She was alone and stopped a moment after. Less than a minute after - Mijal made the audience get crazy. The hands claps and jaleo which came at that moment.... Keren's mother joined when she was sure she isn't alone. 

A brake. I noticed that Adva came. I did wonder why don't I see her before that evening. I forgot that she told me before that Hugo is a friend of hers. I did remember at the moment I saw her. I did think of her at the first part because of a different reason - two other flamencos who came to see the show...

The second part of the show has started while all of them got back to stage - musicians and dances. A part of sevillanas. The dancers has started as a group and danced it to the audience instead of couples. It was a very modern/crazy version. Each made something at a turn which looks like it has no connection. It made it in a repeat for a while. An organized beautiful mess. After that came the couples. All grirls had their turn with Hugo. Ayelet took the first sevillana, next Hadas and Mijal was last. After that one more part of a group. All made it together in circles. One more beautiful organized mess. When they started with the sevillanas = Keren's mother stood up. She made a try to clap her hands. Out of beat. She made a try to show that she's thrilled. No problem, but even at her age there is a way for it.... I started to wonder if she's got back to age 12. 

The next part was an alegria that Hadas was dancing. Ayelet and Hugo were palmeros. Glad to tell that Hadas was showing what does she can, and she can dance. And this time she dressed up elegant. For her was a little technique problem with the elements on the hair. As she was dancing a flower floew up to stage. Hadas was amazing till I noticed it only at the moment Hugo was collecting it from the stage's floor. A bit later on - a hair pin flew over. It fell on the studio's floor between the stage and audience. A woman who I don't know who was sitting next to me laughed a bit. The laugh was more disturbing than the fact the hair pin was falling. An old man from the audience who was sitting at the first row looked a bit hesitate, but at the end he stood up to pick the hair pin. Although the things which flew up - Hadas received some crazy hands' claps from the audience. 

After that there was another musical part. Just Ofir and Miriam. At this part it's hard for me to say clearly which palo. Although there were no programs - I could figure out the palos at other parts of the show. At this part I wasn't sure that I recognize the real palo. It was one of the happy palos, that's for sure. Even without knowing for sure what do I hear - it was a pleasure. Once again it's about the sound and talent. After the song was over - Ofir stood up and was looking for the best way to pull over his guitar at his chair. 

Dancers came back to stage. At this part all made palmas to Hugo. Time for martinete. Hugo was amazing. Even when I started to hear some cracks it took me a little time to look what happens there accept his dancing. Now the guitar was falling. Ofir couldn't let it down. He sat down and took his guitar. He checked that there is no damage. After that - Ofir started to follow a bit with guitar playing after Hugo's dance. All girls on stage moved on with palmas. It was easy to come back looking at Hugo after this little distraction has finished. The audience loved him. Not only me. 

Fin la fiesta. Adva came to join them on stage. So did Eitan Bartal and Eti Guri. There was a part that Eti has started sinning, which is good. Three amazing flamenco singers on stage, each one of them had the chance to show their abilities. Yeah, Ofir is also a singer, not only a guitar player. I did know him first as a singer, after that I found out that he's also a guitar player. After a while Eitan took the guitar and played on it till the end of fiesta. When he did so - Ofir showed his sinning alone. Eti had the part that she was dancing. She always does. She did it cool although I knew how would she do the salida before it happened. At least she did it short and fun. Adva who also came as a guest.... I don't know what does happen to her lately. Never mind that she joined, she's a pro dancer and a wonderful one, but this time she wasn't on her best. It didn't disturb her to dance for a long time. I had the chance now to notice how did she dress up. I hate to say it, but I think her dress was ugly. No problem she was dancing bared foot, this part allow it. The problem was the shoes for beach that she was wearing a moment before. At the end - the only one who made only palmas on stage was Ayelet. And all this part included from time to time palmas of Keren's mother. She should learn how to do it.

After the show I was talking with most of them. Hugo kissed my cheeks in two different chances after the show. On the way out Ofir was talking with Mijal. He asked where does all the flamencos accept the few who came. And doesn't students come?  Mijal told him that for those shows not many students come, but many people outside the scene come, she doesn't know from where dies they know about those shows. Hey, I'm here! Mijal looked happy to see me as an example. I told Ofir it's true. I come many times to those shows and usually most of audience are people who has no connection. Mijal was happy that I agree with her and say so loud, 

Not much after I went back home to my dog. At night walk with him a car almost ran over us....

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