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Sunday, May 24, 2015

The workshop with Hugo David Alvarez

Maybe it was for the best to write about both classes at once. 

Hugo is here again. At Tel Aviv meant to be two workshops of him, two levels, each level includes two classes. As usual I signed for the medium level. At the morning of the first classes I received a phone call from Keren. She told me that she has some bad news. The workshop for medium level has been cancel. I didn't think much. I don't know from where did I get the bravery to ask. I asked her if there is still a place at the advanced. I could hear the hesitation at her voice. She said that there is a place, but this isn't the problem. I asked her what is the problem. She said that the students are the girls from the company, Anastasia, girls like those... She made a try to tell me that it isn't for me. I told her that I went to his classes last time he was at Israel. I want to try. She accepted at the end to sign me at the end for the advanced, but she was sure that at the end of first class I will tell Mijal who brought him that it isn't fit, I won't go on for the second class.

Day one

When I came was too much silence. Although that I got up to the "balcony"/ From up I was talking with Ayelet. She knows that the other class has been cancel, yes this class happens as it suppose to. I started to get ready. Hugo came that time. I heard Vlada laughs that he forgot his pants. After being ready I got down. He was still talking with the girls. He looked like he just came from the beach. He did wear pants, but short that fits beaching. He told some stories about weird things that happened to him earlier. Then went to change. Mijal was most of time at her office. From the company - Ayelet, Vlada and Hadas. Three of them behaved like it's natural that I'm there for a class at this level. It wasn't natural for me. I was afraid it will be too difficult and I will make a fool of myself. Although my fear I didn't want to give up before I try. Idit came while he was changing and all other girls were ready. There was another woman that I don't know. Idit asked us if there is a class and which time. She wasn't sure as well if she didn't make a mistake. 

Until class starts - the girls made a practice on parts from a former show of them with Hugo. The girls has started with laughing of the amazing memory of Ayelet. Where does she keeps all of it? Idit said that Ayelet has a secret part at head for keeping unusual memory.

Class has started in few minutes late, Idit still wasn't ready. Mijal came out from her office and joined. Took a place next to me. Her dog came out after her. Mijal smiled to me as hello. As a start of warming we made some body drills. Hot day, I came by foot, the warming was crazy. I felt like a puddle after few minutes. Idit joined fast. Not all, but few drills were a bit difficult to my body. I need some more practice to be able to do all. I started to relax. The respond of Mijal the girls helped it. The fact that some of the things I can do and others felt like the only problem is that I don't practice enough were good for my feeling. I almost started to feel happy that I made a try. 

Some stretching and move on to legs' warming. Those drills were harder for me. Some I made naturally, some were difficult. For me it was the hardest thing when Hugo asked us to make it fast. This speed he asked for was a bit too much for me. Although the difficult parts I couldn't remember that moment what was my fear earlier. I just wanna do it. I want to pracite it now for I could do it well in the future. I noticed that the woman that I don't know mostly stand and look. Oh, she can come to this class and look, but I need to beg for being there.... 

As coming back for class - Hugo worked with us on palmas and jaleo on the palo of buleria. All of us has been asked to make palmas of "an ordinary" for a bit. After that - palmas of buleria de Jerez. After a short while - we must move by making palmas. Just the legs, move weight between one leg to another. The reason - for we could feel the beat. The jaleo came later. He asked us to repeat one word, then another. Two groups stand in the front of the another. He asked us that the first group (me, Mijal, Hadas and Vlada) to shout one word, the second group shouts back the other word. At the first moment it was a bit embarrassing, but a moment after it became more a releases And still Hadas was the only one who really was shouting the jaleo. All of us were whispering. He was walking between us for checking that all of us do the palmas as needed and do the jaleo - as a whisper or not. After a while we've been asked to do it as groups - one group do a jaleo of one word and the other group "answer" another word. And walk to each other till all of us together. 

Water brake before moving over taranto. Most of us used it for drinking water, few were talking/ Hugo was amazed that Mijal's dog is so relaxed although all our noise. 

We started our taranto. I was amazed I can do it, at least most of it. Once again - few things were to fast for me, but accept that - I can do it. Not much time left, but we made pretty a lot. Few years ago it could be too much information for me at such a short time, but now it almost was natural. 

At end of class Mijal's dog almost fell to sleep. All thought that now she will wake up. Took her a little time. Before going few things to make clear. I told Mijal that there were few things that were difficult for me, but it will be more difficult to stop in the middle. I will be back tomorrow. She had an answer of something like "of course...!". Earlier I didn't have the chance to talk with Idit. I had now. I told her that I meant to take the easier level but it has been cancel. She was a bit surprised of it. I told her about the phone call I received that morning. She was more shocked of it. She said that she doesn't learn normally for a while, she isn't in shape but always takes this level. She feels like she's pulling back all others, but there is no problem to sign her for this level. 

Going up to change. Few girls asked to change the hour of class at the morning. Hadas was calling me if it will be fine with me. Yeah, it will be. Great, a girl from the company ask to change the hour and mind if it fits me, but Keren have a problem that I want to try this level. The reason is about the girls from the company.... It has been closed, second class will start and hour and a half aster it meant to start. 

Second day

It confused most of us. Some girls are missing, isn't? Vlada said that she will be late. Hadas meant to come after a medical therapy for her back, but at the last moment she said that won't come at all. The woman that I don't know didn't come. Looks like no one knew what happened with her and no one mind. I couldn't care, don't know her, and the fact she was standing and looking a half class instead of dancing.... And she's this way but I had the trouble to get in.... No one knew why didn't MJijal come yet. A moment before class has started I asked Hugo if it will be possible to take a video of the taranto at the end. He said that yes. A hand on my shoulder. 

Our class has started with warming our bodies. Mijal came in a late with her dog. Vlada came a moment after. They joined as fast as they could. This time there was a part I could remember we made something like this last time he was here. I started to wonder if I remember correct and it's another version of it with a little difference. At that part I was really sorry that Ilan wasn't there. I could ask him if he remembers something like that. 

Stretching and moving to legs' warming. It was crazy but felt less crazy than the first class. 

Hugo told how do we go on. Three types of buleria. Once again starts with a little practice of palmas, but after that go on with dancing. Each one we'll do a little practice of how can we dance with sinning. We won't do something crazy, just having some tools for dancing. We started. Indeed mostly basic steps, but seeing how does it fits. And learning his style. After a practice of three types of buleria he offered - he asked us to dance with him. He will do us the palmas and sing to us, each one of us do by this time anything she wants by the rules of flamenco. After once that all of us were more afraid than dancing he made us a speech of we need to practice, that's all. Everyone are afraid at the first time outside the studio. By his speech Mijal's dog came to me for I will pet her. The speech was pretty long. I thought maybe I should sit down for I could pet the dog without ruin my body. No, it will be harder to get up... And I don't know if we go on soon. After a while I gave up and just stood up regular without petting. The dog moved over to Mijal. Not much after we went on with the practice. 

A girl that I hate and came both days was catching my hand. She wanted to know the hour. Great, hate comes for both sides (or at least it looks like this), we don't talk with each other and at both days we didn't even say "hello" to each other - now she just takes my hand without a warning. No better way to fright me.... 

Water brake before going on with the taranto. Ayelet said that must go while getting ready for going instead of dancing. 

We made some practice on the taranto from the first class. After a short time we started to learn some new steps. Some of the girls couldn't stay till the end, not only Ayelet. For the very end of class - accept of Hugo himself and Mijal - stayed Vlada, Anastasia and me. The class has finished aster time. All this time learning some more steps in a crazy level. After the time our class meant to finish Hugo gave the option to take a video. Vlada and Anastasia made cameras ready and got ready to dance by this time. I just went to the side to take a video. Mijal was waiting. Once dancing all. They did. And once again without a video. I got back for one last dance before the end. 

After class I asked him for a photo. He accepted. I asked Vlada to take a photo with my phone. Anastasia asked her take a photo of hers with Hugo at her camera. Hugo accepted that I'll publish the photo. Now the only thing that I have is waiting to see him on stage with Compas Company and write about that as well

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