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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A class with Guerrao Cabrera

I guess that I won't return soon for writing about ordinary classes. Maybe I will when I could spend less time on publishing the blog itself. But this time it wasn't an ordinary class and was almost out of connection. Almost. 

Mondays I have regular classes at the studio of Mijal. Last months it's coming back to Clasico Español. At the end there is a part of tangos. For the last 2-3 months Ilan doesn't come for those classes, just for the classes that comes next. And on Sundays. The reason is about time and pressure. He have many rehearsals for the new show with Einat. He said that he will be back after that to those classes. And he has another job as well. And some more studies. Probably one of the reasons that he forgot to tell me about the show he just had in the south with some other fellows. Not anything personal of him. I couldn't come mostly because I don't have a car and anyway I didn't drive for years. And the public transportation here needs to improve. It was in another city at the edge of the south. After it finished I had the chance to get some writing with him. Just found out it was invited for migration/migrants for Israel. Because of it it probably won't happen again at Tel Aviv. He told me it was a success, mostly because of the audience from Málaga, Spain. The biggest problem was that at least some of the audience from Spain came with someone I hate. Long history. Another blogger (or is it possible to call him a former blogger?) that made a try to make me feel small because of my blog. Ilan isn't a big fan of him. He told me that this time he behaved worst than ever. That guy just came, didn't say "hello", but it didn't disturb him to get into the backstage. Or to eat from the refreshments that was ordered to the audience. It looked like he was more interested at the food than the flamenco. And looked full of himself. When I said that he's always full of himself - Ilan said it was more than ever. And just at this evening there was a special class. I mean - two. I came only for one. 

At weekend Mijal published that instead of her - this Monday will teach Guerrao Cabrera. He will teach at the class that I take and the class after. It's open also to flamenco students from other studios. It was a bit hard for me to publish before at the blog. She didn't write any more details accept that, no flyer for it, and I hate to admit, but... I didn't know him before. I couldn't find any videos of him at the internet. I didn't know what and how to write about it to publish those classes. The only thing that I could do is being sure that I will be there and get the chance to know him. By the way to try some new things. 

From some weird reasons = once again I came at the last moment. Mijal was preparing. A black elegant dress, evening shoes... Looked really good. I asked her where does she go. She said that she was invited for a wedding and because of it she asked for that replacement. Inside was a young guy with  flamenco shoes and castanets. Could it be him? I hardly made it to be ready for class at time. 

Yeah, that guy was Guerrao Cabrera. And he speaks Hebrew. He started as a warming some castanets' drills. It was including some drills that I didn't know before. And some soniquetes that were new to me. This practice was very interesting for me. And the fact it was new was enough for me to like the idea that I do it. The biggest problem was to "get into it". He looked a bit nervous and took him a bit time till he started to notice all girls. For me it was difficult because till I noticed eyes' contact.... And it still can take me some time till I hear the way of making the soniquetes without to watch. After few minutes he showed all how to do it. From that moment it became easier. After that I was happy that I came with influence of Ritalin. Looks like he also have a little problem with concentration. Few times he started something and a moment after he asked for a moment to think.At those moments it was a bit different than he wanted to show and teach us. At those moments it was the best for me to be at the influence. The Ritalin helped me to stay focused, he could "loose" me at those moments. Mijal went away a bit after class has started. 

After some warming - we stared with dome drills for the body. Some included castanets after some practice, some just holding the castanets. After a while some of the drills for the body has started to mix. He made some drills with and without castanets to be as one. Some of it became like a part of a dance. From time to time he was putting us some music to dance our drills with it. And all at Hebrew, accept counting the beat at Spanish. At the middle of class someone asked how does he know Hebrew so well. Someone else hushed her. For me became another challenge - not enough space. Almost dancing on the wall. He noticed it and asked us to take some more space at the studio for it won't happen to anyone. 

Near the end of our time was one of those danced made of drills. My former friend came and joined us after a while. We made it for both sides - as one group for a start, but it changed fast for two groups for giving all of us some more space. All drills and parts of dances were at the style of Clasico Español. He still stopped from time to time to tell the difference between the Clasico Español and flamenco, or ballet. He have us the option from time to time to do it more "flamenco" or more "ballet" by our will. 

Water brake. I went to bring my camera and my mobile phone. Camera - in case that it will be possible to take a video and we'll take it as a dance. Mobile phone - in case he will accept to have a photo with me. I rather have it at my camera, but with time it become easier for people to take photos at smartphones as I have now. It was for making easier for whoever will accept to take the photo. And in case he will accept to have it on Facebook - much easier for me to upload faster. 

One more girl came for the next class. One more drill. And working some more on it. Oh, by the way - when does our class suppose to finish? It meant to finish already. OK, he was sorry, but we'll do it once again. Our class received a bonus of 20 extra minutes. 

After class he accepted to have a photo with me. After he saw the photo he accepted to publish the photo. Yeah, he's tall. Or maybe I'm short...

By the way - after class I found out that he's a new dancer at Compas Company 
(the company of Mijal)

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