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Monday, October 31, 2011


Here are two videos that Farruquito and Farru sang in fiestas... Hopefully I will find something a bit longer of Farru

From the show

I found this in YouTube. This from the show of Paco De Lucia and Farru, one of the times before they came with this to Tel Aviv. The hair of Farru here is still a bit longer than now


I tried earlier to upload to here a short video from the show of Paco de Lucia and Farru in Tel Aviv. After I've been there last suterday... I couldn't make it with the video. It's probably too "heavy" for here.

And after a very short break.... Last night I didn't have my ordinary class. My teacher had a show. Today will be a class later instead of this one.


Here is a photo of Eva Yerbabuena which I found...


I do think about flamenco almost 24/7
Once again that something like this happen to me...

Suterday - I saw the show. Yesterday I didn't have a class cause my teacher performed. I didn't go cause I saw her she recently in the primier. I will have a class today instead. That means a too long stop from flamenco. I dreamed about it at night. This time - I still had a class. It all was a mix. It was in a studio that I never been in, learned with people who learn in other classes, and there was a use in fans... 

Sunday, October 30, 2011


This photo shows few conections for the show I saw last night. On the back it's pissible to see Camarón De La Isla. Camarón has started to "grow" with Paco De Lucía. On the front - Farruquito. He's the older brother of Farru. As far as I saw Paco and Farru - it looks to me like a good enough reason to add this photo

Information from the show

Well... I knew that Paco De Lucía is about to come. My mistake I didn't get ALL details, but it was enough for me that he's about to come for I will be sure I wanna go. I recived much more than this. I knew that he's in a middle of a tour with Farru, but here the publish was that Paco is about to come with three singers - no telling who are they. I tought  that Paco is about to come without a conection. As far as my birthday is getting closer - I got my ticket as a birthday gift from my parents.

When I got to the place in the Tel Aviv's port there was a long line to get in, even for those who already had the tickets ready. I got my place pretty close to stage. Two kids where suppose to be from one side of mine, and two grown ups from the other side. When I wanted to sitt - the kids took some photos of the grown up. After they finished I asked again and again to get to my place. Oh.... The kids wanted to be with the "models". I accepted to change, after all two seats and I wanted to take a place. It didn't take too long till someone who were sitting a bit after me but not quite said something about my hair and that I need to do with it something. My hair is really big and because of it she won't see Paco... Interesting that after that in the row before mine - much before her seat sound his place a big gorila. She didn't say a thing to him.... My troubles didn't over by that. The kid next to me - one of those I changed my place with was really rude. He came with a guitar. I needed the guitar on me as well. And his elbos. He recived back, but he didn't mind. Near the start of the show the other kid and one of the grown ups told him that he disturbs me. I started with warnings of what about to come if he will go one with it. And he was smelling, but I couldn't do anything about that. And few chairs from me set someone I got to know not long ago through facebook. It was enough for me to understand that I don't wanna know him any better. He got up for checking out. He did it like it was about the guitar of the kid, but I have a feeling it was more to check if it's really me there...

The show itself started almost an late. It was worth everything. Paco was amazing and so did his singers. Well, I said that he was in a middle of a tour with Farru. I said that the publish wasn't enough. Three un-known singers... And I already said that Farru is normally perfome as a dancer (and he do it amazing), but he also know to sing great. So, Paco started alone on stage with a solea. After that came to stage the singers, a bass player, keyboard player and a cajon player. It didn't take too long till one of the singers started to look to me like Farru. He didn't sing much and had one short solo. Still... Couaght my eyes. After a while I thought that if he will get up and dance - it's Farru. So - he did get up and danced. This is Farru. In the first time it was a short buleria that he danced. He got out from stage. Later he got back to dance more. Much more. I was hypnotyzed. First it was Paco, but when Farru danced.... After that it was hard to choose. Ok, maybe it was easier for me to go on watching Farru. They are both great flamencos, but my love to flamenco has started with the dance and here I had a fenomenon dancer on stage.

After the show the kid near me pushed to get out. He also went on other chairs...

I decided to waot outside for asking from Paco And Farru having photos with them. It took a long time... And I wasn't the only one. I also met a dancer from south who's a friend of mine in facebook. The first time I met her face to face was in the master class of   Belenaya. This time she reconized me. We started to talk. I knew about the bad sitiuation in the south through a half conversation she did next to me in her mobile phone. After that I quite became a friend of a new person. Looks like she still don't know many flamenco artists, but she can reconize a good thing when she see it. She didn't know who was the dancer, but she really "fell" from his performing. She wanted like me - photos with Paco and Farru. After a long time - I missed the moment that Farru went out, but he was stopped by others who wanted photos with him. I had the chance as well. I asked from my new friend to take my photo with Farru. In the end - a dancer from Jerusalem who I know people think he's amazing and I don't took the camera and took the photo. At least I had also the time to say Farru that he's amazing. I made it in Spanish and thanked him in Spanish about the photo - and thanked me in English...

And still Paco didn't got out. The dancer from the south somehow got back in, took photos of and with him. #$%#@! A moment before Paco went out someone from the production in Israel asked us to go. He said that Paco don't want to have photos, he's tierd, he isn't our friend and we gave him respect by coming to see the show. Someone else who set near me got a photo with... Son of #$%@! I got a photo of. Maybe it's rude, but...

And I know the dosck very well. I've been there many times, includes many shows in the place pf this show. It was already 1am, I was ecxited from all that happen, my hwad in the clouds... After a short walk I saw it looks a bit strange. The reason was that I went to the other side than I needed...

Before I went to sleep - the photos went down to my PC. The profile pic in facebook has been replaced. Hey, who's gonna belive me that I have a photo with Farru if I won't show it?

Got back

Just got back from the show of Paco De Lucia. Well, a lot of surprises. He was suppose with three singers. Here they didn't try to publish with whom he's about to come. One of them was the big surprise.
Anyway, I knew he is in a middle of a tour with Farru. It was possible to understand that Paco comes without Farru.

It's pretty late now. I will tell all in the morning/noon.

Till the next time I will write (with all the details) - here are photos of mine. My dad took photos of mine a moment before I went to the show. I looked this way while I was there

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Almost the show....

The show of Paco is tonight!!

Follow the boys

A bit more of Carmen Amaya. A photo I just found, and a video that someone else found. It's from YouTube and uploaded to a fan page of hers...


And if Antonio Gades and Cristina Hoyos... Heres are photos of them. It isn't from any movie or a show, but I still think those are great


Found this in the internet... Fabrics for flamenco outfits


Here are photos from two movies. It's 2/3 of the trilogy of Carlos Saura in co-oporation with Antonio Gades. In the photos: Antonio Gades and Cristina Hoyos.

In the photo up: Bodas de Sangre (Blood Wedding) Year:1981
In the photo down: El Amor Brujo Year:1986

Friday, October 28, 2011

This year of Carmen Amaya festival

One more on this suterday

The fan page

Now La Reina De La Luna + has a fan page in facebook. If oyu like this blog and you're in facebook - I would be more than glad if you'll make a like!/pages/La-Reina-De-La-Luna-/237870746267963

Two more paintings

I just found those... Paintings by Margaret Merry


I still read the old style of papers, mostly one daily and some colture magazines. In the daily paper I read - every friday there are 3 recomends for things to do in the weekend over Israel. One of them is always music.

As far as tomorrow Paco De Lucía will perfom in Tel Aviv - this time the musical recomend is his show. For giving some reason for going to the show - it has been wrritten that some guitar players are natural phenomenons, Paco De Lucía is one of them. The recomender wrote that the only thing for sure in the show is that fact it will be supreme

Few more of Farru

Those are two photos of Farru on stage

Promoting Puro

Yeah, I know... A bit oldie, but....

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Some photos from the show Sonerias. This show took a part recently, the one show of Farruquito before Baile Flamenco. As I heard - some parts of it takes a part as well in Baile Flamenco. Oh... and in case you will be in Barcelona this suterday - he will perform there with Baile Flamenco at Teatro Coliseum. That evening I will see another show (Paco De Lucia) in Tel Aviv

A photo from Las Minas

This is Farruquito in action at Las Minas festival this year

Flamenco, flamenco

Promoting the movie "Flamenco, flamenco". In the photos: Farruquito and Carlos Saura

(My) Eyes washing


First photo by Esther Lobato. The others.... Still need to find out who took it

One more dress

Here is one more outfit of flamenoc which I wouold love to have. I found it in flamenco-world site

Rainy bata

Yesterday I was sure that I'll see Neta practice for the show when I'll get to the studio. I was wrong. Yesterday has started a new class of begginers. The red head came a bit after me. For a start she asked me what's this class.... Ok, I usually don't like red heads and this one doesn't look to me too smart, but I think I start to like. She dance pretty good and she still nicer than others I got to know there. I noticed that it usually comes this way in flamenco - the most tallented are the nicest. It's probably because those knows what they worth and don't need to make a show-off. Yeah, there are few that ruin me this theory, but it usually this way.

In the class itself we were quit few. It wasn't too bad cause it was a bata de cola class which takes a lot of space, so this way it was less klastrophobic. And the new airconditions still don't work, so it was hot there anyway.

The one who thinks herself and wants to be a pro (and won't be anymore in the most difficult class) came late. She said it started to rain when she came. Well, in the end of the class I saw the streets wet from the rain, but as far as I danced in a bata for an hour and a half without any aircondition on, and made my way to class and back on foot and wearing heels (being pretty comes with a lot of pain) - I was still freaking out from the heat.

We learned some new steps for our caña that we make with the bata. Two weeks ago we learned two new parts for the dance. On one of them we repeated last week and yesterday. Those things we can take videos for it will be easier to remember (NOT for uploading blogs or facebook). I took videos of both parts. I remind that there was a part we did repeat. The "amazing pro dancer" had say something. I wasn't talking to her, but she already had to say "the new part? we did it!". I don't know what does other girls has to say something - it always have to be like I'm wrong/mistaken/%$^#$^.... I think she has a brain which is smaller than an ant. And it isn't the first time she has something great to say... I didn't watch this video for too long and didn't practice enough, so I had a truble to show this part. I remebered mostly that Neta said it's a very trodicional step of caña and this kind of stpe in the dance itself. At least I took a video... I could (and did) send it by mail

A photo from the new of Neta

Ok, this time a photo. This is a photo of Neta Shezaf from her new show - Abanico Intimo. The photografer is Zeev Stein.

The show will take a part again in Tel Aviv on this sunday

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let's go back once more for videos

Once again a video from YouTube. Yeah, clear that Farruquito is one of my favorites (and I mean that he's not the only one, although I add here a lot about him). So - once again - someone else found this video, uploaded it to facebook, I saw it and here it is!

This video is a bit of a comercial to the show Baile Flamenco of Farruquito. What a terrible thing that I didn't see yet the real thing...

A little thing about yesterday

I forgot to tell one little thing about last night:

Well, it's easy to remember the bad things. It's easier to remember the bad things that other people say.

My first try last night was terrible. In the second time it felt better. Still I couldn't to do it better again yesterday - the getting better. Near me was someone else that came not really healthy and she prefered to sitt when the others danced. So, she probably came sick in the head yesterday. When I got better - Neta didn't say a thing that I made a mistake. The "nice" woman who came sick told Neta that I was wrong and had a reason for that. Neta said that it's possible to do it as I did. This is one way while it's not the only one.

Easier to do things through listening to bad things. When I felt bad - it was fine. When I got better - oh no! There is someone to tell that I'm wrong. I liked that Neta said that I did it ok, but it wasn't enough for the next times for this evening.

After my try that was THAT "bad" till someone else who came to learn there said it was wrong - it was her turn for this. She didn't do it any better. Never mind that I didn't like what she did - Neta had something to say. For her try she had something to fix, and it didn't come from me 

Once again

Yesterday: we started with watching videos. It was mostly Pastora Galvan. We saw a bit of Juaquin Grilo too. We listened to Soleas, bulerias and solea por buleria. It was for we'll reconize the difference. The guitar player was there, so he played for us a bit from the three palos.

The airconditions are almost fixed. It's on the right place but doesn't work. I was wearing my skirt, but not the bolero. After a while of the class I got that I was the only one who was wearing a skirt. All the rest were in pants. The guitar player was the only man in the class, and still everyone accept me in pants...

It was pretty difficult yesterday. We had to improvize again. I started to understand how to do it, but I was without any insporation and wasn't really on the ground. At least I make outside classes some checks if it's possible to fix me in this (I'm not like this only in classes).

The good thing was that I wasn't the only one. One of the sisters from Haifa was amazing, but all of us accept her weren't in our best, include someone who I see as not bad at all. But nevermind, it doesn't matter how bad will I be - there is another one who will be even worse than me in my bad days. She isn't a bad person, but a higher flyer and less confidence and tallent. She always do "faces" and stop in the middle. In one of the times testerday she said we don't understand - she's affraid. Neta had a short speech about that everyone does, includes proffesional dancers who do it for years. Than 2-3 more said they are affraid too. And the guitar player said that he's affraid too. We all started to laugh and made her try.

Later on - Neta showed us something of how to do it wrong, and how to do the same thing - but right. Not all understood the meanning. I did although I was with my head in the clouds. The other flyer wanted to make a video of it. Neta didn't like it...

In the end of the class I took my daily clothes change outside the studio. In the way back for taking all my stuff - the other astronaut said that she thinks that my shoes are still there. NO! Don't do it to me!

From Bogotá

Here are some photos of Farru. It was taken in a festival which was recently in Bogotá. Sorry... Still didn't find out who was taken the phots. Anyway - hair is a bit shorter. Still a good looking, but it will take a little time till I will get used to it

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Soy Gitano

This video shows mostly Camarón. He sings here with two more singers in afestival. On one of the guitars - Tomatito. The song is Soy Gitano. It took a part in a festival in 1991, a year or so before the soon death of Camarón. He deffently died too young

On the roof

Here is another video. Again - a great flamenca that I should have say something about her a long time ago. This is Eva Yerbabuena

Monday, October 24, 2011

A view on Tauro

I was telling before about Manuel Liñan and his show Tauro in Días De Flamenco. I wrote about a long time ago (when we're talking about the time that this blog is on). Still, just now I really wanted to add something from YouTube. Here is the commercial video of Tauro. It's possible to see some things I wrote about (like the amazing start and the beautiful bata de cola), and it's possible to see some other things from the show - like a part from a dance which looks very very modern style with fabric strips that the other dancers performed in it...


Once again the conection between flamenco and movies:

Whoever saw the movie Volver of Pedro Almodovar may think that Pénlope Cruz can sing. It isn't so, at least haven't prove yet. The song of Volver, and I mean to THE song - Pénlope Cruz looks like sinning, the real singer is Estrella Morente

And here is the song:

A new video

Here is one more video, but this time it's a video of a great flamenca who's new to this blog. I guess that I needed a long time ago to add a video of Estrella Morente. As far as it's better late than never....

She doesn't sing here alone, but... She's the one who starts and sings most of the time. A great music all this video

Almost regular

Last night - one more class of farruca. The guitar player was suppose to be there, but he had a reason not to come. He will probably will come in the next class. Next week we won't have a class on sunday because of the new show of Neta. She will performe that night. She told us that bottles of wine that has been used in the show are full in real wine that everyone drink from it. She told us about a thing that she didn't mean that will happen, but on stage she decided to do it...

I was dancing with my blue skirt and bolero. After 15 minutes the bolero went down and it was enough for me the shirt under. The aircondition are still off. It will probably will be fixed today, but not sure.

I got after a weekend that hardly slept and was really tierd. Everyne made a new step solo. Accept me. I've been forgotten, but this time I didn't mind. I was too tierd to show that I still don't do it perfect.

Because of the changes next week - the farruca class will may be in an another evening for once...

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Daily shoes

I really got to flamenco till my daily shoes looks like flamenco shoes for the last 5 years. I usually wear black ones, but... Here I changed the firm and color. Still it looks like flamenco dance shoes (aslthough it isn't). Just to show how bad is my sitiuation is - here are some photos of my new daily shoes:

I bought the shoes in a store of Emma Green