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Thursday, February 23, 2017

UNDUETRIO with Miguel Angel as a guest star

Another time a show of Compas Company. A second time that I go to see. I have two great reasons for it. I loved it at the first time, and this time it's with Miguel Angel as a guest star. Well, he isn't the only dancer "outside" the company. He's almost a part because of all the work together and the fact it's about flamenco. But Mijal Natan, the manager and the lead dancer of Compas Company loves to take chances and mix with other styles. Many times it means to invite dancers and musicians who normally don't do flamenco. So, this show is a bit of flamenco, but mostly  Clasico Español. And this show includes the young ballet dancer Michael Schneider.

So, not many people that  I know at the audience - once again. Weird, but it means that some new people gets into it. Still I had a little talk with the boyfriend of Hadas Nestel before the hall's door has been opened. 

The show starts with a duet of Mijal Natan and Michael Schneider. After that - it's a part that Mijal dance alone, the duet become with Hadas Nestel. Hadas received a long solo after that was closer to modern dance than flamenco. She's a good flamenco dancer, but at this solo as a modern dancer - she made me chills. Mijal came back to stage for ending it as a duet. At this moment it has started to look like flamenco.

After that - a lot of Clasico Español, mostly by the young dancers of the company. One of the girls lost two hairpins on stage by dancing, but it happens a lot to many dancers. Were two ballet solos of Michael Schneider. One of them was when the girls has finished one of their parts. He was wearing a shirt and short tight pants. I didn't remember he was wearing those pants before at this show, but I was sure that I missed something or maybe my memory doesn't work well this time. 

Later on there was duet of Miguel with Mijal. It was pure flamenco. And there were some parts that one of them was dancing while the other one is giving a little space to the dancer. First to dance alone was Miguel. By this time - Mijal found out a way to make a nice movement, to take off one of the hairpins from stage, put it in her hair while smiling.... It was clear it wasn't a part from the plan - at least for a person like me who see flamenco so many times and learn for so many years. Still I think that the way she made it was very elegant. Although Miguel was dancing and I was waiting for him - it was hard for me to stop looking at her and get impressed from this move. When the hairpin was at her hair - my eyes got tuck on Miguel. This duet was too short for me. I loved it too much. 

The company was going on. Near the end - the coming back of Miguel for his solo. It was a buleria with a recording music by Johannes Doschew. I knew this music before. The CD with this music was including a work together between  Johannes Doschew and Miguel Angel from the first moment. At some parts of the CD - Miguel has been called for the recording studio to dance and make palmas for this CD. Miguel sent me a copy of it. They had also a tour with a special show for this CD. I saw a video with parts of it. Were few movements that I remember that I saw in the video. I was chilled to see it live. 

The next thing was the closing dance of this show by the original thing - a pure flamenco dance made by Mijal and all the company. It's a tangos that she was teaching before at one of the classes I take at her studio, but she made few changes for making it more fit for stage and a full company. I still saw Miguel stands aside the stage. I was that close. It was hurting my concentration which was never my strongest side.

For fin la fiesta after that - a bow down. After that Miguel, Mijal and the company made palmas of a buleria. Miguel made it as a contra tiempo while all others made it as tiempo.

After that - of course I was running to get into the back stage. Of course I was asking Miguel another photos cause we don't have a new one since last night. Till he was ready to pick up his things (and he needed to make it faster than he meant to) - I was talking with Guerau. He have at this show also a solo that I love. He was nervous to do it this time and he have his reasons for it. I still loved to see him dance. When Miguel was ready - he asked to take the photo outside. There was only one person outside. Miguel asked me to go to this guy and ask him to take our photo. We made it near the door to the artists' entrance. There was a problem with the light. Till I made Miguel to notice it - he was in a middle of a conversation with this guy. We went to the other side near the entrance to the hall. Miguel was still preparing when this guy started to take our photos. He made few photos cause "something must go well". So, three went out pretty well - including the one that Miguel was preparing. I got into the conversation too. I found out this way that this guy who was taking our photos is the boyfriend (or husband?) of Ayelet Shachar who is a very dominate dancer at this company. I know her also in person (but not THAT personally) and love her as a dancer and as a human. Miguel was asking to go to Mijal's car. He asked me if I can come with him or do I mean to stay and talk with Ayelet's boyfriend. OK, of to behave like a 15 years old girl who goes after the artist that she adore.... I was walking after Miguel. Next to the car while Mijal was there and heard it - Miguel invited me to eat dinner with them at Suzanna - the popular restaurant at the next side of the road. I asked if I'm really invited. Miguel and Mijal said both that I do. I went with Moran Ron to catch a place. Ayelet and her boyfriend came a moment after us. At last, Miguel, Mijal and Lia joined us. I was at a side of the table, next to me one chair at the middle. Lia almost sat next to me, but Mijal asked her to sit at another chair for Miguel will sit next to me. By this dinner I found out about few things that stressed them through performing that night. One of the things was the pants of Michael Schneider - the short one that I didn't remember. I found out it wasn't really pants. He have a choice of two pairs pants for this dance at this show. One pair pants - Mijal brough and Michael didn't accept to wear. The other pair pants are at Michael's hands. He forgot to bring it, so he got up to dance on stage at his underwear..... Mijal already called it "naked". I found out that the girls were shocked from it - really naked or with his underwear

And those are the good photos with Miguel from that evening:

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