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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

After Miguel Angel's workshop, February 2017

There is no better way to finish this visit of Miguel Angel at Israel with taking another workshop. This time it took only two classes for each workshop at Tel Aviv. For me it isn't enough. I did say before that I adore him as a dancer and love him as my friend, isn't? So, whatever left of the 15 years old girl at my soul woke up and it wasn't enough. Each class meant to be two hours (but took few more minutes more). So, slowly I will try to tell how did it go this time. 

First day

Once again I did take the level that fits to people who dance a lot, but not professional. I meant to come early for time to watch at a big part of the class for professionals. I did come early enough to change without any stress and watch a little bit. Looks like both things - my will and real life are a matter of the same thing: my excitement. And this time I knew that Ilan finally comes to the workshop of Miguel. Because he's a professional - I was sure that he will take the hardest level. I didn't bother to ask. I hopped to talk with him between classes. Well, surprise. He took the same level as I am. It was better for him because of the hours. For me it was better because it meant two good friends of mine at the same class - one will teach me, the other one will dance beside me. Couldn't be any better. 

At the moment that I was sure that couldn't be any better - I noticed that came a girl who recently started at the studio of Mijal. This girl is stressing me out every class. She always do her thing without any silence and without to stay at her place. Recently she just made Ilan's joke about me for real - she ran over me while dancing. And I mean - she went back without looking, all her back over my body and her legs on my professional flamenco shoes. Instead of just say "sorry" - she did it with hugging me. She isn't my friend, I don't want her hands over me, mostly after she do a thing like this. After that I was watching over her at the scariest look that I could give. She didn't get near me since. When I saw her at the studio for the workshop I told Ilan that now he and Miguel are taking care for me. It didn't impress him at all and with a lot of indifference he said "You don't need anyone to take care for you. You can take care for yourself". I was wondering how come that I don't see Idit there. She always takes Miguel's workshops. At any workshop that I see her - no matter if it's Miguel or anyone else - I see her at the progress classes. Now I didn't see her at all. Couldn't figure out and her case - I was sorry that I didn't see her. Only after that I found out that she's at London for work.... Few girls from Mijal's company took this class. 

Between classes some kisses. Ilan and me stood together at the front. Ayelet who took the progress class and fit there stayed for this class as well. OK. Still another person that I like takes this class. 

The class has started right away without any warming into a buleria dance. Well, almost right away. First Miguel said that it's about to be a siguiryia. Few people who still don't know his kind of humor at classes has corrected him that it's about to be a buleria. No, buleria is much more difficult than a siguiryia.... 

While the class the crazy girl took aside and didn't dare to get near me. From time to time she looked at me with a stressed look at her eyes. Yeah, maybe it's another thing that Ilan was right about... And Ilan made a thing that he didn't do for a long time - made me laugh at the middle of class just by looking at me weird. Miguel noticed me a lot and took care that I do all steps correct. It took me back to the first workshop that I took of him. It stressed me out at the first time, now not only that it didn't bother me - it could stress me out if he wasn't notice me. Two girls came late and took their places at the back. After a while - Miguel asked to change the lines for those who were at the back will be at the front. Those girls didn't accept at the start. Mijal noticed it and scolded them that Miguel came to teach, so it's better that they will do what he tells. They accepted. 

Water brake. Instead of drinking - Ilan was going to the dancing bar. I asked him if he's fine. He asked me if it's possible to stretch at this studio. I said "no". He didn't like it. I went to talk with Miguel. Now, another class joke of him - I want to dance alone, don't I? He heard me say that I do. 

After the brake - all came back to front or back as we wanted. Some more steps. At the end of class he asked Ilan to dance alone. Ilan was stressed and made something, but it wasn't his best. After that Miguel asked Ayelet to dance alone. She did it. 

Meant to be another class of beginners after that, but it didn't happen. I asked Miguel to take a video at the next day. He started talking with me about my (beautiful) shoes and skirt. I didn't try to argue that I'm wearing a dress and not a skirt, but I did tel him that I have also some other skirts. None of them is pretty as this one. By the way I kinda ran after him like a 15 years old fan. At the "balcony" of the studio he wanted to start changing clothes. He asked me to go. I told him that I don't have a problem to see him this way. He said that he have. He's very shy. I went. By going down I still saw him with shirt off. Really can't understand it. We're friends for a long time, it's only a shirt off and he's a man, and even at his age - what a body.... 

Second day

Once again - most of those who took the classes at the first day came back. Ayelet took both classes again. I came with my camera. Between classes - few more kisses. I sent Miguel "hello" from a mutual friend who couldn't come. 

When our class has been started - Ilan and me took our places at the front again. This time Miguel didn't ask us to change the lines. Usually he finish those workshops with a part that puts a song at the system and all students do just markajes that fits the music - right after him. This time he started this way the second class. I love those parts cause there is something relaxing in it. 

We went on. A lot of practice on the buleria from the first class and many new steps. At one ater brake we were talking. He asked me again if I attend to dance alone. No. He asked me if I don't like to dance alone. I guess it's more correct to say that I'm afraid to dance alone. I said that I want to dance with him. He had a respond of "OK, whatever". 

Moving on. A lot for two classes. Near the end a girl has started to take a video. Mijal asked her to stop for she will dance. Will be time for it later on. Her luck because there were some new steps to learn after that. And yes. There was a time to take videos at the end. We've been asked to dance at two groups. Those who were standing aside had the chance to take a video. Somehow - Ilan, Ayelet and me were at the group that took videos first. 

Some people came. I wasn't sure why because from one hand - no one came for the first class of beginners. At the second hand - it was possible to take one class only between two of beginners and few days before it has been told it will be two different rumbas. 

After the class was over - I asked Miguel and Ilan to have another photo with them. I asked Ayelet to take the photo. I don't accept to give my camera to anyone. I do trust Ayelet, so I asked her. I told her how to use it. When I finally took over Miguel and Ilan to stand next to me for the photo - it was "Orna in the middle. The ordinary thing"... Ayelet was a little shaken. I guess that it stressed her to hold a professional camera. She wasn't sure if the photo was good. Ilan and me looked. Ilan thought it's fine, but I wasn't sure. I gave Ayelet the camera once again and asked for another photo. The second photo was much better. By this time - Mijal was trying to rush us. There is a rumba now. The class must to start. 

By changing - Ilan and me were talking. And the music has started for the next class. Oh my GOD! I have and love this song! On my way out I couldn't say a real "goodbye" to Miguel. The class has started and he gave it. He signed me for goodbye, I signed him for a kiss. 

At the morning after he was already on a flight. And I already wait for the next time

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