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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Los tres amigos

Here we go again. Miguel Angel came back to Israel and I'm celebrating. It isn't a secret that I adore him as a dancer and a choreographer, and it isn't a secret that he became a very good friend of mine at real life. It's also correct to say that Ilan Miller is a very good friend of mine for years as well and I adore him too as a dancer. Now Miguel came back to Israel for giving some workshops and perform with Compas Company. Two shows. Once again "David and Bat Sheva" - a show which is running for years. Ilan to perform at this show few years ago as a replacement for another dancer, now he's a part of this production as a dancer of Compas Company. The other show with Miguel - the new show of Compas Company - UNDUETRIO. It's only of Compas Company, but now Miguel is a guest star He takes a part at two parts as a dancer (one is a duet with Mijal Natan, the other one is a solo of him) and as a choreographer for a new dance. So, as a part of my celebrating - I took some photos at a rehearsal (some already has been published, will be some more), I made sure to have my tickets for both shows, taking a part at a workshop at Tel Aviv, and..... A cup of coffee with Miguel as friends. 

At the part of meeting as friends - coffee, but also breakfast at the end. At the same evening he had two shows in a row of "David and Bat Sheva". First time was for people who were invited (I still don't understand how come that I wasn't at the list), and the second time is for people who bought their tickets. Yeah, I was buying. I know this show very well from all the times that I saw it, still can't stop. Even for seeing again my two good friends are sharing the same stage. And of course - also my teacher Mijal Natan and some people who I know from dancing at her studio. At our breakfast together - Miguel and I were talking about Ilan. Miguel starts to like him and said he's nice. I told him that Ilan is my friend for years. Miguel was a little stressed that I will come that evening to see them because he's already tired and all of them will be tired at this time. 

At Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv weren't many people that I knew at the audience. Still many people and only few places left. At the hall when I was sitting - a guy was asking me to see the program. When he almost finished to see - two women were sitting between us. Of of them was asking me to see the program as well. After that - the guy was talking with the two women. While listening - I understood that I met this guy before. He's the boyfriend of Hadas Nestel, one of the dancers of Compas Company who takes a part at this show. 

At the show itself - were few moments that it was possible to see that the dancers are tired. It didn't stop them and even not at their best - it was stunning. I did notice Ilan freak out near the end. He made a thing that made others laugh on stage. At the solo of Miguel was a thing he made a little different. This time - I was busy mostly to see this show through photos that I took last week at the rehearsal. This time Maya Shani Palenbaum was taking as a dancer of the company. She came instead of Vlada Vest who is in a brake now. Maya is now officially at the company. I looked at her a lot at the show, a little bit more that I thought to. I was a little bit confused about it. She was a ballet teacher long time ago, but as a flamenco dancer - recently she takes a part from time to time at a kids' show of the company. Accept that - she's a regular student as I am at the studio at my age. I was jealous to see her there on this stage with those people. I was sure that I hate her this moment. Although I was jealous - I must admit she made her job very well. She was dancing very professional and it looked good, at least most of the time. 

After the show I got into the backstage. I was talking with some of the girls and asked to see it again. NOW. And I came with Ivelisse to one of the dressing rooms for talking with Miguel. She went out a moment after she was saying "hello" to Miguel. I stayed. A lot. It was funny to see that another girl who learn with me got in as well, she knows Miguel and hardly recognized me. She didn't see him for a long time. After a long waiting (I'm terrible at waiting) and freaking out from it - I received two photos with my friends at the dressing room of Miguel and some others. A moment before the photos - Miguel said "Los tres amigos". I love calling it this way.... After that I was telling Ilan I was meeting Miguel that morning and we talking about him. Nothing to worry, only some bad things... Because of that - "los tres amigos". 

I found myself for a moment on stage. Oh my... I disturb the holiness of this place! I meant to say goodbye to Ilan and some of the girls before I go. I didn't see Miguel after that and couldn't understand it. I went out from the backstage. He called me. He was out to have some air. He asked me to wait with him if I have few minutes. Of course that I have! We were talking with the boyfriend of Hadas Nestel. After  that I was talking with him alone for a little bit more. After that - I could say few more times "goodbye" to the girls. And another girl came running when I went away. She's a girl who learn at the same studio. We learn together. I dislike her because I think that she's weird, she looks like that her ego is bigger than her and the classes looks worse because of her and few others. She looked at me and didn't recognized me. I guess that it's because she's weird and never saw me before with the hair this way. I don't mind that she spared me the talk with her.

And the photos of "los tres amigos" at the dressing room:

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