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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Miguel Angel's workshop - December 2015

I took again medium level. Although it isn't the first time that I take a workshop of him I wasn't sure if I should jump to pro level. For two levels I didn't enough money. After that I found out that the pro level includes algeria..... I rather watch it. I feel fine with the medium level. 

Day one 

Miguel knew that I'm about to come, but he still looked a bit surprised to see that I really came. Just for a moment. It was the end of the pro class for that day. Miguel and me could say "hello" normally, but he found a crazy way to sign me more than once. One more moment that makes me feel like a teen fan.... It made me laugh. On the "balcony" at the studio was resting a flamenco teacher from the north. I have more than one theory why did she take only one class at the level that I took. THere is also an old lady that I meet many times at workshops. So far only at Miguel's workshops and once or twice also at Maria Juncal. When she saw me she needed to remind me (again) that we met before at a former workshop. I remember.... I remember her face, I remember where did we meet and I remember that it isn't the first time that she reminds me that information. I don't remember her name, and that she didn't tell.  She came this time with a friend that I think that I saw her once bfore, but I still don't really know yet. 

Between classes I was talking with Idit who came to pro level and with Miguel. I was worried that I still couldn't give him a copy of the photos I took at the evening before - at the rehearsal. He was much less worried than me. 

At the level that I took - jaleo. A flamenco teacher from Jerusalem who took the pro level stayed. She came back to class when the warming for the jaleo has started. Of course - when she took her place at this class - she took it very close to me. Too close. Too many times it happens to me that someone try to run over me at classes. This time it was her, most of class time. Ilan has a joke about it and I started to think of his laugh if he was there to see it. And like it wasn't enough for her - she didn't get a thing, or at least it looked this way. Since the moment we've been moved to the dance itself - she didn't stop asking questions of how does every move goes. For me - I started to wonder if I shouldn't take the pro level class although it's alegria. I did enjoy this class, but because it wasn't the first workshop that I took of Miguel (and I hope for many more that he gives), so I started to wonder if it isn't time to challenge myself at his classes. Still I'm not even close for being sorry for taking this class, just sorry that I couldn't take all. 

Near the end of this class we made a brake from dancing. Because of the questions Miguel told us about this palo - from were did it come from at Spain and ways it could sound and look like. We made a practice on palmas for it. Miguel even started to sing for us! 

Got back dancing. Miguel said that the song that he brought for us is too fast. He will look for another song for the next day. The same palo but a slower song. Near the end one of my rings fell on the floor by dancing. I stopped dancing for taking it. Got back dancing a moment after it was on my finger again. I wouldn't tell about it if it was ending by that. Miguel looked at me. After we finished this round of dancing Miguel found out what to say. He was joking it looks like a movie - the ring is rolling on the floor and I'm running after it while saying "It's mine! It's mine! the ring is mine!". Fine... Because it's him I'll take it as he wanted it to be - as a joke.

For the end we had another quiet song. We didn't really dance, just made some flamenco moves that can be a part of a dance. That was the relaxing part of the class. 

Day two

Friday morning. Both flamenco teachers who came to learn at the day before didn't come this time. A girl that I know her face from other workshops came this time to the jaleo class. Between classes Miguel was joking he has some paparazzi there because some girls already made videos of the alegria from the pro class. I told him that at the day after - I'm about to be the paparazzi. I would like to have a video of all the jaleo dance and I would like to have a photo with him. He said we could have a photo together after this class. He said that maybe we should have it with Mijal this time. I said it could be good because there is light. He said that of course there is light, it's Israel....

For a start as a joke he asked the girl who missed the first day "what was yesterday?". The warming was to practice the steps of the day before, not before he was joking on the rolling ring and my running after it.

He took care for another song, but it was on Mijal's phone. Mijal gave him her phone and was putting on the song's place. We learned some new steps and made it with the part of the day before. Once that Miguel wanted to start the music from the start happened something. He looked at me for a ,moment and asked me "Where is the music?". For a moment I thought it's one of his jokes, but no. He meant it. The music came out from a Whatsup application. By mistake he went out from this conversation. As far as all connection people at Mijal's phone are written in Hebrew - he asked me to help him to find it again. I came. The old woman who I hardly know and came with the one who I saw before many times before came after me. Until the music has been found again she stood behind me without giving much space. I didn't try to look at her, but on my head there was the thought of "who the hell is she and why does she's following me?". 

The other girls made videos of the new steps. After that Miguel asked me where is my phone. It's up, on the balcony. 

We went on with class. While the relaxing part - came some dancers from the company. And the singer who work with the company at the show AguaDulce. They weren't the only ones. A photographer who I know came with students. It was a part of a photography workshop that he gives and I missed being a part of it. All came for rehearsal that came later on. 

Between class and rehearsal - I brought my phone and opened it. On the way I told Mijal that we're about to make a photo together and it will be nice if she will join us. But there will be another day! Fine.... She didn't like the idea that it can't wait for tomorrow, but accepted. Hello to the photographer. He wasn't surprised to see me. I wasn't surprised to see him but was jealous at his students. We made a photo with Mijal at my phone. It took some time to show it because it takes some time to my phone. Then Miguel asked to have a photo with me alone as well. Mijal took it. I asked if they accept that I'll put it on Facebook. Mijal said something like "whatever she wants". So here it is:

After that the flamenco teacher asked me through Facebook what happened on class and if I can send her a video.....

Third day

I usually take the dancing videos on a camera, but the flamenco teacher wrote me that she won't be able to come to the last class. She wants me to send her a video at WhatsUp.  Whatever.... I took my phone for it and made it on silence for it won't disturb on class. At the end of the pro class Idit asked me to take a video of the alegria with her phone. Miguel had to say something about NOT making a photo. By the way - the paparazzi.... Later on I will be the paparrazi... Idit told me it was a joke over her. The flamenco teacher from Jerusalem came, but she was only at the pro class. Fine. She won't run over me. 

Between classes I reminded Miguel that I want a video of the jaleo. He said that this time it isn't for Facebook. Of course not! And another photo. By the way I gave him and Mijal CD's with photos that I took at the rehearsal few days earlier.

This time again there was warming by a practice on steps from a day before. And moving on for dancing. This time Miguel changed another thing about the music - this time it came from his phone. One more problem - the battery of his phone was about to die after a full day at the studio. He came prepare with cables, but couldn't find where to put it while his phone will stay connected to the volume. As a friend I came to try helping him. The strange woman who came after me at the day before came after me once again at this part. I didn't try to look at her. This time at my head was the thought "what's her f***king problem? Who asked her to come?" The problem with problem with the phone has been managed, but the strange woman didn't disappear.  

Lots of practice. Some new steps and coming back on all together. Near the end the old woman who I know a bit through workshops got a crush on my shoes. She didn't wait to end of class for asking me where did I get it. 

At the end Miguel showed us the new part and all together. Two new videos on my phone. 

And the relaxing part. Just moving with with fun music without a certain full dance. 

After that the old women took pictures one of another with Miguel. I gave the old woman that I know my phone for she will take a photo of mine with Miguel. Because of my phone was still silence - she didn't hear a sound and was sure that she didn't take any photo, but there was a photo:

After class also Mijal asked me to send her the video that I took of the jaleo dance. I stayed the last one at the studio between the students

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