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Sunday, January 3, 2016

After watching AguaDulce with Miguel Angel as a guest star

It all started for me with the line. I didn't get it through Suzanne Dellal's office, I get it through Keren who was working slowly this time. I was waiting at the line for her. A worker of Suzanne Dellal said it's possible to get tickets through the machine, those who get it with a credit card. I did get mine, but my ticket is waiting for me with Keren. I wasn't hurry to miss my place at the line. When it was my turn - someone else get my place after all. A worker that stood next to Keren asked me for which show did I invite my ticket. AfuaDulce. She asked if it's flamenco. Of course! She asked me if I get it through the office. No, I get it through Keren. Gee.... Do I look like someone who came here for the first time?

At the audience I was looking people that I know. The old women from the workshop came. The one who I know less was too happy to see me from a weird reason. A hug was missing.... A couple of friends of my parents who love flamenco but not a part of the community has come. At AugaDulce it includes only the women of Compas Company, musicians, tango dancer and from time to time - a guest star. A man dancer from the company came to see. He looks to me a homosexual (which is fine), but I've been told that he's married with kids. He came with a guy.... They sat not far from me at the row before. Next to me were sitting women that I don't know. One stopped disturb me very fast. The other one behaved like it's her first time in a place like this, didn't shut up and looked like she things she came for something else.  

This time the tango dancers were Ronen Khayat who's always take a part at this show and made the choreography for the tango parts, and his couple was Dorit Shalom. First time that I saw her. 

The fact Miguel took a part this time made a difference. He took a part at the entrance. 

After that was the guajira of Ayelet Shachar. She was amazing as usual, but unlike her - a little part of her hair went out and was "dancing" over her face and beside. It ruined her 'clean" look and style, but I still liked it. It took out a gipsy,

After that was a duet between Miguel and Mijal Natan. Normally at this shoe Mijal has less time on stage and more time as the artistic manager. This part was a farruca/bolero that Miguel made the choreography, both were dancing it. It was an amazing part. As far as I have Mijal all the time as a teacher and as a dancer who I come to see a lot on stage - my eyes were most of time on Miguel. Too long since I saw him dance live on stage at the last time. The weirdo next to me said that he's handsome. I noticed it. If I wasn't thrill from the thing on stage I would probably say to the weirdo that I noticed it, so she should shut up. At this point I started to wonder about how to get into the backstage after the show this time. 

After that - the part which Moran Ron dance alone most of time. She's at the end of a pregnancy, first one. She have some parts at this dance that she stands over a chair. As far as I know her and I know her talent - I was sure that she will be fine. The weirdo next to me got stressed, made some voices that made me stressed as well. 

The weirdo next to me loved the tango parts. She said so. 

Some more things that has changed: 

Vlada Vest has a solo with a colombiana. She dance with a hat. Every time she throw it to the air and catch it. This time it seemed like she let the hat fall down on stage. She took it only after the falling after some more dancing moves. I know it was't meant to be this way because it wasn't the first time that I see this show, but Vlada made it very elegance that I'm not sure that anyone else at the audience noticed it. Yehiel Hason who play the guitar at this show collaborated with her perfectly. 

The girls of the company has a part which finish with a solo for Hadas Nestel. This time Moran Ron didn't take a part at this dance although she did it so far. I guess that her pregnancy made it impossible for this part. The girls still made it like nothing has been changed. 

Some more from the tango. Some more mixing tango from Argentina with the flamenco. At the end of mixing of tango with the girls of Compas Company who danced flamenco - Miguel got back to stage. A suitcase at his hand, a hat on his head. They made an elegance switch that made him come in, they come out after his entrance, it still looked like it was always a part. He was putting down his suitcase and started to dance a solo. At the start his hat took a part at the dance, but after a while Miguel took off his hat and was putting it down on the suitcase. He was dancing a crazy part that made the audience give him many hands claps. He almost finished and Mijal got back to stage for another solo of hers which always was there and starts with putting down some stones on stage. Miguel took on his hat, took his suitcase and went away. Mijal also received many hands claps as she should. 

And a rumba for the end with all dancers. A bow down. Third time  that I see this show at a third version. Still finished too fast for me. If I wasn't worry for talking with the dancers later on and having another photo with Miguel, if I wasn't worry about my dog that needs his night walk - I would probably could see this sow all night. 

I asked the man dancer to let me in to the back stage. A night after he will perform with Miguel and the company at another show on this stage. And he knows me. I know he can. He accepted, but at the end I found out another way to get in. On the start I saw Miguel. Kisses. A day before two people died at Tel Aviv. I made a contact with him to see that he's fine. First thing he asked me after kissed if I'm worried about him, Yep. And I want a photo with him, He went to change his clothes first and clean his face. By this time the two old women from the workshop came in too, The one that I know a bit said something about a workshop. Oh, did you take another one? No, only that one we made together. Ayelet came. She was taking with them first. And... Oh, Orna, how are you? I just needed to say something as a weird joke and by the way make the old women know that I'm well connected. After all - one thinks that I don't remember her face, the other one made twice a try to get in between me and Miguel. So, I simply said that they so used to see me there till no one notice that I am there. Ayelet said it isn't so. Did I enjoy the show? No!! I was suffering at every moment! At this part Ayelet understood that I'm joking. Till Miguel was ready I was talking also with Mijal a bit. I found the time to talk a bit also with Moran. I told her that the woman next to me got stress when she stood on the chair. She smiled. A stage worker said "we all did - since she was with a stomach flat like this". Even when when Miguel was ready it took a little time to get this photo

Not much after that he went out. I went out not much after that. I went to him. He was talking with other women and had some photos with them. I was waiting he will have another moment for me. And then happened a thing I didn't think will happen, not now. A woman who was talking with him and I'm not sure if we met before has started to talk with me. She told me that she follows the blog and it's really good. I'm flattered! Well, I think that she worth a witty answer, but I wasn't ready for it and I felt like this complement makes me blush, so I just thanked her. That's all. 

OK, one dog who's waiting for me at home. Another show to write about, one more to come. I said goodbye to Miguel. We already started to plan the photo of the night after. He was laughing when I said we don't have enough photos together. 

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