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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

David and Bat Sheva (cause I didn't see it enough times)

This time no line dramas and not many people that I know at the audience (although I did know few). Someone that I don't know took out Guerau for a moment a little time before the show. Oh my, dancers change their clothes fast.... He was dressed in a way which better for a practice than going on to stage.... When he noticed me he was hurry getting back to change and get ready for stage. I made a try to say "good luck".

There were some familiar faces at the audience, but less than I used to. 

Well, once again watching David and Bat Sheva. First time I saw it at the original version with Arik Alfassi as King David. He's from the ballet. It's the third or fourth time that I see it with Miguel. This time I had the chance to take some photos of one rehearsal for it. Still didn't get an answer about all photos that asked to publish. I'm not sure that I have anything new to say about the show itself. I guess it mostly how much I love flamenco, how much I love this certain show, how much I love the people who were on stage.... And this time I know all at personal. Some I just love as dancers and respect as people, others I love as dancers and I love as my friends. 

Once again were few little changes at the people who were on stage. Girls were all girls at Compas Company, all were at the last round as well. All at the parts they made before. The difference is about the men. Ilan Miller received a bigger part than last round - last time he was instead one dancer, this time he took a place of one more dancer. Yogev Zorea took a place of another dancer and had a bigger part than last time. Guerau Cabrera took a part as this show for the first time at a part which always been there, Uri Kohen still there at the big part he always danced there - Uriah. After all the times that I saw this show - for me it isn't a question if I enjoy it, it's only about it I notice the difference each time. I do notice and it feels like watching a new things each time. It isn't really feels like the first time cause I know what comes next (although I don't always remember all), but it's another crazy experience. 

This time I was worried the most about the getting into the backstage after the show. All people that I know the best at the hall were on stage. I wasn't sure if anyone will hear me call. At the end me and few more who worth this entrance as I do found a way, although people who daily workers at Suzanne Dellal didn't like it. 

I wanted my photos with the men that I love the most there - Miguel and Ilan. By the way Igaely who used to be at the company came to see the show. He also came in a bit after me. He said "How pretty you are" while touching my hair. Ilan noticed me a moment after that and said that he isn't used to see me this way (I have a theory about that, but that's for another time). I said to Ilan "Look how pretty I am". He accepted. Miguel came out with his daily clothes. I missed having a photo with him as he's wearing his clothes from the show... But first thing he had to say "Orna, un beso". A kiss on every cheek. The sweat was still there. Well, our friendship is THAT deep that he feels convenient to kiss me this way, I DON'T see it disturbing. After a while I got my photos:

Arik Alfassi came with his wife. His wife took those photos. Igaely wanted the same as I do - photos with Miguel and Ilan. I took two photos of three of them in close version, at my phone.....

Arik Alfassi told about his experience of watching it with Miguel. It was his first time to see it with Miguel at the part which used to be his. By the way I found out why did his face looked familiar to me. 

After that I said to Miguel and Ilan that Ilan made many mistakes. Now they need to do all show from the start. Ilan was shocked. Miguel said to me "You are bad, very bad....". Maybe I am, but I want some more of them and some more flamenco. Ilan said to Vlada that I said some bad things about him. He said it at English for it will be easy for him to say it in a way that Miguel will understand. I continued this line and told Vlada at English that they must dance this show again. Now.

At the end I stayed for a long time at the backstage, at least for someone who didn't work there at that evening. By the way I was talking with Miguel about options to meet personally

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