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Friday, May 31, 2013

Three more week with Antonio Porro

Stage bulerias with Corrado Ponchiroli


One of Juan el de la Vara & Paco de Lucia

At The Joyce Theater

In the photo: Charo Espino


A painting by Fabian Perez

Closer to Stuttgart


I had to... Once again someone made a share of a link to the blog in Facebook, this time it's for a fan page of flamenco. As I remember - it isn't the first time that links to the blog "finds the way" to this fan page. 

And of course - thank you for keep reading it!

A painting by Fabian Perez

Summer in Granada

Cuatro de Madrid

Thursday, May 30, 2013

July with Paloma and Raquel

Three more weeks in Madrid

August with... Reminder

This Saturday with Ana Morales

Less than a month with La Farruca

Weekend in Sevilla

June 2013 with La India

Almost here

Closer with Eva Iglesias

The guitar

Maria in the Mexican press

Quién del mes de Mayo



Miguel Poveda in Madrid (reminder)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

June with Alicia Fiuri and Nestor Spada

For the next year in Tel Aviv

Flyer design by Shiran Siboni

Don't forget - June to August with La India

Soon - Vamos pa Triana

Marc Aurelio in Huston - closer than ever

31 of May, 1st June in Sevilla

This Friday in Almuñécar


Closer - the festival in Amsterdam

Although there is still time

It become easier but not better

The beginners still had their class when I came, only the man came my class. I went to change. When I came back - the assistant took a video of the beginners. Few more came. Again - not many. Between classes I bought "my" tickets for the end of year party. So far it looked like I was the only one. 

Ilan still didn't come... Neta said that he told her that he will be late. She knew has his birthday soon. I told her it was yesterday. By the way - Andreu has his birthday today. Really? Neta was surprised. I didn't tell her that I remembered Ilan't birthday mostly because he invited me to his party, but I told her that I know about Andreu's birthday through Facebook. She isn't much "there", so she didn't know. She even started to feel bad cause she called Andreu and didn't say a thing. 

We started class in a practice of the legs' work. Mostly what to do with the hands while doing it. Neta asked the bimbo to be in the front for showing all the hands. Ilan came then. The class stopped for a short moment for sinning him "happy birthday", all in Hebrew, Neta finished it in Spanish... 

And doing the whole drill. Looks like we will do it in the new standing and that's it. Even the assistant was surprised that it will be too easy to see her. Half of time will do it with one shoulder to the audience. Great, half of time no one will see me.... I'm so "happy" with it. She said it isn't the end yet. Sure, so now will make a change in the middle. And a new thing - one little part with the other shoulder to the audience, but when the audience will see me anyway - Neta took care for all will be seen. 

Dancing the siguiryia. For a moment I was really happy - because of not all came - I could really see myself in the mirror without a problem. It didn't take too long till the fat woman started to move in a way which made me move as well few times. All for looking the mirror. Once or twice the man almost got into me because of it. Second time we danced all from start to the end without to stop and fix wasn't better. In the second time all changes their places - I'm the only one who stay in her place. The fat woman stopped in the front of me. All her big ass hides me. All moved on while I was looking for a new place. In the end of it - not only that Neta didn't fix the places - she said it looked great. I had something which couldn't wait any longer. The end of class came and I asked Neta something. The fat woman was near and I hope I said it loud enough for she will hear it. I asked if next week we'll work on the standings. Today not all came, so I finally could see myself in the mirror - and even then it wasn't for the whole time. Neta said that sure, we'll work on it all the time. No one will be hidden.  I didn't say more because of her promise, but it wasn't enough for me. Yeah, if I didn't say a thing - would she think of it? She use to be very hard with it, but it was a long time ago. We have a "wonderful" experience from last year about "no one will be hidden". 

Between classes Neta called Andreu and we all sang him "happy birthday" through the phone. The snobbish offered that we'll all give some money for a gift. In the start there was a thought if only the class of buleria or the whole studio. In will be only us. I felt ashamed cause I brought money only for the tickets, so I had nothing to give. I promised to bring next week. 

Second class. We started with dancing the buleria from the start. With the jaleo... I do it, the assistant is so "smart" till she do the same jaleo as I do - a moment after I do it. When we had the part of all do together - I found out how much I can't change the way I feel or act. Siguiryia is something which suppose to be sad, but we have something which feels happy. And in the start of year I was happy that we work on this palo cause I love it and ever with all my years - I never danced it before. I still remember how much Neta was pleased that I smiled and wished that all class will do the same. Since we started to make the standing of the siguiryia I can't smile any more in those classes. The being so behind and hidden feels too bad for me. Buleria though suppose to be happy. While we started today with the buleria was still in the mood of being hidden without my will. 

All made the solos. All made mistakes. In the case of the bimbo - she even said that she doesn't care any more, let's move on. In one part I just stood next to the wall because of mood and patience which I didn't have. The assistant sat down again, so after Ilan I've been asked to dance. Doesn't she suppose to be now? I've been called, end of discussion. I was a bit surprised from this change of turns and at least it looked to me that Neta is watching me a bit weird. I was dancing, but it wasn't really what I meant for. The assistant was the last this time. In her way out - she almost got into me. That's because she's so "talented". 

Once again all from the start. This time I made a fake of half happiness. This time almost all made mistakes again, but no one had a problem to make jaleo - at least in the start. The jaleo was good, the dancing alone was less. The snobbish was first. Although I don't like her style - this time she earned her jaleo with dignity. Then the mistakes came. Order was right this time and the assistant was before me. She still made a try to go out on me. This time - although the mood and the mistakes which came earlier - it worked out for me. I'm not sure it was perfect, but it came with minimum mistakes and the way I wanted it to look like. 

The end of class was that each one of us made something really short which doesn't have to be with connection to the buleria we normally do. Neta made half of my turn with me. After we all made our turns - she asked to do her own turn. 

In the way out I told Ilan that I'm not pleased from what happened. He said that I should cause it worked out for me. Nice of him to see the good side...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

July in Granada (don't forget)

Flamenco fashion of Carmen De Topos

The once a month drill - this round

Flyer design by Shiran Siboni

The year study

Next year... Shuky Shveiky, Adva Yermiyahu and Idit Suslik wish to start full classes work. Like they do it now as once a month workshops - next year it will be once a week and more hours each time. I'm still not sure if I will be able to come (although it will happen in Tel Aviv), but it sounds like pure fun. Signing up till end of August. 

Flyer design by Shiran Siboni

End of year show of Sonia

This July - end of year show, the studio of Sonia Garcia

Getting closer - summer 2013 with La India