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Thursday, January 31, 2013

From Granada to New York City

Two more weeks - second round

I went to the first round and will go to the second one as well (two more weeks from today)

And a photo from the first time (yeah, if you'll look good - you'll see me there in the left in blue):

Let's not forget

Well, one more detail in the soap opera which I didn't write about....

After the mess that started with the information about the festival.... There was one who made the worst part against what's gonna happen and many didn't like it (includes myself). After that she felt needed to apologize about the mess. She wrote in the group of the "great dancer" how sorry she is about the mess, but.... And a bit more trash about the level of flamenco in Israel. I agree that not all good here, but it sounds like she said that all are horrible. By the way - she should know! She goes to all shows in Israel and Spain! I don't remember her in the show I went to see, maybe accept one or two. She said that by that she donate a lot to the art of flamenco in Israel.

And without to say a name - it looked like she made a joke on the "great dancer". If that kind of shows that she see... She probably knows how horrible is the level in Israel. The "great dancer" made an answer which shows that the meaning is to her, but in the way -  it doesn't matter where does she see the shows. And another one said that who is the one to write it? A student of a student?

The "great dancer" deleted it in the end - the whole apologize after telling all group that she's said about things that people write there... 

Flamenco wars at Facebook

Old readers knows about my "love" to one from the south here who calls herself "a dancer". She and I opened flamenco groups in Facebook. I crated one for worldwide flamenco  lovers - professional and non professional flamencos. She opened for Israelis only, and as it looked like in the start - for professional and no one else. I found myself in her group quite in mistake. I probably get addicted to soap operas if I didn't get out of there yet. Till there is important information - too much soap. And till the information comes - what a drama in the opera!

The wars about the next Dias de Flamenco if it worth or not trying was in her group. She had so many times things to say about things that others uploaded to her groups till I wondered how long someone will give it back to her in her face. And she said that a  video which is talking about end of year show of her studio became a YouTube heat in Jerez. Yeah, sure! It's clear that in Jerez they talk in Hebrew! As a part of talking how terrible things that others upload to her group - she said NOT to upload things twice. So she uploaded this YouTube many times in her group. And twice in mine. Each time in another profile of hers (once of her own as a regular profile, and once after few minutes with a profile of her company). She deleted one after I wrote her about it. 

After that she made it something close to it with a bit more brain: she uploaded something about a show of hers after it happened. Not much after - someone who I never met personally but I heard of and was with her on the same stage, the same show - uploaded the same thing she did. At my group. But this time - no warning. I just deleted one.

Now he uploaded something else, but as long as it's new and about flamenco.... And meanwhile - in her group.... She asked so many times about how to teach (cause she is a "great dancer and teacher"). While new things in my group - someone else asked about how to teach one of the most basic movements of hands... She answered about how does she teach (kids? it looks this way). Not really this way, types of it such like... Oh, this way the "great dancer" from the south learned in Granada.  

2013 with Eva Iglesias

Info e inscripciones: 15-6126-5275/

It happen this Saturday in Verona

Rovereto , salita pedonale Castori/ angolo corso Verona 136

sabato 2 febbraio h. 18,45 / 19.45 principianti por ZAMBRA
h. 20.00/ 21.30 intermedi por ALEGRIAS
domenica 3 febbraio h.10.30 / 11.30 principianti
h. 11.45 / 13.15 intermedi

Antonio Gades Company, 1966

Compañía Antonio Gades en el Aeropuerto de Argentina en 1966.
Foto cedida al Archivo FAG por Paco Roji.
En la foto: Caldera de Salamanca, Enrique Esteve, Curra Jímenez, Tauro, Julio Principe, Lidia Sanclemente, Juan Maya Marote, Emilio de Diego, Josefa Cotillo "La Polaca" José Peña "El Polaco" y Antonio Gades

Tomorrow night

New dates for Snow White

עיבוד מקורי לכל המשפחה לסיפור הקלאסי של שלגיה.
מופע תיאטרון -פלמנקו מיוחד, צבעוני וקסום המשלב פסקול של מוסיקת פלמנקו, מוסיקה קלאסית ומוסיקה עכשווית.

"..עשוי היטב, מהתלבושות והתפאורה המושקעות, דרך פרופורציה נכונה בין פלמנקו למשחק ועד הטקסט המלווה את ההפקה בעברית יפה ותקנית, בחריזה מוצלחת ובהבלחות של הומור... משהו טוב ואיכותי לילדים.." נעמה לנסקי, ישראל היום

9.2.2013, יום שבת, שעה 11:30 בבוקר, תיאטרון גבעתיים - 03-7325340, 03-6959536
9.3.2013, יום שבת, שעה 11:30 בבוקר, היכל התרבות יד לבנים רמת השרון - 03-6959536
16.3.2013, יום שבת, שעה 11:30 בבוקר, היכל התרבות נס ציונה - 03-6959536, 08-9304020
29.3.2013, יום ששי, שעה 11:00, אולם כנרות, (במסגרת פסטיבל עין גב) - 04-6751195, 04-6220066
30.3.2013, יום שבת (חול המועד פסח), שעה 11:30 בבוקר, מוזיאון תל אביב לאמנות - 03-6077020
· בסיום המופע תתקיים סדנת פלמנקו קצרה

Not much till March

From a magazine for Holland

The February with Dorantes

July in Mexico

The yellow card

One of

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

February with Leonor

February with Carmen Mesa

This Friday at Cueva Rociera

Going to the sevillanas?

Do you remember Domingo in Latin America?

And the tears....

Manton workshop with Sonia

March with Maria

Next week with Juan Ayala

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Time do it's own

Ok, when I came - still beginners' class. This time - only three, includes one of the new men of last week. Now I found out that he speak Spanish better than Hebrew. By the way I heard him talk - I think that he's from Argentina, but don't catch me by this. I went out to change. When I got back - the assistant got half of my place and it was hard to just sitting on the bench for taking on the shoes. 

First class has started. A bit of hands' warming and stretching. Many new movements. And a lot of legs' work. Once again - new things. After the new things - the legs' practice we'll do for the end of year. And for that - once again some new things. All got confuse, some of times were after all went with Ilan wasn't on his best this evening. All have those days and still makes me surprise he has those days. We needed a video for the memory. The assistant brought her mobile phone, I brought my camera. This time Neta gave attention to the assistant and her video. The assistant made lots "wind" of her videos and her uploading to our group. She knows nothing. I knew I should hurry when I come back home for taking out the wind from her balloon. 

The snobbish came and looked at us from the side. We started to make the rounds around - each for him/her own. I really have an issue with the balance. It almost started well to me and only got worse. And while I have some wars with balance - the worst part was doing two without any stop. And even Ilan who had a bad day made it perfect. Or maybe it was many more rounds? I told him we've been asked to make two when it looked to me that he makes more. He said it were two, but... Is it possible I got a little dizzy? 

And all our  siguiryia. It started horrible. After that - it got better. The assistant still don't get it. And now we had some new steps. The assistant still didn't get when it comes although there was no reason. She said that she don't get what does she does in the improvisation class. Well, I don't get what does she do in that class as well. And after all work, hour and the fact the music was on and all started dancing - there was no point making a video with the new steps. I came to dance with all. 

Next class - improvisation. We worked on the buleria. So many mistakes because of not-the-best-evening and the fact there was no class last week. And making more video of one combination we made. Itook my camera, the assistant took her mobile phone, I took a place with a good view, the assistant got into my view with her mobile phone.... I had to change a place. Another video - she took of us. I know she was more hurry to upload things that I took videos of than what she took alone.......

Neta started to talk of how we'll do the end of year with it. It will be include fin la fiesta and each one of us will have to make a solo. Oh no... I have no problem to dance on stage as a part of a group, but a solo on stage while some of the audience are people who I never met before????? I think I should cut my veins when it will get to my turn. No, I will have no time to commit a suicide. I will faint on stage before the suicide. I hope that at least an ambulance will wait for me outside.

And each made alone. All of us made it horrible. At least now we'll work on it harder and probably soon we'll start to work each on an idea of how to make it alone for it won't be all improvisation on stage accept the needed 

Reminder: this March in Paris

One more option for this Saturday

This April in Tel Aviv

La feria de Abril en Israel en su tercera edición se celebrara el 28 y 29 de abril 2013. 

לילות סבייאנס

Noches de Sevillanas la Feria de Abril Tel –Aviv Israel
Invita a los aficionados y los profesionales del arte flamenco y a los amantes de la cultura española a unas jornadas llenas de música cante y baile .
Disfrutar a Andalucía la cuna del Flamenco en el Corazón de Tel Aviv.

con la colaboración del:
Instituto Cervantes
Keren Adi
Embajada de Israel
Asei: Asociación Solidaria España Israel
Casa Andalucía Rivas Vaciamadrid

For those who will be at Italy this weekend

Saturday, February 2, 2013
Rovereto , salita pedonale Castori/ angolo corso Verona 136

sabato 2 febbraio h. 18,45 / 19.45 principianti por ZAMBRA
h. 20.00/ 21.30 intermedi por ALEGRIAS
domenica 3 febbraio h.10.30 / 11.30 principianti
h. 11.45 / 13.15 intermedi

March/April with Corina

Coming closer in London

Sevillanas in Sevilla

Also starts a new round at 4th February

Tomorrow in Sevilla with Jose

The every Saturday, Arizona

At Saturday with Elena

Tonight in Sevilla

One of Candela

Flamenco Traditionnel
contact scène: Stévo Moya

Monday, January 28, 2013

Respiro Flamenco

Respiro Flamenco!

pronto en Bélgica, Holanda y Alemania

22 de marzo;
23 de marzo;
28 & 29 de marzo:
2 de abril:
3 de abril;

From Mexico

From the academy

Gli Allievi dell'Accademia AyF presentano: "Flamenco de claseS"INFO:

In Paris

"L'Andalousie Gitane", cycle Flamenco à la cité de la Musique
du 22 au 24 février 2013 à la Cité de la Musique 221, avenue Jean-Jaurès 75019 Paris. 
A l'affiche: Manuela Carrasco, Concha Vargas, Diego Carrasco, La Susi, Jose Valencia, El Agujetas,...

+ Infos:

Happy birthday, Lola

90º aniversario de cumpleaños de la irrepetible cantaora, bailaora y actriz, LOLA FLORES!!

"Lola Flores no hace canción española, ni flamenco, ni canción melódica. Hace un espectáculo racial, una especie de danza primitiva, cuya misión última es el trance."
~El Pais, 11 de junio de 1981~

In Amsterdam, near the festival

Toque y Baile

Ready for March in NYC?

Get ready for May....

This February with Farru