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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Couple of Rafa

It's getting old, but I still didn't upload to here...

Camaron on the guitar

A little part of the studio

The little mess I made with the blog wasn't the only thing that made my day yesterday. Also a bata de cola' class. When I got there - the class of beginners was full with all the girls, and the man who usually in the medium level classes was there too. As far as he didn't have a class in the evening before, he don't have 3 classes a week and he become addicted - he came to have a bit more flamenco. A moment after I got into the studio one of the girls said "Here! You see! Someone came!". Neta called me "the first swallo" as the first who came to my class. Then she gave a dramatic announcement: "You know? Me and Orna are the studio. It used to be Luna (her dog that died recently) for years, now it's Orna". It ain't the first time she say it, but it is still a nice complement. I couldn't hide my smile. I took my shoes off, took my bata out and went out to change. They all were so close to the windows, so I found myself tapping between Neta and the mirror. In the ladies room was the fat woman. And the cleaner got out from one of the cells and didn't attend to go out at all or wash his hands..... I went to another place to change, enough time that he's get to the other part area. When their class was over - the man sat down to get ready too. The fat woman was between us... I asked him if he will go to the the feria of the sevillanas. He said he will and someohow - it got the point that he still didn't know all details. I told him that I talked with someone. He asked if I talked with Neta about it. No - with one of the women who make it happen, I told him all details that I know about payment, hours and classes and place. I told him which classes I find as interesting for me. By that I found out that one of the classes that I wanna go there - he wants as well and think of which more. The fat woman was very interested in our talk and looked at us all the time. While this time - all other girls of class came accept my friend. Our class was meant to start. Neta asked what do we prefer - to start with hands' warming or with the bata right away. Me and two more said hands. most of us got up. The fat women asked me one thing or two about the feria. When we moved to our batas - Neta talked about the show that she's about to have next month with more dancers. The nice one asked how to get tickets. Neta didn't know how to answer and I didn't have time. The class went up well and no more things to tell. In the end I promised the nice one to send her a link for tickets. I did it as well

After a while - one of Shir

Information about a show

Attention! Please...

Looks like I start to have it. First of all - I can see here how many times people got into the blog to watch or read it (or both). It already more 5200 times that people did it. It's flattered and I thank all who did it. I wish all of you will find it interesting in the future at least as it is now and I would be able to find a way to make it even better. And I have the few first followers who I didn't know before. Accept that - the fan page in facebook. It has more than 120 members, some are friends of mine, some I don't and few I do know but they're not friends of mine. It always have the link for the blog, sometimes for certain posts for people will know how to get here. As a try to make the fan page interesting - I still upload there links from time to time (which I'm not sure if I'll do it here in the close time) and some photos. I do upload here many as I can photos of flamenco artists that I love - few of it also at the fan page. In the fan page it's a mix of giving a "taste" of the real thing and pulling some attention. There I can tag the photos and it sent to profiles. No one can really see who is the person behind the page but it's posibble to know from which state, so now it had an interesting turn for me. Few dancers that I love are friends of mine in facebook. One of them recently make some comments on the photos that I upload of her and tag her. As it looks in her comments - she has no problem with it. Well, after all - it isn't fans' photos. It is only professional and the best that I find. This time - in one day I had two different comments. One of hers near a photo of hers. She wrote that it's pretty. And la reina de la luna is a girl from Israel that it isn't clear to the dancer where does this girl find all those photos.... And someone else gave a link of a site with flamenco updates. It is very useful for me. I uploaded to here something that I found there about a man dancer That I should give him some attention. I uploaded it to the fan page and tagged it. I've been asked to add a bit more information. No problem! He worth it. After I let him know that it has been added here - he thanked me and asked if it's fine to give me a virtual poster for a show he's gonna make. No problem again. He worth the attention and I will have one more thing to fill the blog. And hey - it is attention for me as it is for him

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One more thing before April

So - in April I'm gonna see a tribute to Mario Maya. As a tibute of my own - few more photos of him

Back to Manolo

After too long without Manolo Caracol - here is a bit more. Once - a poster, and twice with Lola Flores

Just a reminder for

It will happen next week - feria in Tel Aviv with a lot of sevillanas and such goodies.

Getting closer to the feria

The Israeli Feria is getting closer. There is an event in facebook for inviting people for the fiesta. From the photos which uploaded to the event - Seviallnas... First photo: Shoshi Israeli and Marco Valero Sañudo. Second photo: Margarita Alet and Marco Valero Sañudo

In a late....

Monday, March 26, 2012


Another missed class. On Sunday Neta told the medium level class that maybe there won't be a class on Tuesday, we'll know if she send a message or not. In the advanced' class - I'm the only one who comes to the scary class as well. Today there was a text message for all students of Tuesday that we won't have a class this time. Yeah, I'm afraid, but every time like this makes it worse...

One of Farru

The flayer of Maria in Israel

What a silence

Last night I was a bit afraid that it will be a private class. It was only me there, not much after - the fat woman too. I started to relax when another one came. In the end of the medium level class finished - Neta got a long farewell from the Dutch girl. She's leaving (as I heard - for another state) and she's pregnant. Neta gave her some offers what to do while she's pregnant (it's her first time and Neta already has two girls). And a hug. I didn't really know what to say to her. She didn't always noticed me, so I didn't even know if it fit. The nice girl came and so did the one with the hearing problems. The farruca class has started a bit late and my friend came right on time and one more woman from the north. The northen said that finally she has some money for the guitar player and he isn't there. The kids didn't come. I was happy that I didn't make any dramatic mistake although I wasn't perfect all the time. In one of the moment of practice and try to remember the new steps - Neta said that what a silence today. Yeah, she thinks as well that it has a connection to the kids cause she has been asked what does she mean. They're not here - there is silence. Some asked what happened. No one was sure if it's an illness or a travel. The quite between them has an unusual name and Neta told how did it confuse her in the start when the parents asked for information about the classes. The northen asked what does this name mean. I said that I think it's something in operas. Well, I'm sure it is but I didn't want to look like a snobbish person. As we prepare to dance all has started a little talk about the next production of the Israeli Opera for Carmen. It will include again flamenco dancers - but this time with fellows from Spain and it will be in Massada. My friend talked again about rudeness - they use photos and videos of Neta although she won't take a part this time. She didn't take it hard and said it's another production that don't have photos yet. And she heard it's hard to perform in Massada. We danced almost good. Still they were some fixings. There is also a part which is a bit feminine in a middle of a men's dance. I started feeling like doing it with a movement in the hands which fit to men in flamenco. We did it again and again and every time it felt for me to do it this way although we've been asked to keep our being women in this part. I don't know if the change that came after few times repeating this part again and again was because Neta watched me and liked it or not (and I don't dare to ask) - but then she asked all girls to do so. Just like I did and felt right. In the end Neta asked if we rather dance again or working on new steps. No one really could say. Most of us didn't say a word, the few who did asked if we have time and for what. In the end - one of the girls said that it's better working on new steps. So we did. It wasn't a big new part, but a new part. And we took some videos. In the end Neta gave some more flyers for the fiesta that will be next week of pure flamenco and sevillanas. I said I'll go. After that I told Neta that I'll come to see her in the first evening of the short dance' festival in Jaffa. She said that she hope it will go on well, after all - 12 minutes of Mario Maya! I think she can make it. I wasn't the last one in the studio this time. My friend helped to another one to practice the new part - the one who asked the new part. The man who works there and I don't know what he saw last week came and started to close things. It didn't make any imppretion on them, or at least so it looked like

With the guitar