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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Here we go again

OK, I didn't see the show "David and Bat Sheva" since February. One of the shows of Compas Company and Miguel Angel. So Mijal Natan brought Miguel Angel to Israel again for it. After one evening at Jerusalem the show was at Giva'taim. This time - no Tel Aviv. Giva'taim is close enough, but it's been a long time since I was at city theater there and never been at backstage there. Of course it's important to be at the backstage. I was a bit stressed about it, but.... A little bit before the show has started sat next to me a woman who I know through Miguel's workshops. I think that she's a little weird, but the fact we know each other and she also knows Miguel and Mijal made it easy planning to look with her the backstage after the show. It made the stress a little meaningless. 

The show itself... I think that I lost counting the times that I saw it before. But the audience... Many weirdos. I won't tell too much about the smell that has started. A person has been moved out. At the brake the hall has been cleaned a bit because..... I hope that the people on stage didn't see it. As far as I know the show and I know Miguel, the fact that I know that last week he had pains I had my thoughts that he's dancing with pains at his body. Ayelet Shachar was ill and because of it at Jerusalem she had a replacement. Now she had no choice, she's been told that without her it ruin the balance of the show. After the show at the backstage I heard from both of them that they are getting better but still not on their best. About Ayelet I can't tell accept she did look better. About Miguel - I guess that people who doesn't know him and the show didn't notice a thing. The woman who I got into backstage was hurry and felt like she can take me home by the way (a taxi for both of us), so not much time. We didn't see Mijal. I had my jokes with Ilan as usual. And the traditional photo of backstage. I met there Andrey who also came to see the show. He took the photo of mine with Miguel and Ilan. Even more than one, but it looks very similar. On the way out - Orna Gratz was telling people that it's my 80 time that I see it. Yeah, something like that.... And I can see it again

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