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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Adi Movdat and Florencia O'ryan Zoniga at Jaffa

Adi Movdat brought from Spain the dancer Florencia O'ryan Zoniga. They had a show together at a place calledCuckoo's nest‎‎. It's a place at Jaffa. Although it's an area that I know at Jaffa - this place is new to me. I came to the show. I came very early just because I was stressed that I don't know the place, no signed places and I must take my place. Adi accepted that I will take some photos. I wanted to have a place which will be easy for me to take it. So, it's a restaurant with a store, art gallery and shows. A worker there noticed that I stand next to the door and look. I guess that I was kinda weirdo... She asked me if she can help. I said that I'm waiting for the doors' opening of the show and I just came too early. She let me in to sit till the official doors' opening. The other workers were very kind to me as well. By the way I looked to know if I see and hear enough from the last rehearsal. Adi went out with Florencia for a moment and looked a bit shocked to see me that early, but she was very nice to me. 

Doors opening... I was the first to take a place. I started to relax. It took a little time till people that I know came to be the audience. Till show has started I had a conversation with some. Some people that I don't know were ruin me the view. One accepted to move, others didn't. I found out myself disturbing the work for the people who usually work there just to get a view.

The show itself. I'm amazed that I noticed anything. The lights were difficult to photography and it stressed me. People there stressed me too. On stage -  Adi Movdat and Florencia O'ryan Zoniga were dancing amazing. Shuky Shveiky was sinning. He was sinning amazing as I'm used to. The guitar player was Ilay Burla (I hope that I write his name correct at English). I mostly heard about him, but never heard him play. So, first time and I liked it. 

The show has started with a duet of Adi Movdat and Florencia O'ryan Zoniga. Later on Adi Movdat was dancing alone. And a musical part. After that a long, crazy solo of Florencia O'ryan Zoniga. I'm sorry, I didn't notice the palos. I was working on taking photos and it looked like everything is against me. I wonder how did I notice that it's a beautiful till perfect the dancing and music on stage. I can say it felt like the time goes too fast till fin la fiesta. Well, a buleria with some people from the audience.

And here are few photos that I took:

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