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Saturday, August 8, 2015

The workshop with Adrián Santana

Day one

After some crazy days for me  - finally this workshop has started. I never learned from him before, but as far as I saw how does he dance, and the fact that his workshops happen at the studio that I learn anyway at Tel Aviv.... I was really excited. Although I made many workshops before in my life with other dancers - every time before first class I become a little nervous without a reason. Because of it I was ruin the influence of the Ritalin (you don't want to know). 

Because all needed to start crazy - I came almost at the last moment. the fist class with him at the level I took was on time of classes that I take at the studio on a regular base. When I came went out a girl that I know through this studio. She takes the classes of those days with me. When I'm without the Ritalin - I always want to throw a chair over her head. This time with or without Ritalin she gave me one more reason to do so and worse.... First thing she needed to say was "The class has been cancel! The class has been cancel!" Oh, no.... The class has been cancel? With Adrián??? After I asked for the meaning of it she said that the class has been cancel. There is a workshop. Oh, the workshop hasn't been cancel. And she goes on with "The class has been cancel! There is a workshop!". Good, I came for that. She didn't believe me that I came for the workshop, so she went on with "The class has been cancel! There is a workshop!". I went on with "Good, I came for that!". She stopped only when I got in. Great, she's stupid and I got much more nervous for a moment. 

There was a little time between classes. The class before has over. Ilan was there and didn't answer me how did it go. He told someone else after I asked him. Einat and Idit came as well to the class before I took. It was easier to talk with them. Mijal told about the upcoming show of Adrián with her and her company. Two dates, so... I just had to say that I got my ticket. She smiled and said "Of course!". About Adrián - although it was my first workshop with him (hope to have some more at the future) - I did see him face to face before. He looked busy, so I didn't want to disturb.

Before the class has really started Mijal told all that it's the first time that Adrián gives classes at Israel. Sounds logical. 

The class has started. Not many that I know took the level that I did, and even between those I know - not all I know well. Tomer who play a guitar now at the studio when there are regular classes was there to play this time as well. The warming has started with a basic drill of feet for a long time. Never mind it's a basic thing, but this time it become taking out lots of energy. And the heat of this day.... Didn't take too long till the sweat has started to go out. I started to feel my calves on pain. Adrián looked at me most of the warming. Most of time he said and signed that I'm doing well. Later on when the warming become more complicated with steps he told once or twice how to fix it. Looked like he understands that it's more because I'm tired and not concentrated enough. Others got worse fixings than I did/ More about the standing and stability. Every time he looked at me at the warming he has a look at his eyes of "From where do you look familiar?". 

Water brake. 

When the class has continued. Has started to learn few steps of tangos. After a while finally Tomer signed for "hello" to me. More important - Adrián looked like he finally remembered where did he see me before. 

To end of class I understood how lucky I am for taking this class. Not only that this dance that he was teaching was beautiful - he also a great teacher. He stopped many times to explain. We won't go on before everyone understands what's going on. And it was one of the moments that I felt like I have a chance.... For me the fixings were still in a mood of "never mind, just notice". Others again and again has been asked to stand like dancers (shoulders up) and keep on stability. Even those who received worse fixings than I did - all went quiet and respectful. 

Mijal came with her dog. At the middle of class someone came to make some measurements for a dress for Mijal. She also came with her dog. I was busy looking at dogs by dancing since the middle of the class. 

Ayelet came a moment before class has finished. I was talking with her a moment before I went to change and go. A girl who came to the class was talking with me. It disturbed her that Adrián didn't tell when to drink water accept at the end of warming.... She was at workshops before, teacher tell her when to drink. Through teachers she said - I suppose to know her. I don't remember her from former workshops I took with other and she said that she took as well. 

Day two

This time I came less nervous and with time to change peaceful. After few last times I took Ritalin - including the day before - I decided to give up on it this time. I was amazed to find out that I didn't need it this time. I saw the end of the class before. The bamber that they were dancing looked wonderful. Most of woman and girls there didn't try to hide their joy, a thing that made it look even better to my eyes. Ilan wasn't there.... Tomer didn't come this day to play. 

I went to change. A moment before I got into the loo to change private and... Someone wanted to get in. Ilan came that time. He made a joke that I cause some troubles by getting into the loo. He decided to take the same class as I did that day. The hour was better to him. Great, I know he can a harder level without a problem, but I'm glad to have any class when he's around and do the same. And this time it was easier to talk with him between classes. I had the chance to talk with some others as well. Not all who came to take this class as I did  came again. Ilan wanted to know what was at the day before. Of course he mostly asked me. I didn't remember well. Others made a little practice. 

The class has started as the day before. A long warming which started with a basic step for a long time. Sweat after few minutes, no matter that this time one air conditioner was working and I was near it. I started to feel my calves on pain. Adrián nortice me a lot. once again - few fixings of attention. I was still more focused than the day before although I didn't take my Ritalin this time. Other girls got fixings again and again about the standing and stability.

After we've been through to work on our tangos I started to be happy. Although it took me a little time to remember all - I felt talented. Ilan seemed like he figure out fast the dance, just few things were a little too much for once. Accept him - it was enough for me to look at other girls at the class. There was one red head that remembered pretty well the steps, but accept that she wasn't better than me. Other girls just made me feel like a great dancer just because they were horrible. 

We learned few more steps. Once again - Adrián didn't go on before all understood what's going on. Once the brake was longer than needed. Adrián was trying to explain one of the girls about the steps. The stupid girl who told me the day before that she didn't know when to drink has started with a practice. Lots of noise. And she didn't stop when Adrián wanted to go on. He needed to scold her for she would finish with it. He didn't like it, so even when she stopped disturbing - he looked at her with a grumpy face for a moment before going on. 

The woman from the day before came again to make some measurements for the same dress of Mijal. Once again - two dogs. Although I was without my Ritalin and there were two dogs (dogs... One more thing that I adore) - I was almost focused at class. I was proud at myself. the measurements finished very fast this time. 

When class has finished I came to Adrián. I asked him if I could take a video at the end of class at the last day.A video of the tangos. He said that of course. Just because of experience with others - I continued and told him that I want it to remember, not to publish. He smiled and went on with "of course". 

Once again - Ayelet came a moment before class was over. I was talking with her before changing. Talking with few others. The girl caused troubles in the middle of class was talking with me again. Once again she made a try to look smart and how much she (doesn't) know about the scene and workshops....

day three

This time it was at the early noon. This time after I noticed how did it go ' I was relaxed. Gave up taking Ritalin once again. And this time again I came early enough to change with no hurry. I saw the end of the class before again. The red head was taking a video of the class before. they still made a bambera, but different than the day before. This time Ilan didn't come to any of classes. The class before was still full. From the class that I took - only four came to the last class: me, the red head, the girl who try to look smart although she isn't and a grown woman who seem like close to the age 60. When the class before finished - some asked to have a photo with Adrián. So, a group photo.... I was still changing, so the red head made them a group photo - with many different cameras and phones. 

Some girls were taking Adrián for private conversations. 

When Adrián was ready - he was asking if we're ready. Well, he mostly looked at me that time. I signed him that I do. We started warming. I didn't need. Too hot outside... This time he let us do it alone. He let us remember how to do it. From time to time he asked us to change to the next drill. He signed us the bit by knocking the floor with a baston (like a walking cane). He looked at me to see if I'm not missing a thing. He asked the grown woman to keep her shoulders up. Pain over my feet... Lots of sweat all over....

After the warming and water brake - we learned some new steps. A whole new part. After a while he asked us to wave our skirts at a certain way at a certain part. I thought it will be difficult, but since the third trial it worked out for me like it isn't too bad. When Adrián didn't remind this part - I was the only one who still made it. One more moment that I felt proud of myself. And through those who stayed to the end.... Less girls. I had more attention. They are so horrible till I felt too proud of my ability. 

Mijal was at her office most of time. After a while of practice the new part and start the tangos from start to end - she got out. She looked from the side. Some of the time she looked at all of us. Some of the time I noticed that she looked at me personally a lot. She smiled a lot when she looked at me. At the way she looked - I started to wonder if she's proud in me as my daily teacher as much as I felt proud at myself that moment. She took from the side her own video for the tangos. 

At the end Adrián let us the option to take some videos. The red head gave her phone to Mijal for taking a video of all. I took my camera for that. 

After that the grown woman has something to ask. She asked it in Hebrew, never mind that the question mean for Adrián... I looked at her for being sure it's for real. I noticed Mijal looked at her a bit surprised and a bit trying avoid laughter. We looked at each other while I wasn't sure what to do with myself while seeing it happen. 

After class I asked Adrián for having a photo with him. He agreed. The closest person was the "smart" girl. She didn't give attention to me. I went to Mijal. I asked her to take a photo at my phone. She did two, Adrián accepted that I will publish. I add the one that I think is better. Both of the photos looks very similar with some little changes, at one of them I like a little more. And the other girls noticed that I got my photo with Adrián - they wanted as well. Mijal in a comment said "Mujeres.... Mujeres!"

I told Adrián that I'm about to come and see the show. By the way I wished him luck. He seemed pleased. I'm sure that I will be much more pleased to see it. I know what he's worth and what worth the artists who will be on stage with him.

The company of Mijal came for rehearsal.

While changing the "smart" girl showed me again that she don't understand a thing. She complained about the price of the workshop. After all the workshops that I took - I know that the price was very ordinary. She told about another workshop who costed 50 NIS less, which isn't a big difference. She told it was a different with the time (which is wrong, it was the same with time). She said that she doesn't go to see shows, only workshops. Right, so if she practice so much - she suppose to dance better. Or maybe not, she can't see for which level she should rich. She said that she understood it's the first time of Adrián at Israel. I said that no, it's the first time that he gave workshops in Israel. She performed here before. Yeah, she saw some videos of him... I told her that when Concha Jareño came to perfome here at Días de Flamenco - he came to perform with her. Silence. On her face I could see that she don't get what I'm talking about. Our conversation finished a moment after for my happiness. The workshop - I wasn't happy at all it finished. 

I wished luck for the girls before going

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