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Thursday, August 13, 2015

After watching Ay! of Eva Yerbabuena

OK, once again it takes me too long till I start writing.... Probably too many things at too little time. 

One more great show that I went to see. This time the show Ay! of Eva Yerbabuena. One more show that took a part of the festivla of Spanish dance at Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv. 

The artists on stage:

Eva Yerbabuena - dancer and choreographer
Paco Jarana - Guitar
Enrique El Extremeño, Alfredo Tejada and Juan José Amador - singers
Vladimir Dimitrenco - Violin
Antonio Coronel - percussions

I early enough to be relax and talk with all the people from the Israeli flamenco community. One problem.... Not much after I started talking with Natasha who came a little after me - came to talk with me a guy that I met only once or twice before. He remembered me. Natasha left me. This guy didn't leave until I found out that it's time to get in. All the other people - at the good case only stopped to say "hello" when they saw me, This guy was telling me that the first time that we met is still a joke. The first time we met - another guy was bothering me while trying to get into this community till I needed help. It started to feel that I will need this help again..... And no one of the community helped me this time. 

When I gave my ticket to the worker of Suzanne Dellal a moment before getting into the hall - the worker said that she remembers me. She remember which evening was my last time there before and which show I came to see that evening. It was enough for her to understand that I love flamenco. She said something about a stunning show. I said it was. She said no, she heard that this evening will be even better.

Inside the hall - his place was behind me. Still talking..... The good thing about it was the face that a dancer I know came to talk with someone else near him. At the start she didn't notice me, but after that she said "hello" and went. I liked the facet that she could see that I'm talking with someone else and not get too excited of her. One more guy that I think that having an affair with her came as well like they they have not connection. I won't say their names just for respect. I adore her as dancer, we were kinda friends but something bad came between us. Still not bad as my former teacher, I still have respect for her as a dancer and a person and hope that one day we could come back being friends. About the guy... He's a good musician who mostly build guitars and brings lots of good vibes for some of the flamencos. So if you have some ideas who are they = you can keep it. I won't say it, not now. 

The show itself.... :

Lots of dark on stage. On stage only a table and chairs for the musicians. Violin played something strange. Flash lights open and close. Eva was walking there in a black dress. One of the singers came behind her. A flash light over him as well. She stopped at her place. A guitar joined from time to time with the sinning. The sound and the fact there we no musicians on stage - I was sure at the start it's a recorded music (and I was wrong, all live). Eva started dancing. It was a siguiryia that a part of it was including some flamenco elements, but a lot of it could fit to modern dance. The way she moved was taking a part of both styles. The singer at this part was Alfredo Tejada. From time to time he let her dance, some of the time was sinning to her and get close to her. At the end he was whispering at her ear, a thing that pushed for pain as a part of show. 

The musicians got into stage accept Antonio Coronel. Flash light over a big and curved wooden chair. Eva was dancing around it. She got on the chair. The musicians stopped.  Antonio Coronel joined. Martinete part. Eva was dancing on the chair. The flamenco became more "puro" with some modern movements.  Antonio Coronel was playing this time - on the chair.... The control both of them had was amazing. As far as I came for her and I'm from the dance part - of course I mostly noticed her amazing control over her body and technique at this part. I'm sorry for getting into a cliche - but it was too good for being real. And the lights and scenery made it look like a weird dream. After a while it came back for a siguiryia that included all musicians. 

When this long beautiful part - Eva was taking some things from under her chair. Some yellow/brown parts for the sleeves, a thing that made the sleeved a little longer and moved with her hands, a skirt over her black dress, and a flower over her hair. She took it on stage while all lights of stage are on. All musicians stood next to her. The singers became palmeros. Some part she was dancing for the audience, some for her musicians. At this part it was tangos. The siguiryia took my breath away, but after a long part of it - the happiness of tangos was needed. After a while the musicians got back their places. Eva took of the things she was putting on her self over the stage. She was still dancing while doing it. She went out from stage for the only time over the show. 

Next part made for the musicians. Alfredo Tejada came to the front of stage. Flash light over him. He was sinning an alegria. He received a lot of hands claps from the audience. He earned it with justice. 

After that - Enrique El Extremeño and Juan José Amador took his place at the front. Each one with a flash light. They sang another tangos. Most of time each one sang in a turn one letra. At the last letra both of them were sinning. Both of them also earned with justice the hands claps from the audience. 

At the last  Eva got back to stage. She was wearing bata de cola and was holding a manton. All in black again. A solea that finished with a buleria. The bata and manton at her control. It made a wonderful finale. Most felt "puro", but near the end she got back for the modern style. She moved over the table in a way that doesn't look flamenco. And she took the table for two parts. Not much after - end of this breath taking show. Most of the audience stood on there feet while clapping. 

Well, after the show I went without waiting. On stage were people that I saw live for the first time (hopefully NOT for the last). I don't know any of them personally. I didn't want to go on talking with the guy that I had the conversation with before the show. Other flamencos - I wasn't sure if they ignored me or did I look like ignoring them.... I wasn't sure if they wanna talk with me. And had too much to do before sleeping (I was hopping that writing about the show will be one). 

At the morning I found out that the guy who was talking with me before show didn't understand where did I go after the show. He wanted to have a dinner with me.... Hell no! 

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