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Sunday, August 9, 2015

The show of Compas Company and Adrián Santana

That's a special production for a festival at Suzanne Delllal, Tel Aviv. This festival gives respect to the dance forms from Spain, mostly flamenco. This production got two dates at this festival and it will be a miracle if it will happen again. Yeah, THAT good. I went to see the first between two dates. 

This show includes Adrián Santana as a special star with Compas Company. This company is an Israeli flamenco group that has started 15 years ago by Mijal Natan who's still the artistic manager and still dance in it. Accept her - the current composition of the group who took a part in this show: Ayelet Shachar, Moran Ron, Vlada Vest and Hadas Nestel, girls woh dance there for a long time. And for the first show of them which isn't for kids - their new purchase - Guerau Cabrera from Spain who lives in Israel for two years. First time that I see him dance live on stage. I loved what I've seen. 

The musicians: El Fyty and Yehiel Hason on the guitars, Shuky Shveiky was sinning. 

Before the show I was meeting only few that I know. Idit was there with someone who I surely know through the flamenco, but I don't remember more than that about her. This girl recognized me. Shuky came out, a moment after that looked like I suppose to give some space. Few minutes before the show - Adrián came out still not dressed for the show. After a moment he went to talk with the others...  A moment before I got into the hall - I went to say "mucha mierda" for Adrián (it's the Spanish version for "brake a leg"). He thanked me. Idit and the other girl looked at me, smiled and looked a bit surprised that I know this expression. After getting in - took a little time till I saw fellows that I know. Most I didn't and the few that I know - didn't notice me. And... Ilan came although he said that he won't.... He came in with someone who work or volunteer at Adi Foundation. He didn't notice me. I got up to say hello, a thing which caused some private jokes and mutual "bites". Got back to my place relaxed. 

So, there was no written program for the audience, but the program was full and long, so I hope that I will remember at least to stop over all the highlights. 

The show itself has started with a dark. A spotlight has been open at one edge of the stage. Mijal was dancing a short but beautiful solo. The guitars behind sounds more like a beat than music. All very jondo. Dark again over Mijal. A spotlight at the other side of stage. Adrián dressed well and do a beautiful solo of his own. After a while - a little more light all over the stage. The solos became a duet of Adrián and Mijal. After the duet has finished - too short time to my eyes - they got out of stage. Instead of them - the girls of the company got in with Guerau. A little more time for them. All all of them made a wonderful job on stage. Even though it went on with the sad beats - it was a party for the eyes. After them - Mijal got back for another solo. Shuky has started sinning for the first time at this show. At the end it became a buleria. 

If I remember correct the order of the show - after that Guerau got back to stage. He started dancing alone. None of the other dancers on stage. He was dancing a farruca. Vlada joined him after a while, a thing which became a duet. I've seen Vlada dancing many times before, she's always great but looks like that farruca is the palo that takes out all her best at the most. A very little part of this farruca I learned from Ayelet. I know now how high I should get with it (and probably won't). A little more - the other girls joined. The farruca became a dance of four women at pants and one guy. Those who are really knows flamenco knows how much it's a difference. Farruca is a palo made for men (there for the pants). Till not long time ago it was rare to see women who dance it. I mean - when I started learning flamenco it was still a new thing that women do it as well. So now a full company that includes only one man dance a farruca..... Revolution! 

Again - if I remember correct the order of show - Mijal got back for a taranto. Saw her many times do tarantos, but that one was new to me. And it's always a pleasure to see her dance it. It finished with tangos. And took Shuky with her. It moved for one part of guitars only. El Fyty has started alone, Yehiel joined him after a while. 

Dark again. All musicians on stage. Hadas came to stand next to them for being a palmera. One spotlight at the edge of stage. Mijal came in. Took a lollipop. After one bite of it she went to the dark. Ayelet took her place under the spotlight. She was dancing an amazing buleria. She stopped at a pose. THe spotlight was still on her. She stayed this way. Another spotlight at the center of the stage. Mijal came under this spotlight. A moment before another bite at the lollipop = a man from the audience said something. Mijal looked amused. One more bite at the lollipop. Mijal went to the dark. Moran took the place at the new spotlight. She was dancing one more letra of buleria. She stopped as well at a pose in the end. Te spotlight still on her. A third spotlight. Mijal came under with the lollipop. Again - looked amused and seemed like she's waiting... One more bite at the lollipop. Mijal went to the the dark. Vlada made the finale of the buleria under the third spotlight. 

There was a short part of the company before the next duet. 

Next part was belong to Adrián and Mijal. Both of them with castanets. Mijal was wearing a bata de cola. A wonderful dance for two amazing dancers, bata and castanets. It looked really good, And the clothes that Adrián was wearing... I remember those! I've seen it on stage and behind stage at the time he was here before. Enough for me that I already know the costume from that close. 

There was one more dance for the young group. All girls (accept Mijal) with Guerau. Much happeir than the start, still a party for the eyes. It didn't disturb me to notice that I saw correct earlier about one of the girls... I didn't notice it at the studio. I needed the stage for seeing it on her.... Not telling who. Not yet. Anyway - it was a pleasure and happy, a thing that could finish the show. I hoped not. Adrián dudn;t have enough on stage. 

I didn't have to worry. Adrián got back. A manton over him. It took me a little time, but I recognized well the palo - caña. So, most of time he was dancing with the manton. For men it could be dangerous to do so, but in his case it looked natural. The manton looked like a part of his body, the caña still looked fit for men, and there were moments he looked to me like a phoenix. I was charmed. This caña and the way he danced it made chills all over my body. 

Not much after that the show finished. 

Outside I went to Ilan. He was with the woman from Adi Foundation. Great. The two people that I wanted to see the most that moment. Ilan is one of my best friends (accept he's a pro dancer with lots of talent), and this woman... I was hopping that she will let me get inside the backstage. There is a code, I'm not sure I remember it, and I knew that probably it has been changed since I've been told what it is. I could trust her about it. She didn't know the code, it has been change. By the way I found out that she hoped maybe I know the new code. We had a problem to get in, but three of us made it in the end. With the husband of this woman. We had some conversations with the dancers there. I told Adrián that I really loved his caña. I still didn't have the right words to tell him how much, but I told him that a lot. A little after I asked for another photo with him. Ilan wanted to give some space for it. I didn't let him. I wanted him in this photo as well. So, the husband of the woman from Adi Foundation took two photos of three of us = Adrián Santana, Ilan Miller and me. At my phone, of course. The first one didn't come out well.  The woman from Adi Foundation told Shuky how lovely he was sinning the caña, it's a difficult palo to sing and he made it after all. Oh, yeah, he did do it well and I guess she's right about how difficult it is. But I didn't notice it on time, I was too busy beeing thrilled from Adrián. 

Not much after we went out - me, Ilan, the woman from Adi Foundation and her husband... Coming back home late, trying to relax from the amazing thing I've had

And this is the good photo with Ilan Miller and Adrián Santana

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