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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sold out

One of the things that I enjoy telling here:
Two shows that will be this week, I will go to see 
and I recommended here about it here has been sold out! 

This weekend starts a festival at Suzanne Dellal (Tel Aviv)
that made for the Spanish culture. This Saturday and Sunday
will be a special show made for it. It's a show of Adrián Santana
and Compas Company. Sold out, not before I got my ticket. 

At Tuesday and Wednesday will be a show of
Eva Yerbabuena. I haven't seen her live before, but
it was enough for me to see videos of hers for I 
will decide that I need to see her live if I have a chance.
Sold out, not before I got my ticket.

And I mean - both shows at both dates for each has been sold out!

There is no too much flamenco. 
I promise to tell about it. 
I still wait for the end of workshop with Adrián to tell
all together. After that I could tell about the shows.

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